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Give me a 'P'!
"Alright then Troy, I was just seeing if you were okay, you looked a little down after that training session. What you up to now?"

Keiji could be rather irritating at times, like a young child clamouring for attention, and at some times he seemed to be more than a little stupid, at still other times he was remarkably astute. The truth of the guy was that he had a great body and great athletic prowess but at the cost of a considerable amount of brain power. Keiji seemed to think like a small child.

"Hey Gabe!" Keiji called across the gym as another familiar face entered, his attention immediately drawn, as it often was by the next new thing. Not all of his foucs went to the emergence of Gabe; he was still waiting for an answer from Troy after all.

((Continued in Determination))

Give me a 'P'!
((Just for reference if you're looking at Keiji's profile, Ignore the 'fight everybody thing' That'll be coming out if he ever makes V3))

"Hey Troy what's the hold up? I've been waiting for you!"

Anybody who had ever spoken to the owner of that voice would have identified him in an instant. It had the air of a puppy dog about it. Heck to all intents and purposes Keiji Tanaka was a puppy dog. Loyal, affectionate, innocent, not to mention naive, trusting and not too bright. It was a peculiarity of Keiji, surely nobody of his age could be so little world smart? But the student meandered on, his nature endearing but sometimes wearing.

Keiji was still wearing a basketball jersey but mercifully it appeared to be a fresh one rather than the sweat soaked garment he'd been training in. After everybody had split to the locker room Keiji had managed to wait three fidgetful minutes after getting washed up for Troy to arrive. After that his (admittedly rather pathetic) stocks of patience had expired and he'd gone out looking for Troy.

Keiji liked Troy, in all honesty he didn't really dislike anybody but the black basketball player was one of those he liked a little more than others. Keiji enjoyed playing basketball with him and liked to encourage him when he was looking down. He had noticed Troy with a bit of a sad face after training and had decided to wait for him. Now he was coming out after him.

With a bright smile Keiji waited for Troy to answer him, whilst his shining eyes skipped over the cheerleaders, who he offered a shy wave.

Cheerleading Practice
Hm... after Basketball training you say LaZ?

Prepare to be annoyed by the incessant chatter of Keiji Tanaka ;)

One Bagged Lunch
Simon hadn't really paid the thought of college any mind at all; it wasn't the kind of thing that he generally concentrated on so he responded with a small shrug before gathering his thoughts for a proper answer.

I always did think that I'd end up doing some sort of sporting job, though I guess that's out of the window now. But come to think of it...

"I dunno," he began slowly. "Now that you mention it I guess I'd like to try something to do with computers too, but I think that the best thing would be coaching," Simon smiled as the idea grew. "Yeah, obviously I can't play football anymore but I reckon the next best thing would be to coach a team,"

Simon leaned back and allowed himself a private grin; pleased with himself, but also happy that he'd met somebody to allow him to come up with that kind of idea. The longer he thought about it the more he realised just how much he'd like to give that a go. He wondered whether is was a genuinely good idea or just another hare brained scheme.

Let's face it, it wouldn't be your first half-baked idea.

One Bagged Lunch
Simon almost laughed but just; though only just stopped himself from doing so. It wouldn't seem particularly nice to laugh at somebody you were trying to make friends with, and saying nothing would just look weird.

This Lacus talks so fast it's supersonic! How can you even get your thoughts to run that fast? Unbelievable.

Still, the sound of conversation was nice sometimes, no matter who was speaking.

Oxymoron, what if it was somebody you hated?

Simon half smiled, he was always like this; arguing with himself inside his head, he was sure everybody did it; maybe not so actively as Simon did, but it was all part of having a conscience; Simon's was a just a little more talkative than most others. Simon remained quiet and waited for Madison to answer Lacus, there was no need to crowd this conversation with more words then were needed.

After all. Simon thought wryly. Lacus is talking enough for all of us.

One Bagged Lunch
Simon was just opening his mouth to speak again when Lacus supplied the words for him. She might look a little weird but she seems a nice person; either that or a real good actor.

The other girl seemed pretty shy and nervous, and was even stammering a little.
That's what being the new kid's like I suppose, I've never been that. Simon changed what he was going to say once Lacus was finished.

"Yeah, I don't mind if you come other here, besides," a small smile twitched onto Simon's face. "It looks awfully lonely over there. Pleased to meet you, I'm Simon," Simon didn't speak a lot usually, but the words were just coming to him, maybe he was better than this than he thought.

Hey Simon boy, things are looking up, maybe you're not such a recluse after all! Simon smiled again at the thought. It would be great to get back into school life properly, but if that was true it had taken him a long time to do it; and his last year too...

Ah well, we persevere, you never know, maybe some of the people you meet here will go to the same college... Simon wondered if anybody was planning on doing anything computer related, he sure hoped so, as if not, then he'd be the 'new kid' which he'd never been before.

Strange that I'm scared about that... to which another thought followed. Yeah but would you really want to be a nervous wreck the whole time? That girl is terrified, what would it do to you?

One Bagged Lunch
Simon glanced away from Lacus as he caught a movement out of the corner of his eye. Simon tended to notice that kind of blurred movement; perhaps it was the lack of clarity which drew his attention. He could never help but look whenever he glimpsed something outside of the range of his glasses. Not exactly a mind-blowing habit but a habit nontheless.

Upon looking up Simon saw immediately that the newcomer was another girl, she wasn't a stunner but it wasn't like she'd been beaten with an ugly stick either. No, she looked just fine. Simon knew that appearences showed very little and as he studied her it became apparent that she wasn't entirely happy. The girl looked a little... well sad, perhaps even upset? Simon broke off from his current line of speech and called out to her, gently.

"Hey there. I guess you're new here. Is everything alright? You look a bit upset,"

Smooth genius, now she'll think you're some sort of creep and Jen... Lacus... whatever, will think you're ignoring her. Simon offered himself a wry smile. Congratulations Simon, you've broken the world idiot record.

One Bagged Lunch
(sorry for making you wait)

Simon raised an eyebrow when Lacus seemed genuinely confused as to why people would joke about his injury. He thought about it for a few seconds then shrugged and let it go.

"Oh it's nothing, I'm just used to it by now; a lot of people like to joke about it. It used to bug me, but I don't mind any more. Some of the jokes were pretty good,"

Simon nodded as she explained about her name.
Well, each to his or her own I guess, but I think that Jenna is a better name. Simon listened to Lacus as she continued on a different tack. Heh, that's one way to make a new buddy, a slightly peculiar way but another method nontheless. Simon responded with a warm smile.

"Hey, I'm always looking out for new buddies, same as you it looks like. I'll be a friend if you want me to,"

As he spoke Simon patted the chest pocket of his jacket; a dark blue affair which looked a little odd with one of the sleeves empty. Simon felt a reasuring; but at the same time dispiriting box shape.

Cigarettes, just one more reason why I should never have let me arm keep me down. Dammit! Why can't I ever quit!? I'm so close, but I can't quite do it...

Simon had started smoking after his injury, it didn't matter how he got them but cigarette after cigarette was lit up during that terrible six months. Simon had tried to kick the habit as part of his program but hadn't quite managed it, smoking one or two every other day. It wasn't a lot, but Simon wanted that number to become zero.

Just keep trying Simon, it'll be gone eventually, I know it will.

One Bagged Lunch
Simon immediately looked up from what he was doing as Lacus spoke to him. That was just how he was; Simon always tried to be polite, and ignoring somebody when they greeted you wasn't exactly polite. Having looked up at the 'hello' Simon listened to what she said. Evidently he knew her but she didn't know him; on the other hand, that wasn't all that surprising. After all, Simon wasn't much of a social butterfly.

"Lacus?" Simon raised an eyebrow. "I thought the name was Jenna?" Simon paused. "Simon, Simon Wood. Any cracks involving my arm please make them now,"

Damn. I feel muchly sorry for you man,


I'd already said my piece, but now I'm afraid you have me at a loss.

Maybe I shouldn't have given that message, maybe it was a stupid thing to do, hell maybe I'm stupid. I mean, it would match my username.

Let me get one thing straight; I don't want any division between the members, I don't want any arguments, I'm around here to have some fun. As for anti-staff.... Well, I like Meg, I also like Mitsu. And yeah I like Chad too. I think that this thing is just one great big mess, it isn't going to be sorted by arguing and getting suspicious or throwing around accusations of any kind.

Meg's had her say. She's the admin, people might not like it (heck I don't) but that's final. Let's move on?

You'll have to ask him. I only posted that because he asked me to, I have no idea what it was supposed to be about.


Sorry, I did say I'd shut up didn't I?

*skulks off*

Alright I'm backing down now. I'm not saying I won't miss Slacker but obviously you've made up your minds about this already, so whatever I say will be pointless.

I apologise if I caused undue problems by sticking up for him whilst I hadn't had things 'justified'. Guess we'll have to move on.

On behalf of Slacker, I have this quote.
Slakker91 (17:16:52): "Anyone who views a forum administrator as an authority figure should seriously rethink their life."

Okay, now I'm going to shut up and go back to thinking about Pregame, which is what we should all be doing now. Like Ziggy said, This is a game ain't it? Let's go out and enjoy ourselves.

I haven't been around the place for all that long, but in that time I've roleplayed with a few people. Slack was one of the best. I don't exactly approve of the ghost accounts (though the first profile was pretty funny) but I still have to say I'd prefer to have him back.

Yeah, maybe Chad's a little immature at times but I think that you have to look at it and say that it's just what he's like. He might step over the line sometimes but that's why he's so damn original. I'd hate to see the experience diminished by the loss of another good roleplayer.

So yeah, I'd like to see him back, this needs discussion methinks.

Drunken post #Who knows?
*bursts into uncontrollable fit of laughter*

One Bagged Lunch
Simon moved unsteadily through the crowded cafeteria. He always had trouble when there was a larger than usual number of people around, and today it seemed especially crowded in the Southridge eating room. Simon always did hate carrying a tray, ever since the accident at least. It was just one more thing that was made inifinitely more difficult to do for the lack of two hands. Simon as a rule didn't brood about his injury, but at times like this it was hard not to wish that the guy driving the trailer had decided to leave those last two pints in the bar.

Simon was looking around for a place to sit when he saw something that amounted to the sighting of the Holy Grail. There was an empty table; well, empty but for one person. That was some good luck right there, best of all it wasn't even too far away so there was much less risk of the precariously balanced tray falling.

You win some and you lose some. Guess I won this time

The blonde manouveured himself through the milling people and around the packed tables as he made his way to his prize. With a large student body there were many Southridge students who had to seek elsewhere for a place to eat their lunches. Simon was fortunate to find somewhere to sit; perhaps it was just a lull. Sure enough students were leaving the cafeteria in a steady trickle. Perhaps he wasn't as lucky as he thought he'd been. Ah well, he was here now.

Up close Simon noticed the girl seated at the table was none other than Jenna "Lacus" Clyne. Who else at the school had pink hair? Shifting the tray onto the table Simon shot a smile across at her, though she seemed intent on her own lunch. Simon sat down, pushing his glasses further up his nose.

Let's see what we have here...