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Where Is My Muse?
"Ah, well, Golden Sun always has had above average music, so I can't really say anything bad about that." Annabelle conceded as she listened to Owen's response. There wasn't anything really extreme in it, so she couldn't really find anything to really turn this into a huge debate. Then again, it wasn't exactly a hot topic and she could see that Edith was getting a little bit irritated. She didn't have any clue what to do about that, but then Owen asked whether or not he could eat with them.

Annabelle certainly didn't have a problem with it, so she simply nodded and said, "Sure, go ahead."

She was beginning to regret having eaten so early. It didn't feel right to be the only person with a finished lunch lying to the side. She decided to push it out of her mind as Edith brought up Kingdoms of Amalur. With a big grin on her face, she turned to look at the other girl as she gave a vigorous nod. "Definitely! I mean, I've only played the demo so far, but it's been so much fun. I mean, the character customization isn't as in-depth as Oblivion or Skyrim, but come on, who needs all those options? The opening was great and the battle system definitely is smooth. I already placed a pre-order on it at Gamestop and I can't wait to finally pick it up. If I'm absent the next day, it's probably because I got sick staying up too late playing it~"

Where Is My Muse?
"Don't worry about it~" Anna said cheerfully in response to Edith's offer to let her borrow a game. "If you can find one, that's great, but you don't need to worry yourself needlessly over it. Anyway, anytime to meet is fine. I'll just bring it in my backpack tomorrow or something."

She was about to excuse herself to go buy a soda at one of the vending machines when she heard someone speak to the two of them and she turned to see Owen Key walking over to them with a lunch tray in his hands. Annabelle gave him a small wave as he approached and she couldn't help but snort at the dramatic way he posed his question. She tapped her chin as she drew up memories of the Golden Sun games. She had played them all, of course, and had even written a small post about the series but she guessed it couldn't hurt to talk about it some more.

Her dry throat forgotten, she listened to Edith's brief answer before speaking up. "Ah, well, I mean, it's a fine RPG series, I guess. Pretty cut and dry role-playing game, I guess. Nothing too out of the mold? I mean, sure, you could say the Djinn and Summon systems are unique to it and I guess I'd agree, but like I said, it isn't that unusual to have stuff like that. Anyway, it was fun...although I'd like it more if they, you know, actually released games at a pace faster than molasses."

She sighed and ran her fingers through her hair. "And I didn't really like the DS game that much. I mean, I could see how they wanted to do a callback for the first game, but there really too many similarities for me to enjoy. And I wish they didn't make most of the female characters kind of lousy. I mean, two Jupiter adepts? Kind of bullshit."

She cleared her throat, looking a bit embarrassed. "Anyway. Uh...I guess that's my opinion on it. It might change after a few years and they finally bring the sequel to the DS game out."

Generals of Elysium
Faria grimaced as she heard Karen's answer, tapping her index finger softly on the table as she considered her options. Sure, two hex range wasn't that bad but she had privately been hoping that it would be more. She decided to keep that option on the backburner, then, and contemplate other abilities for her specialist to have. She glanced briefly at the others, wondering what sort of questions they would ask. It was always good to get information about the people you were competing against.

Neither of them really gave any hints as to anything else they were planning, though. Nothing overt, at least. Timothy simply asked how long the game would last and Riley wanted to know if she could make zombies. She made a face at the mention of zombies, wondering just what Riley wanted. Probably something to do with changing enemy soldiers into zombies too or something like that. It certainly didn't make her feel comfortable with her chances of winning. She hated zombies.

Either way, she remained silent. Better to wait and see what sort of answers Karen would give before planning anything else.

Where Is My Muse?
"Yeah, that's the one. I tried playing it, but I'm really not that good at those types of games. It's really interesting, though. I don't think there's ever been a story-heavy puzzle block moving game, right?" Annabelle replied. "I really should finish it someday, but I keep wanting to get gold trophies so it takes me forever to just try to run it through perfectly. Ahaha...I should probably just blaze through it any way I can, but I guess you could say it's the achievement whore in me?"

"Anyway, if you want Muramasa...I could always lend you my copy." She offered. "I already fully completed it, so there's nothing left for me to do with it. Although I guess, if you were to actually buy a copy, it'd help support Atlus more. But that's only if you can actually find a new copy of the game." She cleared her throat. "Sorry, I'm rambling. Anyway, if you want it, I can bring it over to school tomorrow and lend it to you."

Annabelle fell silent afterward, waiting for Edith's answer. All this talking was making her thirsty.

Where Is My Muse?
Annabelle let out a small giggle as Edith began and she gave a few nods as the other girl continued her explanation. Edith named a few of the more highlighted series and games. After all, who hadn't heard of the Uncharted series (A fantastic set of games, in Annabelle's opinion, although she was lousy at shooters), the Arkham Asylum/City games, and Assassin's Creed as well. All of them rather safe bets for a good gaming experience in her opinion, although none of them were really in the niche that she dealt with. Sure, they were RPGs (and damn good ones at that), but Annabelle's focus was definitely on the JRPG sector...although admittedly in recent days it was beginning to disappoint.

Her interest definitely perked up when Edith mentioned Odin Sphere, however, and she chuckled as she heard Final Fantasy Seven get mentioned. Edith seemed like she was finished for now, so Annabelle spoke up with a happy grin, saying, "That's a pretty nice selection of games. I was surprised you knew about Odin Sphere, though. It didn't get hyped up at all, but you definitely have good taste for getting it. Vanillaware has such great artwork for their games and the gameplay of Odin Sphere was so nice! I loved it so much, although I liked Murasama: The Demon Blade even more!"

She realized that she had raised her voice and looked around to make sure she wasn't disturbing anyone else. Lowering her voice a bit, she continued by saying, "Hehe, sorry, I get really excited about these sort of niche-type games. Ah, I love Atlus so much, but I really wish they would release more copies of their games. They're always so rare..." She slumped against the table. "Oh well, as long as they keep releasing them, I guess I can't complain."

Generals of Elysium
Faria gave a start as Karen began explaining the game, accidentally dragging her pen across her notebook and ruining a portion of her notes. She looked at the mistake with an annoyed expression on her face and was contemplating just starting on a new page when their host, 'Was it even appropriate to call her a host? A GM, I guess. Yeah.', began handing out papers and sheets that would help them manage their units. Faria looked at the pages in bewilderment, wondering just how much effort she was going to have to put into this game. It was one thing to pour hours into perfecting a deck to play with, but it was completely different to try organizing so many units into a coherent fighting army.

Of course, the fact that everything was so customizable definitely was fun and Faria felt a spark of excitement in her chest as she flipped through the pages, dimly listening to the GM. It wouldn't be that hard to relate this sort of strategy to designing a deck, would it? You'd want the soldiers to work together and that specialist unit was definitely strong. It could probably even be considered the trump card. If the basic soldiers were basic 1/1 creatures, then that specialist could be a Planeswalker.

'Then again, that isn't...really the exact same thing, is it? This sort of layout is a little more difficult to manage.' Faria grumbled to herself softly as she put down her papers and began scribbling some brief notes on her page. Strategy notes, basic point layout for her soldiers. She wasn't sure what kind of style she wanted. When it came to card games, she preferred having ultimate firepower on her side. There was nothing better than trampling all over her enemies with overwhelming force and she contemplated forming her army in the same way.

Karen finally finished her introduction, finishing it by asking for any questions or comments. Faria quickly looked at the other two players before meekly raising her hand. "Um...this is going to sound ridiculous, but I was wondering if a specialist can um...have like a long-ranged damaging attack. Like an orbital cannon type of attack? I mean, as long as it's not too strong...right?"

She hoped it would be okay. 'Kill Sat, go.'

Where Is My Muse?
"Ehehe, well then, if you don't mind me talking, I guess I might ramble on for a bit. It's kind of nice to just talk to someone about this stuff that just typing it down on a word document or something." Annabelle replies with a slight smile, her blush still present as she dipped her head to give Edith a half-bow. "And um, thanks for reading my blog. I try my best to keep all my material good, but if there's anything off, feel free to tell me how horribly wrong I am. I welcome criticism."

She broke for a moment, chuckling and scratching the back of her head. "Or, well, I feel like I'm supposed to say that but please don't be too harsh because you'll shatter my fragile self-confidence. Anyway..."

She trailed off, wondering what exactly she could talk about. There were plenty of things, actually. New games coming out like Soul Calibur V and Final Fantasy XIII-2 (although she had very little interest in either) and there was also Kingdoms of Amalur. 'Now there's a game I cannot wait to play. I hope it's as good as the demo made it feel, because if it isn't, it'll be...it'll be like the next coming of White Knight Chronicles.'

Annabelle gave a brief start when she realized she was lost in thought and she looked back to Edith, a weak smile on her face as she fished for her cell phone. "Anyway, hey, um...I don't think we've ever talked that much before, have we? It's one thing to read my blog, but it'd be nice to um...well, I'd like to know about you too, you know? Like, uh, your preference in games and stuff like that. It'd be nice to know so I can help cater to my readership."