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Panic Attack
'John Rizzolo? The baseball player?' Velvet thought to herself as she heard the chair behind the door being moved. She wasn't sure how to feel about this new revelation. He seemed like a good enough guy in school and he said he wasn't playing, so maybe this could work out for her. She didn't hear any announcements about him killing their classmates. He also had a gun and that was loads better than what she had, which was nothing. Hopefully this wouldn't all blow up in her face.

"Okay, I'm coming in. Don't shoot." Velvet said, her voice steady as she opened the door. Nudging it open with her foot, she raised her hands to show they were empty besides her bag and flashlight. She dropped her bag inside the room the moment she was inside and looked at John, making sure not to make any sudden movements that would get her shot. After all the shit that happened, that would be the last thing she needed.

She thought about she would do next. Finding good shelter had been the first stage in her plan, but now that she was finally here, there were more important things she needed to think about. First was getting an actual weapon to protect herself. She didn't want to kill anyone, but if someone tried to kill her, she wasn't going to just lay down and die. After that...she guessed it would be all about luck and who she partnered up with. Hopefully John wasn't planning on backstabbing her anytime soon.

"So, do I pass?" Velvet smiled a little at John.

Werewolf II!

I'm in. Hopefully I won't be the only person to die this time :V

Oh dammit I was right yet I was the only one to get killed. Well that sucks.

Even if I did just leap on Yossarian's suggestion. I DEMAND REPARATIONS!

Holy crap. Good thing I haven't been on there in a while.

Panic Attack
It was a nightmare. This whole week was just one big, long nightmare. How else could Velvet describe what she felt about this whole damn 'game'? She had woken up in a muddy ditch, two bags lying next to her. The larger, navy blue bag was hers. And the other was marked with nothing more than a number, G078. She had opened the numbered bag first, half expecting a trap of some kind. But instead there were just some rations, a booklet, some other tools, and oddly enough a big sack of rice.

She ditched whatever she thought wasn't useful. The rice and her clothes (barring several shirts and jeans she loved) were stuffed in the numbered bag and tossed into the ditch. If anyone found it looking for a weapon, they would be sorely disappointed. After all that, she had ran away looking for some place to hide. She wasn't afraid to fight and she knew she had the power to take down anyone in a fair fight. The problem was that she didn't have a weapon...unless that sack of rice was intended as her weapon. If so, that Danya had a mean sense of humor. Hell, the flashlight was probably a better weapon than a sack.

It had been a hectic week. She had spent the days holed up somewhere out of the way in the various locations around the island, trying to waste as much time as possible and avoid as many people as possible. She had heard the announcements and while she loathed to admit it, she had been frightened out of her wits for the past week. It wasn't hard after hearing all those announcement Danya made about how the students killed each other.

And so on the seventh day, she arrived at the airfield, her nerves shot. Her duffel bag was with still with her, albeit lighter than before. Her clothes were torn and dirty and even though she felt full of energy, it didn't match her mental state in the slightest. She was sick and tired of all the fear. When she saw that control tower, she ran with all her might towards it. After sleeping in the outdoors in some of the most uncomfortable places known to man, even a chair would be a luxury.

She walked inside the tower and slowly, silently walked up the stairs. There was a door at the end, no doubt leading to the control room. She tried the doorknob, but it seemed to be jammed. She tried again, but with the same results.

'Maybe someone is inside...' Velvet thought to herself. She raised a hand, wondering if it was smart to make her presence known. She knocked anyway. If she was going to die, at least she'd be free from all this shit.

"Hey...anyone inside there? It's me, Velvet. I'm not playing, really! Can you let me come in?"

It was a weak hope. It was a feeble hope. But it was still hope.

Inactive Adoption: Round 2
Oh sweet, thanks a lot. I just have a question or two as to how to start it up.

1) I assume I get the Hero/Swap cards (even though with one character they aren't all that useful), right?

2) Since Velvet hasn't actually appeared yet, can I put her in any topic I choose?

Anyway, thanks a lot and I can't wait to begin. This is gonna be fun.

Inactive Adoption: Round 2
I'd love to get one of the characters if I can.

When dawn broke and Tythanin opened his rickety cottage door, he immediately noticed four things were wrong.

1) There was no milk in front of his door. That damned milkman. He would suffer!
2) There was a lynch mob already forming, no doubt ready to lynch that milkman for failing in the one duty he usually didn't fail at.
3) People were yelling out names of random people in the village as if that would help solve who the killer was.
4) He would have no milk with his breakfast.

With a cry of rage over his lack of milk, Tythanin stalked right into that lynch mob and was about to help them lynch the milkman when he heard that the milkman had actually been killed. That would explain the whole lack of milk thing that happened earlier. He then found out the lynch mob was for killing whoever they thought was the werewolf that killed the milkman. He had no clues, but that didn't stop his gut instinct! So he immediately agreed with the first person who yelled out a suspect.

"I say that we should lynch that Mysterious Od Guy! I mean, he's mysterious and stuff! What other excuse would we need? Werewolves are mysterious and stuff too! It's like a perfect match! We must kill him now or else our village is lost!"