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Charlotte "Charlie" DuClare

The Next Mafia Game
As you may have already seen, sign ups for Board mafia are now open. Thank to everyone who participated in the poll and offered their own suggestions.

SOTF Board Mafia - Sign ups
This will run from now to say... the 10th of August, as that's the fay I'm back from my holiday, haha. You have until then to put your name down to take part.

If you haven't been paying attention, this is a game based off the SOTF Board itself. As in, role names and to an extent the roles themselves will be based off members of the Board, current and past.

Obviously there will only be so many people in the game, so if you don't happen to be in the game (as a role) then please don't be offended about it. It's just a bit of fun hm?

Okay, throw your hats in here.

Edit: Also, when signing up, remember that this game could last a couple of months, especially if a lot of people join. Don't sign up unless you believe you'll be able to be consistently active.

1. Yoss
2. Moth
3. Sciph
4. Zehk
5. Adam
6. TDS
7. face
8. Mimi
9. Sunny
10. Solo
11. Arch
12. Vole
13. D/N
14. banthesun
15. Geno
16. Dropbear
17. Carol
18. R-S-Lee
19. ZeM
20. Anderson
21. Zab
22. Kaze
23. Blast
24. Pigeon
25. Greg

Terrence Mercer
Also, please make sure the layout of the profile matches the template found here.

I'm referring to the gaps left between the headings of appearance/biography and the actual text. I know it seems pedantic, but come wikimaking time, it saves everyone involved a lot of headaches if the formatting is consistent.

Feo Eleri Smith

V4 Characters
As promised.

Robert Barron: I like how Robert tends to... stick on the sidelines, so to speak. As in, he's observing what's going on, but doesn't seem to take a hand in proceedings unnecessarily. It's good to see somebody who isn't always at centre stage. I also enjoy reading about his insecurities - well, in particular how he's unsure of how to approach coming out.

Jennifer Romita: The contrast between her 'normal' behaviour - as in, flirtacious, and her contact with her friend, Morgan, has been an extremely interesting read, and I think it's a very good line you and Greg have got going on there. The changes were a little jarring from thread to thread, but I guess conversations with best friend/formal date/casual flirting are going to differ wildly, so that's not much of a spot on you Moth.

I'll do some more for others tomorrow, as it's getting late over in blighty.

Of course, because I'm a cheeky bastard, I'm going to list my own.

Life Wasted

Rosa Fiametta (First two are memory threads and hence aren't linked in-thread)
Happily Ever Afters
Where East Meets West
Eating Out (Cleanly)

Winston Parry:
Rock N'Roll Star

Jessie Anderson:
Three Bar

Brock Mason:
Naked Ambition

Feo Eleri Smith
This is very well written, but I have a minor qualm: If Feo and Wren disliked one another so very much, then why did Wren start offering comfort/why did Feo bother to listen? It seemed a bit abrupt to me. The point in which their relationship altered so drastically could use some more description, in my view.

Mercedes Wilson
Temporarily Denied, pending a couple of adjustments.

Firstly, despite the fact you bring up anime/swimming/cycling in Mercedes' Hobbies and Interests, there's no real mention of these things in the Biography section itself. H&I are more of a checklist than an independant section, and they warrant more inclusion in the body of the profile. For example, explaining how Mercedes first got into her biking hobby, why she does it, that kind of thing. Otherwise, all you have are bones, with no substance to it.

Secondly, a couple of the advantages/disadvantages bother me.

'...a rare combination of speed and agility that makes her an extremely hard target to hit while in motion.'

I don't see where the speed and agility are coming from, as, although Mercedes is obviously athletic, her prowess comes from either water or through use of a vehicle. Cycling and swimming are a entirely different kettle of fish to evasion skills on your own two feet. If anything, it's running that would lead to this sort of advantage, and even then, well... you can't outrun bullets.

'She would also have no trouble in defending herself from any of the other students,'


'Mercedes has no fighting experience'

Seem to contradict one another. How would somebody with no fighting experience find defending themselves 'no trouble'? If you mean that Mercedes wouldn't mind fighting, then the advantage needs to be reworded to make this more clear.

'...or in getting people to join up with her.''

I don't see anything in the profile to indicate this. It seems slightly lumped in, and would need some elaboration in the Biograhpy section to fly. Even so, the advantage/disadvantage ratio is slightly skewed, and I'd recommend you axe rather than adapt a couple of her advantages.

D&D Night
"I meant that I have not been preparing magical back-up Will, as I have relied on you to find traps, not that you should forge ahead unsupported."

Perhaps that was a little testy of her, but Bounce was uneasy. Of course, characters died - that was part of the game, and a few lucky (or unlucky) rolls here and there could change the face of things, but... she couldn't help but be a little paranoid. Will's roll hadn't been all that bad, from what she'd seen, and a trap that lethal with that high of a DC to detect...

It just smelt, for want of a better word, fishy.

Bounce's feelings of disquiet weren't eased at all when she heard the tell-tale clatter of dice on the table, and glanced over to see Aaron eyeing something behind his screen. Was this area outside safe? Of course it was... they'd made camp there the previous night - if there were any hazards, they would have affected them at the end of their last session. Could the triggering of the trap inside of the passageway have set something else off? It seemed plausible.

"If we are to move on... we should not overcommit. There are three passageways, and presumably, only one is a true entrance. That means we should be wary of more traps, and similarly lethal ones."

Bounce looked Aaron's way once again at that, but decided not to say anything more. It was just bad luck Stephen had been killed. After all, he had rolled a one. Anything much larger than that, and he would probably have been fine...

"I suppose we should go on... caution needs to be the watchword."

And we will need it, if there are more traps such as that one ahead...

It's Dating Time!
Having chatted for a little about college, Jessie got down to business and began to eat. Sometimes, she wondered if it wouldn't be a good idea to watch her diet, but in the end, she always decided that it was best not to get neurotic about it. She was in shape, after all, from hockey and the general exercise she did, and it wasn't as if dropping pizza would miraculously cause her to shrink. Jessie had a large frame, and that was that, her lifestyle seeing to it that she was more muscular than fat. Getting worked up about food was the best way to ruin any enjoyment of meals.

Not long afterwards, Jessie happened to glance up, and then broke out into a surprised smile as she saw a familiar face nearby. Her friend, Imraan. He quickly called a greeting, but Jessie was very slightly perturbed. She wasn't sure if it was her imagination, but had Imraan... hesitated for a moment before speaking up? Nah, it must have been her eyes playing tricks on her. Anyway, even if that was the case, he probably had only just spotted her.

Imraan was a good guy, probably somebody she'd count amongst her best friends, even if he wasn't a typical 'childhood buddy'. They had quite a bit in common, really, and enough differences to keep their friendship interesting. Particularly where GODSPEED was concerned. Imraan had never really pushed the idea of Jessie joining the club, but it was certainly something that he'd brought up a few times over the time they'd known one another. Jessie disliked the idea in general, partially because she wasn't fond of the concept of an organised religious group outside of church. Maybe moreso because she didn't like Rachel Gettys very much.

Jessie tried to see the best in everyone, and generally succeeded. It wasn't as if she had enemies (not that she was aware of, anyway), but Rachel's attitude, both to religion and well... in general, it put Jessie off a bit. Funny how people could have a lot in common - faith, hockey, and then not get along that well. Anyway, it wasn't like Jessie hated Rachel, she just didn't enjoy her company, the feelings certainly strong enough to mean she avoided GODSPEED.

All the same, Jessie and Imraan were good friends, although on this occasion, she wasn't exactly looking to have somebody else join them. After all, it was DK's treat and had been his idea in the first place, it wouldn't really be fair...

"Hey Imraan!" she called out in reply. There was no reason not to be polite or friendly, although Jessie did hope he was just passing through, so she didn't have to explicitely say 'I'd rather you left us alone'. Thankfully, it seemed that was the case, as Imraan left as quickly as he came.

"Okay, I'll catch you later," Jessie said to Imraan as he began to move away again, before turning to smile at DK.

"Don't worry about it, we see a lot of each other. I'm sure he'll find me if he wants to talk."

V4 Characters
Just a heads up that I've moved this. It was a bit misleading that it was in the V1 Corner, even though the board was 'Character and Plot Analysis'.

I'll be offering my own 'tiques soonish.

Looking for 'Company'
A smile began to spread across Rosa's face as she started to feel something that told her very explicitely that Dustin was... 'up' for it, so to speak. Fantastic.

"I'd love to check your car out... and other things besides."

Great, after Leftowitz' initial offer of a cab, it seemed he'd wised up enough to realise that Rosa really didn't want his help. Was it not obvious that she was looking for ... somebody, just as much as Dustin was? People should just leave well enough alone. Sure, Rosa was more than slightly drunk, but all that really affected was how quickly she was coming on to Dustin.

Really, she'd gone to the Varsity for the exact purpose of finding a lay, and she'd very much found one, it was as simple as that.

Fuck yes... he does have a car. Hopefully he's not one of those guys that gets all flustered about the thought of cleaning up his mess. Besides... I think after a minute or so in, he'll have forgotten all about any jobs he'll have to do afterwards. I guess I could wait... but I don't really fucking wanna.

Anyway, I can tell you're pretty frisky... I doubt you'll even want to hold on...

Rosa waved a couple of goodbyes to Lefowitz and Jennifer, even if she didn't really appreciate the former's sentiments, and began to head for the door, holding Dustin's hand as she did so. She let go after a couple of moments and exited into the car park, and, presuming he was following her, called over her shoulder:

"So, where's this car of yours? I hope it's not too confined."

Master Exploder
Winston looked over at his bandmates as Warren handed something to Zach, he wondered what it could have been, but a combination of the music still playing and his own nervousness prevented him from having the concentration to listen in.

"Zach!" he called out after a little while. "Do you..." he licked his lips, cleared his throat, tried again. "Do you know when we'll be on?"

The anxiety again struck Winston, but he swallowed it down. No turning back. He just had to go out there and... just ... do his thing.

I'm off in Blighty from the 30th to the 9th. Internet access is unlikely, posts less so. But hey, never know, I might be able to get something up via my PSP.

V3 Mafia - the fallout
Jul 23 2009, 10:26 AM

Obviously I didn't have any idea of the other mafia (Clu had kinda suggested there wasn't one when I crypticly asked him), but I can dream, can't I!?!


In fairness though, the second mafia were extremely limited. Their mode of operation almost had to be 'lurk'

What surprises me is that for some reason, nobody really picked up on the fact that Harry Tsai only appeared on the second night, and even then, only once - was the assumption that the 'Serial Killer' had been roleblocked?

Introduction Thread
The password for the chat is 'faust' if that's what you're having trouble with.

V3 Mafia - the fallout
See the main disadvantage of your power was nullified by your claim though Solo. What if you'd say, tried to recruit a mafia member on the first night? Then you'd be pretty much guaranteed to get wasted the next night.

Thief... it's an interesting role, on the one hand, it can tell you a whole lot, but on the other, you might not know what to make of the information you receive. And believing somebody is mafia due to your investigations is a far cry from convincing the town to lynch them without revealing yourself.

V3 Mafia - the fallout
In my view, it would be unfair if A) Adam had been mafia, or B) He had an information role. That's my opinion anyway.

The Questions Game
Question: Somebody at the 'Superpower Bank' has just written you a blank check of sorts... you can have any superpower you want. What would it be?

Brock Mason: Super-brains. It'd be nice to be the clever one for a change.

Jessie Anderson: Healing hands, just like Jesus is supposed to have had. Being able to help people in more ways than emotionally would be amazing.

Winston Parry: Invulnerability, because then, people could attack me as much as they wanted and I wouldn't need to worry about it.

Bounce: I would keep such a 'cheque' blank until the time something occured which would necessitate a superpower.

Rosa Fiametta: Manipulating affections... not making people fall in love or anything like that, just... making them... care more.

Question: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Brock Mason: Oh gee, I dunno, maybe being able to read?

Jessie Anderson: Uhm... nope, don't think I would. Everything is just fine with me. Pass the ability to change on to somebody who needs it.

Winston Parry: Being a little taller would be nice... not huge, but I feel kind of tiny sometimes.

Bounce: Athleticism. I am not particularly fit. It is something I wouldn't mind changing.

Rosa: ... private.

If you were 'interested' in somebody, how would you go aobut approaching them?

V3 Mafia - the fallout
Some general comments.

I was very surprised that the town pulled this one out of the bag to be honest. At one point, Mimi's mafia had 4 out of the nine votes available, before harnrave was finally called out on her repeated lurking/bandwagoning. Mafia 2 went down fast, and unfortunately, Mimi's kill didn't come into play fast enough to help.

Mafia 2 were rather unlucky in my opinion. Day one is always a crapshoot, and losing their hitman that early was a huge blow. banthesun was doing an excellent job of keeping his head down and hitting decent targets, and just picked the wrong person to kill by going after TDS.

Solomir proved a strong rallying point for the town, after they, y'know, stopped trying to lynch him. He needed to go, but in the end, Vole was making good choices on protecting him and looking after the valuable townie. A night 4 NK from land could have really made things interesting, but unfortunately, he was away.

All in all, a good game I suppose. Apart from my mess up night 5. *guilt* *guilt*