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The Black River
Enza sipped slowly from her coke and sat back, allowing the conversation to flow around her. At Coleen's mention of musical theatre, Vinny hummed a few bars of 'Fame' under her breath, before smirking. That was, actually, one of few stage shows she was familiar with. Burning out in the pursuit of fame and fortune? Sign her the hell up.

"Theatre's cool," a shrug. "I like being in front of the camera, but that's just goofing off for me. Takes dedication to be in a play."

Leaning forward again, Enza propped up her chin on her hands, eyeing Cameron. She'd warmed up to Coleen right quick... Enza had to wonder whether her friend had something in mind.

I wanna be king of the pirates!
So many stowaways on our dear Rusty :(

Namira can draw or something
I don't usually design characters like this, but concept art -> character, my one piece girl Camille.






The Black River
Cameron - quite rightfully so - melted down in utmost embarrassment.


Like, not to be vindictive or anything, but after saying something like that, realising the foul should give anyone at least a little bit of pause. And, honestly, if Cameron was the kind of person not to feel bad about the faux pas, then she probably wouldn't be the kind of person that Enza liked hanging around in the first place.

Still, she clearly did feel bad about it, so no need to ride Cameron too badly. Vinny tried to keep her friends in line, pointed out when they were overstepping the mark... but she also liked to think that she wasn't the type to go on and on about it. Enza had enough problems of her own without stirring up more amongst people who were usually well meaning.

"Nope," said Enza, straight-face. "Committed to the humiliation box for all time. Will be used for blackmail material when you become rich and famous."

At that point, Vinny's attention flipped back to Coleen, modestly curious herself about the answer to Cameron's question.

Let's Play CK Shattered World: Some Guys
Raymonde Somme-Gais

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Toby 'Noodle' Andreasson

The Black River
Enza caught Cameron's slightly low-key muttering, and favoured her with a wink, scooting over slightly so that she could glance at the pictures over Coleen's shoulder. Wasn't anything that Vinny hadn't seen before - in person, even, but it brought a fond smile to her face nonetheless. Was nice to see the band rocking out - good memories of good gigs, right?

She looked where Coleen was pointing, half smiled, half bit her lip. "That's Brady, he's the babe," Enza stopped in her tracks, grimaced, pinched her nose. "And please don't say that around any Korean-looking folks. He has some family that would... maybe have issues with him and me. Well, not maybe. They really, really would. Like 'kick you out of the family' levels of issues," a rueful grin. "And on that cheerful note - yeah, they're great."

Cameron didn't so much proceed to lighten the mood as obliterate it from orbit.

Enza spluttered out laughing. "Sardine! The hell kind of thing is that to say to someone?"

Let's Play CK Shattered World: Some Guys
Raymonde Somme-Gais

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I wanna be king of the pirates!
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The Black River
Okay, she'd need to enlist some help for that particular idea. Enza needed a few people to play the part of swooning sixties puritans, for it to work. Maybe tomorrow at school? Lunch break, or free period, possibly. There'd be enough people that she knew and could sell on it around, she was sure. Vinny was pretty good at being persuasive when she needed to be. Wheedling, anyway. And there was always the incentive of being in a little video that might get looped thousands of times, right?

Fame and - not really fortune. Not really fame, actually, come to think of it.

Attention and kudos?

Needed work.

Another smile played across Enza's face. She could appreciate Peyote's music, and it helped that she had a vested interest in the band. The actual singing-songwriting part, though, Enza left to the professionals. She could jam a bit and that was more or less good enough for her. She didn't really have the patience to hammer at words with a crowbar into they assembled themselves into a song. Performance was more for Vinny.

The waitress swung back around with the drinks. Enza got ahold of her coke, raised it in a mock toast.

"Oh, yeah," Vinny intoned seriously. "They're kind of a big deal. Sell out stadiums."

Mitchell Settles
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Samantha "Sam" West
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Mitchell Settles
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Hey, Brubaker. Mitchell is nearly there, just in need of a couple of tweaks.

First, since I noticed them while I was going through, a couple typos:

'These pursuits consumed him as never before, and he became more and more reckless in his quest for the adrenaline rush that would erase his emotional pain.'

'summer climate of Kingman, Arizona'

' An astute guidance counselor realized Mitch would never be a classic academic'

I'd like another interest. What's there is extremely well fleshed out, but the problem is that 4-5 of the interests can all be grouped under Mitch's enthusiasm for extreme sports.

How did his mom react to him failing a year?

If his mom is a very rigid Catholic, what effect did this have on Mitch's upbringing? There's no real mention of religious influences on his life, so his mother's faith seems to come out of nowhere a bit.

Mitch's advantages make sense, but they're not counterbalanced especially well by his disadvantages. I'd like a couple more. Might I suggest, for one, residual aches/pains/soreness from past injuries he's suffered? I broke my hand a couple years ago and it still aches sometimes, and he's suffered quite a raft of injuries over the years.

Lemme know when you're all finished up and I'll take another look.

The Black River
"I'd like to think maybe one day, folks could just wear what they want without needing to worry about what other people think. 'Course, I could say the same thing for all that fun pronoun stuff and-" Enza cut herself off, blinking, and then let out an abrupt laugh.

"Sorry, I'm ranting, aren't I?" she leaned back, tucking both hands behind her head. "Kingman probably isn't ready for these post-gender ideas. I'll stick to the internet."

Vinny's smile turned melancholy for an instant. While it was true she had a lot of friends amongst her own age group, sometimes it struck her as, well, sad that her on-camera persona could expect more favourable reactions than being herself where she actually lived. Sure, interacting with people online was great, especially if they were fans of her stuff, but that was never quite the same as face to face.

"Tiny monkey brains," Enza repeated, and laughed again. "I like that. You guys should turn that into a song," a slight glint in the eyes. "Pff. Like I'd go back to the sixties. They didn't even have cameraphones. I'd say you'd fit in, what with music going back in years... but Peyote would probably give folks back then a freaking heart attack and..." her eyes fixed at a point at the wall, both distracted and focused all at once. "...That totally gives me an idea for a vine."

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this was a triumph

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