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Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Or when my brain is semi functional, that works too.

Town: Aggress in a hard-boiled fashion.

In no mood to listen to protest, the town brings down Corrupt Dropbear, and in spite of a number of skillfull AUTO-PARRIES, they eventually succeed in deploying their latest learned talents and execute...


Upon finishing this though, their VICTORIOUS MOMENT is interrupted.

Town: Collective facepalm!

Dropbear, Zombie Ace Dick, Bulletproof Townie

Night 7 (good god) begins until the 3rd.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Lynch. Sssssh.

Write up when I'm home from school.

The Dance Must go on!
And there it was. Rosa had to stop herself from smiling outwardly as Felicia decided to haul her off towards the bathroom. Unless she was very much mistaken and in these contexts she very rarely was, Rosa had a great idea of what Felicia was doing. Perhaps she wasn't making a move, but she was getting the two of them away from Quincy - her date. Undoubtedly, that meant that Felicia wanted to say something... best not said in front of a guy she was on a night out with. If it were somewhere else other than the bathrooms, there would have been some doubt in Rosa's mind. But... who dragged somebody else to the toilet unless it looked like they were about to puke? Jackpot.

When the other girl had pulled her all the way into the little room, that hidden smile became full and unreserved. It only widened when Felicia asked her the question. Bang on the money. The tone said it all. If 'Licia had demanded to know or sounded a little disgusted, this whole thing would have been completely abortive. The fact was though, Felicia sounded more confused than anything else (perhaps a little intruiged? That may have just been Rosa's over-active imagination). The hooks were in firmly and Felicia had just made her job a hell of a lot easier by moving them away from prying eyes.

In lieu of answering, Rosa simply slowly and deliberately approached Felicia, her grin turning slightly predatory. Though she'd changed in some ways, this... well this was vintage Rosa. Back to how she'd been earlier in the year when she'd first taken up this slight fascination (or was that infatuation?) with the other girl. Rosa forced herself to stop before touching Felicia, though she was thoroughly within her personal space bubble. She very much wanted to go in for a kiss, but thought better of it. Going too quickly was a bad thing to do and at this stage, she didn't want to push too hard.

"Well..." Rosa breathed, her face a matter of inches away from Felicia's. "Why don't you tell me what it looks like I'm doing?"

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
In this game, death supercedes other actions, unless those are also killing actions.

E.g. if Bob roleblocked Jim but was killed by Alice the scummer, Bob's roleblock would not take place.

I'm setting deadline for the 30th at 20:00 GMT.

...And further. I hate you people.

Bounce rolled her eyes as everyone and their cousin at the table decided to sound-off about SotF. They really had no idea what they were talking about... and had completely misinterpreted what had been meant by stunt in the first place. Bounce hadn't been trying to suggest it was all real (although the evidence suggested that was the case), just that it wasn't a show designed purely to get ratings with over the top gore and sex. There were, as she'd pointed out, good and engaging storylines and characters.

She looked down at her dinner and shook her head. She'd somewhat lost her appetite and was irritated besides by Luke and Charles.

"I have no interest in your unfounded accusations," Bounce informed the latter, before looking to the former. "As for 'money'... are you suggesting paying the salaries of hundreds of actors would be cheaper than equipment? And besides... if it were fake, there is no explanation for the fact that in the previous game, a good deal of footage had to be reconstructed. The whole program was off the air for a good while."

Bounce shook her head again.

"None of you have the first idea what you're talking about. Good day."

And with that, she stood and headed off out of the cafeteria. Blunt as always.

((Bounce --> Elsewhere)

Mah Writings
Sasaki is a fun character.

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Podcast Thread
Did we bash TV Tropes? I didn't think so. I was referring to internet denizens being impatient and people going inactive rather than bashing tropers.

Introduction Thread
Welcome to the site. Make sure you check some approved profiles and perhaps the guides before jumping the gun.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
As the day dawns, the town execute lvl 8 grieftech 'Lamentatious Wailings' as they see, a PAINTBRUSH lying on his chest and his particularly hard-boiled looking hat caved in, the body of Problem Sleuth..

They aren't out of the woods yet, not by a long shot.

Slamexo, Problem Sleuth, Mason Recruiter

02. Vole
03. Kami
04. Rocky
06. Drop
07. Rattle
08. Ban
10. Mimi

7 alive = 4 to lynch. Go go go.

Podcast Thread
More ratings would be useful.

Joseph Kaye
Denied on account of already having four approved characters.

Fight Club needs members!
Be careful with this.

Clu's Sims thread
Clothes shop. Excuse poor lighting in a couple of the shots.

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Clu's Sims thread
I'm going to be starting over with some new Sims challenges soon, so here's some buildspam of a restaurant I created for my custom downtown.

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Podcast Thread
It's 'I came to play' - it's the theme of the Miz in WWE.

Also, more host ratings would be nice guys, I've only had a couple so far.

Podcast Thread
Just as a miscelaneous point, seenas it's been brought up a few times. I don't intend to run a character spotlight unless it is on the lines of a character the specific guests have had catch their eye. A spotlight is what CotM is for. I don't want to introduce redundancies just to fill out segments.

Podcast Thread
Clue's vindictiveness comes through nicely when it comes about the preview threads, even if it is in jest (or is it?) about giving teasing people with content, makes me wonder whether it letting people know it really helps. Especially when you have other people saying "it's good to see the mods haven't forgotten the pregame. Comes across as, "we haven't forgotten, we like to mock you!" Not my favourite part.

lol, my teasing is purely poking fun. Taking it as anything other than a joke isn't such a great idea. In some ways it's almost a running gag.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Town: Fail, hard.


Sunny, The Honeybee Professor, Townie

Night... whatever night it is, begins, until the 22nd at 20:00 GMT.

Podcast Thread
http:/www.megaupload.com/?d=TOEV6IA9 - Episode One

Yep. It's here, it's done. The first edition of the new SotF podcast, with me, Inky, Dom and Slam presiding.

Leave comments and critique here. It would be very helpful also if you could PM me your personal rankings of each member of the team (from 1-4, and don't worry, I won't get offended if I'm last) - it'll help for determining future permament hosts.