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V4 Moderator Selections
It was a close run thing guys - some pretty hefty competition out there, and we did need to debate over a few choices, so if you weren't chosen, don't feel bad. Like Aaron said: things were close!

Anyway, congratulations to all the new mods and thank you to everyone who applied.

In Loving Memory of Jerred Guillen
Just to add a little something to what I already said...

I don't know how people knew that when Mimi came up with the whole idea of the triplets, there wasn't anything concrete about them. Jer, Mimi and I sat down for like three, four hours straight, and came up with Ily, Frankie and Rosa together. Jer and Mim are the only two people I've ever made characters with, and that's an experience I enjoyed with him that I'll never forget.

Rosa's just as much Jer's baby as she is mine, and I hope that in the future, I can do him proud.

In Loving Memory of Jerred Guillen
I can't really express exactly how this news has made me feel, and I have the most heartfelt sympathy for Theresa and the rest of Jer's family right now, because I'm sure anything I'm feeling right now must be insignificant compared to them.

Jer was such a great guy, nice to be around, nice to talk with, fantastic from a writing standpoint... just all around one of the nicest, friendliest people on the site, beyond a shadow of a doubt. I feel... bad for not having spoken to him more about whatever.

We've not only lost a great staff member and writer, but a friend too.

I love you man.

Board Mafia - Game Thread


With a stunning revelation, the town quickly got their act together and dragged Greg out to answer to his alledged crimes. He was not very happy at the accusations, and his hair would have been bristling if it wasn't confined to a net.

"I'm telling you, you've got this wrong GODD- I mean, dammit!" However, the board were in no mood to listen to his excuses, and somebody reached up and ripped off the hair net.

With a FLUMP a gigantic afro sprung up from Greg's head, and there was a roar from the crowd of boarders. Greg scrambled away from the mob, pulling out two platinum plated deagles from his jacket.

"Nobody will ever take down the GODDAMN Joemamma Kenobi!" Greg screamed, firing off the weapons erratically. On this occasion, however, one of his wayward shots just so happened to hit the door of a passing car. Ricocheting off the steel, the bullet whizzed back towards its origin, catching Joemamma right in the centre of the forehead.

"GODDaaamiit..." Joemamma said with a sigh, keeling over.

The board cheered, exchanging high fives and hugs. However, as the sun set and they headed for their beds, they were well aware that the war was not over yet...


Greg - Joemamma Kenobi. Hitman

Night 5 begins, until the 2nd of October at 20:00 GMT. (Extended to the 6th)

Board Mafia - Game Thread
You should've all shushed by now. Even if I've not called a lynch, enough votes FOR a lynch means quiet.

I'l get to the write up in a bit, as I have a few things to do.

Looking for 'Company'
Yeah, yeah, what the fuck ever...

Rosa actually had to stop herself from rolling her eyes at Dustin's compliment. Did the guy really have to be some damn flamboyant about it? Even if the subject couldn't get much coarser, Dustin was still framing what he said in ways that made it sound like some kind of romantic outing. he thought she was hot, she got it. They'd just fucked for Christ's sake. That wasn't something you did with somebody you thought was ugly now was it?

Still, Rosa's irritation was quickly shunted to the back of her mind once again as Dustin went back to business. He definitely knew what he was doing, and Rosa squirmed beneath his ministrations - especially as he was lingering over her breasts. They were a particular weak spot for Rosa, and it seemed somewhat rare that guys did much more than cop a feel of them whilst getting it on. Much more often, it was Rosa's female partners that took advantage of that fact, perhaps because they had personal experience to draw on.

Regardless, what resulted was another mew of pleasure.

Oh jeez, he's going right down, he's gonn- what the FUCK!?

Rosa was once again set seething at Dustin sat up and casually asked 'where to?' Fucking tease! Rosa hadn't exactly expected they'd be staying in the car the whole time, but to do that and then back away to bring it up... that fucker. All the same, Rosa felt she did a pretty good job of masking her annoyance as she replied.

"My place... jeez, everyone's in, dad, stepmother, brother, sister, probably not a great idea. Yours I guess, unless you've got worse trouble 'round there," Rosa felt like putting on at least some clothing again and getting ready for the ride to Dustin's place out of pure maliciousness. Dustin denied her, Dustin didn't get a view. However, since she was essentially pinned underneath him, there wasn't really much she could do in that respect. Instead, Rosa reached for her bag, pulling out a small pad and pen, then scribbled her number onto it, deliberately ignoring how Dustin was pressed up against her.

"My number. Just in case you want, y'know, something casual sometime."

Hey, having a guy like this to fall back on could come in handy, even if he is a bit of a prick...

Board Mafia - Game Thread
Mod note: Yes, Sunny was in fact a MASON, not a nurse. God I suck sometimes...

Board Mafia - Game Thread
((Sorry this is late, my net kicked me in the face)

Night fell... which was a little careless, it should have really been looking where it was going. Regardless, yet another tense night began, with the news that one of their adversaries was deceased doing little to comfort the board. Others were still out there...

There was a knock at the door of one TDS that night, and cautiously, he came to it, but left it closed.

"Who's there?" he called out, and there was the sound of shuffling feet from the other side.

"Erm... THE GOD- I mean... a... friendly guy?"

TDS knew instantly that this was a lie, and took off just as the door imploded, bringing the total count of destroyed doors to four. Charging through the wreckage came the beafroed Joemamma Kenobi, blasting everything in sight with his pair of deagles, hitting nothing even in TDS's immediate vicinity.

"GODDAMMIT!" screamed Joemamma "How'd you know!?"

"I can see your lies!" TDS shouted over his shoulder. "And we don't need you!"

"But the GODDAMN Bubba Dover was the greatest character ever!"

Hearing the lie of SUCH magnitude, TDS haemorrhaged on the spot. Some things are just too preposterous for even a lie detector to deal with...


Elsewhere, a computer flickered to ghostly life, and a shaven head, nutted its way through the screen, smashing the glass, before tumbling out onto the floor. In the room itself, a terrified ZeM shrank back, watching with horror as the figure from the computer straightened up and cracked his neck.

"I'm here to kick ass and drink beer! And I'm all out of ass!" Cyco roared.

"Wait what!?" said ZeM, confused. However, before he could get an answer, Cyco launched himself across the room, dropkicking ZeM into a wall, which collapsed around him, such was the force of the impact.

Cyco looked around, and, seeing no evidence of any kind of foul play, stuck his hands in his pockets and began casually whistling as he walked away.


Meanwhile, Sunny was on her computer, sighing sadly that none of her friends were available to talk to any longer. Reaching for her bucket of fried chicken, she paused as there was a thumping noise from downstairs. Bucket in hand, she headed downstairs, only to see the door burst open (thankfully, this one survived, and went on to live a long and fufilling life of opening and closing until tragically falling victim to woodworm), a figure looming there.

"This should all belong to ME!" the figure screamed. "I! K-" the figure was cut off by a piece of chicken to the face. In a rage, the figure threw a knife in Sunny's direction, which embedded itself directly in the bucket, which she hastily dropped. Snarling, the figure pulled out a gun, and fired it in Sunny's direction. Without a bucket to protect her, Sunny was quickly killed.

The figure reached down and picked up the chicken that had hit them, before wandering off with their impromptu snack.

It had been a costly night indeed...


TDS - Arch, Lie Detector.
ZeM - Zehkiel-Grim, Nurse.
Sunny - Sunny, Mason.


Zehkiel-Grim as Yossarian. Townie. Day 1
banthesun as Super Llama. Townie. Night 1
Zabriel as Ragged Druid. Miller. Night 1
Killer_Moth as KillerVole. Townie. Night 2
Wheeler as faceinabook. Mason. Night 2
Anderson as choic. Cop. Day 3
Dropbear as Killer Moth. Townie. Night 3
Yossarian as Mimi. Mason. Night 3
Carol as Greg The Anti-Viking. Townie. Modkilled Day 4

Arch as mimefan. Mafia goon. Modkilled Day 4
TDS as Arch. Lie Detector. Night 4
ZeM as Zehkiel-Grim. Nurse. Night 4
Sunny as Sunny. Mason. Night 4

12 alive makes it 7 to lynch, ya'll have until the 30th at 20:00 GMT to come to a decision. Need more activity from R-S-Lee.

Dragged out of the closet
Dude if you've been left hanging more than like a week just pull out of the thread, it's not worth letting your character stagnate.

Project: Wiki
Just a note, guys. The post game evaluation isn't an overview of the character, it's Danya's last little insulting comment on the character.

Board Mafia - Game Thread
Still shy a night action or two folks. You have about a day to solve that problem, :P

Looking for 'Company'
Worse things? Christ, what kind of shit's happened to him in the bedroom?

However, any kind of speculation Rosa might have made on that peculiar remark was curbed rather abruptly as Dustin went back to business. Rosa let out a gasp, as, if anything, he was going at it even harder than before. Still, once again, initial discomfiture gave way to pleasure, and before too long, Rosa felt Dustin's pace quickening. As Dustin groaned and began firing off, Rosa gave out a cry of pleasure of her own, reaching her climax a matter of seconds after Dustin did.

Like nothing else, it felt... good.

Rosa lay there for a little while as Dustin came down from the high, still slowly sliding himself in and out of her, then once again had to restrain herself from laughing as Dustin managed to hurt himself a second time. This time, she wasn't quite so successful, and let out a small giggle. Okay, so maybe she was the one that suggested they fuck in the car, but hell if Rosa was going to take the blame for Dustin's own clumsiness.

"Y'know, I hope that these knocks aren't going to affect your stamina, Dustin," Rosa said casually. "I mean, I'm planning on keeping it on all night long. I'd hate to have go solo waiting for you..."

The suggestion was an obvious one: Rosa wanted to come home with Dustin, and she wanted things to continue. Rosa tugged at the skirt that she was still wearing (although its disarray meant it was covering nothing), and kicked it off down her legs, so that she was lying across Dustin's back seat completely naked now. Yet another 'incentive' to ensure that Dustin made the right - that was, her, decision. Yeah, it had been a good rough fuck, but it'd barely lasted a few minutes. Rosa wanted to keep on going, and she'd be pretty damn frustrated if the night's action ended with this.

Once more, Rosa was pretty damn sure what Dustin would decide.

D&D Night
Bounce folded her arms and gave Aaron a level look. Almost inperceptibly, she raised one of her eyebrows. She didn't think that he was messing around. In truthfulness, she was actually pretty pissed off at him, but had decided that he had a short window to show that he was pulling some sort of trick before she lost her temper. Right now, Bounce was holding herself in check... just about.

Her earlier doubts had now solidified. This dungeon was clearly a cut above the party's level of ability. You could put things down to 'bad luck' and in the end, yes, poor rolls had failed them, but they'd been put into situations where a bad roll or two would result in instant death. That was not good DMing, that was malicious DMing. The role of the person in charge was not to wipe out the player characters by any means necessary, it was to provide a fun and interesting experience. This 'anti-teleportation' measure seemed like a complete fabrication, and Bounce had a very bad feeling that Aaron had been out for a TPK from the get go.

Okay then, Aaron. I will give you a count of five to reveal that this is a tasteless joke. Afterward... well, you will have brought this on yourself.

Raging at Aaron wouldn't do though, that would just be poor losing, regardless of the fact that circumstances of their death had been shady. No, she'd do what she had been considering for a while: suggest a different DM. Aaron clung to his position of 'authority' like a life belt, but really, was it all that important? It should have been clear to everyone, including Aaron himself, that he wasn't cut out to be the one leading. Besides, was there anything wrong with suggesting a switch up every now and then? Of course not.

Still... Bounce couldn't help but wonder if he'd take it the wrong way. Ah but whatever, she was upset, she didn't really care if Aaron wound up feeling the same way.

Board Mafia - Game Thread

All of a sudden, the afternoon inexplicably gave way to night. As the board looked around nervously, an indistinct shape emerged from the gloom, and slammed one of their number to the ground.

"You sign up to PLAY the game, not to spectate! the shape boomed "Carol you have been found wanting, and are a disgrace to all anti-vikings everywhere!"

Promptly, Carol was killed in a fashion that would be overly graphic even for a forum such as this one.

Abruptly, somebody - Arch broke away from the group, yelling:

"I'm not going to be the Dog that gets the Kick!" however, the shape was too fast for him, and pounced.

"You don't understand! Nobody thinks like me, so they can't think like me!" Arch cried out.

The plea did little good. More graphicness ensued.

The shape turned to the surviving board members:

"And let THAT be a lesson to you!"


Carol, Greg The Anti-Viking. Townie
Arch, Mimefan. Mafia Goon

Night 4 begins until the 21st at 20:00 GMT

Laurence Haver

Laurence Haver
Temporarily Denied.

I understand the weight has already been brought up, but it seems inconsistent for Laurence to be fit/athletic (and be described as having muscles) if he weighs that little/looks that skinny.

There are still a couple of small grammar issues, and you've got a reference to 'Bayview High' in there which needs to be changed.

Other than that, I don't see the relevance of Laurence's ability to 'number crunch' in the advantages.

Like I said, minor issues. One more careful edit should be enough to get him through.

Patrick Temple

There's a couple of small things that might need taking a look at for v4, but nothing that's holding Patrick back from pregame.

Board Mafia - Game Thread
Vote Count

KillerVole (3): TDS, ZeM, Geno
faceinabook (1): KillerVole

17 alive, 9 to lynch. Carol and Arch have one more day to post. Deadline for the day is the 17th providing both DO post.

The Questions Game
Sep 12 2009, 11:25 AM
Question: Do you have a crush on anyone, and if so... who? (i'm going to be killed for this...)

Rosa Fiametta: Fuck off.

Bounce: No.

Brock Mason: Well there's sorta someone, but I dunno how to think about it. Me and Hilary didn't get off on the best foot, but I've been thinking about her quite a bit lately.

Jessie Anderson: *giggles* I've been swept off my feet by a gentleman who goes by the name of DK.

Winston Parry: Um... *blushes* - Too shy to say -

Question: What would you do, given the choice between helping out a friend in need or getting great personal gain?

Abrielle Lisle
This character biography has had no alterations for more than two weeks and has been put in the abandoned characters forum. This profile is eligible for resubmission by the handler upon alterations requested from the staff.