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Introduction Thread
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Mitadake High/Pryce High
Like I said in chat a week or so ago...


Little's Buddies (Thread V2)
"Still the best Naomi you know."

Should mafia posts increase your post count?
...You do it manually? Man that must take like ten times as long as doing it in bulk like I do, lol.

Should mafia posts increase your post count?
We delete no-post accounts after a certain amount of time though. I'm not sure what disabling post count would do to that.

Should mafia posts increase your post count?
MK Kilmarnock
Aug 12 2012, 03:39 PM
You know, saying that things don't matter don't really help anybody come to a decision. But hey, you're the one who decided to make it a serious issue by actually creating a discussion for it, so apparently it matters most for you. The only reason this sort of thing matters to me at all is because it just made very little sense. So I asked a couple questions, and it got blown up into this.
Because it's been brought up now and in the past and versus saying "I'm going to make a unilateral decision for everyone" I thought "Hey maybe I should ask the members what they think."

Is that making it a serious issue? I don't think that it's making it a serious issue.

Introduction Thread
Don't hesitate to ask around if you need help understanding anything. As a community we're very willing to help new people out.

Should mafia posts increase your post count?
I think Toben gets to the crux of my own opinion on this matter. The post count doesn't mean anything and we don't use it for anything. It's not like the more posts you have the higher up the totem pole you are.

...And yes, I realise that most of the top posters are staff, that's because we critique profiles, NOT THE POINT. xD.

The thing is, we don't use post count, really, it's not designed as a reflection of ability or experience. As Toben quite accurately points out it's also no barometer of effort put into the actual RPing, it's never been used as something that applies only to the RP itself because it doesn't actually mean anything. It's just - your number of posts. As I've mentioned before, Fun and Games, by its nature, is a ton more spammy than any other board we have on SOTF. The games in there are almost invariably designed to be quick, one off, spammy things. Random thoughts is pretty much a spam thread. It's also the largest thread on the entire forum. By far.

So... if people are really posting in mafia because they think a high post count extends their e-penis, then they are both playing the game for the wrong reason and stupid. If they are neglecting the game itself in favour of mafia they are extra stupid.

Should mafia posts increase your post count?
I think Dom's point is that people do mafia posts to the detriment of in game activity, regardless of 'ease'.

Should mafia posts increase your post count?
On a staff side quick note regarding activity, come game time posting in mafia, much like posting anywhere else on the board, will violate absence notices and so on.

Should mafia posts increase your post count?
Open forum for this discussion. Have at.