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Old Holmes
Cho was crying and smiling at the same time. It was insane - this whole thing was insane. Here they were trying to put into words the fact that someone had gone, as an idol across the pond might put it - stark raving bonkers. And murdered her best friend. Couldn't forget about that wonderful detail.

Paris's hand was touching her face gently, warm to the touch. Unobtrusive and comforting, at least a little bit. It was... good of him to be trying to lend a hand when he had to be torn up just as badly on the inside. Sunny couldn't imagine how he-


Yes she could.

And if he was feeling just as broken and hurt and ripped apart as she was, she was amazed he could muster the strength to try and help someone else out in any way. She could barely bring herself to talk, let alone reassure.

He hugged her. Cho hugged back. She felt it then. That slight tremor that was saying to her that Paris was having trouble too, that he was 'holding it together' more than anything else, just like her. It made her feel less weak, but so did the hug, and hugs were nicer than sniping at other people. No point trying to bring everyone else down to your own misery level.

Paris moved around, produced somethin-Cho stared. Swallowed. Oh. That was a gun. That was most certainly a gun and... he wanted her to have it? Sunny blinked and took the grip, hand dropping a little when Paris let go. It was heavy, heavier than she thought it would be.

Did Gabriella have a gun? Would she have scared Theo off if she'd been armed?

Cho nodded. "I... all right. Okay. Okay. Armed but not dangerous, I see your point," she glanced to the side, a little shy, perhaps. "I'm guessing you're planning on sticking around- I mean, not that I wouldn't want you to. Just y'know. Checking. I'm not exactly miss universe."

New League of Legends Thread
The amount of times I ninjaed into fights in this one - weird enemy team comp but objectively my best ever game as Twisted Fate.

Posted Image

Highlight; idling at base to try and save for a zeal - the idea being, long term, to build a trinity because what the hey I was fed and had five items. Seeing that the other team is doing Baron and my team moving to engage. Miles away... teleport in, steal Baron with a Q through the wall, and almost wipe their team.

They, needless to say, surrendered after that. XD

Setting Up Base Camp
There was a pause. One second, five second, ten seconds, may as well just go in and-

The door opened and Kammy pressed herself even harder against the wall. Another pause. No-one came out, and what the heck was Kammy thinking of doing if they did? She wasn't standing like this to try get the jump on them, just... just well...

A voice rang out. Reasonably calm. Didn't sound like the voice of someone who was all set to go slasher movie. However, more disappointingly, it also wasn't a voice that Kam recognised by ear, and she was generally pretty good at putting faces to how someone sounded.

She took a breath and then stepped to the side. The ballestair was up, not pointed, just readied. Kam wanted to trust, she really did, only there were certain people out there who'd proved themselves impossible to trust, and there were a couple that Makatala would never have trusted in the first place. She didn't know if she could actually make good on the gun's threat, but she could certainly present the threat in the first place.

The girl standing in the doorway was smaller than her, skinny... she had a familiar kind've face. Maybe one of the more reclusive members of the school year. Kammy had definitely seen her around, though.

"I appreciate that," a quick glance down, then up. "Honestly, I don't really see the point of standing on ceremony. I'm looking for Michelle, Michelle Wexler. Have you seen her anywhere?"

Giant Mecha battle!
I have expressed interest in this funness before and I have no qualms about doing so again!

Old Holmes
Sunny didn't really know why Paris was sitting down next to her, just that she appreciated it. A lot, actually. Would've been easy to see a motionless girl and just walk on by, or, or... do what Theo had done. Having company was good. Didn't make her feel better, or anything hurt any less. Distractions, though, they were good.

Paris spoke, and Cho glanced sidelong at him and said nothing, listened. Let him speak his piece. Tears welled up and then died back down again. It was hard to describe how she was feeling. Hot and cold, in agony and in just numb deadness. More of the deadness than the pain, like someone had reached inside of her and sucked out every emotion, leaving her lifeless, soulless. His story mirrored her own. Slight differences, she hadn't seen Gabby- there were slight differences, but it was the same story, just about.

He touched her shoulder and there was a perceptible shiver.

"I uh... understand," Cho glanced up at him, trying to turn it over in her head. She didn't want to say this out loud but he'd shared and she felt she should, too. "My friend, Gabby she... I don't know if you ever saw but we had this duo... she sang and I played guitar and I guess it's, I mean," she clenched a fist, shook her head. "Rambling. Sorry. Theo, the guy on there twice, he... y'know."

She still couldn't say it. Fuck. Sunny shivered again, moved a little closer to Paris, had to stop herself from just clinging to him like a lost child. "This island sucks so hard it should be standing on a street corner."

Setting Up Base Camp
((Kammy continued from Perspectives, An Alternate))

Dammit dammit, god, freaking, dammit.

Kammy had spent half a day to wind up right back where she started in the first place. Setting out from the barn and heading west seemed like it would be pretty self explanatory, and then she'd been hit by setback after setback. She didn't want to cut straight through the fields so she went around, but by the time she went around there were fences in her way and then bushes, and then the path had vanished into brush that she it didn't look like she could traverse without mutilating her legs. And by the time Kammy got anywhere it was too dark to do anything and she found herself having to sleep under a bush. Literally under a bush. That'd sucked - worry and weather together keeping her awake, and then, by the time she'd thrown up her hands, given up and gone ahead and moved south... the amusement park, the closest area by her map, had gone red.

Not to mention, the announcement.

Kam had expected killers, really. Opinion on trust asides... there were a lot of people out there who wouldn't take that view, and Kammy had seen plenty enough of her classmates' cruel sides over the years, directed at her or not. It wasn't unexpected... but it hurt, hurt like when someone took hold of your emotions and twisted them brutally, a dull ache behind the stomach. This was fucked up, and she wasn't any closer to finding Michelle than before. She was forced to retrace her steps.

Whatever. Check the farmhouse, worth a shot, just so she didn't feel like she'd COMPLETELY wasted the trip further south.

Kam made to open the front door. Hesitated... knocked, and then stepped to the side, behind the door frame.

Just being careful, right?

V5 First Announcement
Becca's dead

Nobody Wants This
Becca leaned against the doorframe and watched Max for a few seconds. She'd rattled the guy, she knew, even if he was keeping an image of composure. He was a sportsman, any good athlete knew how to do that. Funny to see Max squirm a little, but a bit of a waste of time. Best that she grab Paulo and move on, cause they weren't going to be able to hide out HERE, for one place.

Yeah, a nice little diversion and all, but time that she was going.

"It's been fun, Max, but I'd b-"

The cigar was flicked towards her face, and she was caught between the instinct to flinch and instinct to catch. As a result she did neither, head jerking back a little but not far enough, free hand only making it to her shoulder before the projectile struck her just off centre of the bridge of her nose.

And then it exploded.

Becca cried out as a blinding flash went off about an inch from her eyes with a heck of a bang, disorienting her, the Colt going skittering across the floor in front of her. What the fuck had just happened!? Cigars didn't explode! Becca took a groggy step to the left as she tried to clear the spots away from her face - she could make out shapes, now if only she could see Max, needed to know where-

Another bang, and a thump to her chest like being smashed by a basketball. Becca fell against the door frame and then slid down to the floor. Her breath was suddenly short, and as she coughed once, twice, trying to clear her airways, she tasted blood.

She looked up. Max was holding the gun.

"You... fucking... serious?" she managed. Becca tried to laugh, only managed a wheeze and half a smile. "I prank ... and you... you..."

Another cough.

"Joke's on... me then..."

Her vision was swimming, a trickle of something was running down her chin.



Nobody Wants This
Becca tilted her head to the side, put on her best 'game face' on - the one she wore at basketball when she wanted to show she meant business, pushed the gun out and... winked at him. Lowered the gun, at least a little and then snorted. Becca knew that it was cruel. However, it was also funny and coming at the expense of a jackass so... she figured that she came out a little ahead on this one. It hadn't really been smart, all things taken into consideration, but so far as she was concerned it was a couple seconds getting the only kind of entertainment she could without actually going off at the deep end.

She didn't really consider that even just standing there after that held a threat.

"Yeah, go ahead," she said, shortly, thinking about heading out now, having had her childish-yet-amusing fun. "Not like the staff's gonna throw you out for breaking smoking code."

Nobody Wants This
Becca's eyes narrowed, just slightly. If she hadn't already been frowning then she probably would've started. The tone in that statement - an insult implied but not quite outright stated. That was just typical Max, day in and day out. It'd taken her far too long to cotton onto it, back when they'd been going out. He would chide her for goofing around, and she'd accept it, not realising she'd just been called an idiot. Always telling her that she didn't take anything seriously enough, too... fuck him. She did what she wanted.

It was growing increasingly tempting to just walk out and link back up with Paulo, and forget that she'd ever seen Max in here. There was nothing that she wanted from him and nothing he could offer her, excepting possibly a headache. On the other hand, she didn't know if she could just... let it go like she'd never seen him. She couldn't think of many people better deserving of a good scare than Max. Maybe this was a bad time to be thinking about that type of thing, but Becca still remembered those brutally sexist arguments, some of the bullshit that had come out of the guy's mouth. This was... really dumb, but fuck it, she needed to see the look on his face after this. Needed the de-stress.

"Oh, cool," she said, all bravado. "Means you couldn't fire back, right?" the gun wasn't being waved around. It was pointed, not full out, 'imma shoot you in the head', but definitely in his direction.

Nobody Wants This
Becca's first instinct was to tell him to fuck off. Her second was to turn around and walk out. Of all the damn people to run into it had to be her shitheaded ex, didn't it? True her current partner wasn't what she'd call glowing company, but there was not knowing when to shut up and not knowing how not to be a staggering asshat.

There was a little... history between her and Max. Innocent enough on the surface of it - a relationship that had lasted a few months. Less pleasant when you knew that the reason they'd split is that she'd got pissed with him nagging her to put out all the time. Yeah, no thanks, and sure as hell she was letting people know exactly what he was like. Surprise surprise when she got called a liar.

Whatever, anyway. Didn't make much difference, she just knew that here was a guy that she didn't like much in a place where they were getting orders to kill people. Not that Becca wanted to kill him, maybe just scare him a little.

"Max, you were pretty much the last person I'd want to eat breakfast with back home, what makes you think it'll be different on murder island?" she waved her gun as she spoke, not a threat - at least, not intended as much, just a gesture for punctuation.

V5 First Announcement
Jul 12 2013, 10:52 AM
There ain't no party like an extension party because an.extension party don't stop~

Until it does.:

This is my way of asking for some extension time, due to others chedules, time zones, and me just now getting settled into my Dad's new house. I'm hoping for 3-4 days. I'm really hoping it doesn't take that long, but it might have to.

Requesting a couple days' extension just to deal with schedule differences between Keaka and I; the death shouldn't take that long, but it's a precaution.


Nobody Wants This
((Continued from Wisteria Lane, After the End))

It couldn't be called a close one, back there. Really it hadn't been much of anything, just seeing some people and pointing a gun and that being pretty much the end of it. Still, the run-in stayed with Becca all day as her and Paulo kept moving, going through various houses and buildings, trying to find a decently safe place to hole up. In time they actually grabbed one, and since it was dark, spent the night. Separate rooms, and beds, too. Becca had to wonder how many of her classmates had the same luxury...

Not some, for sure. They were dead. That one was still kind of sinking in. She was having trouble with it. That little encounter back there besides... people actually straight up killing each other? Fucking A. That as hard shit to deal with. Having the gun didn't make her feel much better. What betting if Becca shot someone that'd be paraded for all to hear, even if it was self defence?

They were still exploring, in any case. She hadn't really wanted to talk about the announcement with Paulo, better to just focus on staying safe, and a town seemed like a better bet than just wandering around in the open. Had to be some secure places, right? Maybe they could set up some kind of base camp. Of course, just as Becca wanted to check a building out, the guy had to go off for a piss. She had to suppress the urge to nag him like an irritated mom, tell him he should've gone before they left. But whatever. Paulo went around the corner, Becca stepped into the building and-

Motherfucking Maximilian.

New League of Legends Thread
Only way to settle this;

1v1 at dragon, punk.

Old Holmes
The words from the PA turned over and over in Cho's heads, sweeping back and forth, back and forth, until they all just became completely meaningless. She felt numb, like she'd been dumped into a bath filled with ice water, had her dunked beneath the surface. A night on this island and already things were- so little time and people had - everything had just gone wrong so quickly, so -

It wasn't until a hand moved aside her makeshift canopy that Cho blinked and snapped back into apparent life. The only thing preventing an immediate heart attack and/or nervous breakdown was that the face that this revealed was a somewhat familiar one. Paris. Cho knew Paris. They'd crossed paths in the music room at school a couple times, and once, had actually jammed for a bit together. He'd seemed nice, and was a good guitarist, which always got praise where it was due from her.

So she tried a smile. It didn't work.

She tried to answer and found that her voice was gone.

Cleared her throat.

Paris had been crying, she could see that easily enough. The red eyed look was distinctive. He'd probably lost someone, too, or hell, had maybe just been breaking down at the shittiness of it all. Sunny wasn't sure why she hadn't cried yet.

"Hey, uh. Morning Paris. How about that there... weather?"

V5 First Announcement
Heroing Becca in for Michelle.

Ideas would be welcomed.

Old Holmes
((Cho continued from Grey Skies, Grey Ground))

Cho disliked walking at the best of times. Walking whilst carrying a large pack and a major league shield sucked even worse. She found herself having to pause to shift the weight one side or the other, exchange the shield between hands over and over again. Just as she felt like she was getting used to the thing, all of a sudden, the fatigue would kick back in and at that point, Cho was just considering dumping it. Like that'd be much good in a fight, anyway. Like she'd be much good in a fight.

Another part of her, though, just plain hated the idea of up and abandoning it. Maybe it was just pure stubbornness. She'd hauled the damn thing that far, why give up now?

Urgh. Doing something just cause you're too obstinate to admit defeat.

She'd arrived at a place that, upon inspection of her map, appeared to be some form of aviary. No birds that she could see though. That made Sunny sad, for some reason, even though it wasn't as if birds were her favourite animals. The place being empty just felt like another kind of graveyard.

Making her way inwards, Cho had found the garden. Swanky. Five star rated accommodation, clearly. However, at that point Cho was just so damn tired and so damn weary that she threw in the towel. It was getting dark out and the nearest buildings seemed a trek away. It was sheltered, at least.

Crawling underneath a bench, Cho propped the shield up as a makeshift canopy, and tried, as best she could, to sleep in a bed made of two t-shirts, with a jacket for a pillow.


Sleep was fitful, coming in short, inconsistent bursts. Just when Cho thought she was about to drop off, she heard something at the edge of her awareness and was jolted back awake. Was someone there? Another Stacy, less nervous and more killtacular? Each time, it turned out to be nothing. Each time, it didn't leave her nerves any less shredded.

When eventually the announcement came, speakers crackling from seemingly everywhere, a slumbering Cho had just barely had the chance to grab some decent shut eye, and again, she was ripped from it.

After that voice died down, the next pair of eyes to enter the area would simply find Cho seated on the bench, hugging her knees to her chest and staring off into space.

New League of Legends Thread
I was proud of this.

Posted Image

New League of Legends Thread
AnnoyedPoodle, L25

New League of Legends Thread
Posted Image