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Introduction Thread

Weekly CYOA Prompts

Comrades! We fight in the name of Justice! For too long, we have been suppressed and pushed down! For too long, this country has been torn apart by war with no regard for the smallfolk! I say to this, no more! No more will we bleed and die for the greed of others! No more will we see our lands burned and people murdered!

For justice!

Since I was a child, I have strained at the monstrous yoke of Feudia's kings. They care nothing for their people. They care only for power. My father was drafted into war, and did not return. My brother returned to us on the back of a corpse cart. My cousin refused, and was butchered.

They did not draft me. Instead, they saw my water magic, and claimed me for a most noble prize. Never mind what good I could have done for my village's farms, my friends and neighbours. Instead, I was to be a court plaything, a curiosity to be displayed to visitors, performing tricks like a dancing bear. I knew more than tricks, but of course, they expected nothing of a peasant girl.

I trained in secret, honing my magic and my skill with the spear. And I dreamed. 'En Garde', I imagined myself shouting as I forced my way into the throne room, burying my blade into the king's heart.

One day, I promised myself it would no longer be a dream, and by the time I enacted my Daring escape, I began to hope that the reality was approaching.

I never expected to lead anyone, much less an army. I never expected flooding a wedding to draw me acclaim. It had simply struck me as the best way to create confusion, and then flee before anyone figured out what was happening. Instead, the tale of the Sodden Prince became a symbol. His rage at being humiliated at his own nuptials was towering, and like all good nobles, he lashed out, calling for my head, calling for the heads of any who harboured or helped me.

Fear became defiance in an instant.

The banner was raised first by the humans of course, my own people, and the word spread like wildfire. The unwanted, the dregs, and the oppressed. Half-orcs, next, downtrodden for their lack of intellect, as if that was all the worth of a man, half-elves, caught between two worlds, but those worlds less important than the divide of rich and poor. We banded together, and I came to realise that these injustices pervaded Feudia. I sent out messages, and those messages were answered. Elves and Dark Elves alike rallied to me, and perhaps most surprisingly of all, the Imps. Perhaps I too had been guilty of judging by reputation.

Comrades! There lies Regalia! The corrupt, indolent nobles know we are coming, and they are afraid! They know that their guardsmen care only for their gold, they know that mercenaries cannot command the undying Loyalty that we have for one another, and for our cause! They know that when we stand together, we are unbreakable! With our swords of Finest Steel, with the blood of Magic which flows through us, that we have rallied even Giants to our side!

They see us, and they tremble.

For righteousness! For justice! For the people!

Kermit makes sprites for V1 people

V3 Read-A-Thon

I'll draw your character when I'm bored
Sep 17 2017, 02:41 PM

I love how Tracer looks like she's confused by everything you say
she represents me very well.

I'll draw your character when I'm bored

I'll draw your character when I'm bored

I'll draw your character when I'm bored
cass tho

*tosses characters upon burning tyre fire altar*
Aug 19 2017, 07:26 PM
Max thinks that being a bro is kinda overrated! Sure maybe they'd acknowledge each other's strength and such because they both happen to work out, but the repercussions if Max ever found out Bryan had a gay brother would probably be pretty immense. Lucas probably thinks Bryan is a pretty good guy, and Violet doesn't mind him either; they're both chill with the chill man. Violet would feel comfortable explaining her feelings about touch and such to him, if that's a route you'd like to take. We'll see?

Max thinks that bening happy is kinda overrated too! He doesn't like Disney very much (boo!) and thinks that Malik's lack of skill at school is indicative of some deeper issues. Probably overintellectualizes his comebacks and also calls him out on poor debate form. Lucas finds Malik a little obnoxious because of how "in your face" he seems to be, but Violet thinks he's just fine to be around. A whole lot of fun to be had with him.
Bryan + Max

Ah yeah so Bryan wouldn't make it super like... obvious about his little brother but only because he thinks it's completely unfair and out of order to out people. (esp ur little bro). However, Bryan would be quite cold towards the more right-sided attitudes that Max comes out with. He's not confrontational per se, but he would absolutely speak up if he thought Max was out of line. I think there would be the chance for some real friction depending on how things ran for the two of them.

Bryan + Lucas

I think Bryan would like Lucas but would sort of respect his space? If Lucas didn't open up to him of his own volition, Bryan would probably assume that Lucas didn't want him to pry. I guess I'd say it's contingent on how much Lucas would want to put trust in him.

Bryan + Violet

Bryan would absolutely be a willing listener to that kind of deal! He'd actually feel quite honoured to be trusted with someone's feelings of that degree, albeit he wouldn't necessarily be the best source of advice on it.

Malik + Max

Ahahaha I think Malik would low-key dislike Max a lot but given how he is, not really make a thing of it unless Max got in his face in which case I could see some serious spats (insomuch as Malik spats with people).

Malik + Lucas

Could go either way. Malik never turns the dial down so he's unlikely to be considerate of Lucas's feelings on the matter.

Malik + Violet

Music fans yoooo! Malik loves shooting the breeze about music, so if Violet would find him fun he would definitely like spending time around her too.

Like, omg Namira, if you want, Keisha could be that friendzoner person and like Bryan is the only one who knows she's gaygaygay? Like, she's usually a gigantic bitch, but she can be nice. Sometimes. Abaynesh and Kelly are probs friendly acquaintances.

Malik and Kelly would bond SO MUCH over Disney and music! Like, so much. So much. Keisha probs thinks he's annoying, tho.

Abaynesh knows them bc she hands out tons of the muffins she bakes?

Bryan + Keisha

Not sure. I don't think he would dislike her but I am not sure if the attraction would be there just from giving her a once over. Rain check? Need to get his 'type' firmer to determine if he'd be into her.

Bryan + Other two

yeye that's fine.

Malik + Kelly

She likes Disney, eh? Then what I have to say is DISNEY BOYS.

Malik + Keisha


I think Ned would make a good friend for both of them, especially Malik. He and Ned could find common ground on the Disney songs. Zach would probably be bored with Bryan if he doesn't react to his pranks. Also, it'd be funny to have Malik give Zach a sweet burn.

Malik + Ned

gimme disney gimme disney

Malik + Zach

Yeah that would be fun. As stated Malik is essentially impossible to wind up so he would be pretty much the worst person to prank.

I can also proffer Cleopatra as Bryan's friendzoner if you'd like. It would roll so perfectly with her personality if they still got along really well, which is an awesome bonus.

Malik's wit and skill at humor could be an utterly awesome foil to Henry's general incompetence at trying to get laughs out of stuff. This will probably incite a lot of (sub-)conscious jealousy on the latter's part as he experiences Malik trouncing him time after time in terms of ability/talent, only being able to maintain scraps of self-confidence because of his relative ability in academic matters, though it could also (...eventually) spur him to become more original and capable.

Bryan + Cleopatra

Would need to see the vibes.

Malik + Henry

I really like the idea of that. Malik really doesn't mean to get on anyone's bad side but it does happen sometimes just by dint of him being him. He'd probably completely fail to note that Henry had any kind of bad vibes towards him because it's the kind of thing he'd absolutely fail to grasp.

Joey would have ignored Bryan at first, since he's got nothing to do with working out, and thinks people who "go all-out bro", are a little soft in the head, even if they are nice like Bryan. But when he discovered Bryan's generous nature towards his friends, he would have tried to keep acquainted with him, and through that, probably actually grew to like him.

Bryan + Joey

One cannot escape the bro.

Bryan: I'm so glad there are so many chill bro concepts because I want Ian to have friends. ;_; Anyway yes Bryan and Ian would totally be friends. Ian's relatively timid and non-confrontational but he's a fellow sports guy who's super nice to people and will help his friends in any situation. I dunno where him and Dante would necessarily meet outside of maybe in a class or something but they'd get along if they did because chill bros. Ivy would find him exhaustingly pleasant and just not really want to deal with him.

Malik: Oh my god Ivy would find him Intolerable but in a way where she can't actually do anything to him?? Because she doesn't usually target musicians, but he covers Disney songs how could she not mock him, but also if she can't make her victim cry what the hell is the point?? He is basically her kryptonite.

Bryan + Ian


Malik + Ivy


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