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Where Is My Muse?
Annabelle felt an embarrassed blush come to her cheeks as she heard Edith's compliment on her writing and she fidgeted a bit, holding the notebook to try to cover her growing smile. "A-Ah...well, if you keep speaking like that, you're going to give me a bigger ego and that certainly wouldn't be good at all, would it? A-Anyway, if you honestly like my work, then I'm really glad. I try to put as much effort as possible but..."

She simply shrugged, managing to control her emotions enough to be able to lower her notebook without wearing her giant smile. As Edith brought up Tales of Symphonia, she barked out a short laugh and grinned. "Ah, well, yeah, that wasn't exactly a shining example of the JRPG genre. I mean, it had its bright points, but it can't exactly be held up as a great game. But hey, it somehow managed to get enough money to garner a sequel. A shitty, shitty, mind-bendingly bad sequel."

Annabelle sighed and let her head sink back down on the table. "God, I hate that game so much. Stupid fucking monster capturing system and the bland characters and the dumbshit story and god everything about that game was shit besides the fact they actually let you free-run across the battlefield."

She paused for a bit before peeking up at Edith. "Am I talking too much? Feel free to shut me up if you want to."

Generals of Elysium
Faria fell silent after finishing her explanation, looking down at her hands and fidgeting a bit. 'Did I say too much? I hope I didn't make them angry or something like that. Ugh, talking to people who don't play cards is kind of annoying. I know it's a geeky hobby but still. Maybe I should just shut up from now on. But I mean...well, yeah I guess it does rely on luck a lot. For Yu-Gi-Oh definitely I mean, drawing the killer first hand kind of makes some matches moot but um...well, there is still some strategy but maybe I should stop thinking about this.'

She turned to look at the newcomer to their little party, this one an average-looking guy that Faria remembered seeing around school. The name was on the tip of her tongue, but she wasn't absolutely sure, so she kept her mouth shut. She didn't want to accidentally greet him with the wrong name and look like a big idiot in front of the people she would possibly be playing with. So she just turned her attention back to her backpack and unzipped it, pulling out a small notebook. She looked at their host briefly as she flipped it open to an empty page, beginning to scribble down the name of the game as well as the names of its participants.

'Is she asking us whether or not we're okay with only three people? Should I answer? Probably not, I mean, I've talked a lot already didn't I? Um...shutting up, I guess.'

Where Is My Muse?
Annabelle let her head lay there on the notebook for a while, halfheartedly wishing that somehow all her ideas would leak out of her ears and pour onto her notebook. Of course, nothing ridiculous like that happened. What happened instead was the appearance of another Aurora High student and Annabelle blearily looked up at her guest, blinking a few times before letting a slight smile cross her face. "If I could gain knowledge through osmosis, I'd sleep on my textbooks all the time. And sure, Anna's fine. It's not like Annabelle isn't a mouthful or something."

Her guest was one Edith West, a girl she recognized from a few of the classes she had taken. She didn't have good idea of what Edith's personality was like, considering the two of them never really had talked before at length. At the moment, though, she was here and pleasant company for the frustrated teen, so Annabelle let her smile grow slightly wider as she sat up and closed her notebook.

"Anyway, this wasn't anything important. I was just uh..." She paused, wondering how to phrase it. Telling people that you were trying to write original fiction usually either made them mock you or had them immediately shift the conversation to something that was less boring (to them, at least). She wasn't exactly sure how Edith would react. 'Ah hell, whatever. If she doesn't like it, she doesn't like it, right? Trying to sidestep around the topic is kind of lame.'

She cleared her throat. "I was actually trying to put some story ideas together. Like...I don't know if you read the blog I have. You probably haven't. I mean it was just a class project and I decided to keep going on with it. But anyway, um...well, I'm trying my hand at original fiction and it's not coming together."

Annabelle gave Edith a weak laugh and a shrug. "I always rip on RPGs because of lackluster plots, but I have to admit, it's pretty damn hard to get things started..."

Generals of Elysium
Faria turned her head when she heard someone else enter the lower level and she blinked a bit, adjusting her glasses as she tried to focus on the new girl who had walked in. She was familiar, definitely, and while it took a moment, she finally placed a name to that face. It was Riley Moon, another girl from Aurora High who she had played Yu-Gi-Oh against a couple of times. A slight smile worked its way on her face and she gave a brief nod to the other girl as she took a seat. It was odd that there were only girls here so far, though. She could have sworn that there would have been some guys in here, pulling out their Dungeons and Dragons handbooks or something like that.

The girl holding this event spoke up, making small talk about any previous experience they had with this sort of thing. Faria scratched her cheek, looking nervous as she fiddled with the zippers on her backpack. "Ah...well, no, not really. If I had to be honest. I was just curious, you know? It's a new thing. And it sounded fun so I mean...I just wanted to see. Um...I usually just play cards. That's kind of like strategy. Right?"

Faria smiled a little awkwardly, biting her lower lip as she unzipped her backpack and looked inside just to make sure everything was there. She wished she had her camera with her. Fiddling with that always calmed her down. She had her cards with her so she could just look through those, but doing that probably would be really rude. 'It would be rude, right? I can't just look through these cards. Even though I just got them yesterday and I still didn't memorize what the Japanese means. Rrgh...this was probably a bad idea.'

"A-Anyway." She cleared her throat and looked down at the table. "If that's fine, I mean, then...uh...I'd be glad to play. And stuff."

Where Is My Muse?
Annabelle Summers sat in the middle of the cafeteria at an empty, a frustrated look on her face as she chewed irritably on the eraser of her pencil. Her half-eaten lunch was shoved aside, the crusts of a ham and cheese sandwich lying haphazardly on a pile of cold, soggy fries. It wasn't the lousy cafeteria food that brought her sour mood, however. The source of her discontent was the notebook lying right in front of her and the blond was considering just closing the notebook and throwing it at the ceiling. She sighed and dropped the chewed pencil back onto the notebook, scowling.

Scribbled up and down the page was an outline for a new story that she had decided to give a shot on. It was inspired by the short story "The Most Dangerous Game in the World", mostly because she had to read it for her English class. Of course, it wasn't a direct copy. No, her version involved giant robots and romantic troubles and drama and tragedy and friendship and plot twists and all sorts of great things. Of course, even if she had all these ideas and could even write the dramatic and tragic parts in her head, it didn't matter at all if she couldn't even think of a stupid name for the whole thing or even a good starting point.

Annabelle sighed and picked up her pencil again, tapping the tip against her outline. Character names she had gotten, although those had mostly been made by picking random names off of the student list and changing them slightly. She privately hoped that none of her classmates actively read her work. Maybe 'Fariya', 'Danny', and 'Yuki' wouldn't mind that she had totally ripped off their names. She had the major plot twists already plotted out as well as the main heroines' reactions to it. She even had the romantic struggle of the super main heroine, although it was slightly different from what she normally intended.

'I wonder if I really should just make her a lesbian like this.' Annabelle thought to herself, frowning. 'Do people have things like close childhood friends becoming lovers in real life? I mean, a ton of books and stories have it, but it seems so cliche that it's unrealistic. Wait, that doesn't even make any sense.'

She sighed again before shaking her head and flipped her notebook to a new page. She had all her tools in hand. She had all her ideas ready to be molded into a shining, multi-chapter epic work of art. If only she could get the opening down.

'Should I start with the origin or should I start at the beginning of the alien invasion and then do a background flashback in the later chapters?'

She groaned and let her head fall down on the notebook, looking at the blank pages with a helpless look on her face. "This sucks."

Annabelle Summers
Name: Annabelle Summers
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: Senior
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Complaining about RPGs that she doesn't like, writing, sewing, Book Club

Appearance: Annabelle Summers is a young Caucasian girl with her light-blonde hair cut short. She wears a pair of sapphire earrings and has a few cheap friendship bracelets around her right wrist. She stands at 5' 6" tall and weighs 112 pounds. She has an average build, but she's slightly thin thanks to the fact that she doesn't eat that much. Freckles and pimples dot her cheeks and she has a bad habit of scratching at them. She's also fairly flat-chested and at a long distance, depending on what she's wearing, she could possibly be mistaken for a boy. Annabelle wears whatever her parents can find at the thrift store and she takes special care of her clothes, mixing and matching them to come up with something that could be considered fashionable. She normally wears sleeveless tops of varying colors with a matching light sweater along with plain beige pants or skirts, but she's been known to change her style if the rest of her clothes are in the wash.

Biography: Annabelle is the youngest child of the Summers family. She has two older brothers, one who's four years older and attending college and the other who is six years older and serving in the military. She wasn't born during a good time for the family. A lower-middle class family, both parents had to work to make ends meet and both of her older brothers weren't that fond of having to take care of the baby of the family. Her parents did care for her, but oftentimes they were too tired or stressed to pay more than the minimum of attention towards her. However, what little time she could snatch from her mother was spent learning to sew. A skill mostly learned because of the practical aspects, she soon began to enjoy sewing at a young age because it brought her closer to her mother.

As she grew up, she began to occupy herself by reading books. It began during middle school when her English teacher assigned them all Redwall to read and write a small report on. She was enchanted by reading it and soon engrossed herself in the series, finding used copies for sale. She expanded her horizons as she grew up and her parents' fortunes soon increased. Soon the Summers family managed to push themselves up into the middle class and Annabelle, who was used to trying to save and scrimp, suddenly was receiving more attention; at least in the terms of gifts. She was able to expand her meager book collection and was even able to get a PS3 for her 16th birthday.

She became a fan of role-playing games for pretty much the same reason she enjoyed reading. She was fascinated by the stories that they had to tell, although she was forced to admit that some games and books failed rather spectacularly in that aspect. During the basic Computer Science class she took when she was a sophomore, one of the assignments was to create a blog and talk about any subject. She wasn't sure what to talk about, but when she was playing one of her games and grumbling angrily to herself about how the characters lacked any sort of depth to them, she realized that she could just use that as her subject.

So she named her blog Game Over and soon it became more than just a school assignment. Turning it into a full-functioning blog where she talked about various video games she had played. While she would give plenty of praise to games she enjoyed, she was rather harsh when it came to games she felt failed the most; namely in terms of the storyline, character design, or characterization. When somebody responded to her post about how Star Ocean 4 had the worst characters of any RPG she had ever played with a challenge that she try writing something better, she took the challenge to heart.

A week later, her next blog post was a short two-thousand word story she had written. It was fairly basic and not at all original, but Annabelle found the experience enjoyable. She decided to try to improve her writing skills through practice, focusing much more on creating memorable characters than making an original story. Her favorite topic was exploring what a person would do when tragedy strikes. She was utterly fascinated by that aspect and more often than not, her heroes and heroines would face obstacle after obstacle and she would let her fingers carry the characters to their next destination.

At Aurora High School, Annabelle is a talkative and active member of the classroom, participating as many times as she's able. While her cheap clothes might turn people off of her, she has genuine enthusiasm for her work and is rather extroverted, always willing to lend a hand. She usually has a smile on her face, at least when not writing. During her free time, she usually can be found on a bench somewhere, hunched over a notebook as she scribbles out ideas for her stories. Despite her passion for writing, however, she gets easily frustrated if she can't put her ideas onto the paper and she has an unfortunate tendency to yell out when she can't get things to work her way. She also joined the Book Club the moment she heard about it.

As for romance, Annabelle doesn't have a boyfriend and isn't actively searching either. She views love as something that just happens between two people, regardless of gender, a view that's influenced from some romance novels she's read where they always emphasize how love transcends things like age and race. As such, she doesn't seem to have any problem with homosexuality and lately, she's been wondering where exactly on the line she lies. Her thoughts have begun to bleed into her work as well.

Advantages: Annabelle is known around school as a rather friendly person, so that could possibly help her in the game.
Disadvantages: Annabelle can become easily frustrated if things don't go her way and while she's not overweight, she's not fit at all and doesn't have much physical strength.

Sports Team and Club Members (WAIT 48 HOURS AFTER APPROVAL TO POST HERE)
I dunno if anyone else is going to make a character in it, but Faria Young is a member of the Photography Club. Also a part of the newspaper as a photographer.

Bear likes to draw
Man, these are pretty insane. If you don't mind drawing Faria Young, I'd really appreciate it. A link to her profile is in my signature and if you need any extra details, I can easily provide them.

Thanks a lot in advance.

v5 Student Newspaper & Yearbook Committee
Man. This is late. And there's already a ton of a people. But anyway, Faria is really more of a photographer that got recruited into the newspaper club (at least that's what her backstory says), so...I'm not sure what I'd be able to do to contribute besides have random pictures (except I don't live in Seattle so the best I could do for that is like...steal pictures off the internet).

She can totally talk about card games though. Hell yeah, card game article.

Generals of Elysium
Faria let her head bob up and down as she walked into her favorite card store, her earbud headphones blasting one of her new favorite songs that she had heard on the radio. Her backpack was slung over one shoulder, this time filled with card binders and deck boxes than the schoolbooks it normally held and she gave a slight wave and a "Hey" to the person manning the cashier. Taking a deep breath and turning off her MP3 player, she immediately bolted to the lines of boxes where all the Magic cards were organized, dropping her backpack to the ground before rifling through them. There really wasn't anything she needed, but it never hurt to take a second, or third, or fourth, or even fifth look. Just to make sure.

As she absentmindedly continued to look through the commons, a poster lying on the counter caught her eye. It wasn't like she hadn't seen it before in her previous trips to the hobby shop, but she never really paid it much attention. She decided to give it a peek, this time. Maybe the fifth look really didn't matter. It was an interesting little thing. Advertising some sort of high-player game with armies and fighting and all that fun stuff like that. Whether or not it was actually fun all depended on who was running it, but...

Faria pursed her lips, wondering if she should participate. She wasn't sure if her parents would approve of tacking on another strange hobby or activity like this, but at least it didn't seem like it'd cost any money. 'They'd probably be okay with that. More okay with this than me sinking more money into that Weiss something card game a friend told me about. I hope they don't find out.'

'I guess it can't hurt to take a look.' She sighed and picked up her backpack and shouldered it again before walking down the stairs to the lower levels of Elysium. Faria blinked as she saw the only occupant of the area, a pale, thin girl with brown hair that looked just a little bit eerie. She took her glasses off and rubbed at her eyes again, just to make sure she was seeing things correctly, and a slight frown crossed her face when she saw that nothing had changed. 'Just because she looks a bit weird doesn't mean she's a bad person. I'm sure she's a nice girl. Just malnourished. Maybe? I don't know. Well, whatever. Being judgmental isn't going to help me.'

She walked up to the table and set her backpack down, a weak smile on her face as she introduced herself. "Hey, my name's Faria. I've seen your posters around the store and I thought it wouldn't hurt to uh...you know, just drop by and see what it's all about. If you don't uh...mind, that is."

Faria Young
Thanks for pointing out the typo >_>

Anyway, adjusted some things. I originally had planned to give Faria a younger brother, but I discarded that idea and forgot to edit the line where it says she was the first child, so that's why that was still there. As for the rest, I changed the final paragraph to hopefully add some more information. If you need more, I can put it in.

Faria Young
Name: Faria Young
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: Senior
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Photography, trading card games

Appearance: Faria Young is a 5' 7" girl, with dark-green eyes and long blond hair that falls in small waves to the middle of her back. Occasionally she ties up her hair in a pair of ponytails bound with small, white ribbon-ties and lets them rest against her shoulders. She has an average build with a little bit of fat around her body and an average bust to match. Faria wears a pair of black thin-rimmed glasses whenever she's reading, although she doesn't wear it for any other activities. She also doesn't wear much jewelry beyond a simple steel bracelet with an ivy pattern engraved on it. Faria usually wears boring and simple outfits, prioritizing comfort over appearance. She very rarely wears skirts, instead preferring jeans or jean shorts. She prefers to wear loose T-shirts as well, usually untucked. Faria also keeps her camera inside a padded black, square bag that she keeps slung over one shoulder when she has it with her.

Biography: Faria Young was born on April 4th as the child of Robert Young and Emily Rodgers, both of them recent graduates from the University of Washington. When asked what he was going to name the child, he and his wife decided on the name Faria, believing that it would be nice to give their young girl a rather unique name. Of course, good intentions such as that usually don't pan out and her unusual name, while not nearly as bad as it could have been, led to her being picked on in her earlier years during school.

This bullying chased her towards the other bullied kids when she was young and soon she found herself enjoying the company of several of her classmates that were heavily into trading card games. Fascinated by the mechanics of games like Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic: the Gathering and finding it more fun than hanging out with the other girls, she quickly threw herself into it. Her parents indulged her hobby and soon it become a passion for her as she went through her middle school years.

As time passed, however, her parents began to grow a bit stricter on their older daughter. While they still let her play her card games, they began to lecture her on the importance of her studies and her education. Slightly spoiled at this point and a bit irritated at what she believed was their intrusion on her fun times, she didn't react well to the shift in her parents' discipline and this led to some rough spots in her relationship with her parents.

Nevertheless, even with this, she took their words to heart and tried to put more focus on her education. Faria found herself with a natural gift for working numbers, scoring high in her math classes and doing fairly well on other subjects that required some skill at mathematics such as physics and chemistry. She didn't have much motivation when it came to other areas of study and her sedentary lifestyle, she wasn't great when it came to athletics either.

Still, it was enough to get her ahead in life and she entered Aurora High School. She didn't have that many plans for what lay ahead of her, believing it would be best to simply go ahead at her normal pace. Duringa club recruitment event during lunch period, however, Faria found herself in front of the Photography Club's booth, a half-eaten sandwich in one hand as she looked over the club's poster. It featured pictures taken from all over America, supposedly hand-taken by the members themselves. Enraptured by the different locations and the breathtaking pictures, she immediately signed up for the club and begged her parents for a Canon EOS Rebel XSi camera for her birthday. Surprised that she didn't simply ask for money like she usually did, they asked for an explanation and afterward, decided to get her one after finding a cheaper, used one on Ebay.

Delighted with her new camera, she took it almost everywhere she went. She took pictures of anything that caught her eye and while she wasn't a good photographer at the start, she eventually grew in skill and learned how to frame some pretty impressive shots. Her actions and dedication to the hobby was enough to catch the eye of the people who ran the school newspaper and soon she found herself as a member of the paper's staff.

With her extra activities and the more social atmosphere that came with them, Faria began to try to branch out more and try to be less of an introvert. While this worked with some of her friends in the Photography Club, who enjoyed listening to her enthusiasm and drive, her obsession when it came to her various hobbies easily turned other people off to her attitude. It didn't help that she didn't particularly act like a girl either and after a few more weeks of attempting to talk to other people, she finally just gave up and settled on associating with a close-knit group of friends. While this hasn't made her well-known or accepted amongst the regular student body, she's content with what she has at the moment.

Advantages: Faria has a quick mind and is good with numbers. When she has the time to concentrate, it's easier for her to come up with a good strategy or plan of action.
Disadvantages: Faria is slightly farsighted and can't focus her eyesight on near objects that well, which could become difficult in a panic situation. While she doesn't look overweight, Faria isn't athletic and will find strenuous activities extremely difficult. She's rather obsessed with her hobbies and doesn't socialize much with the other students beyond her friends, making her somewhat of an outcast.