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The Cuckoo's Calling
There was a long silence. Or maybe it just felt like a long silence and Toby was imagining it.

But it felt like a long silence.

Toby scowled, leaning backwards as the girl on the floor began to talk, defending herself and then introducing herself, which was exactly what Toby didn't want her to do because that made it a hell of a lot harder to be angry and guarded about her presence there. As much as Toby wanted to be aggressive and suspicious it was just... it hurt. It clawed at her internally that it had been her first reaction to someone else showing up. To accuse, to wonder just what they were doing there. Not a sick feeling, more of a clenching, uncomfortable one, like blundering into an exam question that you hadn't studied properly.

"Of course I don't," Toby said, a little more vehemently than she intended, but one hundred percent intending on the exclusion of the first girl. Toby had no freaking clue what she was gonna do. She wasn't even certain she knew was she herself was going to do.


"...I'm Toby. And if you didn't want to look like you were sneaking, you shouldn't have sneaked."

Call Me Maybe
Tessa wasn't hearing anything of it. Vinny's smile slid a little. Pretty good way to make their mood start to sour was talking shit about their friends, and where'd Tessa get off on calling Cameron a liar, anyway? This was Cameron, one of Vincenzo's best friends, and just as importantly, had no sensible reason to lie. They trusted one another, right? The other possibility was that Cameron was lying straight to Vinny's face, and the idea was so ridiculous that Enzo would have laughed if it didn't piss them off. Well - that wasn't one hundred percent true. Enzo would have laughed if the sight of Cameron wasn't the sole bright spot in what was shaping up to be a very fucked up time indeed. Could they really be blamed for attempting to salvage a little bit of good cheer?

Before Enzo could bite Tessa's head off, though, Melanie neatly covered for them, drawing attention to just how little sense the accusation made and going a fraction of the way towards restoring Vinny's good- no good wasn't really going to cover it- Vinny's better mood. Yes, nice job Melanie. They got into a fight and then stuck around together? That was the cute implication, the funny one. The crueller and more disconcerting one, however, was what Tessa was actually getting at. Some other kind of fight. Cameron was injured because she'd got into a confrontation and been hurt as a result... and the other person? They were lying dead on the ground back somewhere.

Thinking like that turned Enzo's stomach, and drove a fizzing spike of anger deep into their core. Tessa wasn't calling Cameron a liar. She was calling her a murderer, or at least hinting around the edges of it.

And she just kept talking.

They folded their arms.

"Listen, Roswell. I don't care about the conspiracy theories. Maybe you're right about them, hell if I know. But that-" they jerked a their head back at Cameron. "Is one of my best friends, and you're talking shit. And not only are you talking shit, but you don't even have the guts to come out and say what it is you actually mean," the words felt like poison in their mouth. "So either 'be straight' and say that you think she got hurt killing someone, or, if that's all of a sudden not what you meant, then shut the fuck up."

Call Me Maybe
Cameron. Damn-diddly-yes it was Cameron. One of Enzo's best friends, period and hell, there may have been better situations to run into her, but beggars couldn't be choosers and Vinny had their cap in their hand right about now. Point was that they could work with Cameron being here, they could actually - shit, how were there any words to properly describe it? Cameron was just reassurance, flat out. She didn't always get Vinny, but she tried to get Vinny, and that counted just as hard.

Another girl from their year was with Cameron too - Melanie, someone that Enzo knew decently, if not super close to. They played soccer together now and then, a couple of kickabouts around campus and one or two around town. She'd - what with Cameron being favouring her leg and the comment about taking a trip, clearly been helping Cameron out, which Enzo definitely appreciated. Help their friends and that scored big points in Vinny's book. What could they say? They were a simple person.

Flagrant lies. Vincenzo thought they had a vine about that one, actually.

"Oh you know, great as always," Vinny breezed past Melanie picking up on sardines, because that wasn't how they rolled, and then shrugged. "Haven't been inside yet. I guess you might get lucky, Longjohn."

They tossed a glance over their shoulder, back at Tessa, and then returned their attention back.

"It's good to see you, Sardine. Let's get that foot elevated at least, right?"

The Cuckoo's Calling
Toby didn't want to be in this conversation. She didn't want to be talking to this girl. Hell, she didn't want to be in this place period, but in lieu of that, it would have been nice to not be trying to wrap her head around a person she barely recognised. She wanted-

Okay, she didn't want her friends to be here, not really. There was only so far 'we're in this together' could be spun as a positive . The fewer people Toby knew that had been on the trip, the better, so far as she was concerned. For a couple of seconds, she tried to rattle off in her head who she'd seen on the trip, or in the crowd at the briefing - who didn't share the class that was coming along on the trip. That had to narrow it down some, maybe a lot. Kaylee wasn't along, but Abby - shit, Toby had been sitting next to Travis on the bus.


The girl was apologising too, at least up until a thud from the back. Heard that enough to know it was someone falling, and the cry of pain was a confirmation.

Toby moved quickly. Her reflexes had always been good. A little queasy still, but an upset stomach wasn't a broken leg.

Past girl one, and all the way over to girl two. Someone else she didd't know. Someone else she had no reason to trust.

"You were sneaking around. I want to know why."

Toby didn't move to pin her, but for a moment she was strongly considering it. Instead she just stood over the other girl, eyes roving, looking for weapons. If that had been an attempted ambush...

"Don't move."

The Cuckoo's Calling
"I said I was fine, didn't I?"

Even to herself, Toby sounded more petulant than authoritative, and she had to hold herself back from wincing. Just what was she trying to prove here anyway? The chickens had already flown the coop in terms of looking vulnerable, given the state the other girl had ran across her in.

Maybe it just let her feel like she had the tiniest measure of control over the situation. A false sensation, true, but better than furious helplessness at everything that was happening.

Ugh. Petty. Petty. She was better than that. She hoped that she was better than that.

Toby didn't lower her fists, but she did do her best to relax the scowl which she knew was on her face.

"Look. Sorry. Things are just..." she shrugged. "Goes without saying really doesn't it."

Not a question.

Call Me Maybe
The situation was now Awkward.

It wasn't often that Vinny found themselves at a loss for what to say, but in this scenario, they well and truly had no idea what to say. Having explosives strapped around one's neck (and all the attendant fun and games coming with said leashbombs) was pretty much hell on small talk.

'How's the weather?'

'Oh, fine, fine. Sunny with a chance of death.'

...Enzo missed their phone.

Probably, they were best off just leaving the conversation at that. Vinny didn't know Tessa, and given the circumstances, there were more pressing concerns than just being rude. Like, sure they could stay and try and pick the brains of someone they knew virtually nothing about, or alternatively, Enzo could dedicate time to actually tracking down people they were close to- and holy shit they had actually just had that actual thought.

Well, Enzo felt like a horrible person now.

Gee, someone not being in their personal circle apparently now meant fair game to just walk off and leave them. How messed up was that? Trust aside, not being friends was no reason to abandon someone on Death Island. Hell, maybe Tessa neither wanted or needed Enzo's company, but that didn't mean they shouldn't at least ask.

Of course, just as they opened their mouth to speak again, someone called a warning from behind them. Crap. Just when they were trying to deal with one person, someone else was coming along-