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Lunch Broken
Ric had just about managed to restrain himself from running out of the cafeteria thusfar. As far as he could see the Keis accompanying Eduardo wasn't doing anything... yet. Still it was something of a risk to remain where he was seated, but Ric couldn't think of any way to feasibly get out of there without attracting attention, and he certainly didn't want that. One the other hand, one more hiss and Ric would be out of there faster than a Flird could snatch your pupils.

And Ric wondered why people said he was crazy.

Thankfully his attention was distracted from the noodle slurping Eduardo and attendent beastie by the arrival of a newcomer. He didn't look familiar, but he seemed a little... zoned out? Then again, Ric wasn't exactly one to complain about people being weird. After his attempt to introduce himself to the new guy ended with woefully muffled, utterly impossible to understand garble, Ric sighed and turned back to his food that he couldn't eat. What a wonderful day he was having.

Lunch Broken
Though he had not been looking at Eduardo; rather staring up at the roof. Ric was still close enough to hear him. That might have explained Ric's rather peculiar reaction to Eduardo opening his can of soda. Though probably not.

As soon as he heard the hiss of the can opening Ric jerked to one side; away from Eduardo, trembling like a rabbit caught in the headlights, his eyes wide and... terrified? To be sure Eduardo was not a person to be scared of, Ric knew that. But even the most harmless of people became a formidable foe when they had the backing of a Keis! A race distinguished by nothing else but their hiss!

Ric tried to make himself as small as possible, he couldn't see the Keis but he had no doubt that it was floating around Eduardo's head somewhere. Of course, to anybody who didn't have Ric's... unique vision? Large level of madness? He made for a very strange picture indeed. How many people do you see cowering in fear of a can of soda?

It's ladies night, and the feeling's right...
Katie broke into the first smile she had managed so far that evening. It looked as if they were going to make it in time for the start of the movie after all. She was a little impatient to get going but knew enough not to let it show. Katie waved away Rio's offer of snacks; both because she wanted to hurry and because she'd had her meal prior to leaving.

"No thanks Rio, I ate earlier so I'm not really hungry,"

Katie gave Monique a sidelong glance; it looked like Paul's presence wasn't bothering her too much, which was good. If Monique could handle Paul being there (and putting a familiar arm around her) then it wasn't like either her or Rio could take exception to him.

"I'm ready 'Nique, Rio? How's it going over there?"

Now Katie could relax a little, despite how late she'd arrived things had started to run smoothly again. It was time to just sit down and enjoy the movie. (And hope that they didn't attract too much attention for arriving late).

((Continued in Out on the Town and Out of the Closet))

It's ladies night, and the feeling's right...
Trailing after Rio, Katie wasn't particularly bothered that Paul seemed to have attached himself to Monique. It didn't really matter, as long as the guy didn't screw up their plan for tonight. Of course she was worrying as usual, the priority being that they wouldn't manage to get seats at all. Hopefully Renee would help them there, she was organised enough to get them out of the trouble they could be in here...

"Look you two, it doesn't matter what percentage female Paul is or for what reason he wants to watch the movie with us. If we don't hurry we're not going to get to watch anything,"

It's ladies night, and the feeling's right...
Katie Nellt hadn't planned on walking to the theatre, but a disagreement and something of a ruckus with her father (who was supposed to be dropping her) and she had told him to forget and walked her way there. Yeah so she was late, but that was only half her fault, still, she hoped that nobody was worried about her taking so long to arrive.

As such, Katie was relieved when she found that only Renee (can't fugure out accent) and Monique were already here. At least she wasn't the last to arrive. Then Katie spotted a car pulling up, it looked familiar, and as the driver got out Katie knew why she recognised it. Paul Smith, looking like he was planning on being as outrageous as ever.

Katie rolled her eyes and nevertheless came to join the group. She had to admit, Paul was a funny guy. A little nuts, but funny. Hopefully he wouldn't disrupt the evening too much, especially as they'd have to hurry and get seats now.

PreGame NoticeBoard
*Volunteers Katie*

Ideal RePeate, lol.

V3 Character shorts...
Updated shorts...

Bobby Jacks: Hard as nails, seriously :P

Tyson Neills: Schemer whose schemes aren't as good as he thinks.

Sean O'Cann: Vain and arrogant baseball player, shy.

Ricardo Chee: LOONY!!!

Katie Nellt: Kind and caring party animal

And the new guys...

Keiji Tanaka: Relentless determined brawler.

Chris Joesi: Average Joe who doesn't do things by half measures.

Simon Wood: Only character to get his approved pre-game registration locked! ( :D )
Crippled computerised runner with no fear.

Lunch Broken
Ric made a sound which could have been a sigh, though it was muffled by the bandages around his face. He pushed his tray away and rolled his eyes at the inconvienience. Stupid damn doctors, he hoped that they got a visit from a Raig or two, that would sort them out for sure!

Leaning back in his chair Ric stared at the ceiling and watched the dancing lights, on and off like a strobe. It was the kind of thing that gave you a headache to watch, but at the same time you find your gaze drawn to it. It was like a lemming instinct, there was something compelling about danger, as long as it was at arm's length of course.

Ric hoped that the bell would go soon. He was bored right now and he just wanted the day over and done with so he could ask his parents how the hell he was supposed to eat. Provided of course, that he could figure out a way to even ask them that...

Lunch Broken
Ric Chee was very self concious and a little nervous when he walked into the cafeteria. Nervous was normal, Ric hated people touching him, sheerly because if somebody was close enough to touch, they were close enough to hurt. This was one of Ric's most deep seated beliefs and led to nothing more than a little isolation. Ric was fine with that, after all, he had the various indigenous species of his damaged brain to keep him company, sometimes even actual people too.

Self concious was not normal. Usually Ric didn't really care about what people thought of him. With a face like his... smashed nose, dented cheek and missing teeth, he knew what he looked like and he didn't care a great deal. No, the reason he was acutely aware of all the people around was because of the bandages wrapped around his face.

He couldn't believe that his parents actually cared so much. Then again, they were his parents. Even if they had confined him to his room on medication for a year or so. Still, it beggared belief that his parents had paid, and that the doctor's could do anything... They'd fixed his face! Plastic surgery, the works, and now Ric looked like some sort of terrorist wearing a half balaclava of white bandages. Ric thought it would be worth the discomfort in the end, he'd grown so used to looking like a monster that he'd never even considered that there might be ways around it.

Ric sat down at a table and stared at his food miserably. Only now had he realised that with bandages around his mouth, he couldn't exactly eat very well. Damn. Every silver lining had a cloud. Nor could he really talk to anybody, although that was something of a secondary problem considering that Ric didn't really talk to anybody anyway. He contented himself with looking at the world through slightly different eyes, a when you had eyes linked to a brain like Ric's, some of the things you saw were seriously weird shit.

Simon Wood

Name: Simon Wood
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Southridge High School
Hobbies and interests: Simon spends half of his life on the computer and the other half out running wherever his feet take him. He does virtually nothing else, or rather, nothing else interests him. The only times Simon is really enjoying himself are when he is sitting in front of a computer screen or running in the open air.

Appearance: Simon stands just a shade less than 6 feet tall and he has the physique of a runner. Unsurprisingly, as Simon is a runner, his build only reflects his activity. Simon will wear pretty much whatever comes to hand, and generally he dresses in a combination of smart and casual clothes, the look sitting well on him. Simon’s hair is short and so blond as to be close to white, though generally it is incredible untidy as Simon pays no attention to it whatsoever. Simon has a fairly small nose, upon which he perches a pair of glasses, the lenses of which are square with rounded corners. His eyes are a deep blue in colour, and they are always alert and quick, darting around and taking in everything they see. Simon’s face perhaps would not be unpleasant to look upon if he paid a little more attention to his appearance, as it is his face harbours a scruffy chin strap type affair as a beard and it is often said Simon would look a lot better without it. Simon looks like one of those guys who sits indoors and lives on their computer and dresses like it, though his tanned skin is testimony to how long he spends running outside. Also of note is Simon’s right arm, which is badly twisted and mangled due to an accident, and remains tucked across Simon’s stomach at all times

Biography: Simon was born in California and for most of his life was raised in California. Half Irish and half American, Simon is also the cousin of Sean O’Cann, though they are not close, and indeed have only met a few times in their lives. Growing up, Simon found a love for football and excelled in the sport from a young age. Indeed he was hoping to play football for a club team when his life was turned upside down and took a drastic turn.

Simon was sixteen when the accident occurred. It was an everyday thing really, something that happens to many people all of the time. That didn’t make the reality of it any less traumatizing or any more pleasant. Riding on the back of a friend’s motorcycle, Simon was part of a horrific accident, which killed three people. In short; a trailer hit a car that was flipped over and knocked into the air briefly, smashing into the motorbike. Pinned underneath the car with two people, one of them screaming and one dismembered, Simon found that his dream were shattered. When he was freed his fears were confirmed; his right arm was smashed and mauled beyond repair, he wouldn’t be able to play football properly any longer.

Despondent, Simon retreated into his room for hours on end, sitting up at night on his computer and waking up in the morning sprawled over his keyboard with his glasses askew. After near on six months of living like this, Simon ventured to look at himself in a mirror and see what his arm was like. Seeing it just as bad as ever Simon was shocked to see himself putting on a great deal of weight and looking decidedly unhealthy. Lacing up a pair of running shoes Simon went out running and he didn’t stop until he couldn’t run at all anymore. From that day, Simon promised he’d never let himself down like that again and everyday thereafter made progressively longer runs, building up his stamina and fitness once again. Simon also made an effort to improve his grades and his school life. Teachers and peers alike were amazed in the change in the lethargic and lazy Simon and soon he was a favoured student and near to the top of the class.

Simon isn’t naturally a particularly social person but he does make an effort and he isn’t exactly a recluse either. Since his self enforced rehabilitation Simon has been a deal more outgoing and friendly where previously he had been sullen and depressed. Simon contents himself with how he is now, though he does not have many friends due to the time he spends on his computer and working out, he doesn’t really mind it that way.

Advantages: Simon is intelligent and decisive, as well as fit from his running.

Disadvantages: He is not widely liked as he does not actively seek out companions, and in any kind of fight Simon is likely to lose due to his injury.

Katie Nellt
Name: Katie Nellt
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: 12th
School: Southridge High School
Hobbies and interests: Partying, in general just trying to have fun with her life, rock music. Creativity.

Appearance: Approximately five and a half feet tall, Katie is fairly average weight, her fitness is average also. As she spends around equal times inside and outside, exercising and relaxing. Her hair is naturally a light brown colour but she has added some blond highlights to it in an attempt to enhance her appearance. Katie likes to wear jeans and tee shirts that are tight to her body and her fairly small breasts.

Katie holds her hair swept back, held in place with a fairly large headband. As such her hair drops to her shoulders in a loose curtain at the back, whilst at the front there is not even a fringe, as it is tight to her head. Katie is not overtly beautiful, or even particularly pretty in her herself. At best Katie is slightly better than plain in looks, still, there are some who might consider her good-looking.

Biography: Katie never really wanted anything more in her life than a little bit of freedom. Born to rich parents, this almost sole dream was realised pretty much as soon as it was formulated. Her parents like to see her happy, if partying all night long and returning the following afternoon tired to the bone was her idea of a good time then who were her parents to stop her. This was the stance taken on many aspects in Katie’s life, and until middle school Katie was used to getting her own way in almost any situation. Of course the spoiled girl didn’t come across to her middle school counterparts at all well, and gradually Katie learned when to listen, and when to demand, when to comfort and when to stay away.

Once Katie learned a little bit of empathy she became on the whole a much nicer person. While previously a bit brusque and arrogant, she did a 180 turn and became kind, caring and considerate, always taking pains to think of the consequences of her actions. Her almost completely new personality endeared her to friends and family alike and Katie eased into her new role with little difficulty.

Of course, whilst she may be caring and kind, that doesn’t stop Katie heading out to parties and rock concerts whenever she can. Katie tends to keep a leash on herself when out partying or rocking, and often extends it to her friends. Whilst this incited a little bit of resentment for “cosseting,” them, many times it has proved useful and gradually the resentment has drained away. After all, somebody has to stay sober to direct everyone home; somebody has to stop you going after a huge guy in a drunken rage. On the other hand, always looking out for other people has begun to irritate Katie, as sometimes she needs a release as well. Unfortunately nobody seems to notice that and at times Katie comes very close to exploding.

Advantages: Katie’s personality endears her to other people, as she is indeed one of those who wouldn’t hurt a fly. Katie has remarkable self-control and often reaps the benefits of carefully considering her actions. If she finally explodes and lashes out it could prove a useful tool for survival.

Disadvantages: There is not always time for deliberation, and some people do accuse her of cosseting them and in general “mothering” others. Katie sometimes cares too much and it is unlikely she would be able to get over her compassionate nature and function in a SOTF situation.

The Bonfire
Tyson brushed himself off again, inwardly seething that his meticulous plan had failed. Bloody Darnell Butler. Bloody Erick Rischio. Fucking Bobby Jacks. It just went to show that even the best plans never quite worked out the way you wanted them to. Tyson would just have to plan more discretely next time; maybe it was the drink talking when he roped Troy in.

"I'm fine man, just a little pissed at Bobby," he moved close to Troy and reached up to put a friendly arm around his shoulder then attempted to speak in his ear quietly. "And Butler," he quickly leant back down and away. "Hey good luck with that Mac," Maybe Troy wasn't such a bad guy after all, for all the posturing and 'gangsta' talk Troy would stick up for his... well 'homies', which was something when Bobby Jacks was facing you down. "Catch you later, I'm gonna go find Sean and see how he's handling himself,"