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How do you come up with your character names?
I make it up as I go along. Don't tell anyone.

What do YOU need?
I find myself pretty unsure about a potential third concept for V5, though I would like to write one. I decided to do something a little different - that is, make an open thread and ask people what type of character they need for their people, preferably with an on-island plot in mind rather than pure pregaming.

A couple of guidelines.

* No "X needs a girl/boyfriend", please. I'm doing two romances already, preferably I don't want to do a third (one DEVELOPING over RP is a possibility, but I don't want to set anything up ahead of time). More casual things may be an option, but not a committed relationship.

* Preferably, this would be something more substantial than "My character X needs a buddy." or "There should be more tennis players". I can incorporate those sorts of aspects when I design a character anyway.

* That's not to say you can't ask for the character to be a friend, just that if so, I would prefer for you to have a plot idea in mind requiring said friend.

* Preferably, not a brand-new person. I mean no offence here, but SOTF has a high member turnover and it's difficult to get the measure of newbies if they haven't been around long. I'd hate to create a character for somebody and then for said person to leave me hanging. I'd prefer I at least know you.

* Respond via PM or in this thread, it isn't first come first served and I won't necessarily pick somebody exclusively, because multiple plots are always workable. I mean, I won't make some kind of hideous mutant character that has a storyline with everyone under the sun, but I probably won't just go with one and only one idea.


Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread

Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
EBWOP: And considering how close to deadline we are, too.

Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
Agreed... the lack of interaction is drawing a question mark. Allowing for the recency of results day notwithstanding, a very quiet player isn't helpful, and even prior to the last few days, he's been quiet.

Vote: Hallucinogenic

Can't say I love this lynch, but we don't really have anything much else to go on.

Handler: Namira
Dates Away: 20/08/11 - 05/09/11
Days Away: About sixteen
Reason for Away: On holiday in Jamaica for my brother's wedding. I've been assured I'll have net access, but I wouldn't be surprised if my internet time was reduced a good deal.
Characters: None, but I wanted to give a heads up because of my position.

Introduction Thread
Welcome to the site, nice to meet you, I'm one of the coloured elite (we're so racist!).

Seriously though, good to see you here, chat should definitely be the first port of call.

July "Midmonth" Rolls
And the competition is up, that's the last one. Thanks peeps.

Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
No, but it makes logical sense... because otherwise he would have had no reason whatsoever to try and lynch Decoy.

Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
Agreed on having seen little from a couple of players, and I definitely wasn't trying to rolefish, just put a potential tactic out there.

And no, like I said I'm not 'cleared', but I would remind you the only (or primary) reason I had to claim was because Rattle lied about having a guilty on me.

Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
Honestly it's not exactly an earth shattering theory. I think he guessed. He only had a couple to make (If I remember correctly, he said Slam was town after he died).

Possibly he suspected that if he didn't defend himself (when he was approaching a lynch), people would be suspicious and NOT lynch him for risk of jester (who of course would not object to a lynch). Pretty good way of getting lynched: Claim a guilty investigation, be found to be lying, get self lynched.

And if you're looking at it from the perspective of a jester, not an insane cop, all he did was say two people were guilty. Perhaps he wasn't expecting to be presumed insane, but thought that if he blatently went against the expectations of behaviour (investigating Balance, for example), we'd suspect he was TRYING to get lynched.

It's mostly speculation, honestly, but I doubt we can give the 'investigations' any merit. So no, I'm not clear, just claimed.

Editing Topic Titles
I'm not 100% sure whether or not this has been announced, but you should now be able to edit the titles and descriptions of your own topics, you no longer need to contact a mod or other staff member to do so.

That should be the case anyway, obviously I can't check for myself, as I have staff powers and can edit everything by default.

Regards, Namira.

Mitadake High/Pryce High
Aug 15 2011, 01:05 PM
Sadface. I have to work today....
Well what tends to happen is that we have a series of games over a few days and then get tired of it. xP

Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
Fair enough, it's just when somebody asks that right after a night phase, it always looks to me like asking for results.

Mitadake High/Pryce High
We're thinking of firing MH up again. Have we got takers/contact details so we can get some decent games going?

Edit: My AIM address is Izzyclu@gmail.com, and my MSN is Izzyclu@hotmail.co.uk if you need me.

Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
Aug 14 2011, 10:13 PM
Well, two mafia down is good. On the other hand, neither one came out of any real investigating, so it doesn't say much about our skills as town. >_> Also both of them were goons, so if there are any power roles in the mafia, they're still around, which isn't good.

Bluh. Anyone got anything?
Nailing a Serial Killer, I would say, is a pretty good for our skills as town. : P

Also there's been an awful lot of third party roles.

I mean.

* Survivor (Geno)
* Jester (Rattle)
* Lyncher (Dom)
* Lyncher (Decoy)
* Serial Killer (Drop)

In a game of 23?

1. Dom (Admitted Lyncher, Seviper)
2. Rocky - Sudowoodo - TOWNIE
3. Namira (Claimed Townie, Bellossom)
4. Hollyquin
5. KillerVole - Nidoking - TOWN MILLER
6. Slamexo - Froslass - TOWN ROLEBLOCKER

7. decoy73 - Zangoose - LYNCHER
8. The Sickness
9. TDS
10. Gwbiii (Claimed Survivor, Magikarp)
11. Serpentis.Deteramot - Meowth - MAFIA GOON
12. T-Fox - Pikachu - BELOVED PRINCESS
13. CaseyNuge
14. DocBalance (Confirmed Townie, Togepi)
15. VinnyMcQ
16. Rattlesnake - Mr. Mime - JESTER
17. Pippin
18. Deamon
19. Flare - Qwilfish- MAFIA GOON
20. CorruptDropbear - Hydreigon - SERIAL KILLER
21. Hallucinogenic
22. Solomir
23. Acidic

1. Dom (Admitted lyncher, Seviper)
3. Namira (Claimed townie, Bellossom)
4. Hollyquin
8. The Sickness
9. TDS
10. Gwbiii (Claimed survivor, Magikarp)
13. CaseyNuge
14. DocBalance (Confirmed townie, Togepi)
15. VinnyMcQ
17. Pippin
18. Deamon
21. Hallucinogenic
22. Solomir
23. Acidic

That's an awful lot of yellow and supposed yellow.

It leaves 18 players.

Subtracting scum, you have 16 players. I can't imagine there being more than two or three scum, and three makes the game seem, well... a little unbalanced, actually. That would make almost half the game non-town. Anyway, speculation. Let's assume that it's the worst and it's three.

Granted two goons suggest other mafia roles are out there, but equally, we town have lost one and only one power role. That would suggest we have the heavier hitters out there still too, considering that of the (we'll-assume) 13 town, we have...

1. Regular Townie
2. Regular Townie
3. Miller (A role that is detrimental to the town)
4. Beloved Princess (A role that is detrimental to the town)
5. Innocent Child (Barely counts as a power role)
6. Roleblocker

That leaves seven others, and considering the distribution of what's been revealed so far... the town should definitely have a couple of stronger roles in there.

Whilst I am not trying to out people here, if you, as a power role, can clear somebody on the above list that hasn't claimed (or been confirmed), it may be worth revealing your role and knowledge at this juncture to narrow down the pool. But that's just something to consider. Don't do it immediately.

Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
I ...

Haha. Wow. Nice one. I'm not gonna speculate too much, but I think I know what he was doing.

Lemme look over the past couple of days a little and I'll come back with something. All this 'any leads' stuff is aggravating me. Investigating is not the only way to catch people out.


Comic Book Hero
If you've looked at this, btw, I should point out a couple of things.

1) The Developer's Journal will update every friday, should you want to stay updated.

2) There is VERY likely to be some Marvel/DC/Insert other superheros here mods coming out for this game, should you be more interested in the Spidermans and Hawkeyes than original superheroes.

Betting Odds
Those are some good tiers. Definitely all make sense.