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New League of Legends Thread
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New League of Legends Thread

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So damn happy.

The General SOTF Discussion Thread
Anyone can post game evaluate.

Old Holmes
The hand holding the gun trembled a little. Cho didn't look at it, and hoped that Paris wouldn't look that way either. He was trusting her, putting a lot of trust in her, even without the thing loaded, he was looking at her and saying 'I think I can rely on you to ward people off'.

Big responsibility. Sunny knew that she could talk, keep things rolling, smooth over problems... yeah, but that was high school stuff. Not... this type of stuff.

Don't call it 'stuff'. Killing. Death. Murdering. What happened to Gabriella - what was done to Gabriella wasn't 'stuff'. Theo had killed her. Cho didn't know why. She wasn't really sure if she even cared why. Her best friend was dead. And now someone else was telling her that it was okay, he was, well, there for her. Even with everything that was going on, and the fact that Cho only knew Paris a little, that meant something. A lot, actually.

Cho squeezed the hand atop of hers, managed that smile again, even if it were obvious enough that she was forcing it. He deserved the effort for actually bothering with her, though.

"A little. I guess. I haven't really thought about eating so much."

Setting Up Base Camp
Kammy had to stop herself from wincing. Never heard of her. Just fantastic.

Not on the announcement though. That was right. Kam had to cling to that, hold it dear. Not on the announcement, not dead, not killing. The former would be worse than the latter, although it still wasn't a concept that sat well.

Whatever, whatever. No point dwelling on all this right now.

Kam looked up, shook her head decisively. "It doesn't matter if the chances are low. I'm not just going to hide whilst there's someone out there who I care about," there was an inscrutable look as she was called scared looking. If she was afraid, it was just for someone else's safety. There was too much else going on to be terrified... although if she stopped for too long...

"I appreciate the sentiment. Really. Just... no. No, okay. Maybe there isn't anyone special to you here. That's cool, I kind of envy you for it. If Michelle's not here though? I'm not here," a step or two back, a wave of the free hand. "Good luck with... whatever it is you're doing."

Turn, walk.

She had to be there somewhere. Had to be.

((Kam continued elsewhere))

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