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Keep On Smiling
((Melissa Li continued from Can't I Just Die A Disney Death?.))

Christ, she was tired. She had no clue where she was at the moment...she had thought she was going after Felicia but she apparently got all twisted and turned somewhere and now she was completely lost. Not like that was a bad thing at all, of course, since being lost was much better than being dead. A lot better than plenty of other people who had ended up on the island...Danya's last announcement still rang in her ears along with that infernal gunshot noise that she kept hearing. If Melissa wasn't already certain she was going at least slightly crazy already, the ringing gunshot would have sealed the deal. It kept pounding in her ears ever since she had left the Infirmary...a reminder, she guessed, of what death sounded like.

She had...become a lot more paranoid after that whole mess. Although cautious was really a better sounding word, paranoid was more correct. Every cracking branch, every rustle of the leaves around her...every bit just made her think that another person like Sebastian was going to try to kill her for her sword. Of course, it never was something like that and she silently scolded herself. But it really was scary, being alone. With others at your back, everything felt more...safe and secure. Alone it was like the very world itself wanted to squeeze you to pieces and remind you just what an insignificant speck you really were.

She was so caught up in her own thoughts that she barely even noticed her surroundings. She looked up to see a pair of people in the distance, pretty close to one another. Hugging, maybe? She wasn't sure, but she quickly walked up to take a closer look. It didn't seem like there was anything wrong going on but still...wait, no...that wasn't...

Holy shit, it was.

It was Jennifer Perez. Melissa knew she was alive and on the island somewhere and had planned on meeting her, but she didn't actually expect to see her this soon! But who was that she was with? Melissa didn't know most of Bayview's student body for...many reasons, so whoever it was wasn't really coming to mind. N...something. Well, Jennifer seemed to be okay with him and Melissa trusted her judgment.

So she gave the pair a wave, hoping that they'd be able to see it. In fact...why not give them a shout too? It wasn't like she didn't know Jennifer that well and she was certain she'd get introduced to the other person so...hopefully it wouldn't trigger some big disturbance. She almost felt bad for being so giddy about finding Jennifer...what with everything else that was going on but...well, she didn't really care.

"Hey Jen! Jennifer! It's me, Melissa!"

February Mid-Month Rolls
Well, Andrew bit the dust here.

Sprint for the Finish Line
Holy shit. What the fuck was happening? Andrew's thoughts were in a whirl as he heard five gunshots ring in the air followed by excruciating pain through his stomach and chest. His legs gave out from under him and the pistol he had been holding fell out of his grip to land with a soft clatter at it hit the ground. He tried to gulp down air and tasted blood in his mouth. What the hell? He had just been standing there and someone shot him? And now he was going to die? He knew there was nothing else he could do...he didn't even have the luxury to scrabble for his first aid kit or anything like that.

Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Make one mistake and suddenly you just get crossed out, just like that? He had just been holding his gun. It's not like he was going to fire it ever. He had been tempted, of course, but that was nothing. Shit, it really fucking hurt. He wondered who had been the one to shoot him. It was dark, way too dark for him to really make out features and it's not like he had heard the shooter speaking either.

He privately hoped that whoever killed him had done it in self-defense. That he could handle. That was a possibility he was willing to swallow. After all, it felt much better (to him, at least) knowing that you died because someone else had wanted to defend themselves and their friends. That there was a valid justification for it. That he had been registered as a threat. It was much harder to accept that he was going to die just because some asshole wanted to add another tick to the amount of bloodshed on the island. The possibility that was true made him sick to his stomach...although it could just be the blood leaking out of him instead.

'God, this sucks...' Andrew thought to himself. 'I wonder if anyone's going to go through the trouble of burying me...doubt it. Shit...Adrian, I hope you'll be fine. Dammit, I should never have left...'

'I've always wondered what it'd be like to die, but I really was hoping to be older when it happened...dammit. Dammit...I don't want to die...'

His fingers twitched and he could feel his life trickling out of his chest as he somehow, in an inhuman feat of strength, pushed himself to his feet. A hand went to his chest and he winced, pain flaring from the bullet holes that scarred his skin. He bent down, grabbing his gun as he took one step. Another step. He was dying, he knew it. But he had to know. He had to see his killer. Had to get revenge? Maybe. Possibly. He didn't know, he couldn't think too hard about it or else he was certain his head would burst. He staggered forward, looking and feeling like a zombie from one of those horror action flicks.

Another shot rang out in the night, lancing through his shoulder. He barely felt it. It was just another fleeting pain in his dying body. Another one hit him in the leg. He fell to a knee, panting heavily as he looked up and saw...what did he see? A girl...? It looked like a girl, he wasn't sure. But she was scared. And that's all he needed. It wasn't a killer. It wasn't someone just looking to add to his score. She had recognized him as a threat and done the smart thing...ahaha, that was okay. It was his fault...he shouldn't have raised his gun. He felt regret, but at least he hadn't really harmed anyone. He hadn't done anything on the island really...just helped bury a kid. That was good, right? He laughed a bit...felt blood bubbling around his lips.

He fell next to the girl...heard her shriek. As the last of his senses deserted him, he could feel her hands on his shoulder, shaking him. Apologizing...for what, trying to protect herself? He would have laughed again, but he couldn't even manage that. But it was fine. She didn't need to apologize...it was fine...

'Ahaha...if only things really could be that cool...' He thought to himself. He was tired...at least he was going to get the rest he wanted. 'Oh, if only...'

B117 - Andrew Mitchell - Dead

Sprint for the Finish Line
(Andrew Mitchell continued from Where Was My Mind?)

Andrew took in several deep lungfuls of air as he bent over on his knees, his pistol tucked into his pocket as he took a look around at his new surroundings. He was outside some tunnels or something...he definitely didn't feel like going inside them, though. He didn't know how much time had passed since he left Adrian at the mines, but he didn't think it was that long. The jog had done him some good, though. He felt refreshed...well, more refreshed in that if he had a good bed he could probably fall down on it and sleep for the rest of the game. It was almost appealing in a way.

Either way, he was here, he finally felt like sleeping, and Adrian probably was wondering where the fuck he was at the moment. Andrew grinned, shaking his head a bit. He was certain the other boy could handle himself. Besides, it was nice to be out here in the open and just let yourself go for a bit. He stretched, taking the pistol in his hand and pointing it at a tree, imagining himself as some hero from an action flick. 'Ahahah, like something like that would ever happen.'

"Enough goofing around...I suppose I should get back."

Where Was My Brain?
(This...is going to be so half-assed but whatever.)

Andrew yawned as he leaned against the wall of the room, his pistol held loosely in one hand as he lazily kept his eye out for any incoming students. He didn't want to say that keeping watch was the most boring thing he had ever experienced, but digging a grave through beach sand was like...something really, really damn exciting that he couldn't think about. He coughed and shifted in place, looking a bit jealously at Adrian. 'I should never have volunteered for this...ugh, I'm getting cramped. And this place is just so goddamn small...'

He shifted again, beginning to jog in place. It was like he was in some weird energy paradox. Mentally, he was bored out of his skull and wanted nothing more to just go to sleep. Even standing on his feet seemed like it was a good idea. His body on the other hand...it wanted to move. He wanted to go out jogging, running, anything that would allow him to move unhindered for a while. It was hard for him to even concentrate.

'Screw it. I won't be gone for long, it'll be okay, right?' Andrew finally thought to himself. Taking out some paper and a pen from a bag, he left a quick note for Adrian and left it on his bag. Taking a breath, he nodded to himself and headed outside of the small wooden shack. "All right. Just to get the blood moving. Don't they always say good exercise helps you sleep?"

It was selfish and it probably was putting the both of them in danger...but dammit, he couldn't help it. He went out for a jog.

(Andrew Mitchell continued elsewhere.)

Can't I Just Die A Disney Death?
Melissa let herself stand outside for a while after her little tantrum, basking in the sound of the wind blowing through the air. Much more peaceful. Much more silent. She didn't know what the other girls were doing, but she wanted this. She didn't even care if another one of those sick killers came and shot her in the back. At least she'd have this one moment to enjoy. In fact, she kind of wished someone did just come to kill her. It would be better...easier. But there was nothing and with a deep sigh, Melissa turned back towards the infirmary.

She didn't expect to see Felicia run out of the infirmary with only her bag and gun. She held out a hand, was about to shout a quick "Hey wait!" but the other girl was moving pretty fast and frankly, Melissa wasn't even certain if Felicia wanted her around at the moment. So she stayed silent and watched the other girl leave. Soon enough, she was all alone with a trio of corpses...more if you counted the already dead kids inside, along with Samya. She blinked.

What was she going to do? It seemed like it was time for all of them to go their separate ways. She had no clue what Samya wanted to do, but at the moment...just hanging around here seemed like a bad, bad idea. It was probably for the best she go but...wait, that meant...

Melissa blinked again. It was time for her to actually take the initiative. All throughout her life and her time on the island, she had followed someone. She had followed the path her parents have paved for her, she had followed Aislyn through their ill-fated trip across the island, and she had been more than willing to listen to Felicia. But now she was alone and ready to take charge. Or...well, attempt to take charge. And there were so many things left to do.

She gulped, looking down at the pathetic, broken bodies of Johnny and Kayla lying outside the infirmary. She wanted to bury them...pay last respects to two kids she had barely known, but had known long enough to realize that they didn't need to die this way. But there was no way she'd be able to do it alone. Digging a pair of graves with nothing but her hands? It would take days and that was time she just didn't have anymore. As for Sebastian...well, he could just go to hell, really. That bastard had caused all of this.

The least she could do is at least take them inside where their bodies wouldn't be ravaged by the elements. Trying very hard to look anywhere besides the gaping wounds on both of the corpses, she dragged both Johnny and Kayla inside, a small trail of blood marking the path. It was harder work than she had expected, but it was finished quickly enough. As soon as that was finished, she repeatedly kicked at Sebastian's body until it was lying in a crumpled heap outside of the doors. She knew it was petty, taking out her frustrations and anger on a dead man, but frankly, she didn't really give a damn. If Sebastian didn't want to get kicked around like a piece of trash, he shouldn't have acted like one.

Melissa paused in her work, looking down at herself. Blood from Johnny and Kayla had stained her clothes and she let out a strangled laugh. If someone saw her now...she wondered how they'd react. Probably think she was a killer or something. She laughed again, rubbing at her eyes as she felt the tears come again. 'Why the fuck am I crying? Everything is already over, I've done what I could...there's no reason to cry.'

Sniffing and rubbing at her nose, she took a deep breath. That's right, this was no time for crying. If she was going to survive without hiding behind someone else, she would need to become strong. She needed to have something more than her tears and her hopes to drive her forward. As much fun as it was to believe in the illusion, she needed to come back to reality. She'd have to live in this...travesty and make sure she survived until...until what? Until they got rescued? Fat chance, it hadn't happened in the last three times the odds were low it would happen now.

Well, answering that could always come later. What mattered was the now...and now she had to get ready for the journey ahead. Aislyn's words rang in her mind. 'We'll have to do things we don't want to do, right...?'

Taking her dead companions' things seemed like it was on the right track, but just like how they had taken Samaya's goods, Melissa was going to take Johnny's and Kayla's. They weren't using them and she needed the food. So she rummaged through their packs, taking whatever helpful items she could stuff in her own bag. She took Felicia's yearbook as well, a sad smile gracing her lips as she flipped through it. She marked off Johnny's, Kayla's, and Sebastian's pictures before stuffing it alongside her clothes. 'She'll want this back. I'll have to return it to her.'

And then she picked up the bloodied sword, holding it awkwardly in a one-handed grip. Its weight was unfamiliar and it was definitely heavier than she had expected. But it was a weapon and something she could use to defend herself. That was better than nothing. She gave it a few practice swings, trying to get used to how it moved. It hummed in the air as she slashed it and after a some more practice, she felt comfortable enough to know that she wouldn't accidentally stab herself with it.

And that was it. She was done. She had her supplies, she had her weapon, and she had given whatever respects she could to Johnny and Kayla. Samya...well, Samya could handle herself, she had a revolver. For now, though...she had to leave. She had to get out there, find other people. She wanted to find Jennifer, Peter, Aileen, Rob...any one of her friends would be fine. She needed to find Felicia, give her back her yearbook and offer any more support that she could. She'd even be fine running across Aislyn again...kind of.

She turned to Samya, gave her a weak smile and a wave. "H-Hey I'm...I'm gonna go, okay? Things have been really...messed up so I...I think we all just need some time apart. Good...good luck with everything, okay?"

With that, she ran out of the Infirmary, following the same path that Felicia had taken. 'I can do this...I just have to keep moving forward, right? Step by step....I have to become strong.'

"Strong enough to kill, right?"

Melissa paused. The voice was back. Her voice was back. She shrugged, kept on running. It was annoying. It would always be there. Would she listen to it? She hoped not, but now...now that she had her own path in front of her, she could ignore it. She had other things to do, better things. She wasn't going to give into Danya's sick fantasies, not after what had just happened. It was strange, how this had given her a voice, strengthened her mind. She wanted to talk to someone. She wanted to tell someone about her thoughts, about her dreams, about why this was all happening. Would they listen? She didn't know, but she didn't care.

'I guess. Maybe it'll happen, maybe it won't. For now...just focus on living, defending the people you care about, and finding your friends.'

((Melissa Li continued in Keep On Smiling.))

February Mid-Month Rolls
This...bothers me. Uh...I guess just PM if you have ideas. Preferably good ones >_>

Can't I Just Die A Disney Death?
Oh god.

Oh god, he's coming.

Melissa watched with wide eyes as Sebastian turned to Felicia. Marked her as her next target as he raised the sword he had just stolen from Kayla. Its blade was red...red with Johnny's blood. Was he really going to keep trying to kill? He had already sent two people to their deaths. And now he wanted more? It was sick. Sick. Disgusting. Unhuman. The person...no, the thing in front of her didn't deserve to live. There was no justification for what he had done. There was no way to atone, no way to pray to whatever god you believed in that what had just happened was for the greater good. He had to die.

And the next moments were playing in slow motion. She stepped away from Sebastian's assault, screaming...something. She didn't know what it was. Felicia was moving away too...she stumbled. Melissa's gaze went to the girl and saw her fumble with something in her jacket. Saw Felicia pull out a revolver and point it at Sebastian. He was getting closer...no doubt ready to stab that sword straight into her body. She screamed again. And then a bang. Loud. Too loud.

Sebastian fell.

He fell right on top of Felicia.

And that was it. It was over. Melissa fell onto her ass, her legs unable to support her anymore as silence once again filled the infirmary. She tasted something salty on her lips...blinked a couple of times and rubbed them, feeling the moisture stick to her skin. She crawled over to Felicia, pushing over the body of Sebastian...of the killer off of her friend. She gulped as she saw the blood staining Felicia's clothes...she knew it wasn't hers, but it was still...disturbing. A mark of what had happened. She didn't know what to say.

What do you say to someone who had just killed for the first time in self-defense? Do you tell them, "Good job. You got him before he could get you."? Do you say, "I'm so sorry."? She had nothing to say. She had read books...books that had dealt with characters killing and dying and always managing to spit out one, heart-lifting line that would help raise the spirit and cheer things up. But this wasn't a book and Melissa wasn't someone who could just easily throw out one-liners like that.

So she raised a hand...a trembling, shaking hand...and placed it on top of Felicia's. She gulped, gave the other girl's hand one firm squeeze. She always wondered if simple touches like these could express feelings, but she definitely hoped they did for this one moment. Sorrow for the death that surrounded them, thankfulness that Felicia was there and had defended them both, happiness that they were still alive. She opened her mouth to speak...and promptly shut it, quickly shaking her head and leaving the infirmary.

There was one last person she had to see. She turned and saw Johnny lying pitifully against the infirmary's wall and she knelt down next to him, giving him a quick shake. He didn't respond. Of course, why would he? There was this gaping sword wound in his chest and blood all around his shirt. Melissa wiped at her eyes again, getting back to her feet. This wasn't fair. There wasn't any justice on this island. People died on this island...innocent people who had their whole futures available to them and all of that could be taken away in an instant. And not only that, it was their classmates that were doing this.

The moment they arrived on this island, there were no heroes. There was only evil. And it would take everyone until the villains were left. People who had climbed on top of body over body to survive, to win.

Melissa felt anger build up in her again. She found a rock on the ground. It was the same rock that Sebastian had used to kill Kayla. She picked it up, her fingers clenching around the hard stone. It hurt. Good. It felt better to hurt. She tossed it once in the air. Caught it. It was amazing how this one rock really had started everything. She didn't like it. She could still hear the bang in her ears. The bang of the collar, the bang of Felicia's gun. It rang in her ears like it wouldn't stop.

She screamed and threw the rock with all of her might. It sailed away, landing behind several bushes. Out of sight, out of mind.

It felt great.

Can't I Just Die A Disney Death?
Ah. Things were going well. No fighting, no yelling...just Felicia asking if it was okay if Kayla could come in. All civil...if the subject wasn't "Is this girl okay or are you afraid she's going to murder us all somehow?" then it could almost feel like she was back at St. Paul. She gave a quick nod at Felicia's question, still clutching the yearbook against her chest. Johnny answered in the positive as well and Melissa felt the first stirrings of happiness...or maybe more just hope. Hope that even in this situation, people could still be civil...they didn't talk about leaving people behind, they afforded courtesy...or at least consideration for their fellow human being. As long as they had that...they were still human, right?

And then it all just blew up in her face. She couldn't see it clearly...after all, she was near the back of the room and only had a slight glimpse of the outside, but the sounds were unmistakable. The clash of stone on metal...and then an explosion. Not a big one. Not a loud one...but it was something and Melissa's eyes widened. That wasn't right. That wasn't supposed to happen. This was supposed to be a good time. A time to calm down. Relax. Just...pretend the outer world didn't exist for a moment. Even if it was just a delusion...this wasn't supposed to happen. The yearbook dropped from her arms and slammed onto the floor as she ran towards the door.

She had to see what was going on. She had to see what was happening. It was dumb. It was foolish. But she had to know...had to see the face of the person who had taken away the safety of their little haven. Fear. Hate. Sorrow. Anguish. Anger. All of them vied for dominance as she came closer. She saw Johnny get there before she could. Saw him leap outside...freeze. Saw him stagger back...and then saw the bloodied sword that the boy outside was holding.

And her world shattered. There it was. The first killer that Melissa had ever seen. She knew they existed...knew they were on the island. But it was so easy to pretend they weren't there. After all, she just knew about them because of Danya's insipid announcements. It's not like she had to see them face to face. As long as they weren't in front of her...she could pretend they weren't there. And even though Samaya had died...she didn't even see what had killed her.

But the illusion was over and reality was staring back at her in the face. And she hated it. She hated it so much. She hated that sound of rock on metal. She hated the sound of the collar exploding. She hated the way that boy looked. She hated seeing the corpse of the girl outside...the girl who only wanted a place to rest. She wanted to remove it. Remove the cause of all of this hate and this anger and this sorrow. God, she wished she could. But she was so weak. She had nothing but the tears that she didn't even know were running down her cheeks.

She screamed.

"You fucking son of a bitch!"

Where Was My Brain?
(OOC: Skipping Randomness to avoid inactivity maybe I guess.)

Well, that was weird. There had been a voice from outside and although he didn't recognize it, Nathan certainly did. The other kid cheered up considerably from it, so Andrew assumed it was a friend of his or something. Well, it's not like he minded...in fact, it was rather cheering, really, seeing Nathan get reunited with his friend. Andrew stepped aside to allow Nathan to leave and gave him a nod and a reply of "Good luck, dude." as the other boy departed.

'That was interesting. Like something out of some action comedy thing. Next thing you know, Nathan and whoever that guy is will be going "BRO!" and "DUDE BRO!" and have a hug-off outside of this place. ...Nah, that'd never happen, would it?' He shrugged to himself and gave a glance at Adrian. "Welp, looks like this place is ours for the moment. Let's get some rest, huh? I'll take first watch, so you can just go ahead and relax."

He grinned. "Another day in this dumb game, right? Well...hopefully, we actually will get rescued. There's a first time for everything."

Can't I Just Die A Disney Death?
(OOC: Skipping Ciel cause away also to get this thread moving.)

Melissa blinked as the yearbook was dropped on her lap and looked up at Felicia, watching her in surprise as she went to answer the door. The girl (her friend?) had her hand wrapped around the handle of a revolver...Melissa had no clue what it was beyond something that could easily go "Bang Bang" and kill whoever it was behind the door. She hoped it wouldn't come to something like that...the last thing she wanted was for a firefight to occur. But a part of her was glad that Felicia was taking the reigns...Samya still seemed to be preoccupied and as for herself...well, it's not like she could do anything dangerous. Crazy hallucinations and bitter thoughts aside, Melissa only had a measly portable stove and Felicia's yearbook and neither were as effective as a revolver. 'And if someone does happen...at least I won't be the one killing anyone, right...? The blood won't be on my hands.'

She immediately felt guilty about that and quickly shook her head as if to chase the selfish thought away. She didn't want either of her new friends...Samya or Felicia or even Johnny (goofy guy that he was) to have to kill anyone. Doing something like that...she wondered how the others would deal with the guilt. Would they be like Aislyn? Justify it as something that just had to be done? Something that simply fit the situation and thus it was okay? Would they cry and mope? Or would it be like a dam bursting and all of their frustration and despair from just being in this damn game...would it cause them to snap?

'Ugh, why am I thinking of all these morbid thoughts? ...Well, okay, I know why.' She thought miserably to herself as she got to her feet, Felicia's yearbook held tightly in her hands. It seemed that the girl behind the door was following Felicia's instructions. She looked a little scared, but didn't seem to pose that much of a threat. That was better than nothing and Melissa helped herself to a little smile, glad to see that something was going their way at least. Maybe if they were lucky...the Infirmary wouldn't be declared a death zone and they could take some time to relax and just really...calm down.

Her smile widened...grew more genuine. Just the thought of having time to herself without having to worry about dying or people freaking out or just...anything. It was like a dream come true.

'Please...please, let's just make this work somehow. Please...I need this...we all need this, I'm sure...'

It's time to jump up on the killwagon. Wait, that's not even witty. Well, whatever.


Are you upset? Are you concerned that you've gotten rolled in the last announcement but there are just so many different killers on the island to choose from? Is it just too fucking hard to make a choice nowadays? Well here at Tythanin's Chopping Block*, we provide the alternate solution for your every day killing needs! That's right! Are you tired of actual killers earning the right to off your beloved (or maybe not so beloved) character? Do you want someone who has no desire to kill anyone kill your character?! Then you've come to the right place, my friends! Here at Tythanin's Chopping Block we have actual non-players just ready and waiting to have their figurative cherries popped!

First up is B117 - Andrew Mitchell! This young man enjoys running, video games, and those traditional P&P games, but don't mistake him for some sort of nerd hellbent on taking revenge on his nonexistent bullies! Andrew's got a hyperactive imagination and no desire to kill, so he have no reason to murder you except in self defense! And what would this self-defense be?! Why, it's nothing more than a fully-loaded Vektor CP1! And do you know the best part about this weapon besides the BANG BANG noise and the swift, painful death that'll follow minutes later? It might be one of those models that got recalled because they could accidentally misfire when dropped!

That's right! He might not even kill you on purpose but it's all the same to Danya! Not only will you get a death that just comes out of left field, you'll also send this young man into a whirling blame spiral! Watch as you see him come to terms with your death and feel proud that you, yes you were the reason!

Second, but not last, on our lovely list is G098 - Melissa Li! This demure, introverted Chinese girl is your ticket to getting a death from someone who really shouldn't be getting one in the first place! She's armed not only with a Jetboil Camping Stove, but right now she's also holding Felicia's yearbook and she knows what to do with it! Namely look at it and cry over how many people have died in the game already. But you can turn those tears to your boon because she's just half a step from snapping and YOU can be the scissors that cut off her last string of sanity!

Laugh, cry, and feel all sorts of other complex emotions as you turn this sweet little girl into a psychotic murderer! That's right, the chance to fuck up someone's mind is all yours and all you have to do is think to yourself, "Hmmm...I could give it to this guy over here...or I could give it to her and send her down the wrong path of character development. I'll flip a coin."

And finally, for those kills from beyond the fucking grave, we've got both G116 - Violetta Lindsberg and G065 - Michelle O'Cain! Aaaaand...honestly, yeah, I got nothing. Hey, I've got it! With Michelle O'Cain, you can re-enact that (maybe) famous scene from SotF V1 where Sidney Crosby was totally helping Adam Dodd kill Cody Jenson despite the fact that the dude was shot like so many times (where's your goddamn best player in the NHL NOW HAHAHAHAHA *cough*). The stories write themselves!

So if you're thinking, "Shit man, this dude knows what he's talking about." then goddamn you are so fucking right. So send a PM my way if you want to make a difference.

*People who register at Tythanin's Chopping Block will not always be chopped. They may instead be bludgeoned, shot, stabbed, thrown off a cliff, some combination of the above, or simply strangled to death. Tythanin's Chopping Block is not responsible for any misconceptions you may have about there being a block and chopping going on.