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SOTF-TV Mafia: Fallout Thread
Jul 27 2012, 05:50 PM
Reason I just rolled over when outed: James was pretty well confirmed as sane cop. Not to mention that I had just gotten back from my away and trying to jump back in the game to defend myself from a doomed case seemed like a waste to me and not fun (fun being the reason I chose to play). Finally, I didn't feel like I could count on myself not accidentally giving anything away in any posts I made to try to make an alibi for myself, so going full silent seemed smartest to me.

Also, yay victory.
I've managed to get a cop claim with a guilty on me lynched before B)

SOTF-TV Mafia: Fallout Thread
Also, EBWOP; Mafia cop isn't that powerful a role, especially if it's purely flavoursome and doesn't go too much into the role (from what I saw it was much more character than role). It only gets very powerful when used in conjunction with a janitor.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Fallout Thread
I hate getting night killed.

Also - that is why you never blinking trust the serial killer. Hooooly damn. It does not matter what they say, somebody who is anti town is still anti town and a threat you need to get rid of (alternate win conditions aside)

The General SOTF Discussion Thread
Regrets are cool. I'm a pretty big self-critic, so there's quite a lot of things I can look back on and chastise myself for, which I don't doubt I'll be doing in every single version as soon as I start looking back.


I've expressed before, but making Bobby (Jacks) a player was a snap decision, which, when looking at his profile, is a little bit astounding, since he has pre-made written all over him. It wasn't 100% conscious, but I was definitely angling towards trying to make him a 'badass' type, and really, he overall didn't really read as a high schooler. Perhaps a young adult in his early twenties, but he should never have been a high school senior, which meant I misstepped badly. Honestly what I regret is flipping the player switch so early and then moving towards remorse so late. I like what I did later on in the game, and I feel that my writing got substantially better as time wore on, but then you had the weird scenario of somebody who had been utterly merciless growing a conscience all of a sudden. Really, that's something that I should've been doing from the very beginning, but didn't.

Also, the bullet-proof vest thing. That was moronic, embarrassingly so.

Ric (Chee) was ridiculous, there's not really any other way to put it. The concept was stupid, the inter-relation with my other characters was stupid, and the overall execution was highly inconsistent. To be honest, he's a great example of how absurd things could get even as recently as V3. The only part of him that I DON'T regret writing is the fact he provided some (very) early momentum for SADD.

Tyson (Neills)... don't even get me started on him. For a start his background was monumentally stupid, for another thing he had way too much interplay with my other characters, and for a third I actively started disliking him so much I didn't even care by the time I got to the game. I don't regret killing him first post though. Sucker had it coming.

Keiji (Tanaka) had the potential for an interesting story arc with Lex Machina. His hyperactivity/stupidity was also kind've overdone. Yeah he was a dumbass, but nobody is THAT stupid, nor makes that many references. He was fun enough to play, I guess, but I do wish I hadn't swapped him out, because that could've been a good story.

Sean (O'Cann) would have been pretty great if V3 pregame is taken to not exist. He was dire in pregame apart from maybe one thread. I liked how his story ended, but it perhaps would've been better if he'd died sooner, perhaps from that persistent head injury (which was kind've funny to write). I did have a good time writing somebody who was just a sarcastic asshat to most everyone though.

I regret not getting further with Dacey, as it happens. The initial concept was odd and I didn't get it one hundred percent correct or realistic, but I was surprisingly happy with what I did with her. It just sucks a bit that I didn't have the chance to develop her further after Rick's death, since she died so soon afterwards. I think she would have made a compelling final 10 character, at the least.

I edited most of my regrets for Maxie. xD. I do wish I'd been able to have a few more threads earlier on with her though.

V4 maybe later, I think.