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Wind in the Willow
'Whoa, she's just leaving? Not going to do anything dangerous? ...Phew, that's good.' Michelle thought to herself, breathing a sigh of relief. Her relief was short-lived, however, as she felt the prod of a gun against her back and then that bitch Aston telling her to drop the crowbar. Michelle bit her bottom lip to restrain an angry scream, swearing to herself that she would rub Aston's life out with her own hands through whatever means. Not like she could do it now without getting shot multiple times, though. 'Not again...that little bitch. I'm going to kill her...I swear, I'm going to find some way to do it no matter what happens.'

She did what she was told though, dropping the crowbar to the ground where it landed with a soft thump. "There, happy?"

'Oh, and look, the whining kid is awake again. Well goodie for him.' She thought bitterly as Marty began groaning. Anna suggested that they should just put him back on the ground and Michelle was perfectly fine with that idea. Her mood had plummeted to an all-time low and with an irritated grumble, she somewhat gently placed her end of Marty on the ground.

'This is the worst...fuck it...crowbar or not, I'm getting out of here. If this keeps up, I'm not going to get anywhere.' She thought angrily to herself, shifting in place a bit. She turned to face Aston, a scowl on her face. "Go on, go get it."

Where Was My Brain?
"Yeah...I guess taking first watch is fine." Andrew shrugged, sliding out his pistol and holding it loosely in his hand. He still hadn't shot the weapon and he couldn't help but nervously tap against the weapon's frame as he walked behind Adrian. He hoped to God that there was no one inside and if there was, he or she wasn't very violent. He didn't want to fire it...definitely didn't want to cause harm to someone else with it. 'Come on...be empty, be empty, be empty.'

Adrian called out in the house, not receiving a reply. Andrew let out a sigh of relief and began heading in a different direction, believing that the house really was empty...at least until Adrian's "Shit" and "Umm...sorry?"

'Crap! Oh god, I hope whoever Adrian found isn't gonna shoot him!' Andrew quickly ran up to where the other boy was, his pistol raised...just in case. He skidded to a halt and tried to keep the weapon steady, narrowing his eyes as he saw another person...another boy, actually, at the other side of the room. He didn't appear dangerous, though...certainly wasn't holding a weapon either. 'Oh...I guess it was just surprise, not...actually a dude with a weapon who was threatening Adrian.'

He lowered the pistol sheepishly, a slight blush on his features. "Um...sorry about that. I was just...a little freaked, you know? Anyway...uh...hope we didn't scare you too bad."

Where Was My Brain?
(Andrew Mitchell continued from Milk of Human Kindness.)

'Another day's come and gone already...' Andrew thought to himself as he walked behind Adrian, his hands tucked in his pockets and his gaze fixed on the ground in front of him. Another pill popped, another day spent traversing the island, and another set of announcements that he couldn't even ignore this time. He had tried, of course...but not even his daydreams could distract him from the mocking and proud voice of Danya. Name after name had been rattled off on his list and while there were some that he didn't recognize, there were a lot more than brought up a face or a memory. He wasn't even that close to most of them, but just knowing that they had somehow died....it hurt. Just a bit...enough to feel pain in his heart.

It just wasn't right...he had gotten this gun of his, but he hadn't even used it yet. 'I wonder how things would have been different if one of the kids who were murdered had my gun instead of his or her weapon. Ugh...this is useless. I've just been trying to stay alive and I've succeeded so far...but I want to do something more. Isaiah seemed to have the right idea...maybe we can do our own thing to help others.'

Adrian broke him out of his thoughts at the mention of staying and he looked around to find themselves outside a mine of some sort. He gave a shrug and offered Adrian a smile. "Sure, no problem. We'd better have uh...a watch though. Just in case...this place is kind of out in the open, after all."

Wind in the Willow
Michelle wanted to say something to Rachel Gettys when she was going though her speech, but she was 100% certain that cursing out the other girl and calling her insane wouldn't lead to anything good. The whole thing about saving them reeked with self- importance and she didn't believe for a second that Rachel had ever truly acted in self-defense. It was possible, of course. She couldn't rule that Rachel really was a well-meaning young girl who had killed two people out of self-defense, but...that go to Heaven thing? No way. Uh uh. Everyone knew there were only two ways off of this island. Win the game or die trying. And the way Rachel mentioned Heaven made Michelle think that Rachel was considering the latter way of transporting everyone off.

'No thanks. I want to keep living and win. I'm just doing a horribly bad job at it so far. She thought wryly to herself. She hoped that the others were just as skeptical about the whole saving thing and mostly everyone didn't seem to buy into her act except for...one of the newcomers. Well, she wasn't going to tell him he was being an idiot for believing Rachel for the same reason she didn't just call Rachel an idiot. If he wanted to buy into it, then that was fine. His life was in his own hands.

Aston took charge of the situation, quickly assigning her and Anna to carry Marty downstream so they could attempt to wake him up. She didn't care about that. What she did care about was the fact that Aston was actually giving her back the crowbar. 'Yes, yes, yes. I have my weapon back. It's not a gun, but I have it. Perfect. Step one in this variable step plan complete. Perfect...still, better not make any dangerous moves. This whole thing is already dangerous enough. Just have to wait for a better time...'

"Yeah, sure." She replied, walking towards Marty. She lightly toed the crowbar across the ground as she did, making sure to have hit the middle of it as she did so. She slid it along slowly until it was next to Marty's legs and she bent down to grab both of his legs...along with the crowbar, which held close against his pants. Michelle hoped the whole thing passed by unnoticed by Rachel. 'Please don't see it, please don't see it.'

The other girl, Anna, took the other end and Michelle gave her a quick nod. "All right. Let's get him over there."

Can't I Just Die A Disney Death?
Melissa had been looking around for some place out of the way to drop her stuff when a voice broke into the silence. A loud, shaky, male voice to be exact. She turned, an almost disbelieving smile on her face as she looked at the guy standing outside of the infirmary. She didn't place him...there were a lot of blond-haired, tall, jock-guys that she had seen during high school. The way he spoke and stammered was almost adorable though. If this wasn't SotF, she could almost believe she was watching some sort of sitcom where the nerd was asking the hot girl out on a date. However, this was SotF and instead of asking her out on a date, he was asking Aislyn if he could stay with all of them. And based on how Aislyn treated the game...

Yep. There it was. Spear pointed directly at him. She had half-expected Aislyn to just run him through right then and there, but she was relieved that it didn't come to that. 'This isn't any of my business. Aislyn's already been appointed leader...better not go against what she wants. Just follow her instructions and we should all be okay. She has a mind for this sort of thing anyway...'

So Melissa remained silent through the exchange, listening as Samya sided with Aislyn. Melissa personally had no problem with the intruder. After all, from his greeting, she doubted he could even get it in his mind to even try to hurt any of them, let alone commit murder. But like Aislyn said...they came first before anyone else and that's how it was going to be. He presented a threat, however small, and potential threats were turned away before they could turn into real threats. It was beginning to disturb her just how easily she was letting herself follow Aislyn's line of thought, but she brushed her worries aside.

Felicia seemed to take the boy's side at first and cracked a joke that made Melissa smile, but eventually she repeated the general opinion of the group. That seemed right. It was better that way. Strength in numbers, strength in union. Of course, the stranger...who she placed as Johnny McDowell, certainly wasn't happy with that answer. He began protesting, digging the grave for his dignity and possible self-respect even deeper with every passing second.

'It's almost depressing listening to him...you'd never think he'd ever speak like this based on his appearance but...heh. Well...it's still none of my business...' She finally dropped her bags in an empty corner and began rummaging through for her rations. If they were going to stay here, it'd be best to get all their supplies organized and ready. She went about her work, digging out her stove and setting it up. At least they'd be able to have a hot meal. A small luxury, but a luxury nonetheless.

A real smile graced her lips. Whether or not Johnny stayed, things were beginning to look up for them. Reality took a dim view of this hope that Melissa had, however, and her smile was immediately wiped off her lips when she heard Aislyn return and report that there were a couple of dead bodies inside the infirmary and asked them whether or not they should be moved outside. Melissa could only stare at her for a while, dumbfounded. 'How the hell does she do that? She finds some dead bodies and is simply okay with it? How much of a cold-hearted bitch do you have to be?'

She didn't dare voice her thoughts though and just shook her head. "I...it'd probably be best if we buried them outside. It's...I don't think it'll have that much impact but...it's probably not...healthy for us to just leave them here. And it'd...it'd only be right to give them a burial, no matter who they were..."

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