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I wanna be king of the pirates!

I wanna be king of the pirates!
then we totally got kicked in the feels

The Cuckoo's Calling
Hey at least she was purging whatever remained from the terrorists' gases out of her system.

Worst silver lining in known history.

But hey, when you were doubled over in some unknown room in some unknown building with an 100-person death warrant out on your head, you really had to take what you could get. In this instance, that was depressingly little.

And then a noise - not a noise, a voice.

Toby snapped upright, immediately on the defence, both fists up and on guard. Taller girl - not one she recognised right away, so a junior probably. It took a second longer to process what had actually been said, and Toby felt a momentary flush of embarrassment for reacting so dramatically to someone just checking up on her. That didn't last long. She had all the reason in the world to be wary. Of course, so should the other girl, so Toby wasn't sure whether it was confidence or naivety that was encouraging the approach. Toby couldn't imagine that she'd been looking especially threatening there, puking up her guts, so maybe more the former.

"I'm fine."

Her mouth tasted of vomit.

"What do you want?"

Her fists clenched.

I wanna be king of the pirates!
Toji totally got kicked in the feels.

The Cuckoo's Calling
Toby wasn't sure whether she was going to puke, scream, cry, or some horrific combination of all three.

What she wanted to do was break something. Unreality was starting to sink in, and she needed something, anything to centre herself again.

Trouble was, Toby wasn't sure this was a reality she could handle facing. It was all that she could do not to smash her head against the nearest wall. The moment she started to think, the moment panic began to set in. She was going to die. And when she died, what the hell would happen to her family? Gill, Bernt, JP - her mom and dad wouldn't be able to look after them by themselves. And what about her mom? She was in no condition to be doing anything strenuous either. What would it do to her for Toby to be missing, and then wind up turning up dead?

With chilling certainty, Toby knew that this was one huge sinking ship. She would go down, and her family would go down with her.

She really was going to puke.

Toby's vision spun dizzily, and she had to put her hand on the wall not to fall, slumping, stumbling.

And then she started to choke up what little she'd eaten over the past couple days.

I wanna be king of the pirates!
and sometimes, you just gotta kick the antagonist in the feels

I wanna be king of the pirates!
sometimes you just have to kick it in the head

Call Me Maybe
Enzo missed their phone.

Of all the things to be upset about, that shouldn't have been high on anyone's list. Yet, of all the things from this fucked up situation that they found really, truly getting to them was that those jackasses had taken their damn phone.

Would this whole death-murder-die business be better if they had it?

To be honest, on the overall balance of things? Yes, actually. It really kind of would. Not like, by huge amounts or anything, but it would at least let Vincenzo feel like they were doing something in SOME way worthwhile. Worthwhile in an incredibly morbid and gallows humour kind of way, but sometimes all you had was laughter.

"Imminent death problems!"

Enzo dropped dramatically to their knees.


...Well, script needed work. They'd get there.

And now they were visiting the 'ar', if the sign was to be believed.

Enzo didn't really know if they wanted to go inside or not. Drinks weren't really their thing. Maybe it would be worth giving the place a once over, just to make sure it was safe. With a deep breath, they wedged their hands into the front pocket of their hoodie and walked around to the other side of the building.

Oh hey, that was... a girl. Her name- uh... her name was... right, right, Tessa! Not somebody they really knew very well. Cochise wasn't a big enough school for there to be too many mysteries amongst the student body, but hey, social circles were a thing, and she wasn't in Vinny's. In any case, she was, or maybe had been looking over her map. Which was a good idea and something that Enzo probably should have thought of actually doing some time ago.

They raised a hand, wiggled it in a tiny little wave. "Yo."