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Lucky sevens Lee Sin.

A Wild Beard Appears; A Pathfinder Experience
Five sessions under our belts.

This one ft;

Giant enemy crabs
'Compass' symbols
A sewer level
Less investigating than expected
Beard burning
The party finally killing a named character
A PC being surprised said character's friend was angry
A bastard with a bastard sword
Using magic as an interrogation technique, which I am not sure is permissible in a court of law.

Seven years ago today...
...I joined the site.

Thank you for seven great years of crafting stories together as I grew up as a person and as a writer.


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In Silent Seas We Drown
Joey took off his shirt and Kammy winced. Not at the sight of him, she didn't especially care; just for him to want to remove clothes, he had to be concerned about getting it dirty. How bad did her head look, exactly? Kam hadn't precisely been carrying a hand mirror around to check on her appearance.

Kam shifted on over up to him as his hands went to her head. She really probably should have been taking care of it, there were just, just, well...

Never mind.

Internally, Kam wondered what Joey had gone through. He'd only said a little, and it was enough to give a bit of an impression. Were his friends still out there though? Did he have anyone that he was looking for? They'd been whittled down so far, and by each other, whether circumstances or intent or accident or punching their own ticket. Kam could barely remember who had been on the trip any longer.

As if it couldn't get any more fucked, so many people were dead that Kammy was struggling to remember names.

A couple of quiet hisses of pain made their way between Kam's teeth as Joey started unwrapping the bindings. It had probably needed stitches, not just slapping a bandage on it and calling it good. Ugh.

Kammy grimaced.

"It's going to hurt either way. Let's get it off and go from there."

Kam braced herself.

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The hoard expands.

Honestly the CS is considerably more impressive than the KDA. That's pretty good last hitting for your level, even if it's bots.

And Annie worked hard for that DFG, but by jove she got it.

Edit: I mean summoner level, didn't mean to sound condescending >_>

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My second death was blue buff.

I didn't even know you played Tryn - good job!

I missed this place
Chellllllllllllseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaa <3.

In Silent Seas We Drown
Joey didn't flinch or turn away, spit on her, call her a killer. Kammy didn't know if that had been what she was expecting, didn't know what she was expecting at all, really. It had been the first time she'd actively told someone about what she'd done. There'd either been other priorities, other things to think about... and she'd just wound up assuming they either already knew or didn't care.

To say it was a weight off her shoulders would have been a lie, but this was the first properly friendly face she'd seen in a week. That he wasn't turning away meant something.

Kam smiled sadly when Joey said she hadn't been announced the killer. "No I- maybe that's right. But I knew she was getting spooked, aggressive, I could have-" she sighed, knuckled her head. "Maybe it was announced as 'Makatala' or something? I - just trust me when I say that she was definitely dead when the fighting stopped."

A threat. Kammy's face twitched, unreadable. That's how it had felt when Alex had born down on her with that metal bar, like there wasn't anything Kam could do to stop the other girl hitting her but shoot her. Like Kam was worth more, just for being her, or something and... christ she would drive herself nuts going down that road.

Instead of saying anything, she just nodded.

Kam headed on after Joey, letting her bag slip off of her shoulder, hesitating a moment before allowing it to drop to the floor. After so long the thing felt almost like a part of her. Which is most ways was just as shitty as everything else. Made her uncomfortable aware of how little she'd changed clothes over the last week or so. Hygiene, huh?

"Okay so... well let me just apologise in advance if this is gross. I haven't touched that bandage since I put it on and that was something like four days ago."

...Fuck. She really hoped she hadn't picked up an infection. It would be hurting more than a dull throb if it was infected, right?

Kam tried to call those half-forgotten conversations with Michelle about first aid to mind, and found the memory causing tears to well up again. Goddammit. Goddammit Michelle...

A Wild Beard Appears; A Pathfinder Experience


I see no circumstances whatsoever that would make a 'roll delay' fair to the rest of the handlers in any way, shape or form. Narratives get cut short in SOTF all of the time, it's part and parcel of how the game is played and an unfortunate symptom thereof. However, it's also completely necessary for the game's health, because as soon as deaths go from 'when rolled' to 'when I'm ready', well, that's when delays stack up, things get slow and staff members have to force the death.

To my mind there is no reason somebody should get to put off a death for an escape plot. An escape might be the most important thing to THAT character, but to rate it above any other character's plot in importance and to therefore give special dispensation and death time to 'conclude' said plot is incredibly unbalanced and unfair.

At random, playing ranked and having objectively the best Xin Zhao game I've ever played.

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In Silent Seas We Drown
"That's something, at least."

Kammy meant it, a little, anyway. Maybe it was just some shred of empathy left in her that it was good to see that someone was going through all of this without absolutely everything fucking up for them. Not that it would matter, in a couple days Joey would probably wind up dead just like all the rest of them were going to.

That wasn't a doubt for Kam any longer. Even if the cavalry came along, it was too late to save anything Kammy cared about. How many of her friends were even left alive? So many people close to her on the announcements, and she couldn't even protect the one she'd been looking for from the beginning.

Joey commented on her head bandage. Kam touched it. She'd forgotten about that, almost. She also hadn't touched it for what was probably more days than was totally healthy. Probably looked awful if it had still been bleeding at any point... There was a distant thought that her hair had to be ruined after- man, when had she even brushed it last?

That she could think about her hair was very nearly enough for her to crack a smile, but not quite.

Then Joey went ahead and asked how it had happened. Kammy flinched. She'd not had Alex and Carlon in her head for a little while now, and they came crashing right back.

"It was... it was a fight. Alex Ripley thought I was acting suspicious or something like that, and she came after me with an iron bar. I thought she was going to kill me so, so I... well, I shot her. I couldn't think straight, didn't know how to get her to stop."

Kammy paused.

"If... you don't want to treat my head any more, I understand."

A Wild Beard Appears; A Pathfinder Experience
Session two is in the books.

It may or may not have featured the following:

Smuggling ale into an interrogation.
Northman Hogan.
Threatening to waterboard prisoners.
'Period dress' ship figurehead.
Spending quite a while thinking a fat, balding man was a wizard.
Pirate shawn michaels.
One-shotting a boss fight.
Nearly dying because of webs and friendly fire.
And of course... beards.

Safe to say that cheese strat didn't work.

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A Wild Beard Appears; A Pathfinder Experience
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Just recently a lil' group of us kicked off on a Pathfinder campaign. It's my first time sitting in the DM chair, so naturally I have immediately gone mad with power.

This thread is a place for our heroes to post anything they might fancy about the adventure (and adventurers), and hopefully within which we will be proceeding to update you over time about the escapades of one and a half elves, one and a half humans, a dwarf and half of a ling, whatever that is.

So read on for a mystical journey of intrigue, magic and warfare!

And beards.

Lots and lots of beards.

A Song of Drinking, Facial Hair, and Most-Definitely-Appropriate-CR-Encounters

Hey Elena guess what