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What fun baseball is :lol:

A day in the park

I think this one meets the specifications...

A day in the park.
The park.
On any given day, you could find Ric Chee there, practicing his baseball or just relaxing in general. In fact, you could stake your life on it and the risk would be virtually nonexistent.
Ric could be summed up in just two words: baseball freak.
It wasn’t that Ric thought baseball was everything, for him, it was the only thing. Not a free afternoon passed without Ric heading straight down to his favourite park and playing baseball; looking to cement his reputation as the best pitcher who ever played there.
If you were totally honest and unbiased, you might observe that Ric was one of the best two pitchers who ever played there. Not that Ric would admit that “Lucky” O’Cann, that Irish jerk was anywhere close to his own league, not in a million years.

Ric came away from his brief tenure at bat swearing under his breath. Ric had thrown the bat to the ground in disgust when O’Cann got a strikeout on him with contemptuous ease. The son of a bitch shot Ric a cocky smile as Ric stomped off to sit beneath a tree, and Ric swore at him again. O’Cann, reading Ric’s lips, simply laughed and turned away, aggravating Ric even more.
The kid was eleven for god’s sake! By what earthly right could he be so good and so full of himself?
They had known each other for about a month, and Ric; whilst finding O’Cann tolerable away from games, simply could not stand him when they were playing baseball. O’Cann off the field was shy, mild mannered and quiet, almost impossible to find argument with. On the field he was a mouthy, arrogant little fuck, who, at times, Ric had seriously considered beating the holy hell out of.
Then again, that just wasn’t Ric’s style. The idea of actually physically hurting somebody repulsed him, and he hadn’t been in a serious fight for five years.

Moodily slouching in the shade underneath the tree, Ric watched angrily as O’Cann continued to dominate play, which did precisely nothing to aid his mood.
Something else that did nothing to help Ric’s seething rage was the arrival of Tyson Neills. In some ways, Neills was even worse than O’Cann. Ric gathered that they were childhood buddies, and the Spaniard wondered whether it was their time together as younger kids that made them both so irritating.
Neills had a huge plethora of random, stupid, and downright weird jokes, none of which made any sense or were in fact funny. Not only this, but Neills had an uncanny knack for needling people and sensing just what comment would annoy them the most, and he almost never missed a chance to make one.

“And now, stepping up to make his pitch, world-class athlete SEAN O’CANN!”
Ric responded to Neills’ words with a glare, and the little guy gave him an innocent look, as if he hadn’t even known what effect his words would have.
“Indeed O’Cann is the greatest pitcher the world has ever seen, surpassing such meagre talents as Ricardo Chee and…”
“Don’t you ever shut up?” snarled Ric, starting towards Neills and causing the other to dart away with a foolish laugh.
Ric made a wordless sound of frustration as Neills once again slipped away from him. One of these days somebody was going to kill that kid out of sheer irritation. Who knew? It could be Ric himself.

Ric sighed and settled back down; pointedly avoiding looking in the direction of the baseball game, though he could still hear the shouts.
Ric leant against the tree and closed his eyes, concocting numerous imaginary (and horrible) repercussions and punishments for O’Cann and his diminutive lackey. After considering one particularly disgusting, not to mention anatomically impossible fate, Ric’s mood slowly began to brighten. As with many teenagers of Ric’s age, he was prone to rapid changes of temper. Ric had once soared from utter depression to laughing happiness to surly irritation in the space of five minutes, and such mood swings were not altogether uncommon in the fifteen-year-old Spaniard.

Ric was comfortably dozing some ten minutes later when he was awoken by a tap on the shoulder and somebody calling his name softly. Ric groaned, his rest had been pleasant, and he really didn’t want it interrupted. Sleeping had always made Ric feel better, and today was no exception.
Nevertheless the voice grew more insistent and Ric reluctantly opened his eyes to the surprise of seeing a very beautiful girl kneeling in front of him. Ric winced as he woke; a tree root must have been digging into his back, but he quickly switched the look with a smile in case the girl thought he was directing the grimace at her.
“You’re Ric Chee then?” she asked him, her head tilted to one side in an inquiring glance that Ric found absolutely adorable. Ric managed to find his tongue.
“Uh, yeah, that’s me. But how do you know that?” the girl, who Ric judged to be around two years younger than him, gave him a dazzling smile.
“A couple of the boys wanted me to ask you to come pitch, they think you’re the best bet your team has.” She smiled again. “And I agree with them, so get out there and get a couple of strikeouts for me!” She turned away and headed back to the game, as she walked she looked over her shoulder. “My name’s Kara, maybe we can get to know each other a little better later,”
Ric was stunned, he had never seen a girl so pretty or so confident in herself, Kara was definitely an interesting prospect and despite her relatively young age Ric wondered if “get to know each other a little better,” was an entirely innocent comment.

Ric had to admit, it was primarily because Kara had asked him that he even bothered to get back up and return to that game. Some of Ric’s team mates obviously knew Ric better than he knew himself, as the Spaniard hadn’t known he was a sucker for a pretty face up until now.
It was with a degree of reluctance that Ric stepped up to make his pitch, but once he saw who it was that was at bat, every semblance of that disappeared.
Sean O’Cann was batting, and here was Ric’s chance to humiliate the Irishman as he had humiliated Ric.
The first, lightning-fast pitch was past O’Cann before he could even blink, and Ric smiled even as O’Cann gritted his teeth in frustration.
Ric took the second pitch almost as soon as the baseball was returned to him, and this too whipped straight into the stopper’s glove.
Ric was smiling grimly as the ball was given to him for the third time. This was a great opportunity to put O’Cann’s foolish pride to bed, to prove that anything O’Cann could do, Ric could damn well do better.
So focused was Ric on his pitch that he didn’t notice Neills sidle up next to him before it was too late. As he took his pitch, Ric suddenly tripped, the ball flying wayward. Ric sprawled but was up again in moments.
He rounded on Neills.
“What the hell was that you jackass!? You tripped me!” but Neills didn’t respond, and Ric saw that the younger boy’s gaze was fixed on something behind Ric.
The Spaniard turned and saw the results of Neills’ actions with utmost horror.

O’Cann was down and screaming incoherently, blood spurting between his hands as they were held clutched to his face. People were yelling at Neills, some at Ric, others were clustered around O’Cann himself.
Ric was dismayed at what his pitch had done to O’Cann, enemy or no, arrogant or not, nobody deserved a fastball directly in the face.
Ric ran straight to O’Cann as he lay downed.
“Sean! Sean! Are you all right man? I’m sorry but…” Ric had no time to say anything else as O’Cann jumped up with fire in his eyes and his baseball bat in his hands.
As O’Cann swung the baseball bat with all the power he could muster, Ric had only two thoughts.
One was;
“What the hell!?”
The other;
“This is going to hurt,”
With dull predictability, Ric was proved painfully right.

Keiji Tanaka
Okay, thanks Slack

Keiji Tanaka
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Keiji Tanaka
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On a more serious note, how can I change the formatting to make it easier on the eyes?

Keiji Tanaka
Name: Keiji Tanaka
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Southridge High School
Hobbies and interests: Keiji practices Iaidō and frequently attends a training school. He also takes a peculiar pleasure in never backing down from a fight, and initiating them for almost any reason. Keiji dabbles in basketball, and he is a fair enough player, though far from the best around. Finally, Keiji works out a great deal, in order to optimise his body’s performance.

Appearance: Keiji has a well-toned physique, a result of many hard, hard hours spent working out and exercising. Keiji considers himself to have just the right amount of muscle on his 5ft 10” body, and his guess is pretty much perfect, though only due to the fanatical way in which Keiji got it to its present state.
Keiji commonly wears sleeveless jerseys along with comfortable; though worn and torn jeans, almost every single pair that Keiji owns are similarly shabby as he deliberately gets them into that state. On occasion, he dons a bandana also; and he will always have one on him, just in case he feels like wearing it.

Keiji’s eyes are shaped in keeping with most of those sharing his Japanese ethnicity and they are brown, bright and expressive.
Keiji tends to keep his hair short, and he likes to keep the black locks contained in neat little braids, though why he styles them such is anybodies guess.
He has a curious tattoo on his right cheek, it is black, outlined with red, and consists of five curved and pointed “branches” on alternate sides of a centre which itself is pointed and curved at both ends. When questioned about the tattoo, Keiji simply replies that he likes how it looks; and getting it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Biography: Keiji was born and raised in California, to parents who both hailed from Japan. Whilst Keiji grew up in America his parents took great pains to ensure that he knew just where he came from and what that entailed.
As such Keiji is very proud about his home country, and one of his greatest wishes is to see it one day; despite not even knowing what it is truly like there.
Keiji has practiced the art of Iaido since a fairly young age, ever since, in fact, he was old enough to be allowed. His interest stems once again from curiosity about Japan and their history, and this form of sword use attracted him strongly.

It was around the age of fourteen that Keiji began to become increasingly fixated on building up his body and fitness. The reasons for this strange obsession were most likely linked to his stunning beating in a fight at school. Keiji began to feel that he wasn’t strong enough, wasn’t fast enough, and so began his punishing regime.
This is probably also the cause of Keiji’s penchant for fighting all of the time. After that one vicious fight, which had culminated in a bloody nose and a torn ear, Keiji never wanted to experience the feeling of loss again.
Keiji began taking on everyone and anyone who gave him the slightest provocation, which has led to some serious trouble at home and school
About a year afterwards, Keiji took up basketball as a means to channel some of his restless energy. Keiji isn’t a world-class player, but he isn’t bad either. Basketball is, for Keiji, just another outlet for his seemingly inexhaustible reserves of strength and energy.

Currently, Keiji is going on just as he always has. He practises his Iaido, he trains, he plays basketball and he starts on anybody that he can find an excuse to.
Keiji isn’t all that bright in himself, and his attention being almost entirely on sports, his grades really slide downhill elsewhere. Keiji frequently forgets to complete homework assignments, and can even be caught staring with longing out of windows, desperate to be outside.
Keiji is expressive and can, surprisingly, come across as quite naïve and innocent. Keiji wears his heart on his sleeve and his face can be read like a book, but don’t tell him that, he’ll probably try and start a fight.
Keiji likes to think that he has guile and cunning, but he overestimates his own intelligence, and often finds himself bewildered as to why his painstakingly laid plans do not work.

Advantages: Keiji is tough, quick and fit. His numerous sporting endeavours and intense training scheme have made him strong and fast, with boundless determination. Keiji knows a thing or two about fighting up close and personal, he’s had a long time to practice. Keiji is also highly proficient with a Shinken, from his Iaido.

Disadvantages: Keiji isn’t very clever; he puts trust in people far too easily and is not hard to deceive. Whilst his sports are his greatest asset, they can be his downfall also. Keiji is a little too intense about his passions at times, and this can overwhelm people.
Keiji’s enormous staying power and determination can also be translated into sheer obstinacy. Keiji doesn’t know when he’s beaten, and he sometimes suffers for it.

Tyson Neills
Heh he, I finally bothered to get up off my ass and edit the post. Alright, I added some to his appearence, so it looks a little more respectable now.

Random LazPoll #6
I can't decide, it's just too difficult..... ;)

The Cafeteria
Paul Smith. As usual, he was being nothing short of a lunatic.
Bobby smiled, a tiny smile, one that could barely be seen unless you were very close to him. Bobby liked to watch, observe how people acted; it helped him when he was trying to predict his opponent’s moves.
Bobby wouldn’t like to try and predict Paul Smith, it seemed everyday he found more strange and interesting things to do, the walking through the cafeteria being just the latest in one long stream of weird happenings.

Bobby’s smile widened almost imperceptibly, Smith might have been a nutcase, but he was an amusing nutcase nonetheless. No wonder he was so popular.
But there was Bobby’s problem right there. He could see why other people might like guys like Paul Smith, or like each other… it was just… nobody Bobby met he liked.
It would have been depressing had Bobby actually cared.

That was worrying in of itself. There was almost nobody who would claim to be Bobby’s friend, even those few would be wrong and Bobby… didn’t care.
The boxer was pretty sure that wasn’t how you were supposed to feel about being a social exile.
Bobby considered the point for a moment from his favoured position, leaning against a wall. Then again, Bobby didn’t actively seek out friends anyway, so why should it bother him?

The little internal argument resolved, Bobby settled back to continue watching today’s episode of the Paul Smith show…

Tyson Neills
Name: Tyson Neills
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Grade: 12th
School: Southridge High School
Hobbies and interests: Tyson likes to run; in fact he’s something of a sprinter, very fast and light on his feet. Tyson is full of nervous energy, which he tries to expend at every opportunity, making him fit. Tyson likes to think himself as witty and funny, but more often than not his jokes and wisecracks make no sense whatsoever. Tyson is also an avid fan of baseball, and a football player (though not so great)

Appearance: He’s short, around 5ft 4, but also lightly muscled and he’s African-American in ethnicity. He has tight cornrows, which are dark brown, his natural colour. Tyson tends to wear baseball jerseys and tracksuit bottoms. His face is narrow and reminiscent of a small rodent, only accentuated by his frequent twitches.
Tyson's eyes match his hair, brown that is, not in cornrows. Both of his eyes are big and wide, they almost seem to big for his face, and they can be remarkably expressive at times.
Tyson has a small amount of fuzz around the centre of his chin, which he believes make him look older and more mature. On the contrary, it actually looks like some small, belauguered straggely plant if growing there, which wasn't exactly the effect that Tyson was after.

Biography: Tyson was born in America. After spending only the first year of his life there, his parents moved to England, feeling it might be a better place to raise their child, wanting to protect him from the bigger world. After a further seven years, they moved back, but into a different part of the country.
As a result of this, Tyson only has a very slight American accent, as living there has just started to make changes to his tone and speech patterns.

In those eight English years, Tyson grew up fairly sheltered, he didn’t have many friends, he didn’t do much. Tyson spent his time in England mostly just growing up (although he did discover his vocation – running, during this time).
One of his few friends was Irish born Sean O’Cann, though the boys only knew each other for a few brief months, their friendship would prove to be a lifelong bond. After this altogether too short meeting, Sean returned to his travelling lifestyle with his parents.

When he and his family moved back to America, it was if a blindfold had been removed from his eyes. Everything seemed so much more vibrant and exciting in Tyson’s home country than in England. Tyson loved it.

Even though he had already found one of his true passions, Tyson was soon to come upon another – baseball. Sean had briefly told him of the sport during their time together (Sean having played baseball a great deal) and the reality was even better than the stories.
Tyson was soon a rapt fan, and this wasn’t the only area in which he developed. A whole new Tyson seemed to emerge, as if he’d been hiding inside a shell all along.

Another high point of his American life came when Tyson encountered an old friend – Sean O’Cann. It seemed that Sean’s travelling lifestyle had come to an end, and he and his parents were settling down in the exact same area that Tyson lived.
The two boys were overjoyed, nothing had changed between them during the three years lapse, and their friendship was immediately renewed.

Tyson did fairly well at running, but his small frame meant he had to work doubly hard as those bigger than him, to do just as well. Unfortunately Tyson has not hit a growth spurt yet, and so is gradually falling behind in his favourite subject, which depresses and angers him in equal measure.
Another strange aspect of Tyson is his place on the football team, quite how he managed this is often discussed; if Tyson is ever caught, he’s flattened. His place (tailback) is achieved due to his speed at running, though Tyson has suffered injuries before when trying to run a little too far.
He likes to think himself as tough, but truly is the guy that just hangs around in the background whilst the others dish out some beatings. Tyson dislikes the fact he is often earmarked as a bad sort, and is working hard to disassociate himself from that image.

Tyson has also developed a somewhat peculiar sense of humour, few understand his jokes, and nobody thinks that they’re funny. This is something that Sean O’Cann has constantly tried to tell him, but with no success whatsoever.

Advantages: Tyson is one fast little guy, and can sprint at extremely high speeds. He’s also surprisingly resilient, despite his small size most likely due to being flattened many times whilst playing football.

Disadvantages: Tyson is also a target, as many find him rather annoying. While he’s fast, endurance is an issue, as he can’t keep up very high speeds for long. Tyson has also become sensitive about his height, and any jibes could cause him to lose it and place himself in jeopardy. Finally, many have come to think of him as one of the bad guys on the football team, and Tyson is not greatly liked.

Southridge's Yearbook Titles
Sean O'Cann: Most likely to get arrested whilst playing baseball.
Ricardo Chee: Most likely to be put in a mental instution

Bringing Back and Age Old Tradition
For future reference, as I downloaded yesterday (thanks Slack) my brand spanking new screename is; Irritation delux (uh, cause I was annoyed cause I couldn't have any of the screenames I wanted :lol: )

Ricardo Chee
Thanks Leo, like I was saying, I'm not so good with weights/heights.
Okay, changed, and elaborated on his earlier life.

Ricardo Chee
Name: Ricardo Chee
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Grade: 12th (missed a significant amount of schooling due to a serious injury. Read: hit in the face repeatedly with a baseball bat)
School: Southridge High School
Hobbies and interests: Previously addicted to baseball, Ricardo (or Ric) no longer wants to have anything to do with it. Ric’s primary interests nowadays are keeping to himself and keeping other people away from him.

Appearance: Ricardo looks like something out of a nightmare; blows with a baseball bat have done nothing to improve his looks. He has an incredibly crooked nose, which he sometimes struggles to breath through, his right cheek is caved in, and he is missing about eight teeth. Ric always has a slightly maniacal gleam in his eyes, both of which are green, and his curly, light brown hair falls to his chin, concealing some of his old injuries. Ric is around 6 feet tall, but his weight hints at his scrawniness, as he only weighs 153 pounds. Even though he is slender, Ric is surprisingly strong, having a certain wiriness about him.

Biography: Ricardo (commonly known as Ric) has Spanish roots, there’s no doubt about that, but despite both of his parents being from Spain itself, and being fluent in Spanish, Ric is equally attached to America, where he has lived since the age of five.

Ric grew up stable and for the most part, happy. There was plenty to see in America, just enough that he wasn't homesick all of the time, though he had occasional twinges. These passed as time went on and Spain receeded into the past. One of the only memories he has left is of once being given a pair of sunglasses by an older brother, Ric still has them around somewhere, and he occasionally takes them out to remind himself where he comes from.

Ric had two older brothers, one lives in Spain, who he barely remembers (except for the aforementioned sunglasses giving) the other... well, that one would be best not to mention.
This brother (Juan) having a much better memory of Spain, and unable to adapt properly to America, grew more and more withdrawn. Eventually, word came out of just what he was doing and taking to lift his depression. At the time the young Ric didn't understand what "drugs" were, except that they were bad.
Following an argument with his parents, Juan ran from home and threw himself under a train.

Ric was traumatised by his brother's death, and he became very easily upset and sensitive for some weeks. Eventually, his parents hired a carer to look after him (as they both had to work after the end of his school day, and he could no longer be relied upon to make his own way home) The change in Ric was incredible as he was laughing within minutes of being introduced to the carer.
He, in essence, became a third parent, and whilst sad to see him depart after several months, Ric still has great memories of the time he spent with who he considered another brother.

Ric likes the country and likes most of the people… well at least he used to.
Whilst practicing his baseball in the park one day, with a group – some of whom he know and others that he didn’t, he stumbled whilst pitching a ball. Ric had a very fast pitch, and if it hit you, it hurt.
As they were foolishly practicing without helmets, or indeed any sort of protective gear, the wayward baseball cracked the guy in bat squarely in the face, breaking his nose with sickening impact.
The young Ric, horrified that he had hurt somebody so badly, rushed to his aid, only to find the injured party had flown into a rage. Ric was hit in the head was the bat three times before the assailant was pulled off him, by that time he was both senseless and very badly injured.

As a result of this injury, Ric didn’t only have physical damage, but mental damage as well. After recovering after a long time out of school, Ric had to spend a further seven months in rehab, trying to sort himself out again. Ric is gradually getting better, and he is less crazy than some think him to be, but any mention of baseball causes him something very much akin to physical pain.
Ric is still on medication to keep him calm and to stop him flying into rages as often as he used to, he is taking this less and less, as he feels it makes him docile rather than normal. Few notice the change in him however, so Ric is pleased within himself that he appears to be recovering better than anybody thought he would.
Ric has managed to slowly ease himself back into school, and he is for the most part unbothered by others, probably due to his somewhat scary appearance. Ric is content for it to stay that way, he won’t bother people as long as they don’t bother him, and Ric for the most part enjoys quietly minding his own business.
Ric acts a little crazier than he actually is, as he gets afraid when people get near him – especially if they touch him. He dislikes this as he feels that if they’re close enough to touch him, they’re close enough to hit him, which might end up damaging him again. (Irrational, but deep-seated in his psyche) He is far more relaxed around those he knows very, very, well. Ric is affectionate and playful amongst friends, though he has few, so only the very perceptive ever see this other side of him.

Advantages: Ric is more clever and less crazy than he lets on, and is also quite strong considering how slender he is for his height. Ric is more in control of himself than ever, and his behaviour is becoming less unpredictable and erratic.

Disadvantages: Almost everybody finds him weird and avoids him; he has next to no friends as a result. He’s ugly as sin, which repulses people from the outset, and can freak out if people get too close to him. Any mention of baseball can send him into a breakdown or a frenzy, and this unpredictability is yet another deterrent to people trying to get to know him.

(please tell me if anything doesn't ring true about this, especially the height/weight thing, which I'm frankly rubbish at)

Bringing Back and Age Old Tradition
I would but... I don't have AIM :(

Shout outs..
Soon our invasion shall begin...

V3 Connections
When talking about friends for Vicente and Roberto, are you referring to Ric? I would assume so but if you have his name has been a little mixed up.
As for more friends for the pair... well, I can't really offer any of my characters, for the following reason.
Bobby Jacks: Doesn't actively try to get to know anyone
Sean O'Cann: Uh... the guy that messed Ric up.
Tyson Neills: Sean's best friend.
Katie Nellt: She wouldn't fit in with them.
And no, I still don't know which four will go first into V3, but I reckon I'll enlist them all for pregame.

Sean O'Cann
My second run is obviously going to be my difficult one, I should really pay more attention to my more minor characters...
Anyway, added a disadvantage, three of each now.

Sean O'Cann
Ugh, sorry, contradiction, I'll just go back and change that.

Sean O'Cann
Name: Sean “Lucky” O’Cann
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Grade: 12th
School: Southridge High School
Hobbies and interests: Baseball is his number one sport, but he also dabbles in football (soccer) and basketball. Sean is also a keen study of literature, dance, and mathematics.

Appearance: Sean has unruly blond hair, which hangs just above his eyes (which are brown)untamed, though he usually gels it into even more untidy spikes. Sean’s face is smooth and lightly freckled, though he takes pains to reduce their appearance as much as possible. (he even wears a small amount of makeup). He has a very slight tan, which has been carefully cultivated so as to be completely uniform. Sean looks generally well formed and proportioned, though his nose tilts slightly to one side (he once took a baseball in the face whilst practicing without a helmet) Sean also wears a stud in his left ear, the stud is circular in shape with intricate patterns carved into it, though Sean hasn’t told where he got it from.
Sean stands at 5ft 9, and has an athletic physique, as well as a strong arm, Sean weighs 179 pounds, and moves gracefully.
Sean usually wears a long sleeved shirt and smart trousers, he always carries a cap around, though he does not wear it all of the time.

Biography: Sean was born in Dublin, Ireland, and was on the move almost immediately thereafter. Much of his life was spent travelling to various places and seeing various sights.
His father (a keen biologist) his mother (a researcher, and a follower of art and music) and his much older brother (a novelist and sportsman) all taught Sean a great deal in his early life. This was almost exclusively lived on the family boat, which Sean grew to love.
Perhaps due to his isolated beginnings, Sean is extremely shy, but also very devoted to his family. He’d do absolutely anything for them. (hint, hint)

By the age of seven, Sean had been to more than twenty different countries, and survived three brushes with death. (This, along with his Irish roots, eventually gave rise to his nickname of “Lucky”) All three were dangerous, but Sean, strangely, had loved every minute of it. When he was eight, the O’Canns took a break from their somewhat extreme lifestyle and lived in England for a while. This, of course, being where Sean met lifelong friend Tyson Neills.

It was three years later that Sean stopped courting danger altogether. In an incident involving a harpoon gun and hammerhead shark, Sean very nearly got his brother killed. His idol lost most of his arm and was badly ill for over half a year.
Sean, badly shaken by this, began to avoid anything dangerous altogether.
At the same time, his parents decided it was time to settle down for good (especially as Sean’s brother, John, wasn’t going to be going anywhere for the time being).

Sean, at the age of eleven, then realised this would mean he could have far more time to play baseball, basketball, soccer, and do just about anything that he couldn’t do trapped on the confines of a small boat.

It was around this moment in time that Sean started to become increasingly fussy about his appearance (even a little vain at times) this seemingly inexplicable occurrence might have been explained by the aforementioned occasion when he broke his nose.
However, it is also known that Sean took a swing at the cause of his injury with his baseball bat (a boy a deal older than he), resulting in a serious head injury. This also led to Sean being cautioned strongly by the police, and it is strongly suspected that this injury has caused lasting damage.

There have been rumours that Sean is homosexual (most likely due to his tendency to wear makeup) but he isn’t telling. That, along with his liking and ability for dance, has caused the rumours to spread even more.

Since his reunion with Tyson Neills, Sean has never really felt the need to make more friends. His shy mindset is still there, and Sean struggles while meeting new people, though he fancies that he can read them well.

Sean in himself is, while vain and shy, also intelligent and thoughtful. Sean does move gracefully, which is a result of his dancing prowess, sometimes he seems to exude an aura of calmness. Sean’s vanity is a bit of a problem for him however, as any damage to his face or appearance as a whole looks to be the only thing that can seriously rile him.

Advantages: Sean is a sportsman, which should help in overall terms of fitness. He’ll do almost anything to win (he is incredibly competitive) however, if it comes down to his best friend, Tyson Neills, it could be a terrible decision to make. Sean is also pretty perceptive, though he can mess this up really badly.

Disadvantages: If anybody harms his face, Sean is going to flip out, no question. He isn’t particularly popular either. Whilst having previously been a lover of dangerous situations, Sean has an almost paralyzing fear of being killed or injured, so he is prone to freezing up in a tight spot.