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Hello! I can draw something for you if you'd like
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Beginnings and Ends
Vinny responded with a subdued shrug. Nothing strange about liking drawing. Lots of people drew, or doodled. They'd been known to scribble now and then, although they wouldn't go so far as to call it art. Enzo didn't really have the patience to sit down and attempt to put together a proper piece; they just got bored and inevitably distracted by something else.

"Me?" Vincenza's eyebrows rose for a moment. Hey, mind reader over here. Well, not really, but it was mildly entertaining to think of Alice in that way. Like some kind of superpower. Miiiind pooowers.


Vinny shook their head. "Not really. I play video games a lot, Mario and Pokémon and such. Oh!" Enzo stopped abruptly, smiling. "But I started teaching myself guitar a little while ago," their grin widened. "I'm uh, not really very good, but it's fun."

Vanessa Stone
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Vanessa Stone
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Nothing major, I'd just like a little bit more clarity on Vanessa's skintone. 'heavily tanned' is a little bit ambiguous as to exactly how she looks, ethnically, since a heavy tan can look different on different base skin colours.


Penelope Fitzgerald
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Penelope Fitzgerald
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Penelope has most everything she needs, I'd just like a wee bit more details in places.

-- What kinds of games did she play when she was younger? What specific games did she play competitively? Was this online? At tournies? How did she do? What kinds of games does she herself aspire to make?

-- What variety of roleplaying does she engage in? which genres? Does she have a favourite? How does this interact with her enjoyment of video games?

-- The hemophobia and pacifism don't come up in the biography. The hemophobia is especially important because piercings bleed when they're first performed and during the recovery period, to a greater or lesser extent (especially the lip), and this has a potentially aversive interaction that I'd like to see a bit more about.

Georgia Lee Day
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General Video Game Discussion Thread

Beginnings and Ends
Vinny glanced down to their page, and then back up to the girl again. Truthfully, now they weren't certain what they were supposed to do. Should they just stay as perfectly still as they could? Actually, how long would this take? Darn. Maybe they should have asked for a few more details on what the artist wanted.

Her name was right on the tip of Enzo's tongue. They shared classes with her, after all; Vinny was certain that they'd heard the name when roll was being called. It was... hm... Oh! Alice, right, right.

Thankful for their brain coming through at last, Vinny fiddled awkwardly with a pencil, scribbling out a few more haphazard lines of what definitely didn't qualify as a song.

They looked back to Alice. Her eyes were watching them. Vincenzo smiled, a shade awkwardly.

"It's okay. You like drawing?"

<DEMO COMPLETE> Possible TV2 Fangame Opt-In/Help Recruiting
You can use pizzaguy.

By which I mean, Amir.

I'd be willing to chance my arm at doing some portraits, too.

Beginnings and Ends
School had, in the past six months or so, become more exciting and more difficult all at once.

Vinny's parents seemed to be getting it for the first time, which was great, because Vinny had never really quite been certain exactly what 'it' was to begin with. They - and it felt surprisingly good to think of themselves without either a 'he' or a 'she' tag - had been over it a bunch of times over the year, both with their parents and with the doctor. Enzo liked their doctor, a steely-eyed man of Indian descent whose name Enzo always mispronounced, though he didn't seem to mind.

In any case, the doctor was more understanding than a lot of schoolfriends, who also hadn't really 'got it', and it was sometimes beyond Vincenzo's capabilities to explain. 'I just don't feel like a boy or a girl' never seemed to satisfy anyone, and Vinny struggled to come up with further detail than that. It was how they felt, what else could they say? For everyone else, it just seemed to be taken for granted that you were a boy, and liked cars and action figures, or a girl, and liked dresses and dolls. Why did that even matter?

Enzo was pretty distracted anyway. There wasn't much going on in this class, and the teacher had more or less checked out mentally, allowing the kids to openly talk while they went about writing songs. Well 'writing songs'. Enzo had never liked any kind of written English, and attempting to make something that actually flowed and worked and- forget about it. With thinly disguised disgust, they looked down at the page and then turned it over, starting again for the- oh, they'd already written on this side of the page. Ugh.

Distractedly, Vinny ran a hand through their hair. They kind of wanted to grow it longer, but...

Somebody popped up in front of them. Sort of popped up. They stopped not so very high.

Kinda short.

Enzo tilted their head to the side, frowning slightly. "Draw me? Oh, um... sure, I guess?"

If MMA Math is correct, then exactly!

My boys made me so proud ;~;

Febiven solo killing Faker TWICE. TWIIICE.

Hello! I can draw something for you if you'd like
I really dig Ty and Zubin.

Mah Writings
Walk a Mile is finished!

Dragon Age: Origins fanfic

Genre: Fluff, Friendship, and Romance

Rating: T (a little violence)

Warnings: Blood, some injuries, ableism.

Summary: Or, 'five times having only one leg was an issue, and once that it wasn't.'

A dip into the life of Rosemary Surana and her adventures in the Blight, and the struggles she encountered along the way.

Word Count: 30,600

A little sad in places, but largely good feelings here. Spoilers for much of Origins.


Mah Writings
And it done did again.

Namira can draw or something
Some Templar lady