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Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
Well, I don't exactly want to rush into things, but I really can't see any other options right now. This'll at least tell us a few things for tomorrow.

Vote: Decoy

Mass Effect
The cliff notes summary isn't nearly comparable to playing it through yourself. The decisions have a LOT more emotional weight and overall context behind them.

The Tenth Announcement
She's gone.

Burn On
Kris's hands were numb. The grenade launcher fell from nerveless fingers, clattered somewhere onto the mountain path. Her ears were ringing. It had been so loud, so bright... And the screaming... Had there been screaming? Was it just the selfish, callous little part of her that refused to give in, refused to stop the bloodshed, roaring in triumph? Was it the other part of her, the part that skateboarded and drew pictures and aspired to be in a skating game one day, screaming in mourning for the person she once was?

The dead.

Maybe that was it. Perhaps it was her conscience, wailing its dirge, but...

Kris was beyond guilt now. She'd just attacked. Like a rabid dog.

What am I...?

She stared down at the weapon. One hand jerked spasmodically towards it, then... then she seized that hand with the other. Clamped down on the wrist. Kris looked at her own hands.

Looked at them until a lance of agony cut straight into her back.

It was the first sensation Kris had truly felt for days.


"K-kris won't hurt us."


Kris is gonna hurt us

Kris staggered forward, but didn't lose her footing, even though she could feel the blood oozing down her back.

She turned around as if in a dream, eyes wide yet barely seeing anything. The scenery spun wildly around her.

"I forgive you."

You can't



it's not allowed

Kimberly. It was Kimberly. Blood on her face.

She saw the stiffness of her arm. Where she'd been shot.

Kris's fault.

Could've killed her.

She didn't feel regret.

"Ah'll stand by ya Kris, no matter what ya do."

Didn't deserve you

My fault

Etain I'm sorry I'm so sorry

I let you down

I let everyone down

Kris looked at Kimberly.

Kimberly looked back at her.

She hadn't meant it, back on the beach.

But that - Kris hacked as the pain worked its way deeper into her - that wasn't good enough.



She falls

god what did I do?

"You cow."


sick freak


I'm sorry


I tried I justcan't


Kris stumbled again, and this time, didn't keep her balance. She fell to her knees with a thud and the blood was everywhere, she could feel it spilling out onto her jeans and there was just way too much of it for her to possibly be okay. And Kris's head lolled back as she stared up into the sky and a cackling black skull buzzed around her head and taunted her for Al. A haunting piano melody drifted through the air and she looked around and saw Reika, Reika sitting at the keys of a mag ificent piano and a smile was on her face even though there was a hole in her ch st.

K is blinked and glance to one side and saw a girl lying back on the ground next to her. And she looked back and scow ed accusingly because she was impaled to the grou d with a huge metal spike and Kris realised that it was Janet. Kris heard a forlo n howl and there stood a wolf, blo d matting its fur, half of its he d missing. Somewhere, anoth r girl sobbed for their mother, cr ing with pain, desp rate for help, slowly dy ng as she wept.

And Kris tur ed her head and wh re the w lf had be n now inste d was
a disjo nted bundle of body par s like some kind of twis ed jigs w puzzle. And she kn w that it was Sunil, and she had d ne that to h m. Then Kris lo ked down to the ground and star ed to cry, te rs spi ling for e ery fu k-up, s arti g f om t at sec nd s e h dn't thr wn the g n aw y in th s amp.

She whi per d

"I'm sorry."

"Tha's alroight, Kris."

And she was wrapped in warm and reassuring arms and it didn't hurt any more.


The Tenth Announcement
Just a quick note that I'm possibly going to go slightly over deadline thanks to the convoluted circumstances involved in Kris's death and that I've been embroiled in family-related stress over the past few days.

Read: Family being here.

Introduction Thread
Hiya, welcome to the site!

Stop by the chat sometime. It's a really good way of getting into the community.

V5 Concepts Thread
Jul 30 2011, 05:42 AM
Alex King
(Do people use King as a surname?)

Burn On
Kimberly faded away, gone.

A voice called out.


Killer's name.

Kris swung around, the grenade launcher coming up. Her finger jerked on the trigger again.


Another click.

Almost as if she'd never seen it before, Kris stared at the grenade in her other hand.

This isn't...

There was an ear-shattering bang.


Something whizzed somewhere past Kris's left ear.

She tipped the grenade launcher up, dropped the projectile into it with a clunk.

Lock and load.

Kris let out a despairing parody of a laugh.

This is wrong.

Wrong for who?

She pulled the trigger anyway.

Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
I wouldn't discount Dom out of hand. It seems a very odd thing to bring up with no basis.

Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
*Targeted inactives/lurkers, I mean.

Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
I agree with the above post, particularly since when we did that in-game yesterday it was the SK.

Mass Effect
Very worth it, although the first game is showing its age just a tad.

Football team
RE: Naomi, you can be offensive as you like. High schoolers can be mean spirited about all sorts of things and conflict is fun.

Mah Writings
This is basically the 'teaser' for a 'Diary' - a project based around the TEW wrestling text simulator where you basically report the events of each show. I've been having a lot of fun coming up with the story so far.

For context, the following pictures are members of the 'Stone' family, a Canadian-based wrestling family somewhat reminiscent of the Harts. To continue that analogy, Edd Stone = Teddy Hart if Teddy were less of a douche.

Left to right: Dan Stone, Dan Stone Jr, Jeremy Stone, Sean McFly (Victoria's husband), Victoria Stone, Duane Stone. Dan Stone is the patriarch.

December 31st, 2009.

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image


...“I don’t wish to bring business into family time, but with Jeremy busy with the House, Victoria spending so much time on the booking job and Duane away in Japan, I’m unlikely to get another opportunity to bring all of you together,” Dan Sr. pauses, probably for gravitas. “To cut straight to the point, I’m considering retirement. I feel that it’s about time I handed over the reins and enjoyed some time away from the business. I don’t intend for this to be immediate, but I’ll be looking to step down at some point over the next year.”


...“Not that I’m much of a businessman, so I doubt I’d be first choice anyway, but I’m committed to Burning Hammer right now."


“Well, you know that I’d love to take over, Dad. I know the ropes, and if you’ll have me, then I know that I’ll do a great job,” Dan Jr. pauses just a moment too long. “Of course, I wouldn’t want to muscle in on Vicky and Jeremy, if they’d like the job.”


“I’d rather concentrate on the House. As you know, we’re pretty much self-sufficient there. I don’t think I could handle wrestling, teaching, balancing the House’s books and running the company."


“Actually Dad, I was intending to tell you that I’m thinking of stepping down as head booker. I’d like to spend some more time with Sean and Lucy."


Dan Jr. grins triumphantly. “I won’t let you down, Dad,”


Dan Sr. reclines in his seat once again, sweeping his assembled family with a pleased look. “I’m glad that went so smoothly. Thank you everyone. It’s decided, Dan will be my successo-“

“Aren’t y’all forgetting somebody!?”


Posted Image

NOTBPW: The Prodigal Stone

Posted Image

Next mini on the schedule: Interest check is up.


'Second Chances' (Interest Check)
Bump. I still don't have an exact timeline for this because it's gonna depend on how everything fits around the mini and AU schedule, but I'd like to keep it in people's minds because I can't imagine it'll be too far off.

Just to summarise my characters, who you should message me about if you're interested:


Tyson Neills: Taken.

Bobby Jacks: Taken. (by me)

Simon Wood: Former football player that suffered a crippling motorbike accident, making him quite bitter and causing him to slide into depression. He managed to quite things back on track by taking up running and studying harder, but he's still a shell of how he used to be. (Also very shy)

Ric Chee: ...Ahahahaha oh man. If anybody wanted to try him, then all power to them. Baseball player who got his face smashed to bits by an angry opponent and possibly was brain damaged through the trauma. Honestly if you're thinking of taking him? Retcon the HECK out of everything you can. Suffer the disfigurement, maybe, but have him get it through a different avenue, because Ric was awful.

Maxie Dasai: Off limits.

Lucy O'Donnell: Off limits (not originally mine)

Keiji Tanaka: Hyperactive goofball jock type. Very much like a puppy on two legs. Friendly, couldn't-hurt-a-fly type.

Sean O'Cann: Somewhat cocky guy hailing originally from Ireland. Struggled a lot with his sexuality but has recently came out of the closet and mostly accepted it. Tends to be very cynical and snarky, but this is mostly because he lashes out because of his own emotional insecurities.


Brock Mason: Dyslexic football player who has been held back in school and gets resentful of people smarter than he is. He doesn't fit in very well to any groups, and he is somewhat provokable if needled about his intelligence.

Jessie Anderson: Deeply Christian hockey player with a heart of gold - she tries to be nice to everyone she meets and help them out if she can, to the point where she can come across as pretty overbearing and interfering.

Rosa Fiametta: Off limits.

Bounce: Uhm... if you're interested please talk to me because the setting probably won't involve SOTF pre-existing, which makes her concept a lot different.

Kris Hartmann: Carefree skateboarder who wants to go into it professionally. She's smart, but also very lazy, and doesn't apply herself to school at all.


Billy-Jay Clarke: Closeted football player, who is very hesitant about revealing his sexuality thanks to a very traditionally conservative family. He's friendly and personable and easy to like, just inwardly troubled.


Tyler Blake: Boundlessly enthusiastic and nice wrestler and baseball player. He'll be the first guy to help out somebody in trouble or volunteer to organise an event. He comes from a military family, and has huge stars in his eyes over the military, viewing soldiers as massive heroes.


Tristan Hart: I'd need to discuss Tristan with other people if they were interested in him, as his concept is another one that's highly specific to his own universe.

Football team
Jul 28 2011, 10:59 AM
Regarding Naomi, they might think of it as weird at first, but have less of a problem with it when it becomes obvious thatshe's playing football for the sake of playing football, rather than to prove a point.

How's this sound?
That's fair enough. Naomi isn't operating on a feminist line, it's a more personal thing.

V5 Concepts Thread
Okay, I've updated one of my concepts some.

Keira So'oialo

* Girl of Western Samoan descent (probably second generation). (She's the school's 0.4% Pacific Islander in Seattle's demographic, xD)
* She is an aspiring actress, and has a knack for remembering lines and is definitely good at it, but she often struggles for leading roles because she's quite chubby.
* She is dating Rugga's Michelle, and they've been together for a while.
* Since homosexuality is illegal in Western Samoan, Keira has had a bit of a culture clash with her parents over it, even though one was born in America and the other moved there when they were fairly young. Angstmobile!
* As such Keira is probably quite active in LGBT circles, since she's experienced some of the difficulties first hand.

Yeah, inexact figures slipped through the net, which we're gonna try and cut down on.

I feel vindicated now though. Told y'all there weren't THAT many super-tall people (yeah I know the deviation was higher).

Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
Jul 28 2011, 11:16 PM
Okay. I've gotten off study time, and I have like six votes against me. I know how this happened: Dom has been pushing for my lynch since the very first post. As such, I would like to turn the question to Dom: based on what circumstances do you think I am to be lynched? From what I know, we already have a Town Cop (quite possibly insane, but we are all aware of it, so it's moot), so it is very unlikely that it is the result of an investigation. This seems a little off to me, so as such I give:

FoS: Dom
Actually this is something of an exaggeration. Pushing for your lynch suggested that he actively went after you, which he didn't at all, only mentioning that he thinks we should kill you. The way you've worded that post sounds VERY suspect to me. And cop sure as heck isn't the only investigative role.