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Can't I Just Die A Disney Death?
(OOC: Skipping Samya to keep the thread moving cause uh...it's been a while, yes.)

'What am I going to do...?' Melissa felt so helpless. She had hoped that Samya would take charge like Aislyn had done...she had shown some initiative, at least. She had asked how they were all doing and all of the replies were some variation of "We'll say we're fine, but we're all feeling pretty shitty inside but we don't want to say it." But Samya seemed to be occupied with something and Melissa was, to put it succinctly, was lost. She didn't even have a weapon to hold and clutch to like it was some security blanket. She just had that dumb stove...that fucking dumb stove. She still wondered why she carried it around. It was a waste of space...no doubt that's exactly what Aislyn thought about all of them.

She kicked at the ground, wanting to do something. Felicia had asked for help in trying to mark off students' names in the yearbook, but Melissa didn't remember much of the announcements. All she remembered was that Jennifer, Peter, and Aileen weren't dead yet and Rob Jenkins had killed someone. So did Peter, too. She looked sourly at the ground for a moment. 'Men. What is it with guys I know? Peter and Rob are both killers and Johnny here indirectly got Aislyn to bitch us all out. I wish I could talk to them...Find out why they did it. Are they playing? Is Aislyn right? They were just doing what they needed to? They'd kill others just because they needed to?'

She sighed and walked over to Felicia. It was morbid, marking down who was dead and who wasn't, but it was something. And it was enough activity to keep her distracted. She didn't want to think about the little mental spells she'd been having lately...what with her hearing her parents' voices in her head along with that new voice...well, her voice speaking to her...it was disturbing. So she sat down next to Felicia and tried to help out. She didn't really contribute, unable to put unfamiliar faces to unfamiliar names and she definitely didn't want to say "Samaya's dead." because she was 100% certain that Felicia knew that.

And then suddenly there it was. Another voice out there, this one female. Melissa felt a little spark of anger. 'What the fuck is up with this? How many people have to come in here? We came here to find Samya and then there's Johnny and now someone else? Why can't they just leave us alone?'

But that didn't stop her from saying, "Yeah...there's people in here. You...Are you playing?"

'What a dumb question. If she was playing, she'd just lie to us. Good work, Melissa. You're really making your parents proud and happy now. You'll probably get yourself shitted up somehow.' She thought bitterly to herself. There they were, just so fucking lost in this whole mess and...and they were suffering. It hurt hearing about everything. It hurt knowing your classmates were killing and dying. Melissa once again wished she could be like Aislyn...gung ho and everything. Able to compartmentalize everything so that she could make everything just go away.

'Maybe it'd just be better if everyone on this island just fucking died. That way no one would have to worry about other people killing them or having to kill. That way no one would have to suffer anymore. Kill 'em all and let Danya just laugh his fucking brains out.'

"Good girl."

V4: 15 Years Later...

There were very few people who would ever want to say "Thank You" to Danya. Melissa was one of those few people, even though he was the reason why she had been kidnapped and subjected to a horrific and torturous few days on that island. When she had been rescued alongside the other students who had managed to survive, she could do nothing but cry for hours straight, unable to believe that a miracle of miracles had happened. But when she finally regained control of her emotions, she looked at her life in a brand new light. She had been saved...been given a second chance, as it were. And hell if she was going to spend it the same way she had spent her life before. After her tearful reunion with her parents at their house in St. Paul, she and her parents had a good, long talk about what was going on with her life as well as their family situation.

And that's all it took. Melissa felt like an idiot afterward...if she had just realized that talking about it would have helped things...well, not everything was solved. Her parents would still argue, but at least now Melissa knew that deep down, even through all the yelling, they loved each other and they loved her. Once she told them of her plans for the future and promised to do her best at it, they gave her their full support and promised not to look over her shoulder every day of the week.

Shift 15 years later.

Melissa looked outside of the window in the small house she owned in the suburbs outside of Los Angeles. After the interviews, the celebrations, the whatever that had followed after the students had returned safe to their homes, Melissa had let herself quietly fade into the background. She had moved from St. Paul and Bayview, going to college at UCLA and earning herself a teaching degree and a major in mathematics after four years of hard work. She had always liked helping out the others in Mr. Kwong's class and this just seemed like the next step. It took some time for her actually get a job, but she eventually did land a teaching position at local high school.

And she let her life continue its natural progression. She wrote a book about her adventures in Bayview Secondary School as well as a member of Survival of the Fittest V4. It wasn't a best-seller, but it was one in the many autobiographies that had been written after the event. When her father, Emmanuel Li, died of heart problems when she was 28, she flew to St. Paul and attended his funeral, speaking about his drive and his desire to see her do well in her life. After the funeral, loathe to let her mother live alone, Melissa brought her mother to share the house she owned in Los Angeles.

Melissa looked down at the opened letter that sat at her writing table. A small smile graced her lips, reminiscent of the one she wore for so many years at her old high school. She hadn't changed much through the years. She was still quiet and introverted, content to let the world pass by her as she did her own thing. She still loved listening to classical music and she even kept up with her piano practice (although she never spent as much time on it anymore). There was a new strength of character around her, of course, and she wore her years well. And despite all the time had passed, Melissa Li was still unmarried.

She wondered what it would be like, going back to her old high school and meeting with all of her old friends and classmates. She still thought of Aislyn, Felicia, Samya, Jennifer, Peter, and Aileen sometimes and pondered looking them up for a few moments before just shrugging the idea away. They had their lives, she had hers. And there was also Rob Jenkins. A slight frown crossed her lips as she remembered that...he had gotten one of the first kills on the island and sometimes, when she let her mind wander, she could still hear Danya's mocking voice over the loudspeakers.

But that was the only bad thing...there were other, happier things she would see back at the reunion. Her smile crossed her lips again and she picked up the letter, running her fingers over the paper as she contemplated her choice. "Hey Mom...would you be okay by yourself for a couple of days?"

"Oh...?" The voice of Elina Li reached her ears and Melissa turned to see her mother standing in the doorway. "Are you going to the reunion after all?"

Melissa grinned and nodded. "Yeah."


'I can't believe I'm actually here.' Melissa thought to herself in amazement as she once again took steps through the halls of Bayview High School. She had dressed somewhat formally for the occasion, wearing a long, velvety blue skirt along with a dark green blouse that had a flower pattern embroidered across the cloth. A light shawl was wrapped around her shoulders and she wore her black hair in a low ponytail, the tip reaching the middle of her back.

No one else she knew had arrived yet (or weren't coming), but Melissa didn't let that bother her. She wasn't even sure what to say if she saw one of her friends anyway beyond the normal greetings. It's not like anyone here really wanted to be the first one to go "Hey, remember that time when Danya wanted us to kill each other? Good times, good times." or "Yeah...our friends died, huh? Sucks..." or even "Danya was such a fucking bastard and I hope he's dead and rotting in some ditch somewhere."

...Well, okay, the last one might be a good icebreaker, but Melissa would never let herself say something like that.

She let herself walk to the refreshments table, spotting another woman standing there and looking more than a little awkward at the situation. Melissa couldn't blame her...with so few people around, it was easy to be noticed and much harder to just disappear in the crowd. She was pretty certain a lot of people wanted to be in the latter category, so she simply poured herself a glass of wine. She stared at it for a while, holding the glass in slightly shaking fingers. 'What is this time for? Introspection? To reminisce? Well...whatever.'

She held it up to the air slightly, as if she were making a toast. It sparkled a little in the dim lighting. A murmur. "To all of those who can't join us this day..."

It was something.

The Fourth Announcement
Took a while, but Michelle O'Cain has met her end.

And As If It Couldn't Get Any Worse
(OOC: All godmodding of Aston is approved by Inky.)

Michelle never fully appreciated what having the upper hand in a situation meant until right this moment. Here she was, pointing a crossbow pistol...a crossbow pistol of all things at Aston and everyone was freaking out. She knew they had full reason to be freaking out...after all, she was pointing a weapon at them. Well, not them. Aston in general. She didn't even really care about the others. She would have been totally fine with just leaving them alone, but Aston...no, Michelle wanted to rub out Aston right now. And honestly, Joshua and Anna were only helping her. They were scared and it filled Michelle with a rush to finally, finally have a good weapon in this fucking retarded game and to finally be given the chance to use it. 'Listen to them, chattering about how I should just lower my weapon. As if things would somehow be magically repaired. Yeah right! Heh, that's right, Michelle...you can do it now! Show them that nothing is ever going to be the same!'

But before she could fire the weapon, there was a scream and a loud thump as something, someone crashed to the ground several feet away. Michelle took her eyes off Aston for just one second to see what had happened and it took Michelle another few moments to realize that was not a good idea. Before she could even think 'Motherfucker!', she was rammed in the stomach as Aston tried to tackle her to the ground. Her feet slipped out from under her and the pistol fell from her grip, falling to the ground a few inches away.

The breath was knocked out of her lungs as she was slammed hard onto the floor and she could only gasp as Aston aimed a punch that nailed her in the stomach. She couldn't believe that things were turning out this badly already. It wasn't fair. The one time...the one time she had a chance to actually succeed...to win for once, it all went to fucking pieces by a single distraction. And it wasn't even a good distraction like Rachel! Instead of it was some dumbshit who fell and killed himself like he was from some Saturday morning cartoon. Through the pain, she saw Aston climb off of her and head for the fallen crossbow pistol. 'Why the hell isn't she using her own gun?! She's using my weapon...taking it again! Dammit, that bitch!'

And she grew angry again. Not like before. Before was more like a teenager getting angry and sullen after being punished for doing something naughty. Sure, she had been pissed at Aston's lousy attitude, her lack of a weapon, and her overall experience on the island, but it all seemed like it would just blow over in the end. It would fade with time and she could look at it and go "Ugh, those times sucked." But this was pure, unadulterated anger. Earlier she couldn't even fire the pistol when she had Aston in her sights...now, it didn't even matter if she had a gun or not. She was going to wipe Aston out like the stain on her life she was. She would use her teeth, nails, whatever it took to kill her.

She crawled back onto her knees and immediately launched herself back at Aston, catching the other girl by the legs. They toppled to the floor again, but Aston didn't relinquish control of the gun. Michelle growled and grabbed at it, her nails scratching at Aston's fingers as she tried to force the other girl to let go. She felt a knee ram against her chest, but she didn't let up, continue to claw at the struggling girl's hand as blows continued to rain upon her. 'Gimme my gun back, you bitch! Give it give it give it!'

She heard a yelp of pain and finally Aston's hand fell open. Michelle quickly snatched her prize away and scrambled to her feet, her whole body shaking as adrenaline rushed through her veins. The pistol felt comforting in her grip...it belonged there. With a wide, crazy smile she pointed the weapon at Aston and with a quick pull of the trigger, shot a crossbow bolt straight into Aston's left arm.

Her left arm.

Not her heart.

'Well, that's fine. Look at her. She's in pain. There's no way she can fight back now.' Michelle thought to herself with sadistic glee as she heard a sequence of bangs from behind her. 'Wait...I never fired this again...'

And suddenly she was down on her knees, a burning sensation developing from the center of her back. The crossbow pistol fell out of her fingers and clattered to the ground. Her eyes opened wide and she blinked in shock, falling to the ground. Someone had shot her. It hurt. It really, really hurt. A whimper escaped from her lips as she saw blood staining the front of her shirt. She heard three shots...she felt three shots...but only one rapidly growing blood stain.

'No. No...please, this can't be right...'

There had to be something she could do. Something...anything. There was always a way...somehow. There had to be some way she could still live.

'It hurts...why did I...why did I even...'

Ever since she had started this dumb game...she just wanted to succeed. Danya had placed down the rules, she had listened to them, she had followed them. But...but in the end from straight to finish her whole life had been just one massive joke. One failure after another, her one chance to actually do something foiled by a falling dead man and...someone who managed to shoot her. She didn't even know who it was. That was the worst part.

'I thought I had it...It's not fair, it's not fair! I...I should have...'

She curled into a ball, tears falling from her eyes. There was no helping it. She had to face the facts. This whole thing...all she had tried to plan was just a complete waste. She thought she could think as well as those great tacticians and strategists in the past...she had read their works, had almost memorized the battles they had fought in. But she was no tactician. She was no strategist. She was just a dumb girl who made the wrong decisions at the wrong times.

Michelle would have laughed if she could. But all she could do was cry.

Everything...in the end...

What a fucking waste.

G065 - Michelle O'Cain - Dead

Where Was My Brain?
"Nathan, huh? Nice to meet you then." Andrew said, trying to sound friendly after the scare that he had most likely given the other boy. To be honest, he was a little rattled himself after the whole ordeal, and he hoped that Nathan hadn't taken the whole 'pointing a gun at your face' thing too badly. 'Then again, I know if I had a gun pointed at my face I would have freaked the hell out, so I guess it's better than it wasn't the other way around. Kind of.'

He sighed and shrugged. "So you're looking for your friends on this island? Good luck...being separated in this dumb game is enough to drive anyone crazy."

Nathan seemed pretty obsessed with getting his bag, though...or at least very concerned with getting it closer to him and within his reach. Not like Andrew minded, though. His bag was his bag. As long as Nathan wasn't going to pull out anything dangerous...Andrew froze for a minute, thinking. What if Nathan had a gun in that bag? What if Nathan was trying to get it just so he could shoot the two of them somehow? Andrew desperately hoped that it wasn't the case, but his imagination was starting to go into overdrive, fueled by fear.

'I better not get too paranoid. I don't want to get too paranoid. It's probably nothing dangerous. He probably just wants to make sure he can defend himself. He's probably just as nervous as I am, that's all.' Andrew thought to himself, trying to reassure himself of Nathan's intentions. But even with that, he kept his hands near his own pistol. Just in case.

Adrian seemed to be perfectly fine with it though. Maybe he was just that trusting or wasn't thinking about it. Andrew didn't know, but as long as Nathan didn't do anything threatening...

"Yeah uh...cover of darkness sounds fine, but this place is pretty...you know, dangerous? If you think you can handle it...more power to you, I guess?"

Can't I Just Die A Disney Death?
'She left. ...She...she actually left.'

Melissa stared dumbfoundedly at the entrance of the infirmary, staring at the closed door. She didn't expect Aislyn to blow up at them and just leave. Not in a million years would she have expected that. Fear and guilt nested in her heart and she gulped, shivering a bit as the last words of Aislyn's tirade continued to ring in her ears. It was playing over and over again like a bad tape and Melissa quickly shook her head, hoping that somehow she could banish away the words. 'I didn't...I wasn't...No...I just...I was going to...to try being like her, right? Did...I did something wrong, didn't I? A...Again...'

"Hey, hey, no...that was perfect. Now you don't have that overbearing harpy bossing you around. Don't forget, she's probably your best competition in this little girl squad, Johnny included. How much do you wanna bet that if she had stayed, she would have turned on all of you when no help was coming. And you didn't need that, little Melissa."

'No. I. ...I...' Melissa gulped, trying to figure everything out, but more importantly, stop herself from going completely insane. She had a plan...well, used to have a plan. It sounded like it'd make sense. Try to become a bit colder...try to emulate the type of behavior that helped people succeed in this game. It was just like normal life. Try to repeat behaviors that successful students had...study hard, work hard, and make sure you didn't get on anyone's bad side. Maybe it just didn't work because this was her first time... 'Practice makes perfect...maybe...'

"Heh...well, things don't always work out on the first attempt, ya know? Of course...your father would never understand that, would he? And Aislyn would never understand that you can't just turn off your compassion because the situation demanded it. You're a teenage girl. You're not some soldier who can turn from human being to killing machine in an instant. But you'll show them. You'll make them proud, won't you? You'll do more than fulfill their expectations."

'I...I don't know...That...that doesn't sound right.' Melissa thought to herself, rubbing at her eyes. She felt tired...after that whole thing, she just wanted to close her eyes, sleep, and when she woke up everything would be better again. Somehow, everything would be better again. She heard Samaya ask something and Melissa quickly shook her head, having caught only half of the girl's question.

"S-Sorry...what was that? Are we okay? Um...I...I'm a little...upset. But I guess I'm fine..."

And As If It Couldn't Get Any Worse
((Michelle O'Cain continued from Wind in the Willows.))

A series of failures.

That was probably the best phrase that Michelle could use to describe her entire experience on the island. Everything she had done so far had turned out to be an abject failure and served no purpose besides making her look foolish, or in this case, making her lose her sole weapon and making her the figurative whipping girl of Bitchtits McBitchface. It was disgusting, to her at least, and just thinking about it made her temper rise. Sure, she could have left at any time but...dammit, Bitchtits had her fucking crowbar and Michelle wanted at least that, if nothing else.

And now she was sitting inside some dumbshit mine building, a pseudo-prisoner of war. Not like anyone else was really doing anything, though. Anna seemed lost ('Oh, like that's something new.'), Joshua was...doing something. Resting maybe. Marty, that kid she hit in the head, said he wanted to have some time to himself. And Bitchtits was standing guard. 'Over me, I guess. What the hell am I gonna do? I haven't even done anything dangerous since that moment on the beach and you think I'm just going to try to murder everyone in this room? Well...actually...I'd murder Aston. Probably be doing the whole damn world a favor.'

'Ugh...screw this. If nothing happens I'm just going to excuse myself and leave...every step with this group has just been one disaster after another. They can do whatever the hell they want with my weapon. I don't care anymore.' She thought irritably to herself, getting to her feet and stretching for a bit.

Fate decided to throw her an oddly-disguised bone, however, because at the moment Marty screamed and started punching at the ground. Michelle stared at him like he had grown a second head, wondering what exactly was causing this freak-out of his. 'Christ, I didn't hit him so hard he became even more of a girl, did he? I mean...the announcements had been read a few hours earlier but...'

Joshua filled them all in a couple of moments later and Michelle let out a quiet "Oh" in response. Well, finding out that someone you really liked in high school just died probably was a good enough reason to freak out. She almost sympathized with him, the emphasis being almost. She still didn't like him for freaking out at the beach and being part of the reason why she was in this shitty situation in the first place and she really didn't like watching him freak out again only moments after he had regained consciousness.

What Michelle did like, however, is when Marty spazzed out even more and both Aston and Joshua went to go try to restrain him and do something stupid ('Come on, let him blow up the camera. He's just going to die anyway with that sort of attitude...'). The best part of that, though, was the fact that Joshua had left his weapon behind in his haste to help his friend. His weapon that was lying innocently on the ground within easy reach. It wasn't a real gun, but it was a much better weapon that nothing and a really deadly implement.

While Joshua and Aston were distracted with Marty's freak-out, she swiftly walked up to the fallen weapon and picked it up, a wide grin on her face as she held the small weapon in her hand. 'Things are finally looking up. Finally.'

She took a few steps back after getting the crossbow, making sure to keep Anna within sight as well. She doubted Anna would even do anything besides shake and shiver in fear, but it never hurt to be careful. Aston probably would do something with that gun of hers and Joshua...well, if he wanted to do something, he'd get a bolt right in the middle of the forehead. Marty wasn't even a subject of consideration. A smirk crossed her face as she thought about the things Marty could possibly do. 'Maybe he'd freak out again and run away.'

She had to restrain her laughter as she heard Aston voice her concerns over Joshua's missing weapon and Michelle pointed it straight at Bitchtits back, taking in deep breaths as she savored the feeling of finally, finally getting the upper hand against the whore. Her hand kept shaking, though, and she used her other hand to help steady herself, a finger tightening around the trigger. Tightening...but not firing.

Because for all of Michelle's bluster...for all of her mental build-ups to this moment, she still wasn't able to step across that thin line that would mark her as a murderer. So she shook. She aimed. But she didn't fire the trigger...couldn't. Not yet, at least. 'Come on, come on, come on! I have the damn thing...I can hit her, I know it!'

But she didn't want the others to think she was scared of scoring her first kill. So she utilized the time-honored tradition of stalling for time while trying to build confidence.

"Looks like you finally made a mistake...now stay there. Anyone...Anyone who moves is going to get a crossbow bolt straight through the chest, so just don't move and be nice little kids for the camera." She said, training the crossbow pistol on the other students. "Ahaha...I'm going to enjoy this."

The Fourth Announcement
Man, with all the extension requests I don't want to have to ask for one myself, but the thread where Michelle's going to die in just got made so it'll probably take a few more days before she takes her dirt nap.

Where Was My Brain?
"Whoa, whoa, no! We're not...we're definitely not killing people." Andrew hastily tried to reassure the boy standing in front of him. He looked at Adrian, wondering what he should say. "We're really just...going around. Trying to find a place to stay. Trying to play in this stupid game isn't in any of our agendas, trust me."

He breathed a sigh of relief and moved to lean against the opposite wall. "I'm sorry. We've been wandering everywhere since the beach and we're a bit tired. I guess I got paranoid when I heard Adrian shout."

'Phew...that was close. Last thing I want is to actually get in a firefight. It might've been cool in the movie though. Bullets blazing. Screams. Muzzle flashes in the darkness. But that's only in movies! It'd probably hurt a hell of a lot more in real life....ugh, I still haven't fired my weapon. I suppose I should consider that a good thing, huh? Yeah. I mean...jesus man, I wonder what the hell we're going to do.' Andrew thought to himself, his lips pursed together.

"Oh yeah...uh, if you don't mind me asking, what're you doing here? Resting as well?"

The Fourth Announcement
Welp, here we go!

Using a hero card on Peter Siu and replacing him with Michelle O'Cain.

Uh...I'd say I'm looking for ideas on her death, but considering the tension in the thread she's in...I'm probably just going to limit it to people who are actually there!

Can't I Just Die A Disney Death?
Melissa froze when she saw the expression on Aislyn's face after her suggestion to bury the bodies. It was...honestly, it was the same expression she had worn before...but it was harder. Angrier. And she could see Aislyn's hands clench into fists and Melissa gulped, fear sparking in her heart. She took a step back, biting her lower lip. 'Stupid...stupid...stupid stupid stupid! You should have just kept your damn mouth shut...it's always like this...isn't it? You should have just kept your mouth shut and left things well enough alone. You're already a dumb idiot who can only follow orders and now that you've opened your big mouth...'

She could feel her heart pounding in her chest as her mind went back to all those times she heard her parents arguing when she was in her room. The endless shouting of Chinese and English mingled with each other. Her name being brought up several times. The dark looks and angry expressions her parents wore whenever she had the guts to slink out of her room to see if everything was okay. There it was. It was on Aislyn's face...it was there.

"Hah, looks like even on this shithole of an island, you can't escape your parents, huh?"

'Aislyn's just looking out for us and...' Melissa feebly protested in her mind. She hoped things wouldn't get worse, but then they did when the new kid, Johnny, shot back at Aislyn, reprimanding her for her attitude in reporting the two dead bodies. She wanted to scream. She wanted to get them to stop what they were doing. There were so many different things that she wanted. 'No, no...please, don't argue. Things are okay now...please, please don't argue with each other!'

But her mouth wouldn't open. She stood there, her gaze flicking between Aislyn and Johnny as her fear continued to mount. Her breath came out in short gasps, eyes locked on the scene in front of her as the world itself seemed to shift.

"Look at them. Just like your mom and dad, aren't they? The tall one. She's just like your dad. Angry. Always pushing you. Telling you that you need to do more to succeed. To have a good life. Always telling you that this is for your own good. That he's only being this harsh because it'll help you grow. But you know that's bullshit, right? They're both only doing it because they know you're weak. You're easy to push around, Melissa. And they love it when they can push you around. You're like their obedient little slave, carrying after them like some pathetic puppy that can't even walk without supervision."

"And look at Johnny. Sure, he ain't the perfect representation of your mom. For one, your mom is actually female. Still...standing up to the firecracker Aislyn after stumbling his way in here like some sort of comedy routine? Heh...might be a bigger idiot than you."

She could almost imagine that she was back at home, sounds of her parents arguing mingling with Johnny's words and whatever was being said now. Aislyn was saying something, Samya was saying something...so many words just jumbling together. Filling her ears. Making it hard to think. She just wanted... 'Shut up...just fucking shut up!'

"That's right. Get angry. That's what they want, after all. Listen to Aislyn. Listen to your dad. They're tired of you being a meek little bitch. They want you to be cold. Calculating. Willing to do it all for survival. Come on, little girl, you can do it. Shout at them. Tell them that you've been trying all you can. Tell them that you can't be them. That you aren't them."

But she didn't. She remained standing there in the corner, her head lowered as she remained silent. If anyone could see it, her lips moved silently, mouthing curses with every breath. 'I answered your question, Aislyn. If you didn't like it...why don't you just do everything yourself? Oh...that's right. You are. You're leaving...cause you're the tough one, huh? You're the cold one...the one ready for the game. Fine...be that way. I've tried. I'll continue to try. That's what I'm supposed to do, isn't it?'

'That's fine. I can be just as good as any of you. Morals? Humanity? I guess they're the first to get sacrificed on this island. That's fine too. That's what they call reality, isn't it?'

She raised her head, her lips curved slightly as she watched Samya and Aislyn stand together, the former trying to get the latter to stay. She wanted to say something. She didn't know what it would be, but she wanted to say something. "Yeah...Samya is right, you know. We...we need you, Aislyn."

Lying was easier than she thought.