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What would you do if YOU were in SotF?
I'd probably just try to hide somewhere and if I managed to sneak a book onto the island in my bag or something, I'd just read it and try to avoid all contact whatsoever. Obviously I'd run out of Dangerzones and stuff, but like other than that I'd hide.

If someone finds me I'd probably be more trusting than suspicious so...I might get shot then but who knows.

Television Trends
I dunno, if he just brought in crazies, I think the show would be a lot worse in quality. I mean, I think half of the fun for people watching this is to see the people go crazy, not watching already crazy people do crazy things. It's about reducing these kids to animals that's what's so appealing. At least that's what I think.

Bloodbathed Spirits
(Victory was had this day! Also yay for PMs working again.)

"I believe your next opponent would be me."

Heads turned as Xiang Min strode into the arena, her courtier's robes brushing lightly against the floor. Her sword was sheathed in an ornate, gold-encrusted sheath, various precious gems laid out across the leather. Brushing against the sheath with her clawed hand, Min gave all assembled a radiant smile as she fell to her knees. "It is truly an honor to be present amongst you all. I could hardly hope to think that I would be amongst such greats..."

She straightened, her silky, black hair falling over her shoulders. The same smile was on her lips, but those who were perceptive enough could see her ambition underneath. There was a fire within her soul, one that could only be displayed by the burning phoenix totem that hovered at her back. She placed her free hand onto the hilt of her sword and nodded at her opponent. "I am Xiang Min. People call me the Voice of Heaven. I hope that you will not hold back simply because I am a woman. I assure you..." Here her smile turned wicked. "I am strong."

The Twelve...or shall we say Eleven? They gave no word or sign of approval or displeasure. Their only action was to cover the arena in a thick cloud of mist. Min smiled to herself as she waited for the Arena to show itself, a hand still kept on her sword. Eventually, the mist dissipated and Min found herself standing on a barren plateau, with no sign of water or greenery anywhere. She saw Ief standing on a flat stretch of land directly across from her and between them? Desert. (Earth Arena)

She was pleased to see that the eunuch was not happy in his surroundings. Nevertheless, he seemed ready to fight. Min dropped low into a crouch and watched him. Seconds, minutes, hours passed...until a tiny rock broke off from the plateau before landing with a soft thump onto the sands. Both fighters reacted, Ief quickly muttering his chants while Min charged, her phoenix totem releasing a loud war shriek.

Whether it was from Ief's discomfort or Min's natural skill, the courtier launched her attack first, her winds tearing up a violent sandstorm that tore through the eunuch's robes and skin. (8) With a snarl, he retaliated, amazingly calling up ice and water in the wasteland and forming several giant missiles. With a sharp-tongued cry, the missiles launched straight at Min, who managed to cut through one of two before she was overwhelmed, stopped dead in her tracks. (10)

As the mist and dust cleared, Ief saw that the phoenix's wings had covered Min from the major brunt of the assault. It let out another cry as Min continued her assault , leaping like a deer into the air before landing right in front of a startled Ief, her golden blade slicing like a ray of sun through his body. (7)

His own sword flew to his hand and he regained the momentum, swiftly and skillfully blocking any more of Min's slashes. However, his skill was in magic, not swordplay. While his quick and nimble hands gave him unparalleled offense, his strength was lacking and he only managed to do a series of light wounds across Min's body. (2)

Min's only reaction was to grin as she recovered from the eunuch's assault. Raising her sword, wind curled around its edges until a miniature tornado was formed across its blade. Grinning at Ief's pale face, she charged forward, swinging her sword in a wide arc that simply blasted the wind straight at him, launching into the air. Min was up there in a flash to meet him, bringing her gauntleted hand into his face and pushing him back to the ground. They landed with a crash, cracking the earth beneath them. (9)

Ief struggled against her grip, but his swings were wild and uncontrolled. (0) No doubt fear was beginning to fill him. It wouldn't be long before he died, after all. Min just smiled. The moment before the kill was the best time to exult in your power. She gripped him by the neck, lifting in the air was wind began to swirl around them, picking up rocks, sand, the desert itself. She stared into his face, that wicked smirk back on her face.

"You have come to the greatest of gods to show your power. You have been tested...and you have been found too weak. Even the elements themselves scream for your death." Min gestured at the tornado, which contained the sands of the desert, the wind of her own making, and the fire from her beloved phoenix. Still holding him, she bent down to pick up his fallen dao with her other hand. She turned it in her hand several times before tossing it into the tornado, where it was easily ripped to shreds. "Hmmm...that makes water, wind, earth, metal...that means only water is left."

It was then that Ief could see the heart of Min's soul. She spoke in pretty words and dressed herself up in beautiful robes and glittering jewels, but nothing could conceal her greed and ambition. He saw it, moments just before he died. Min switched hands, bringing the spiked gauntlet back, the metal tips hungry for blood. She smiled. A beautiful, caring, pleasant smile. "Farewell eunuch. May you find peace in the afterlife. Perhaps you will be reincarnated as something useful, like a rat."

With that, she thrust her gauntleted hand straight at his chest. It cut through cloth, skin, flesh, and bone before it reached his heart. And with a single squeeze, she crushed it inside his body. (7) Laughing, she withdrew her bloody claw and tossed his corpse carelessly into the sandstorm, where the grains stripped and wore away at his body.

When the Arena faded and Min was back in front of the Eleven, blood splattered on her clothes. She laughed again, placing a dainty hand in front of her mouth. "It truly has been a long time since I felt such excitement. He was a very strong opponent...I hope my next fight won't be as tough on my fragile body."

(OOC: So...sorry Ief. I think that was a little too over the top. >_>)


I'm totally in. Haven't played it for a while but I sure like it.

Bloodbathed Spirits
That's awesome and kind of depressing. Curse my bad luck.