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Not being formal here cause I've got no characters, so no precision necessary. :P

I'm heading out to university tomorrow and I'll be travelling until Sunday (the second), after which it's freshers week so I'll probably be busy. I dunno how long it'll take to get wifi set up. I'm also having a slight problem with my charger with my laptop. Hopefully it won't get worse, but that's a heads up for you.

Calling all sociopaths!
Well one tip would not to put out a casting call for 'sociopaths'. :P That's a bit of a red flag.

Character creation
By rights if you're reading somebody's profile stuff like that shouldn't really be skimmed over in general.

I'm hesitant to add more to the template because it's been perfectly functional so far, and it takes away from the biography section - which I'm well aware if what a lot of people find most difficult in the character creation process. My preference is for freedom in the profile, so I'd rather not create more categories to fill in and leave the writers to put that information in for themselves.

Project: Wiki
Yes but it would do the exact same thing that all the other listings of the character being dead already do. There are already at least three things that need to be updated when a character dies anyway, and that's without even factoring the updates for the killer. It just strikes me as unnecessary.

Project: Wiki
Sep 24 2011, 04:43 AM
I have a very small suggestion for the wiki once V5 starts. What if we were to create a wiki banner to go above the character page of anyone in V5 who is currently alive? It wouldn't take much work as we'd only need to design the banner page then put a small snippet of code at the top of every character page and remove it when they are killed. I think that this would make it that much easier for users to get that essential piece of information just that little bit quicker.

Any thoughts?
That just sounds like additional book-keeping to me. It's not like it's hard at current to find if somebody is alive.

But anyone can write it I think.


An entirely optional suggestion.
Just a quick heads up that I've moved this into RPing discussion itself rather than support/suggestions, as that forum is more for suggestions about the game and the site itself.

V5 Pregame Location
This is getting off-topic.

SOTF - Not what you're thinking!
Okay. Locking. Nothing productive will come from this.

SOTF - Not what you're thinking!
I... uh...


I'm truthfully not really sure how this would work from a writing perspective. O_o

Null Hypothesis
Let's stay on topic, entertaining as the rap battles are.

'Second Chances' (Interest Check)
Reminder bump. It depends on my university schedule and where exactly everything else falls (this'll overlap with V5 pregame, I'm sure), but I'll be looking into launching this November-December time.

Mah Writings
Annnd that's enough wrestling for now.

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Mah Writings
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Mah Writings
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Mah Writings
There are several of these. Fair warning.

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Mah Writings
Totally forgot about this. Feel free to comment if you'd like.

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Comic Book Hero
For those of you interested, the developer's journal just moved to a three-a-week schedule, as the game is growing steadily closer to completion.

Please don't bump month-old threads unless you have something to add to the discussion.

Manny Minstrell's Men
However, Manny himself seems rather... manipulative. He has a network set up in school allowing him to get extort money from some students and blackmail others.

As a staffer, this is an immediate red flag for me as a character trait. These are high schoolers, I highly doubt that there will be something along the lines of a crime operation working in a high school.

V5 Concepts Thread
The cap is almost certain to be three-per-handler.