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I wanna be king of the pirates!
Kids' show, KIDS' SHOW!

I wanna be king of the pirates!



Mah Writings
'Don't Sleep in the Shadows (Or the Common Room)'

As part of my drive to do more regular writing, I’ve decided to work on some shorter pieces. This has apparently coalesced into a college AU. I don’t know how.

Genre: AU, but fluffy.

Rating: General!

Warnings: Does ‘college AU’ qualify as a warning? If so, yes. College AU

Pairing: Nope!

Summary: Gobbet catches Duncan sleeping and ropes Is0bel into an ill-advised scheme.

Linky: http://archiveofourown.org/works/4890103

Hello! I can draw something for you if you'd like
Aw ♥

Kim looks awesome, btw!

Hello! I can draw something for you if you'd like
I like Kris, Frogue (skateboard +1). My slight quibble is that her hair is actually a lot shorter than that, but I feel like the skateboard makes it worth anyway.

The Black River
Enza laughed out loud.

"Don't worry, I get that a lot-" Cameron cut in with confirmation. Enza mimed shooting her with two outstretched fingers.

She didn't tend to mind; being buried somewhere in the internet for most of her hobbies could alienate folks now and then, and Vinny was pretty used to being polarising. Take her or leave her, she supposed.

Enza leaned in with interest as Cameron presented the design.

"Slick. Just don't get paint on your headgear, Sardine. Would ruin the horror show effect."

Nancy Kyle
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then we get promoted to silver 3 without promos, and then snekdoge hit rank 5 jinx/janna simultaneously.

We are yet to actually play promos on this team.

A Wild Beard Appears; A Pathfinder Experience
backflips baby

Mah Writings
mor durgan age

Changing My Reflection: DA:I Fanfic
Genre: Gen, with a little romance.

Rating: Teen.

Warnings: Gender dysphoria.

Pairing: F/F (Lavellan/Josephine).

Summary: Lavellan has long had issues with her body, issues she’s been forced to accept and cope with as best she can. The Black Emporium offers a solution she barely dares to hope for.

On AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/4813817

Namira can draw or something
Full Body Camille

Few things I'm not 100% happy with here, but this is one of the first full bodies I've done (and in an actual pose at that) so I really can't be too mad.


Julia 'Jules' Ito

My character from a superhero game.

Namira can draw or something
Some Dork

Darius Van Dyke
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Hi, RC. Darius is temporarily denied, pending a few revisions.

The basics are all there, the main issue that he has right now is that a lot of his hobbies and personality traits have redundant justifications. That is to say, the reasoning for them is circular and refers back to itself.

" Often, his mother helped him with gardening and taught him what to do in case he didn't know what to do. "

"and just jokes around with words, for example through jokes."

"he even attempted to sketch in his free time, when he was bored. Eventually he sketched in his free time."

"He has no special subject he's particularly interested, thinking most subjects as uninteresting to attend."

The logic wraps back in on itself - I'd like there to be some expansion here so we get a better picture of the interests. Right now, for example the last one 'He isn't interested in any subjects because he doesn't find any subjects interesting'. You see?

The other main problem is that Darius is presented in an unclear way. At times he's regarded as a light-hearted prankster, at others, he seems a lot crueler or mean-spirited with his humour. I'd like you to make it a bit more apparent which Darius is. It's fine that he jokes around and I know that not everyone takes jokes in the same way, but it'd be good if it was properly established which way Darius actually goes with this.

'While he isn't a fan of jump'n runs anymore and prefers to play shooters or strategy games, he continued with his habit of completing games and he continued playing roleplaying games as well.'

jumpn'runs is informal. Try Platformers. When you say his habit of completing games, does Darius particularly go out of his way to finish them? What kinds of roleplaying games does he play now?

'This however changed when he accidently half-blinded Astrid Tate when they were in elementary school. During recess, Darius and some other kids threw paper pellets at each other via elastic bands. After Astrid was hit in the eye, it had consequences for him. He felt guilty for having hurt Astrid.'

What happened with Astrid's family? The school? You stated that Darius was grounded by his parents but there's no mention of what the school or the Tate family did about this.

'As he was scared because of this, he changed for the better. '

How so was he scared? Because of the incident as a whole? Astrid's reaction?

'For example when he had to learn for an exam, he learned for one and doesn't get distracted. He also liked to watch anime over all genres. Two of his favourite series are FMA: Brotherhood and Cowboy Bebop.'

You tense switch in the first sentence. I'd reword it to something like Darius being able to show focus and not get distracted when he needs to study.

'His mother disliked it how he spent more time inside on the computer than outside, like she does. But as Darius still liked gardening and helped her out every weekend, she still spends an amount of time with him, although neither of them are too enthusiastic about talking to each other.'

You previously stated he had a really good relationship with his mother, yet now they don't even want to talk to one another? That's really contradictory. I can understand his mom disapproving of how much time Darius spends on the computer, but the rest needs clarifying.

'He likes to impress other people and dares to do things. His bragging about his good grades doesn't help, either. He's considered jerkish or unfriendly by others.'

I'd like some clarity on Darius's joking around. He's always trying to make people laugh, and yet other people consider him unfriendly? Does he just have no filter? This is important considering it's one of his disadvantages.

'He isn't serious all the time and likes using sarcasm. He sometimes makes fun of other people and often makes jokes about others behind their backs to make his friends laugh.'

This section is a bit redundant and the three paragraphs about him joking around could probably be merged into one. As well as there being some repetition, there's a contradiction here. Darius dislikes it when people pretend to be nice and lie, but he makes jokes behind people's backs? This could use some clearing up.

'When Isaac Brea pranked him, he wanted to seek revenge.'

What kind of prank was this? What's his relationship with Isaac? Did he actually get revenge?

Some grammar quibbles:

' due to being quarter-Argentinian'

'Underneath it he wore a green t-shirt. '

'He aspires to become a successful Let's Player or Youtuber to live off the money and it's a dream of his, but he realises that this would be improbable.'

You also tense-switch in a few places, for instance you go from 'has' to 'had' a couple times. I recommend combing it over to tease those out.

'Thus he has a deeper bond with his mother and continues to garden in his free time. While he now doesn't always have time for gardening, he usually helps his mother at taking care of the garden every weekend. He enjoys gardening and is proud of what he has created.'

'His ranting could also help him to scrutinise his allies.'

How so? I'm not following this one.

'He also has no good reputation, which may hinder his classmates to trust him. '

Why is his reputation bad if he's a class clown and wants to make people laugh? This refers back to that point I made at the beginning of the critique.

Namira can draw or something
Fallout comic ft. Bear's courier Glenn


(use the zoom button!)

The Black River
It was good to see Coleen looking excited - a pleasant surprise, actually. Cameron cramming her foot lengthways into her mouth was, it seemed, forgiven. Vinny, as a rule, didn't tend to allow themselves to dwell on things, but Enza did allow herself a brief moment to reflect, ruefully, that she knew very well how much a careless word could hurt. At least Cameron just hadn't thought before she spoke, rather than being intentionally malicious.

Enza hadn't expected an invitation to be the result of this little excursion. After a moment, though, she noted that she did actually feel better. She wasn't fuming any more, at least. What did they say about good company lifting the spirits? Actually, Enza wasn't sure they did say anything like that. She might have just made it up. In which case, they did say something about -

Vinny hid a laugh in another sip of coke. Explaining inside-head humour was usually more trouble than it was worth, in Enza's experience. Instead she just nodded. There was definitely something to be said for a finished product. There was a hell of a feeling of satisfaction to it. Well, if it was good.

A rub of the chin, a shrug.

"Well I usually stream in the evenings, but I can probably squeeze in an hour of that Pokémon romhack after school, then free up the rest of the night," she flashed Coleen a wink. "Maybe me and Sardine should get PAs, eh, Goomba? Organise our busy celebrity lifestyles."

Let's Play CK Shattered World: Some Guys
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Let's Play CK Shattered World: Some Guys
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