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Ye Not
The look on her face was nothing but pain and the determination in Enzo was brittle.

Olivia knew what the score was, or at least, knew what she thought the score was, which was pretty much as good as. And Vinny knew, more than they could vocalise, or tell a camera, or put into a thousand vines, that this wasn't their choice to make.

It shouldn't have been a choice in the first place. It was completely fucked that anybody had to make up their mind how okay they were with dying, how little or how much they wanted somebody to help them.

But it was still the choice that was on the table, and Enzo couldn't take that away from Olivia, no matter how much they wanted to. Sooner or later it was out of your hands. Enzo could rail against Fiyori, they could scream about what Alessio had done, that Blair had wound up killing Georgia Lee, about Irene and Abby and Cams and...

They could rail against that. They could put up the fight against this place, and what it was doing to people, they could try and keep their hopes up.

But this was Olivia here, dying. Saying she didn't want their help anymore.

And they couldn't fight that.

Enzo's shoulders slumped.

"All right, Olivia. You win," they stood up, and as much as they wanted to look away, didn't. "Take it easy, okay? See you, uh, see you when I see you."

They managed a smile, and then stepped outside.

Ye Not
Enzo picked themselves up, after a second or so. Took a deep breath.

Okay. Okay. Think. They had to think. They had to be cool here.

There had to be a way out of this. They had to think their way out of this. C'mon, Enzo brain and Enzo heart, you don't like one another, but...

They swallowed hard and forced themselves to look Olivia's way. Then, they forced themselves not to look away. Olivia was hurt and Fiyori was gone. Fiyori didn't matter and five minutes ago didn't matter and turning back the clock didn't matter either. This was now. This was the situation. Fuck Fiyori.

"Whoa whoa whoa whoa, hold on just one damn second, Rick," Enzo's voice was energetic, determined, almost. Coleen, without someone to chase, looked one part lost and one part... Enzo didn't know what to call it. Resigned? "No, come on. That's not how we do things. We can stick with you, we can help."

Kneeling back down. "C'mon, Olivia. Fight through it. We've got this."

Ye Not
Was there a plan? Enzo didn't think there was a plan.

What were they supposed to do, wind back the clock five minutes and tell Olivia that no way no how was she going off by herself?

Decisions. Why could they never make the right damn decisions?

They didn't quite fall and didn't quite stumble out of Coleen's way. But Fiyori was gone, and as they tipped their head back, saw the wound, the third fucking time, saw the blood.

...They knew Olivia would be too.

Ye Not
"Easy does it," Enzo murmured it, and maybe it was mostly to themselves, but they still did their best to project some kind of reassurance into it. And if it was to themselves, well, that just said everything, didn't it?

They retracted their arms from Coleen, but remained close, standing by. How many times could any of them pick themselves up after being kicked down again and again and again?

At least one more. That had to be the answer, even if it wasn't. At least one more.

Fiyori and Olivia's voices were drifting in from next door, Fiyori's disinterested, Olivia's still thick with grief. Enzo still wasn't sure if going aside like that was necessary, but maybe there were things they needed to thrash out.

"Hey, Goomba, I'm sor-"


Enzo was moving before it stopped ringing in their ears. Running for the door. Olivia strangled cursing, and Enzo, well, there were words in their throat, something along the lines of 'What the fuck you actual motherfucking fuck' - but what came out was more just a growling cry of outrage.

10 year anniversary
It mine, today.

Thanks for being cool, SOTFers.

Ye Not
"Are you... are you for fucking real right now?"

Enzo, they felt, had been doing a pretty stand up job of not getting mad or anything so far.

"You ran into Rainy whilst she was injured and didn't do anything? What the fuck, dude! That's messed up!"

Enzo was torn between continuing to offer what little reassurance and comfort they could to Coleen and jumping up and getting in Fiyori's face because what the dick!?

That wasn't okay. Not even a little bit. Who gave a fuck if you didn't like someone? What kind of person did that?

If this place, this island, didn't change people, like Enzo believed, that was a real uncomfortable truth to butt into about some of their classmates.

They bit down on their anger, addressed Olivia instead. "Rick. You sure that's a good idea?"

Ye Not
Enzo stopped, let Olivia shake them off. They didn't have much consolation to offer. Any. Olivia clearly wasn't in a position to be hearing them and well, that was the way these things went. Who the hell was Enzo to tell Olivia that she couldn't grieve? Fuck, she was probably feeling three times as guilty as them. Enzo couldn't tell her off for falling asleep any more than she'd be beating herself up.

If... there was even a coherent thought in that head. Right about now, Enzo really wasn't sure.

Behind them, Coleen vented in her own way. Enzo couldn't criticise that, either. She was raw and hurting. If there wasn't a time to let it out, then...

They let her get it out, cause that kind of anger and grief there wasn't any stopping and there wasn't any point in trying. You had to let it. Hell, Enzo was hurting, and Coleen was closer to GLD than them.

This was broken.

Enzo slipped back from Olivia, crouched down next to Coleen, and wordlessly hugged her around the shoulders.

And then there were words from down the corridor. Enzo looked up.

"Chihuahua. What's that supposed to mean?"

Fiyori was calm. Too calm, some combination of placid and ever-so-slightly mocking.

Ye Not
The others back there, they knew. Enzo knew that they knew, the second the word came out of their mouth, Georgia Lee's nickname.

And there just still wasn't anything for them to add. They wanted to find some kind of comforting words, they wanted to shield Olivia, rushing past them to scramble for GLD on the floor, say something.

Well, here was the solution to the problem of a dozen exasperated teachers and parents; to get Enzo to shut up you simply needed to present them with the dead body of another friend.

Their thoughts were disorganised and chaotic, veering between devastation, anger—at themselves, at Rainy for wandering off, at Olivia for not staying awake—to a hollow hurt in the pit of their stomach. In the end, did it really matter how or why or whose fault it was? What was real and tangible was that Georgia was dead. End of story.

End... of her story.

For a second, it had finally seemed like this sick place had dealt Enzo a hand worth playing. They should have known better; the game was rigged, and the flipside of every card, well, that was just another joker.

They moved across to Olivia, voice so level that even Enzo was kind of amazed. Put a hand on her shoulder.

"Olivia. She's gone. I'm sorry, but she's gone," Enzo put a slight pressure on the grip, aiming to steer Olivia away, but wary of trying to force it. "Rick. Come on. There's... there's nothing to see here any more."

Ye Not
((cast in the name of god))

This was like the world's worst bachelor game. Behold this row of offices, behold the doors; beyond each of this doors could be the opportunity of a lifetime! Choose from such fabulous prizes as corpses, afraid classmates, and murderous killers!

A couple offices down, and they were yet to see any sign of Georgia Lee. Someone was dead in the second room that they checked, and Enzo hadn't even had the stomach to check who. They were covered up, but it clearly wasn't Rainy. Wrong size, wrong clothes, and the blood splatter was completely dry. It felt sort of disrespectful not to bother identifying them, but they were dead, and for days, if Enzo was judging correctly. Didn't even matter who it was, in all honesty. Dead was dead, and it would have been on the announcements. Wasn't as if seeing Irene's body had made them feel any better about what had happened.

Enzo hated how numb to it they were starting to get. They had to assure themselves that they were fixed on who was alive; Georgia. She was around here somewhere, right? Had to be. They could mourn for the dead after Rainy was out of immediate danger. It still hurt, seeing someone lying there dead. Hurt almost as much to have to prioritise. Nobody should have to concentrate on the lesser of two murders.

Weaving between Coleen and Olivia, Enzo grimaced to see a scene of carnage further up the corridor. Another body was sprawled out on the floor; uncovered this time, and Vinny looked just long enough to realise it was Noah.

Aw hell. That had happened here?

Yep, gore and (ugh) body parts everywhere. Another dead body that Enzo really didn't want to think about. They edged onward, doing all that they could not to step in too much blood. Or on anything.

And as they did, the PA system came to life.

Something icy and unsettling trickled down into Enzo's stomach as Danya started the funeral march.

The names drifted past as Enzo picked their way through. Each time was like another little strip being torn away. The worst part was that Enzo really, really didn't want to listen, and then yet you kind of had to. You had to know, or else where did that leave you?

Truth was uncomfortable but it needed to be known.

Alessio had killed yet again. Amanda was dead. Amongst all the rest of it.

Enzo turned the corner from the dead, into another area of corridor-

'in another slower kill today...'

There on the floor...

Enzo exhaled. It felt difficult to let the breath out. Their legs were heavy. They clenched the corner of the wall.


Cast in the Name of God
Neither of the others looked especially encouraged. Heck, neither was Enzo. What on earth had possessed GLD to just up and leave during the night? Of all the things that Vinny had been worried about, Rainy wandering off by herself was close to the bottom of the list. It didn't make the slightest bit of sense. Safety in numbers had maybe kind of fallen through, but if you were hurt and bleeding, then surely the last thing you wanted to do was just, y'know, split.

Enzo didn't know if their own assurance really rang anything other than hollow, either. It wasn't a good thing that GLD couldn't get far on her own, cause she couldn't get far because of the whacking great hole in her leg. Georgia did not need to be moving around right now. She needed to be still, resting.

Freaking crap.

Coleen took the lead, and Enzo was fine enough with that; they will still trying to clamp down on their instinctive reaction to something like this. Olivia just looked sad, and they didn't want to bite her head off, but, to borrow a phrase, she had one job. This wasn't exactly low stakes, either.

Enzo shook their head repeatedly. Olivia was human. So were they all. Mistakes happened. Enzo hadn't expected GLD to walk off, and so too did Olivia have zero reason to expect it either. For now, this was the spot they were in; what was the point in playing the blame game?

It wasn't relevant at all, but as Enzo left the room on the tail of the others, they reflected that more than ever, they just really wanted their phone. Stupid vines would cheer them up, gallows humour or no.

Worryingly literal at this point, but you could make a joke out of that too.

((Enzo continued elsewhere)).

Cast in the Name of God
Whether by skill or pure and utter fluke—definitely fluke—the three of them were able to just about staunch the bleeding. What wasn't nearly so encouraging was the fact that Georgia Lee was still very much in-and-out, and to call what moments of consciousness she had 'in' was probably being over generous. Rainy wasn't out of the woods yet; she needed proper medical attention, not a desperate patch job on the floor of a condemned building.

When all you had was a hammer...

Slender consolation prize; they'd managed to talk Olivia out of freaking. Momentarily. Sure, she still seemed as if she might crack at any given moment, but the same could be said for all of the rest of them. A relaxing trip to the day spa this was not.

Blood was still everywhere, and Enzo didn't have the first idea where to start on cleaning it up. Moreover, there being so much of it just got them even more worried for Georgia. That was an awful lot of blood to lose. Stemming the flow was all well and good, but it wasn't going to help much if most of it had already evacuated. Even so, giving Rainy the opportunity to rest was the best they could do for her right now.

Enzo hated that. There should have been something. Instead they just had to sit here and hope that it was enough. A thousand and one possibilities went racing through their head. What if this area was made into a dangerzone? What if they had to move? What if someone came along and they needed to run away?

Enzo swallowed it down. Letting a tide of anxiety overwhelm them like that wouldn't help anyone. They had to keep doing what they'd been doing, keep their head in the game. They'd lost Blair and Alba for the time being (unfinished business there) but hey, glass half full, they'd found Coleen. Major bonus there.Sure, she'd then nearly shot them but-

Glass half full. Not spilled on the floor.

Olivia took watch. Kinda novel, kinda nice, to have someone to keep an eye on things again. Enzo tried not to think about what had happened last time they'd been around others and snoozed.


'Course, when they woke up to their shoulder being shaken.

Enzo blinked, blurry eyes, had to retrieve their glasses from where they'd gone askew, hanging off their ears sideways.

"You're kidding me," they unfurled themselves from the chair, rapidly shaking their head. "She's hurt, she can't have gone far."

They bit down on criticising Olivia, wouldn't help, but the heck would you offer to stand watch and then ask the sleeping person where someone may have gone?

Crap, Rainy, why would you do that. Enzo went out to the door, looked left and right. No sign. Nothing close.


Cast in the Name of God
Coleen had the right idea. Tourniquet, right. Why didn't Enzo didn't think of that? That was a great idea.

Whatever, whatever, not important, no time to get wound up about how useful they were or anything like that. GLD was there, and shot, and bleeding. Right now they had to do everything they could to make sure that the word out wasn't added to the descriptor.

Unfortunately, whilst Coleen was keeping a level head, or at least level enough to keep things steady, Olivia was most definitely not.

"Hey! Hey!" Enzo was crouched near Georgia, but was giving a respectable amount of distance. Crowding wasn't gonna help Coleen work. They snapped their fingers in front of Olivia's face. "Be cool! All right? Take some breaths. We're helping her. We are helping her. But you gotta calm down, okay? You gotta stay cool. Steady pressure, right? Steady. Breathe. We're gonna help Rainy through this, but you need to calm down." Enzo kept talking, and some of the shit, hell, they had no idea if it was right or not, but Olivia needed direction, even if that was just vaguely-plausible babbling. "You can do that, right? Keep it cool for Georgia?" they nodded in what they hoped was encouraging fashion. The blood was enough to make them want to freak out. Images of Cameron dying there in front of them flashed in front of their eyes.

Not the time. And not this time.

"We've got you, Rainy. You aren't gonna make a face this cute look sad, right?"

Weak humour, but their hands were on Georgia Lee's shoulders, and they were steady, Vinny was steady.

They didn't have this. But they could fake it.

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