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No. They're semi-meta, and even in the sense that they exist, the terrorists would have no reason to publish them.

New League of Legends Thread
Jun 28 2013, 07:16 PM
Jun 28 2013, 06:30 PM
Hahahaha no my team focused Alistar and Hecarim forever.
That's hardly a reason to blame ARAM for bad teamcomps =p

It exacerbated an existing problem - that their team comp was far superior to ours, so that's reason enough. A smarter team would've helped but that was a massively unfavourable matchup.

Also ryze does not sound like I thought he would.

Also Also. Three point and click spells including a snare. I see why Ryze is recommended.

New League of Legends Thread
Hahahaha no my team focused Alistar and Hecarim forever.

New League of Legends Thread
ARAM is horrific sometimes, especially when you get screwed over by matchmaking.

Them: Hecarim, Alistar, Karma, Lux, Ashe

Us: Ryze, Maokai, Annie, LeBlanc, Karthus

Them: Three ranked players

Us: A single level 30

So effectively 'here, have an all AP team, they get two tanks and two heals, as well as an AD/AP mix, but I'm sure it'll be fine'

New League of Legends Thread
I figured, from watching in the past, that she's pretty great on ARAM, I just wasn't expecting quite that degree of play. I rarely if ever carry the team.

New League of Legends Thread
<-- Get Lux on ARAM
<-- Go 15/6/34
<-- Wonder if poor taste to remark first time Lux

June Midmonth Rolls
If you are not rolled, you may post in the thread only for official business (such as playing a Hero Card).

Handlers who are not rolled should not post to the thread to commiserate, to gloat, or to discuss. If something merits discussion, a thread may be started in RP Discussion for that (though these may not be started to request Heroes). Handlers who are not rolled are allowed to post if they have business related to the announcement, such as if they are playing a Hero Card.

Project: Wiki
While we're on wiki discussion, I've felt for a while that Maxie shouldn't be listed as Riz's killer on at least the death order and possibly his page too. My rationale is that this didn't actually happen during the game, and, albeit most people know it by know, it's kind've a huge spoiler for V3. However since I have an obvious bias, I was wondering what other people thought about this.

New League of Legends Thread

Project: Wiki
I have not read this death, but if one character is directly responsible for the demise of another character, they should be attributed as the killer.

Project: Wiki
To be a little bit more specific; you are under no obligation to write up the summary for your own character, unless you choose to do so (I technically have an outstanding lock on all of my character's evaluations, not that I've done most of them). It's also not required for a staff member to do the terrorist POV, as the wiki is a little bit more 'unofficial' than the profiles themselves. As Toben said, it's fair game for anyone.

The General SOTF Discussion Thread
Considering we have removed, explicitly, ammunition amounts from the rules, I can't say I really agree with the previous sentiments. Bullets per magazine is acceptable, but keeping track of the quantity overall is unnecessary and definitely not something that requires the PSA type tone being put across.

New League of Legends Thread
Playing with the camera unlocked, other than the occasional instance (usually in ARAM) where I lose track of where my character is, has helped me quite a bit.

Wisteria Lane, After the End
For the love of god Paulo - if Becca hadn't been fronting what had the potential to be a hairy situation she would've been very much tempted to slap him upside the head. Okay things seemed to be largely diffused... so how about let's throw in some threats and see how they respond to that. Particularly threats that Becca had no idea whether she'd be capable of backing up. Writing cheques that your ass couldn't cash was one thing, having those cheques signed in your name, something else entirely.

She quirked an eyebrow, either way. "What agreement? I said I wasn't gonna, right?" maybe a little defensive, but Becca didn't really understand what Claire was getting at. Perhaps it was more of the type of agreement that meant sticking together. However... she already had Paulo, that was one person that she trusted just about enough. The more people she surrounded herself with, the more likely it was that someone would prove untrustworthy. Becca didn't know if there was anyone she could have one hundred percent faith in, just that there were definitely plenty that had better than the thirty or so percent she had in Claire and this other guy, whoever he was.

"I'm cool, all right?" Becca was bristling a little. Didn't like being told to calm down. She hadn't even really DONE anything and there they were diving on the floor. Probably because of Paulo being belligerent, but whatever. It FELT like that they were talking to her. "Just looking around, is all," she didn't want to lay it all out, kinda paranoid. Justified, though.

Perspectives, an Alternate
Eliza wasn't looking entirely enthusiastic about her question. Kammy wasn't really sure she could blame the other girl for that, only, now that she thought about it, she kind of did. It wasn't just and it wasn't entirely fair, however, if you weren't at least a little optimistic, then where did that leave you? Kam had experienced the cruel side of some of her classmates in the past, for a myriad of reasons. There was cruel though, and then there was outright murderous. Kammy wasn't naive enough to suggest that absolutely no-one in Aurora was going to contemplate killing anyone, tough as that was, but... it would probably be fewer than anyone thought, right?

Eliza was still talking, and with a wince, Kam was all set to offer sympathy, ask who had gone after the other girl, what had happened... and then the sentence was finished. Immediately, Kammy's face closed off. Those with experience with her would know that she tended to go one of two ways with her anger - hot and cold. Hot was for people talking over her, not listening, rejecting her views out of hand. Cold tended to be for when something had truly and personally got under her skin, piercing through the bubble exterior.

This was cold.

"Didn't ask for your opinion," Kam snapped. "I tell you that your brother's getting killed? No? Then stow it. I'm doing this, screw the odds."

She was tempted to storm right on past - and actually took a step forward before realising that maybe it'd look like an aggressive attack. Kam stopped. She wanted out, either way. Fuck Eliza. Kammy wasn't going to let anyone hurt Michelle, and by extension that meant she sure as hell wasn't letting anyone hurt her, either.

Grey Skies, Grey Ground
Bit by bit, Cho was edging backwards, the base of her shield dragging along the ground and gouging little furrows in it with each step. This was beyond the realms of her capacity for problem solving. Her first recourse was normally to joke around, as if there was any humour to be drawn from impending death. It wasn't so much that she thought that these particular guys were going to come after her, just that some particular guys were, sooner or later, going to decide that they were more worried about dying than they were sure that there would be a rescue. If, or when that happened, Cho would rather be around people she trusted, as opposed to people she just kind of knew.

Bolting, however, was out of the question, given her burden. Cho was loath to leave the shield behind too - she was well aware that she didn't; every advantage she could get would be a welcome one. It really, really sucked to be thinking about things in that way. As if being in a place like this wasn't bad enough on its own... but just as some of her favourite comedians taught her humour, they also taught her cynicism. That could be funny in and of itself - but it was cynicism all the same.

Saying that her nerves were salved by the appearance of the girl with the shotgun would be highly inaccurate at best. Cho recognised the face, and a moment later the name Stacy popped into her head; right, a cheerleader, popular. Not a Cho kind of person, basically. Even less of one whilst wielding a gun like that. Pointing at them. Shit. She was freaking out, if things kept going the way they way the way they were going.

Cho took a breath, stepped to the side, rotating the shield to reveal more of herself. She immediately felt exposed, but there was a bit of distance. Hopefully enough. "Hey, come on. We didn't need to say hi first. Wasn't like we didn't know where you were. How about taking the foot off the gas. Unless, you know, you're worried I will use my bulging muscles to beat you up with a shield."

How to Write Villains

June Midmonth Rolls
*cuddles Courtney, because she likes that shit*

June Midmonth Rolls
I would quite like a save, purely cause I feel I can do a lot with Kammy (and want up to make for my poor pregame showing).

Grey Skies, Grey Ground
The pair of boys hugged. Cho just watched. She wasn't sure if she was more or less reassured by the fact that the two of them knew one another. It probably evened out to neutral, easing towards actually feeling a little bit better once the bigger guy said down. These were not the actions of people intending to harm her - or if they were, it was some kind of exceptionally convoluted double bluff. Cho couldn't really see any reason for them to attempt to trick her; it wasn't as if they had to be cautious of her pulling out a weapon from somewhere. Not unless they thought that riot shields were something Sunny regularly kept about her person, anyhow.

The big one - Arthur, introduced himself, and Cho nodded, hesitating for a second when he referred to her by name. It sometimes took her aback when people knew her and the reverse wasn't true. When you were a performer, that happened though. She wasn't claiming celebrity, not at all - people just remembered her now and then. In any case, Arthur got the point - and after communicating it to the other guy (X?), seemed to get the idea too. Great, forward progress, an awareness that all of them were liable to be in constant danger. Also an unawareness of what an alarm klaxon was. Whatever, more important things to worry about.

Taking a step back, her eyes were drawn to the motion in the tent... and then to the gun that not-Arthur pulled out of his bag. Said eyes widened, and Cho immediately moved back behind the shield, staring through the viewing slot and trying not to let it show that she was terrified. Even behind the bulwark, she'd never felt more vulnerable.