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Prom Dates
Melissa Li will definitely be going stag or heading out with Aislyn and the other girls if none of them turn out to have dates.

Violetta is already called for and is going with Cyrille.

Markham Connor is open and willing to go out with a nice, pretty girl if they like the quiet, introverted types. He won't be the one to do the asking though, so it'd have to be the girl who takes the reins.

Simple Question List for my Writing Class
I kind of want to see my grade first before actually posting it here, but if it's good enough then I'll upload it and link it here.

Hopefully it'll turn out all right, but I don't think I personally did a great job on it :V

Simple Question List for my Writing Class
Thanks for all your responses! It really helped out for the essay so I'm glad you guys took the time to reply. Anyway, I already finished the term paper and turned it in, so I guess I just have to wait to see the results.

Debate Exposes Doubt
(OOC: Oh man, this is going to suck so much. Also totally inaccurate.)

Markham gave a little start when it was said that he would be the first one starting. He grimaced, racking his brain for something to introduce his position and cement several starting points. He hated starting first. He had nothing to use as a reference point besides the topic itself and there were no blatantly debatable points available on the table. As it was, he would have to start and no doubt the next person, Samya, would rip through his argument like a chainsaw through a tree. Well, he'd have to think of some way to prevent that. With a clearing of his throat, he stood to begin speaking. 'I should never have taken the Con side.'

"In today's world, we as a people have many preconceptions about varying activities and items. Take, for instance, the sport of football which many, if not all, consider it to be a 'manly' sport and I doubt that any of you would consider 'women's football' like we have women's soccer. However, it is not our culture that dictates what is considered womanly or manly but our minds and psychology. It is not social norms that developed this type of behavior but instead it was spawned from natural causes. Think about this for a moment."

Here he took a small pause to catch his breath and think, 'I am digging myself into an bottomless grave. Hell, am I even talking about the right thing here?'

"You can easily see this even in childhood. When presented with a choice between a toy tank and a Barbie doll, a female child will invariably choose the doll over the tank. You could say that it was because she was influenced by her parents to choose the doll, but then you raise the next question. Namely, if she was influenced by her parents and undoubted her mother was influenced by her parents to accept this social construction of gender, how was this stereotype ever created? It is because sometime in the past, when...let's say the first ever wooden dolls and soldiers, were created, the majority of girls chose the doll. If they had chosen the soldier, then as a result it would be considered feminine for young girls to play war with little toy soldiers instead of messing around with a prettied up dollhouse."

He paused again, clenching and unclenching his fists. 'I need to close this up...I need something good, but I can't think of anything. Ugh, I have to be confident. A man who doubts is one who ultimately fails.'

"When speaking about effects of society or stereotypes that exist because of society, you cannot forget the fact that these stereotypes exist for a reason. Simply because there a few exceptions does not mean that such labels are a mocked up construct of society. Instead it is the product of the stereotypical human mindset given straight from birth...human nature, if you will. It is because people naturally act the way they do that it was construed into a social norm. That is the origin of the adjectives 'girly' and 'manly'. It is not society that makes these rules, it is our very genes that influence us one way or another."

With that, he gave the assembled students a small bow and sat down. He tried to not visually show it, but he wasn't particularly pleased with the way he had laid out his argument. He didn't like the argument itself either. Way too often he had strayed towards the pro side and the whole basis of his speech hinged on shifting the blame from society itself towards society's individuals. It wasn't a particularly strong point.

Markham sighed and tried to not look at anyone else. He hated being the one who started things.

Cooling down
"Um...uh, sure?" Melissa said halfheartedly, not exactly sure to respond to Stephanie's sudden request to join them if she and Aislyn actually went together without dates. She didn't mind personally and she was certain Aislyn would be okay with it, but to accept without the other person was kind of...wrong in a way? Slapping herself mentally, she just steeled her news and flashed Stephanie a stronger smile. "Yeah, of course. It'll be fun with more people."

She looked worriedly over her shoulder at where Aaron had left the mall, her hand tightening around one of the straps on her backpack. The mall was too far away from her house to just walk back and she really, really needed that ride. She flashed the others an apologetic glance and got out of her chair. "I'm sorry, but I really have to go. I don't have a ride back so...It was fun talking to you all though. Maybe later we can all hang out together again?"

With a short bow, she grabbed her tray and threw away her trash, leaving the plastic on one of the convenience racks. After that, she took off after Aaron and Aislyn, hoping to god that they hadn't left the parking lot yet.

((Melissa Li continued elsewhere.))