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A Wild Beard Appears; A Pathfinder Experience
A bit late, but while we're on the anniversary topic, Tarai's was last month ♥

SOTF's Tenth Anniversary
I knew, I freaking KNEW what that was gonna be.

SOTF's Tenth Anniversary
Memes for all!

Freedom to Love

SOTF's Tenth Anniversary
My graduation and the site now have the same anniversary.

That's sort of awesome.

Lots of amazing memories wrapped up here in SOTF. I quite literally grew up with the site and I think it's safe to say I've made some lifelong friends here.

Long may it continue.

A Wild Beard Appears; A Pathfinder Experience

A Wild Beard Appears; A Pathfinder Experience
Look I've more or less resigned myself to the fact that Orebic is indestructible.

A Wild Beard Appears; A Pathfinder Experience
there were drakes or something and nearly everyone nearly died

Rainy was still staying kind of quiet, and now Vinny knew that something was up here. Although GLD hadn't been super open with them, she'd at least been carrying a conversation with them. Now, though, she'd clammed up completely. Enzo had to wonder whether there was genuine animosity between GLD and chihuahua. Maybe that was going a little far. Maybe they just didn't like each other much.

Interlacing their fingers, Vinny tucked their hands behind their head and leaned backward, scanning the other pair thoughtfully. They didn't really have a vested interest in ensuring that those two got along. Wasn't as if these were two friends of theirs having a spat, where they'd be seriously trying to play peacemaker. Still, they didn't like to see people fighting, so they supposed they should probably keep an eye on them both to make sure that friction didn't cause sparks.

Then Fiyori pitched a curveball and pulled burritos out of her bag.

Enzo found themselves grinning. Peace offering? Well, actually, they'd only had a light lunch, cause of having that vine idea and wanting to get out the minute it stopped raining so that they could film. As a result... their stomach gave a quiet gurgle.

"Aw, shucks, you sure know how to find a girl's heart," Vinny answered with a wink, dropping their hands to accept the proffered food. A delicate bite, another smile. "So you made this? S'good!"

Introduction Thread
Hi guys I'm new this site looks like fun

Mah Writings
Forgot to post this when I first finished it.

Merely Blood, Not Magic


Dragon Age II fanfic. Now complete.

Genre: Angst, Hurt/comfort, Mental Health

Rating: M (graphic blood, dark themes)

Warnings: Blood, Self-harm, Depression, Alcoholism, Mental Health

Pairing: None.

Word Count: 7,463

Summary: From a prompt on the DA Kink Meme: It’s been a year since Hawke became champion of Kirkwall, and she’s struggling, seemingly unable to drag herself clear of a creeping black depression. One evening, she finds momentary relief in a self-destructive path, and devoid of any other means to cope, turns increasingly to self-harming to stave off the bleak numbness. When this is discovered, however, assumptions are made; what motives could a mage have for drawing their own blood than forbidden magic? The burning question becomes - Is Hawke a blood mage?

Huge TWs for mental health, self harming behaviour (cutting), and general depression throughout.

If there is anything you would like me to tag as a TW that I haven’t already, please tell me.


Mah Writings
Valkyria Chronicles fic.

Burning Flowers

Another slightly sheepish grin. Yeah, Rainy got it. Got the very cheesy pun that they'd probably be kinda worried if she didn't get.

Enzo considered themselves to be a people person. In that they were pretty good at picking up other people's moods, if not actually catering to those moods. Cause that wasn't Vinny's job to do that, in their opinion. However, they were good enough at the former that they could tell that GLD wasn't precisely thrilled at Fiyori rolling up. Actually, there was an instant - could they call it a retreat? It was kind of like Rainy had just ducked behind all of her barriers that Enzo had drawn her out of with their easy manner.


Vincenzo rubbed their chin absently, eyes drifting between Georgia and Fiyori. Then shook their head in reply to the question.

"Nah. I did it on my own, then saw she was out here by herself, figured I'd chat," they favoured Fiyori with a smile. "I'm good at chatting."

Fiyori muttered something under her breath that Vincenza didn't quite catch, even when they inclined their head towards her. They got the sense that Fiyori had meant to keep it to herself... though in that case why even say it out loud at all?

"And you? Why you out and about here, chihuahua?"

Cause, y'know, Fiyori. Fifi. It was like a dog's-


Vinny switched their attention away from the oncoming person to actually listen to what Georgia was saying. To do otherwise would be rude, and Vinny tried their best not to be rude. Thoughtless at times, perhaps. Besides, GLD was still asking about their shenanigans on the internet, which was more than Enzo had expected. Usually people switched off early if they weren't interested, and Vincenza had definitely had Rainy pegged as the the type to look down on their hobby.

"If you look for 'Vinney Gatti' on Vine, you'll find my account. Uh... that's Vinney with two Ns, though. Just a little- well, you know," they grinned sheepishly. It had seemed like a good idea at the time, but the pun had induced more than its fair share of groans. "The rest of my stuff is... hm, well, my twitch and youtube have the same account name - which is 'TheAmazinGatti', all one word, but only one G," they chuckled softly. "I hope I don't sound full of myself for having my name all over everything. I mean, I am pretty awesome, but I hope I don't sound full of myself," a wink, and then their attention was drawn back to their visitor as they spoke up.

Tall, skinny, dark- oh, Fiyori. Yeah, so far as standing out in a crowd went, that girl was pretty memorable, and this was Enzo talking. They didn't really know her especially well, beyond the usual classmate association; seemed to run in different circles. Enzo, after all, wasn't a social butterfly, wasn't hugely for the party scene unless music or Brady's bunch (ha) were involved. Not that odd, they supposed. Odder that she was approaching out of the blue, really.

Vincenzo tipped a lackadaisical wave towards Fiyori. "S'okay. Just chatting with Rainy, here. Recorded a vine so, you know, productive. Sort of."

A Wild Beard Appears; A Pathfinder Experience
*chuin stabs a dude*

Namira can draw or something
A silly lil comic that I drew

(I'd link direct but it's transparent so it shows up horribly on here).

Hello! I can draw something for you if you'd like
Adventure Vinny is cute as a button!

R.I.P. Dusty Rhodes "The American Dream"
Today is a bad day.

Draven was there for a minute and then DCed and Rengar didn't connect for a bit. By the time he came back they'd summarily given up.

Vinny brightened again as Georgia Lee zeroed in on perhaps their favourite hobby. Definite favourite, if combined with streaming games. The topic never failed to capture their enthusiasm, mostly because it was gratifying to both enjoy doing something and have other people, well... enjoy watching you enjoy it? That was sort of what streaming was, though there was also a personality element in there. Enzo was glad that they were good at finding things to talk about and commentary to make, otherwise they'd be hopeless at attracting interest.

"I do a few things, actually," Enzo replied, smiling genuinely. "Let's see... well there's my youtube channel, but that's mostly for collecting the other things I do. I'm not really that great at video editing. Then there's my vine page... I make vines all the time, like seriously all the time," Enza bit their lip, holding back a laugh as they remembered when the handful of occasions they'd roped other students or even teachers into their work. GLD proooobably wouldn't find it as funny as they did. "And I also stream games. Try to do that every day for at least a bit, if I don't have too much work. My channel's not famous or anything, but I pull a good crowd I guess. I did try a blog, but it's not really my thing. I'm not much of a writer. Would rather be on camera."

They paused for a few moments. "So uh, yeah, that's me, Rainy. Online stuff. Weird's a selling point," Vinny said that casually, like it didn't bother them. And truthfully, in many ways it didn't. They were who they were. Anyone who had an issue with that...

Their train of thought was interrupted as, out of the corner of their eye, beyond Georgia Lee, they spotted someone walking towards them. Making a beeline, actually. Enzo's eyebrows rose.