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The General SOTF Discussion Thread
Well it is an 'all things SOTF' discussion thread. Not much point. Also most things spoiler worthy will go around double quick.

The General SOTF Discussion Thread
We're two days in, it's no big deal.

Vale Tudo
She folded her arms, let out a huff through her nose. Becca wanted to believe that the marines would come storming onto the island to save the day, that this time tomorrow, she could go back to concentrating on the regular things - sports, family, going away to college. Throw in some talking about what had happened, and a bit of ther- a lot of therapy, and things would be back to normal. She really, truly wanted to believe that.

Then Becca thought of what Danya had said during the briefing. They'd made it - the game, watertight, or something approaching it. Obviously it was in their interests not to say 'oh yeah, there are security leaks everywhere, have at', but she sure as hell couldn't shake the feeling that they wouldn't declare the security was upped if they hadn't upped it. Plus, last time around, it hadn't been the army that had found the island, had it? Becca couldn't claim to have followed SOTF closely, but it was an act of terrorism; those made the news. If they hadn't managed to get people out of this place last time, then why would this time be any different?

"I hope so," she responded. And she really did... and she really wished that she didn't have to say she hoped. "Tell you what - how about until then I'll watch your back, if you watch mine?"

Vale Tudo
Becca chewed the inside of her mouth for a few seconds, having to stop her teeth from sneaking out to snag her bottom lip, as was her habit. Probably not a good idea to let on how hard she was thinking about all of this. Because she was. She really really was.

It wasn't a terrible terrible plan though, was it? Becca didn't know Paulo that well, her information was pretty much all second hand, but if he was going to come after her, he would've done so by now. He hadn't seen the gun straight away, with her standing there frozen, there was plenty of opportunity to take a swing. So she could trust him. At least a little bit. And, after what had just happened, it wasn't a terrible idea to make sure she had someone to watch her back, was it? It would've been nicer to be someone she knew better, was friends with, sure, but then...

...that was kind've where things took a turn. Cause then, if it was someone she knew, she'd be protecting them as much as they her. Cause Becca's thoughts at this moment were pretty damn selfish. It was pretty horrible to view it in this way, but maybe Paulo was, well... useful. They could help each other out though - Becca did have a gun and all, but Paulo was the one who had been able to sling threats around like they were nothing and she'd barely been able to point the Colt straight. If she choked again... wouldn't it be good to have someone around who could lead the charge?

Shit. She didn't know.

Becca glanced at him again. There was certainly a look going on. Tough to say where - maybe it was just cause they were talking but, with that slight stammer... maybe not? One foot ran along the inside of its opposite number's calf as she looked up and grinned, genuinely. "I'm sure you could take me," she replied, which was maybe 60 percent true, after what had happened earlier. "But it's a nice gun. Wish it was easy to aim as shooting a basket."

For a couple seconds, she was sort've tempted to ask if Paulo had heard of her, but the answer was probably no anyhow. Becca sighed. "Wish I could be on the court right now, honestly..."

Vale Tudo
Becca moved from foot to foot, gauged his reaction.

Okay so... she wouldn't try to say that she was a manipulative kind've person. Becca thought herself to be pretty chilled out, in all honesty. So maybe she was proud of her sport, and so... maybe she played her dad and her brother off of each other a little. But Ken was an asshat and a sore loser; he just asked to be provoked. Maybe Becca got him in trouble now and then, and maybe there had been that time when she'd wanted real bad to become basketball captain and tried to get under Kat's skin-

Kat was here. Fuck Kat.

She tore herself from that train of thought to flash Paulo a smile. Her memory was filling in a couple of the details, though honestly there really weren't many to choose from. Mallory had only mentioned the guy in passing, mentioning that she was going to go around to his place because that was where they... sparred, or something? Maybe that was where they all met up to go to a gym or something - she kind've doubted that they just scrapped in someone's backyard. On another glance, he didn't look that muscular though, but Becca knew well enough that you carried weight differently in different sports. Basketball muscle was probably not MMA muscle.

Another nod.

"I feel you," Becca answered, following Paulo and leaning against the wall, stretching out those long legs of hers. Her eyes flickered to his for a second, measuring reaction again. "Sounds like you're the guy to be around in a place like this, huh?"

Vale Tudo
Becca glanced down to her hand, recalling what she'd been thinking earlier. Yeah, it was cool-looking, badass - from the quick glance over she'd given of the booklet that came with it, a real man-stopper. Which was... Becca didn't really want to think too much over that point. Hard to forget what the point of a gun really was... though it could at least maybe, if it had the look, be a deterrent.

Christ. She had no idea. She really, really did not want to be having to brandish a gun around to defend herself. Becca knew from experience that there was only so far you could get with words and posturing. Eventually, you had to back it up. In the context she'd learned that from, when she'd been bragging about basketball, Becca had known she had the skills to prove her point, and had done so. In this case... not so much.

Another nod in response. It was weird to consider herself lucky, but then, before she'd ran into Paulo, hadn't she been thinking that the Colt was perfect for calming herself down? Jeez. That'd flown out of the window in a hurry.

The seed of an idea was forming though, the cogs were starting to turn as he looked back at her and ... it could only be described as posed. It was almost enough to make her laugh, but she held it back, both eyebrows raising for a moment.

"Sure, worth it," a slight pause. "I'm Becca. Friend of Mallory - I've heard of you. Paulo right? The MMA guy?"

One Way to Win
((Kammy So'oialo, start))

Kam sat with her back against one of the worn wooden towers, legs crossed. It had been a strange place to wake up, almost like she'd made it to a theme park after all, and then just up and fallen asleep and been abandoned there. She could've told herself that, for a few seconds, was genuinely tempted to entertain the idea. Only...

It would've been a lie, a transparent lie. Kammy was good at putting on a false face for the audience, but no amount of stage presence could pull off a cover-up of this magnitude. No, denial was dumb and wasn't going to help things. Also it would just make her build up hope for cotton candy or something, and then she would be disappointed when there wasn't any.

A smile cracked her face, and then for a few seconds, a laugh came bubbling up out of nowhere. Soft, but genuine. It died quickly. She wasn't sure if her sense of humour being intact was a good thing. For a given value of intact; that hadn't really been that funny.

Her headspace was fucked up. It was tough to think of what she wanted to do when the situation was so extreme, when all her thoughts were mixed up in a mess of wondering about back home, of all the things she could've, should've been telling her family. Kammy remembered squidging Tana's cheek as she'd left, the way his little face had wrinkled up and he'd whined at her for it, before they hugged. There seemed to be so much... unsaid. So much to work out with them, to try and, and...

Kammy looked down at the ground. There hadn't been though, had there. She'd already told all of them everything she had to say. Her heart had been on her sleeve, and they'd all known (save the kidlet) the details since Kam was fourteen. It wouldn't have made a difference if Kammy had sat down to talk about it that very morning she'd left to catch the bus. Her dad's face would've closed off like an iron door, her mom would've got that painfully disappointed frown and they wouldn't have got anywhere. It'd have been 'can't you be different' and 'I'm just like this' and 'we love you honey but-' and 'that's not how it works' and... all of that. Instead it'd just been the usual morning, the normal, positive atmosphere the house had when the elephant in the room wasn't brought up, and Kammy wasn't reminded of the way they thought of her, thought of Michelle and their-


Kam jolted so suddenly that she hit her head against the tower with a solid thunk. That pain though, was eclipsed by her pulse beginning to race. Michelle was here, Michelle was out there somewhere. The last thing she remembered before meeting that 'Danya', the horrific execution, the tape... was Michelle drifting to sleep on her shoulder. Fuck. Fucking hell. She had to, had to...

Kammy was already on her feet, had taken five steps, when she forced herself to stop, grinding her foot into the dirt. No. This was dumb. Not looking for her girlfriend, but attempting to do so by just charging off into the wilderness, screaming her name. Kam didn't even know where she WAS; finding someone was going to be hard enough without navigating. Without being methodical, applying some kind of logic, it would be like looking for a needle in a stack full of needles. There had to at least be some kind of plan.

Okay so... that meant daypack. That Danya guy had mentioned it and... Kam turned around on the spot. There it was, on the ground, right by where she'd woken up. Christ. She'd almost left it behind. A+ work she was turning in here.

Returning, Kam took a moment to glance over the outside. G008. Her number apparently. Top ten placement? Whatever. Meant nothing. There had to a map in here, right? They... and didn't that already hold weight - they - wouldn't just want everyone stumbling around getting lost. She opened it up, peeked inside, and the map was forgotten.

Right at the top, laid innocuously atop some kind of leaflet, was a gun. Not the gun that drew her attention though, not primarily - it had a note affixed to it - a quick tug confirming that it was by blu-tack. Kam raised it, tilted her head to the side.

In block capitals, hand written.


Three names of the dead. One other. One person who had come into this game and made it out alive. It had been years ago, she'd been young, but this had happened four times, and the details circulated around, even if you tried to avoid them. That was the gun of a killer. Seemed a stupid distinction to make, guns were after all, weapons, but... there was something sinister about the fact that it'd been used. More than that - it'd belonged to someone that had not only been in this game, but won this game. Kam reached inside, picked it up. Cold to the touch at first, it warmed slowly.

It had seen use, that was clear enough. It was battered, a little marked - someone had polished it, but you couldn't clean off the slight dents, the hint of scorching around the barrel. If Kam knew more about guns, she might've glanced at some of the more internal workings, but she didn't, left the moving parts alone. She knew enough, though, to know where the magazine was, know that it was fully loaded. Glancing back into the bag, there were more, plenty of ammunition to, for...

For a repeat performance?

Kammy swallowed and laid the gun down, delving back into the bag. There was that leaflet, which seemed to be a manual of some sort, food, water... and then a folded piece of paper attached to a compass. She extracted both, unfolded, and jackpot. It was a map. Quickly, she perused it, trying to find just where she was. From the legend, it appeared the answer was the very north of the island. That was something, at least. Pretty out in the sticks, all things considered, though. Kammy felt that people would probably gravitate towards the built up areas - better shelter, right? Kam knew she'd feel better with a roof over her head than a bunch of rope swings.

But... just a little further north and she'd be able to systematically search from the top of the island, to the best of her ability. Meant she was less likely to miss anything. Tall order on an island that was something like six miles long though... Kam was going to leave ground uncovered whatever she did, there was no GOOD choice.

Which meant she had to go with the most probable one. Michelle MIGHT be somewhere to the north, but there was a lot less island to the north. It was more likely she was south of here. If- when, Kam found her, she didn't know exactly what she would do but she'd... she'd figure it out on the way.

Kammy picked up the gun as she rose, turned it over and over in her hands. Ballestair Molina. It was both scary and strangely reassuring. Some people did make it out of this alive - some people had escaped a few years ago, that'd been huge.

Only, the person who'd owned this had made it out alive in a very, very different way.

She set off.


((Kammy continued in Perspectives, an Alternate))

Vale Tudo
Workout breathing techniques were a surprising useful tool, in terms of masking the fact that it felt like half of your internal organs were about to violently exit from your throat. Not that, y'know, Becca precisely blamed herself for not having previously leapt to that revelation, but it made her feel a little better and more important, it meant she wasn't doubling over trying not to retch all over the floor three feet away from someone she wasn't sure if she could trust.

Then again, Paulo wasn't barking threats anymore, had put his weapon down, and hadn't booked it upon seeing her gun. Becca shifted slightly, unwittingly revealing the revolver held at her side, pointing towards the floor. Protection... christ, she'd barely held it together enough not to scream. How the heck was she going to keep her head and use a weapon to ward someone off? Fire it? This was the first time she'd even HELD a gun; the only shooting she did was hoops.

Slowly, Becca nodded, parsing Paulo's explanation. It made sense, and she was glad she hadn't been the only one of the two to be a little freaked out. Her free hand reached up and rubbed at the back of her head. This left her hat askew, and she quickly adjusted it. She was desperately thankful for the cap, from some reason. It wasn't even anything special really, just a hat. However... that didn't stop the slight weight from reassuring her. Very, very slightly.

Really, why HAD she come in here though? She gave a shrug. "I woke up outside. It was closest so I figured... have a look, I guess."

For... people, supplies, anything really. Anything was better than doing nothing, because that meant starting to think. Already Becca was thinking of what could've happened if Paulo had been hostile - what was she gonna do if she couldn't even work up the nerve to defend herself?

She blinked, then her eyes focused on Paulo, as if seeing him for the first time.

Then maybe... find someone who could?

Vale Tudo
It was a decision between bolting and fighting.

Becca's brain decided to go for a course of action that could be best summarised as 'ahaha fuck this I'm out', and she froze right the hell up.

She told herself to run, and her feet stayed planted to the floor, back pressed against the aged panelling alongside the window.

She told herself to fight, and her hands stuck at her sides, clinging to the gun, but not raising it, not bringing it in position to defend herself.

And then there was the voice again. Hard-edged. Threatening. Forget getting calmed by the Anaconda, Becca's yammering heart was thundering at about a hundred miles a minute. Whoever was out there had their blood up, wanted right the hell in on this crazy game, and there she was frozen to the spot.

Speaking again. They were closer now, approaching the door, obviously enough. Threatening, threatening-

the gun the gun you moron the gun he's right outside raise the fucking GUN-

The door to the outside opened, Becca swung around and moved back in the same motion, which only managed to make her slam her own shoulder into the wall. Owfuck. The momentary pain took her mind off the scream rising in the back of the throat long enough for her to stop and actually recognise who it was that had stepped through the door.

That was... Paulo, right? Mallory's guy. He'd said he did jiu-jitsu so that kind've matched up, was he going to att-

Oh. Okay. Apparently he wasn't.

"...hi," said Becca, when she trusted her voice not to crack. "You spooked me."

Actually seeing him was less threatening. A little smaller than her, actually, and he was only toting a 2X4. Not so bad... but he was a trained fighter, he could probably do some damage, and it hadn't stopped Paulo scaring her stupid. Close call, seemed like he wasn't going to follow through on the trash talking.

She held up a hand. The one without the gun in it. "No fucking with you here, chief."

Vale Tudo
((Becca Everett start))

Funny, what something as simple as a hunk of metal could do.

Hyperventilation - or something close to it, had been order of the day all the while Becca had been getting to grips with things, trying to figure out what to do, what she COULD do, whether she should be trying to get help, find friends. Near enough panic.

She'd gone through her bag, just for something to DO to stop herself from freaking out as opposed to consciously thinking about what was in there, and there had been a clinking sound as her fingers had brushed over a collection of cylinders.

That had given Becca some pause. Opening it up properly... and the bag was filled - freaking drowning in little metal... bullets. And close to the bottom, in amongst the other junk, there it had been. Silver. Sleek. Looked like something out of a damn movie.

It had stilled her nerves. Grounded her in reality. That was a gun. A real, legitimate gun. One that, assuming it wasn't rigged to explode to hell in some kind of weird-ass prank, Becca could use. Sort've.

Other people were going to have real, legitimate guns, no doubt. And what would happen if she was losing her head and not keeping it together? Well... if you lost your nerve, then you missed the clutch shot.

Becca was clutch. She was cool. Had to be cool.

Easier to do so when she had firepower though, and she really didn't want to think why.


She'd woken up in what, on cursory examination, appeared to be someone's garden. It had the look of a lawn that may have, at one stage, been well-tended and picturesque. At this stage? Not so much. It was an overgrown mess of weeds and scrub; Becca doubted that it'd seen a mower in years. The mansion that lay beyond the garden seemed like it'd seen better days too - even from the outside it looked pretty dilapidated.

Whatever. Becca wasn't planning on pitching 'deathmurder island renovations, the exciting new show where we bring a refreshing new style to all your favourite kill zones!' any time soon. Still, she figured that since it was there, she may as well take a look. Who knows, it could have had something useful inside.

Maybe a basketball. A basketball would have actually been... really damn cool at that moment.

Opening the creaky front door yielded a plume of choking dust that set Becca's eyes streaming. Blinking them clear, a quick glance around made it clear enough that the thick coating of dust had been disturbed not too long ago. Was someone here? Maybe... kinda had to assume that the guys behind all this had cased their locations first. Kind've a weird thought that one of those guys on stage may have been standing where she was right now.

Becca clenched the gun, fully loaded by hand now. If one of them came around the corner, she would've given them everything the Anaconda had and not even felt bad.

Cause, y'know. People gave guns to you and then gave you the opportunity to kill them. Urgh.

Becca kept moving, past bare mantlepieces, past a portrait of a man with an impressively large moustache, past hunting trophies... and then found another spot where light was streaming in - more windows, and a glass door. Peering through the dirty glass, it seemed to be some kind of-

Her heart leapt into her mouth as a smudgy, indistinct figure moved. Someone was outside!

Becca's back slammed against the wall alongside one of the windows - so hard that the glass actually rattled a little in its frame. It wasn't a big noise, but to her, it might as well have been a lung-bursting scream. A long, long pause, Becca holding her breath...

"Who the fuck!?"


Grey Skies, Grey Ground
((Sunshine Cho Lee, start))

Cho could feel something tickling against her face. She could see trees, so she wanted to say grass, but her eyes were open, and the ground around her looked - and felt - too hard for that.

It was a good thought experiment though. She decided to keep at it. Feather? No, too soft, not a clear enough shape. Flower? Kind've the same issue there. Maybe it was a -

Sunny shifted around and pushed herself into sitting position. It was a distraction. A distraction from what she'd seen, from what was happening. There was a keening sound from the back of her throat as images flashed through her head unbidden - the tape, the men up on the stage, the way that Mr. Davidge had just been executed. And all that leading up to... this.

Her eyes blurred for a moment and she blinked fiercely, looking around. It was some kind of campsite, but it looked like it hadn't been touched for years, not by people, at least. There was a tent, one of those old-school picnic benches, and a firepit, which she'd been laying barely a couple feet from.

A thought occurred to her and Cho glanced down. There was a thin coating of ash around the pit, and a very distinctively person shaped indention in said coating. A pause, a finger went to her face, came away with a dark smudge on her finger. Pushing out her arm, she looked at that. ...Yup, it was all over her hoodie, too. Little specs of textured dust.

Somehow that was enough to make the tears redouble. Some marks on a top which didn't even really show up, since they were both black. It was probably pretty visible on her face though and, and...

Cho swung a fist, aiming to thump the ground. There was a muted clang and Sunny yelped as the unexpected impact jolted up her arm, sending pain shooting across her knuckles. She clung her hand to herself, cradling the protesting knuckles, wincing as a slight movement left a red smudge in her palm.

Another look down. Laid alongside her was a man-sized near-rectangular shield. Made of metal, as her hand could attest. Cho recalled what had been said at the 'briefing'. This was her draw, obviously enough; you wouldn't just hand someone something useful for no reason. It looked pretty solid and all, but with the size of the thing...

Sunny stood, then leaned down and picked the shield up by the handle, the action requiring a grunt of effort. Shifting her feet, she braced herself and lifted.


It wasn't easy to lift, but it clearly couldn't be made of solid steel or something; the shield wasn't a tremendous amount heavier than her guitar, definitely not in its case. So it was... better than the scenario she was anticipating where she couldn't even carry the thing. Cho let it drop again, there was a thud.

A start, she supposed. At least she could try and protect herself from... from...

An ugly sob, and now the tears were falling in earnest.

V5 begins now
Posted Image

G067 - Maliksi, Carmina[/DECEASED]

Name: Carmina Maliksi
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Vehicles, Korean culture, Japanese culture, Anime Club, Volunteering Club

Appearance: Carmina is unremarkable at 5'0 and 127 pounds. She has a slightly brown complexion and is on the chubby side. Her hair is dark brown and flows past her shoulders. Her eyebrows are thin and arched while her eyelashes are long and curly. Her eyes are dark brown, round, and large. She has a flat, wide nose. Her teeth are quite white due to her constant use of whitening strips and her lips are thin and narrow. She has a round, child-like face and has dimples. Her face is surprisingly clean of any blemishes or acne. She's top-heavy, with most of the weight in her arms, face, and torso.

She typically wears t-shirts with bright colors like pink and yellow. They're usually paired with knee-length skirts that also have bright colors. She wears a pair of faux gold earrings and applies pink lipstick constantly. She also uses mascara daily, causing her eyelashes to become long and dark. She wears high heels or flip-flops year-round as a poor attempt to look fashionable. She also wears two or three generic bead bracelets on her right wrist as well as a silver necklace. She has a set of earphones with her every now and then so she can privately listen to Japanese or Korean songs. Her voice is usually at a medium tone but can become very squeaky and high-pitched whenever she's annoyed.

Whenever she's working at McDonald's, she wears a black collared shirt which is tucked into black slacks, which she pairs with a belt. She also wears a khaki apron with the McDonald's logo emblazoned on the right side. She wears a black hat that also has the McDonald's logo and wears a pair of black shoes. Her hair is tied into a ponytail.

On the day of the abduction, Carmina was wearing a pink-striped t-shirt along with jeans, which she wore due to having no other choice since she forgot to do her laundry. She wore yellow flip-flops along with one blue and one purple bracelet. She also had her necklace and earrings with her set of earphones on.

Biography: Carmina was born on February 28, 1994 in Seattle, USA to Zeferino and Maria Maliksi (born Reyes). She was the 1st of 2 children. Zeferino was a mechanic while Maria owned a small convenience store. Both came from Taguig City, Philippines. The two had very distinct personalities; Maria was a quiet person who only spoke when necessary while Zeferino was a boisterous, almost arrogant person. They shared one thing in common however. They had an obsession with America. It was the one country they wanted to be in, so they strived to save as much money as they could. Eventually, they married and moved to the USA in early 1991. While they quickly assimilated with society, they always held on to a bit of their Filipino identity and made sure to teach Carmina Filipino. They also cooked native dishes such as tinola, a type of stew, or ube, a variety of purple yam. They also became close to the Filipino diaspora in Seattle.

On November 7, 1997, Carmina's younger sister, Kate, was born. By all accounts, she seemed to be a perfectly normal baby up until she became 18 months old. Both Zeferino and Maria had many friends in their neighborhood, most of whom were parents. They compared their children to their neighbors' children and noticed that Kate seemed to be lagging behind. When they went to the hospital to see if anything was wrong with their child, they learned that Kate had a case of autism.

As Kate grew up, the symptoms became more profound. She soon began obsessively arranging her toys in lines and frequently had tantrums. While she could speak, she only did so when prompted and if she did, her language would be slurred. This made Maria start sending Kate to multiple therapists, which put a strain on their finances. It caused Zeferino in particular a lot of stress and made him more stern. This scared Carmina. As a result, she became closer to her mother.

Carmina loved her sister despite her condition. She found Kate to be a fun playmate and became her best friend. She soon made sure to help Kate as much as she could with anything and even tried teaching her.

Carmina was bullied a lot in elementary and middle school due to many reasons. She became chubby due to being rather voracious when it came to eating. She also wore cheap clothes due to her family being thrifty. This led to many children calling her ugly. Also, her classmates liked making fun of her younger sister, which often made her furious. As a result, she became very reluctant of going to school and became isolated. Her father tried teaching her to defend herself, but this backfired and resulted in her getting easily affected by her classmate's jokes.

In 4th grade, she was in the car with her mom when she saw a dog be run over by a truck. The sight of its blood and guts being spread over the road caused her to develop a rather persistent hemophobia, or fear of blood. This became more severe as the years passed by and caused her to avoid watching any violent shows. While the sight of blood in a TV show merely disgusts her, seeing it in real life makes her dizzy and can even cause her to faint if there's enough of it flowing.

Home became a safe haven for Carmina. Around 7th grade, she attempted to become closer to her dad and noticed that he knew a lot about cars. She became interested and offered to help him fix the cars in his car shop. He was reluctant at first due to his belief that it was a man's job, but eventually gave him and started teaching the basics. Carmina grew to admire the beauty of cars and soon bonded with her father over this, even accompanying him to auto shows every now and then. Of course, she kept this a secret from the few friends she had since she was scared they'd judge her and call her a tomboy.

At 8th grade, her mother, Maria, obtained a subscription to DirecTV and started watching Filipino TV channels such as GMA and TFC. Around this time, Korean soap operas and music were becoming the new trends among Filipino women. The same could be said for Maria. She soon started following these shows obsessively. Carmina took notice and started following it with her mother. She developed a crush on the star of show, Lee Seo-Jin. She soon looked up pictures of him on the Internet and discovered many other Korean actors such as Lee Min-Ho and Kim Hyun-Joong. As a result, she started spending more time on the Internet and became a part of several forums, discussing Korean TV shows and music. She even started making an effort to learn Korean just to understand the songs that she was listening to.

Surprisingly, this had no effect on her grades. She always had average grades which didn't require much effort to maintain, and her time on the Internet was moderated by her parents who were worried about their electricity bills.

One day in eighth grade, she decided to make a decision to have a healthy diet after a rather rough day of teasing about her weight. She spent the summer exercising and monitoring the food she ate. She also decided to get a job as a cook at McDonald's in order to pay for clothes she deemed to be fashionable. This resulted in her buying multiple make-up kits and colorful clothes.

By the time she entered high school, the effects of her diet became somewhat noticeable. While she found dropping weight to be hard, she developed strength in her abdominal muscles and legs due to the fact that she ran and did crunches a lot. She also had an increased stamina.

She made an effort to socialize with others when she entered Aurora since she started feeling lonely. She succeeded at joining her own circle of friends after a while and started hanging out with them regularly.

After getting comfortable with her friends, she told them about her obsession with Korea. While her friends liked the actors and music she showed them, they decided to introduce her to anime and J-pop. She immediately fell in love with these and started listening and watching these as much as the K-pop songs and Korean soap operas she followed. She proceeded to join the Anime Club.

In 10th grade, Carmina's parents asked her what job she wanted to have, a question Carmina had never considered. She thought for a while and believe that it would be rather difficult for her to get a nice job in the transportation industry. She then realized that she wanted to help people like her sister and decided on becoming a speech therapist. Around this time, Kate was already being 'mainstreamed' or going to a normal school. She did well in her subjects and had an easy time with school. Her tantrums, while still there, had lessened and now only occurred once or twice a month. This made her parents very happy. Seeing how much her beloved sister had progressed influenced her decision. Soon, she joined the Volunteering Club.

Nowadays, Carmina usually gets B's or C's in her report card, although she gets an A every now and then in Physical Education and a D in French, her least favorite subject. While she was very excited to take French since she liked the sound of the language, she soon came to hate the class due to having difficulties with its grammar and the accent. Her grades overall slightly improved due to her desire to enter Washington State University to become a speech therapist. She studied rigorously in order to get accepted, which eventually came true. Now that she's accepted, she's already started preparing to move to Pullman, a decision which her parents find difficult but support.

Whenever she has enough spare time, she goes out of the house to hang out with her friends or to go to the mall. She has even gone to anime conventions to get more merchandise of her favorite shows. While her parents have scolded her before for going out due to wanting her to focus on studies, they have slightly relaxed their rules now since she's already been accepted.

Carmina is a friendly person who is easily approachable, especially if you share interests with her. While she usually entertains jokes about her weight due to being used to it, she still has her limits and can get affected. A sore point for her is her clothes, which if you make fun of will cause her to ignore you for days or even weeks. She always wants to help people and will probably do everything it takes just to make someone feel better. This is caused in part to her sister and also because she is a very religious person and believes in the Christian principle of loving everyone. However, she is also slightly judgmental and tends to avoid certain people due to their rough appearance. Also, she is easily startled.

Advantages: The strength and stamina she developed and continues to maintain will make it easy for her to walk around the island and may even prove to give her the upper hand should she get into a fight. Her friendly nature could also make it easy for her to make allies.
Disadvantages: Her sensitivity may cause alliances to break easily, due to something as innocent as a simple joke. Also, her phobia of blood will prove to be an obstacle when it comes to surviving since blood is quite a common sight on the island.

Designated Number: Female student No. 067


Designated Weapon: Non-Functional Flamethrower
Conclusion: So... oversensitive, overweight and afraid of blood. Either she dies, or she goes nuts and on a spree. Either way, G067 loses. Crybaby. - Matt Richards - Crybaby? What are you, eight? - From you, that's rich, Baines - YOU'RE Rich, you moron - jesus christ are you seriously-
Bathroom cleaning duty for the rest of the version. Both of you. - Jim Greynolds


B064, Valmont, Ian[/DECEASED]

Name: Ian Valmont
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Grade: 12th
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Street art/ graffiti, Classic Rock, Classic Cinema (specifically silent movies), Baking

Appearance: Ian stands at 5’7 and 120 pounds, giving him a slight, somewhat scrawny appearance. He has terrible posture, and is almost always slumped forward in some manner or another. He has large, dark brown eyes, long eyelashes, and drawn in, bushy eyebrows. His eyes are somewhat covered by his long, floppy brown hair, which covers the top of his ears and his entire forehead. His nose is slightly crooked, due to him breaking it when he was ten years old. His lips are small and constantly chapped. He has pale skin and a mild case of acne, most of which is covered by his bangs.

Ian has an extremely causal style of dress, favoring baggy clothes that make him look even skinnier than he actually is. His favorite color is black, and it dominates his wardrobe entirely. Most of his clothes have logos or slogans, including what he was wearing the day he was abducted- black jeans, a plain gray t-shirt, a black hoodie with the Led Zepplin logo, and black and white sneakers. Ian doesn’t wear many accessories, but he can always be seen wearing a small, leather bracelet on his right wrist. Further, a recent accident caused him to sprain his left wrist, which is now covered in a black wrist brace.

Biography: Ian is the only child of Louis Valmont and Selena Cameron. Louis, a paramedic, and Selena, a professional harpist, had Ian on accident after nearly 10 years of dating. The two decided to remain unmarried, stating it “wasn’t for them”, but raised Ian in a single home together regardless. While not the most conventional parents, Selena and Louis worked hard to teach Ian to be humble and grateful for what he had. The family was never the richest by any means, but they lived comfortably.

Even at an early age, Ian was never a demanding child. He never asked for much, and was more quiet and introverted than other children. However, he did make friends quickly, and was a kind child all the same. Louis and Selena tried to spark his interest in anything, taking him to parks and museums, and signing him up for various classes. Ian never found interest in sports or musical instruments, both of which he thought were more effort than they were worth. However, art classes intrigued him. He liked the self-expression that was present in art, and found himself more and more attracted to art as he grew older. When he was 13, he discovered street art after watching a graffiti artist tag a highway underpass. He loved the idea behind graffiti, the freedom and rebellion in the medium, and quickly started to focus on that aspect. Since then, he’s started graffiti himself, using stencils. His parents know about the more illegal side of his artistic expression, but encourage him to express himself regardless. They do repeatedly warn him not to get himself in trouble with the law, however. Ian often argues that graffiti isn’t vandalism, and has gotten into heated discussion with friends and art teachers alike on the subject, which he feels passionately about.

Outside of street art, Ian has few major passions. He was never a huge fan of television or modern movies, believing both to be boring and repetitive. Selena, herself a fan of classic movies, decided to start taking Ian to silent movies shortly after he began graffiti. She saw the time spent at the movies as a way to keep her son out of trouble, and the activity quickly became a tradition. Ian liked the idea of movies without sound, believing that it made the acting and style more pure and focused. Instead of being all about exciting, silent movies needed to rely entirely on subtle acting and beautiful music. Ian liked the purity of it. After watching Selena and Ian bond, Louis decided to try and find an activity he an Ian could bond over as well. Louis bought Ian a record player for Ian's 14th birthday and helped Ian start a record collection. Louis outright refused to listen to modern music, believing that it strayed too far from the basics and necessities of Rock and Roll, so most of Ian's albums were classic rock. Ian, however, didn't mind the focus, and came to share his father's opinions about modern music.

Ian’s family life was relatively normal, and he was close to both of his parents as well as his extended family. His father’s parents live in Florida, but Selena’s entire family lives in one of Seattle’s neighboring cities. Ian became especially close to his maternal Grandfather, Peter. Peter, who owned a bakery, started baking with Ian when the boy was 8. Ian found baking extremely relaxing, despite his overall lack of a sweet tooth, and would often bake when he was stressed out, giving his treats to his friends. When Ian was 16, Peter died. Ian was crushed by the loss, but accepted death as a part of life. Peter left Ian a series of odd things, including the leather bracelet he wore constantly. Ian now wears it in his memory.

Ian is an extremely calm person and has a high level of patience. If he is unable to grasp a concept or idea, he simply approaches it from a different angle. His mother and father have always tried to make him look at things in new perspectives, and have taught him to never give up when facing a problem. Because of this, Ian is able to maintain B’s and C’s in all of his classes. However, he is also somewhat apathetic towards school, finding no particular interest in most of his classes. His attitude towards college is much the same way, which sparks some arguments with his father.

Throughout his life, Ian has been somewhat accident prone. He’s suffered from a broken arm after falling out of a tree, a fractured leg from a bicycle accident, and a broken nose from tripping over his own feet and onto cement. He’s usually banged up or injured in some way or another, and after falling down the stairs in school, has been sporting a wrist brace for the better part of the second semester of his Senior year.

Ian is not the most social person, but he is in no way a loner. His friends are usually other artistic kids, but he can and does get along with people from almost every group in the school. Ian is reserved in nature, and somewhat sarcastic in tone, so he is only close to a handful of his friends. However, Ian is usually easy to get along with and not disagreeable, and is on good terms with many students in his school.

Advantages: Ian doesn’t have many enemies, and can use his quietness to keep himself under the radar. Further, his calmness and patience is a huge asset, which will help him keep control of negative situations he might run into.
Disadvantages: Ian is by no means muscular, and will be physically outmatched in most fights. His accident prone nature might lead to him injuring himself or getting caught in sticky situations. His reserved nature might not make him any allies, and could leave him alone in the game.

Designated Number: Male student No. 064


Designated Weapon: Cherry Bomb x12
Conclusion: Man. Sucks when your outstanding advantage is that you can stay off the grid and your only means of defence is loud as fuck. Looks to me that B064 is all set to bomb. - Josh Baines - So like, does your brain actually interact with you when you're coming up with these?


G072 - Flynn, Ami[/DECEASED]

Name: Ami Flynn
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: 12th
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Mathematics, Old Poetry and Classical Music

Appearance: The one thing that sets Ami apart from her peers is her height. Standing at five-feet, eight-inches, Ami is more tall than she is wide. Weight has never been a problem for her; currently Ami is at 128 lbs. Her tall stature is something that causes her plenty of fret, and she slouches her shoulders whenever possible to lower her an inch or so. Her black hair is cut straight down to her shoulders, with blunt bangs running along the length of her forehead and hovering just above her small curved eyebrows.

The features on her face are soft, with puffy cheeks, small button nose and a smooth forehead. Her hazel eyes are round with small irises and wide pupils. With her lips normally curved into a frown, Ami gives off this confused, almost thoughtful look. Her whole head is sculpted into a heart shape, wide at the temples and narrowing into a small delicate chin. She has no freckles or moles on her face, but she does have frequent acne breakouts. Most of it is congregated around the forehead, so she does well to cover it all up with her bangs.

Her skin has a naturally snowy complexion, so any makeup that she does put on is done in moderation, though the most she regularly uses are mascara and eyeliner. Her body is slim and her arms and legs are lanky.

Ami's clothing choices come off as pretty preppy but are casual for the most part. The day of the trip was no exception. She was brave enough to bring her favorite pale green cardigan over a white oxford shirt, collar buttons unfastened. Ami also wore a brown skirt that reached down to the middle of her thighs and a pair of bright sandals that seem to clash with the whole ensemble. She has a pair of sneakers and shoes tucked into her bag but neglected from wearing them on the first run on the trip.

Biography: Ami Flynn was born in Seattle on a cold morning in December, the 19th of 1994. Ami’s ethnicity is muddled. Her father, Jeremy Flynn, is strictly Irish American, with his family having been in the state of Washington since the turn of the 20th-century. Her mother, Tamara, comes from a line of Ukrainian immigrants who migrated years before the Soviet Union dissolved. However, while Tamara’s father was Ukrainian, her mother was Filipino. This has left Ami as a bit of a mutt but it does not appear to bother her. This also means that Ami’s family is extended, but with conflicting nationalities it is also very strained. Ami keeps mostly in contact with her father’s side while she rarely hears from either side of her mother’s family.

Ami had a nickname in elementary and middle school: Graveyard Amy. Even to this day Ami is not certain of when the nickname sprouted, or who gave it to her. It definitely had something to do with the fact that she grew up in a funeral home. It didn't make much sense to her as a child, as the actual graveyard was about a mile or so away from her house. Oddly enough, the nickname did not bring teasing and harassment as so many silly schoolhouse nicknames often do. It did quite the opposite. Some classmates appeared generally interested in her, asking her whether she’s seen any ghosts or whether she had trouble sleeping. Others avoided her completely, not wanting to risk any curses being brought upon them if they hung around too long.

Ami hated the nickname at first but she eventually warmed up to it. What she did not warm up to was the idea that the Funeral Home was the only notable thing about her. No matter where her interests led her, where she put her focus on or what friends she tried to make, it always seemed to come full circle and back to the Flynn Funeral Home. This really bothered Ami as a child, but recently she has come to understand that it is only expected.

Nestled in a quiet tree-lined street in Seattle, only a few streets down from Aurora High School, the Flynn Funeral Home sticks out amongst the many houses it is situated between. It is a very tall, very old building, created around the turn of the 20th-century but renovated several times over the years. What was originally meant to be a home for the entire family changed during the Great Depression. The name Flynn Mortuary became the Flynn Funeral Parlor in the 70’s, then finally settled on the Flynn Funeral Home around when Ami was born. It has been run by several generations of family members, making it a fixture in the community.

The funeral home is operated by Ami's father. He handles the financial side of things, speaks to the families who come visit and oversees everything. Ami's uncle Dillon handles the embalming in the basement of the home. Dillon does not live with Ami's family but she sees him almost every day. Her mother plays little part in the business; she works as a regional manager for Amtrak.

Ami gets along very well with her parents, even though she doesn't get to spend as much time with them as she wants. She feels much more closer to her father and uncle than her mother. Tam does not come home until the late evening and her father works from home so it makes perfect sense. Ami does not spend much quality time with her father but she admires him immensely. Her interest in classical music stems from her father; he played music in his office while we did the mountains of paperwork. It was an earworm that immediately hooked, and while she had little interest in learning how to play, she became intrigued. Ami is a fan of the Romantic period, with an intense love for Brahms, Tchaikovsky and Chopin.

Ami has been very close to death for most of her childhood but contrary to popular belief, she has lived a fairly uninteresting life. Living in a funeral home has not put a morbid spin on her life. If anything, it's just made Ami more aware of death, even somewhat comfortable with it. She always looks at the dead strangers being brought into her home and she only sees them as temporary guests. Her father, mother and uncle always treat them with respect, so there was no reason why it should be scary.

The business of dealing with the dead has permeated her daily life. Death is not such a big deal. The clichés about death are true, no doubt about that. Everyone has to take their turn. Nothing can change that. Ami is not one for brooding or worrying. While in the habit of over-analyzing problems, it's more likely for her to be worried about getting rid of the pimples forming on her forehead than the looming threat of death.

Ami's parents drove home the idea of studying hard, getting good grades and finding a good job, but there is very little bonding time. The funeral business is a twenty-four hour commitment, and while Ami saw her father often Ami was otherwise left to her own devices. This was perfectly fine to her. Ami was a good kid, and she loved her parents. Ami didn't have any problem making friends. It wasn't unusual for her to just head to someone else's house until it was time for dinner.

There are rules to living in a Funeral Home. Ami would have to go upstairs to her room whenever a family came to the house, and she would have to be quiet. Ami never minded this quiet time. She had a computer in her room, and she would spend hours on there making little games for her amusement. When she was old enough, Tam gave Ami her father's collection of poetry books. Ami quickly took a liking to them. Many of them were in Ukrainian but the ones that were translated were beautiful. She keeps these books very close to her, and she is very careful with them.

Elementary and middle school were all a blur for her. Ami was a gifted in all of her classes, especially in math and rhetoric, so the work proved little challenge. Ami skipped the fifth grade entirely and moved on to middle school at the age of ten. This brought along difficulties, not academically but socially. None of Ami's friends went to her new middle school. Even though she was about one year younger than her classmates, she had trouble fitting in. This social disconnect has all but dissolved now that she is in high school, though there are times where she still frets much more than she should.

In terms of High School, Ami still does extremely well. She makes full use of the AP classes, and gets mostly As, with a few Bs here and therein her PE classes and one AP Physics class that proved harder than she imagined. She does very well under pressure and she tends to let assignments sit until the last minute. This has given her the habit of procrastinating, but she always pulls through in the end. Ami feels more worried about her friends than she does with her schoolwork. She makes friends fairly easily nowadays, the normal types who don't get into any trouble. It is perfectly normal for a teenager to overthink the subject of "making friends" and Ami is no exception. Her friends think that she is cool, but considering that she sees herself as rather plain and boring, she can't very well accept that at face value.

Math is the subject that she enjoys the most because it's the subject that she finds genuine joy in acing. She passed her AP Calculus I class with plenty of finesse. It's not just solving her homework either. There's this smug joy she feels whenever a friend asks her for help with their homework, though she would never openly admit to this.

Her worst subject by far is PE. Ami is not an athletic child, never has been and never will be. It does not take much to tire Ami out. She finds the whole class a chore to sit through and she finds no joy in it. Ami does not participate in any clubs. She never took an interest in any of them, and the friends that she made did not attend any clubs either. Ami put most of her energy into getting high grades and so far it has paid off for her. Ami wants to become a Mathematician. There is very little stopping her, considering her grades. Ami has received Acceptance letters from both Brown and Princeton. Only recently has she decided on going with the latter, thanks to the things she's heard from countless people attending there. Ami has no intention on taking over her father's business. She was afraid her father might expect her to, but thankfully her parents wants what's best for her.

Ami is a very logical person, driven on rationality and thinking from multiple angles. Her love of math, specifically Calculus and Statistics, She rarely jumps to conclusions, though she has the habit of over-thinking things, especially when involved with her friends and the other kids in her school. This is nothing unusual for a girl her age. Ami is a normal girl after all. She's just been a little closer to death than most.

Advantages: Ami is a calm, intelligent person. She's driven on logic and she does her best work when under pressure. Her knack for thinking will help her come up with unique ways to solve problems.
Disadvantages: Ami has no strength to speak of, she has no endurance and she can't run for more than thirty seconds. Ami’s decision-making process is less comfortable going with gut instinct, especially when logic eventually fails her. Ami is also more likely to put her trust in and to side with her friends than going against them.

Designated Number: Female student No. 072


Designated Weapon: Stinger 30-06
Conclusion: Strength? My friend, with a draw like that, you don't need strength. I've yet to see muscles that could take bullets. Be rational, be cool, and you're gonna realise exactly what you need to do to go home. - Elias Östberg


B075 - Fitzpatrick, Kyle[/DECEASED]

Name: Kyle Fitzpatrick
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Reading, Writing, Photography

Appearance: Kyle stands at about the same height as his classmates, being 5'10" tall and being a little on the skinny side at 130 pounds. He has grey-blue eyes, which sit unassumingly within his gaunt face. He seems not to devote much attention to his messy brown hair, which hangs onto his forehead and is in much need of a trim.

Hygiene is not much of a priority for Kyle. He devotes virtually no time toward the upkeep of his appearance and the few things that he does do are more at the insistence of his parents than for his own sake. He showers only two or three times a week, leaving his hair perpetually greasy and worsening his occasional breakouts of acne. By the same token, he only shaves on the days that he showers, causing an unflattering buildup of stubble on his cheeks, chin and upper lip. He doesn't sweat much, so his failure to wear deodorant thankfully manifests itself as a vague smell akin to spoiled cheese rather than the expected overpowering stench.

Kyle also has a strange preoccupation with plain blue shirts and grey track pants, which he wears nearly all of the time. His substandard hygiene practices also spill over onto his clothing, with him often wearing the same outfit for days in a row, even if the clothing in question is obviously dirty or smelly.

Another very off-putting part of his appearance is the stiffness of his facial expressions. While it would be incorrect to say that his face shows no emotion, there is a definite disconnect between Kyle's facial expression and his emotions. At his best, the most that Kyle manages is a faint smile or a frown without the corresponding eye movements.

Biography: Kyle was born on January 15, 1994 to Richard and Stephanie Fitzpatrick in Spokane, Washington. His birth was a difficult one, as the flu that his mother caught during pregnancy caused him to be born three weeks earlier than expected. Fortunately, there were no serious complications from the premature birth, and Kyle and his mother were allowed to go home after two weeks.

Kyle was a very precocious child growing up, and his parents, impressed with his early educational development decided to send him into the private school system in order to further develop his talents. His reading and writing abilities were far above his age level, and he displayed a high proficiency in science and mathematics. The family had a stable income resulting from Richard and Stephanie's jobs in the pharmaceutical industry and the improved facilities in the private school were of great interest to Kyle, especially the well-stocked library and computer lab. Overall, the family felt that they had made the right choice for their son's education. Unfortunately for Kyle, his parents were both transferred to a new company office in Seattle when he was eight years old, requiring them to move and Kyle to begin attending a different school.

The two parents, both in their late thirties by this time, had been raised as Christians but as time went on they had drifted away from actively practicing their faith. After a while of church attendance at the behest of a friend, they decided that the best thing for their son would to go to a school where the leadership had a strong moral foundation. They enrolled their son in a private Christian elementary school, hoping that the traditional religious values of kindness and honesty would create a good environment for their son.

That was a miscalculation on their part. At his new school, Kyle was relentlessly mocked and teased by his classmates. Though the faculty did not actively participate in his mistreatment, they turned a blind eye to the bullying and harassment that went on within their school. In fact, they often outright ignored Kyle's complaints, dismissing him as being too sensitive and rebuking him for his tears and his social withdrawal. After a few failed attempts to resolve these issues, Kyle simply stopped informing his parents of his problems, seeking to spare them the trouble of constantly coming in and arguing with the faculty. While his parents knew about that his troubles with school had not simply gone away, Kyle assured him that they would be fine. After a few conversations, they agreed to send him to a public high school once he graduated. They reasoned that a public school would have a much better chance of being able to manage their students, since the teachers there would be employed as public servants, rather than private employees.

It was around this time that the damage to Kyle's psyche began to make itself apparent. Having no friends when he came to the school, and unable to make any due to the ostracization by his peers, he began to shrink away from human contact, isolating himself at all times with a pile of books. A lover of books since his early childhood, Kyle soon found the stories within to be his only friends. They never yelled at him or teased him, and they never judged him for his habits. He soon developed a habit of carrying a book with him at all times in order to avoid speaking with those around him, a habit which has continued to this day.

While there was no bullying for him during high school, his social life was somewhere between minimal and completely non-existent. He has managed to make a few friendships, but his interaction with them is limited outside of school. His mother is especially concerned about his withdrawn nature, but he has managed to convince her that he is fine, just too busy with school to spend time socializing. Despite these issues, the change to high school has been a positive one, overall. While he would never dare say it out loud, his experiences during elementary school have soured his view of religion somewhat, so he has had no trouble adjusting to the secular atmosphere of public school. The few friends that he has made have generally bonded together based on common hobbies, and while Kyle appreciates the content of their discussions, the casual observer would note that his participation in these friendships is minimal, to the point that all meetings and activities outside of school are completely organized by the other party with Kyle showing minimal care towards the occasion.

On the whole, Kyle drifts through life acting more as an observer than a participant. He has developed a hobby of writing down his daily observations of life in a notebook, which he keeps close to him at all times. A typical observer will generally note Kyle reading or scribbling in his notebook during his free time. Another interest that has captured Kyle's attention is that of photography. While he is not very technically adept with cameras, he enjoys the freedom to make a physical record of a scene that a camera gives him. For his 18th birthday, he received a personal digital camera from his parents, which he has kept with him ever since. While Kyle appreciates the financial and emotional support that his parents give him, his efforts at expressing that are rather clumsy. While his parents are the formation of the closest relationship in his life, Kyle is for the most part unable to express his gratitude for this in any meaningful way. This has caused his parents some distress, and while they do not doubt that he loves them, most of their attempts to further bond with him are met with disappointment.

In school, Kyle's grades are mainly average. His skills in reading lead him to prefer literature-related courses to maths and sciences, however. While he dislikes participating in discussion based class settings, he is able to adequately hide his discomfort in order to receive an average to slightly below average grade on those assignments. He has no real plans for after graduation, but he hopes to possibly study English in college.

Advantages: His analytical nature may aid him in his survival on the island by allowing him to make useful observations about what is going on around him, and his flattened affect may also aid in masking his intentions while interacting with other students on the island.
Disadvantages: Kyle is completely lacking in any social skills that would allow him to make allies on the island. During the best of times he comes off as flakey and eccentric, and during these extreme circumstances he could quickly garner the appearance of being completely unhinged. 

Designated Number: Male student No. 075


Designated Weapon: Bulletproof Vest
Conclusion: It's always good to have protection, but nobody can lone wolf their way to a win. Guns don't kill people, M075, people kill people. - Jim Greynolds


G066 - King, Alex[/DECEASED]

Name: Alex King
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: 12th
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Computer programming; video games; internet forums; trolling internet forums; politics; recreational substances.

Appearance: Alex stands at a shorter height of 5’5” and weighs in at 124 lbs, giving her a small frame. She is Caucasian.

Alex keeps her dirty blonde hair cut short, reaching just down to the nape of her neck. Her forehead, already fairly large for her face, is riddled with pockmarks. She has grey eyes, average in size and rounded in shape, and a nose that is small for her face. Her thin lips are cracked and dry, whilst her teeth possess the obvious discolouration of a chain smoker. Her ears are also small for her head, whilst her jaw is thin and narrow and her chin is long, giving her face a diamond shape.

She typically dresses in dark coloured clothing, often seen wearing plain t-shirts under an unzipped black zip-up hooded jacket, along with a pair of dark blue jeans and black combat boots. She is also rarely seen without her black ski cap. This is also what she was wearing on the day of the abduction, as she rarely makes changes to her wardrobe, even in the summer months.

Biography: Alex King was born to Mike King, a financial consultant, and Leanne King née Price, a housewife. Both had lived in Seattle the majority of their lives, and after spending years as friends in high school the two reconnected several years after Mike graduated from college, Leanne having spent the time as a secretary. The two had a brief, but passionate, courtship, and Alex was born a year after they married. Shortly afterwards, the family settled into a modest flat within the city.

From an early age Alex’s intelligence was apparent. Having left her job to spend more time with her daughter, Leanne exposed Alex to frequent mental stimuli in her daily activity at Mike’s pressing: he was intent on ensuring his daughter’s success in life. As a result, Alex was already learning to read and understood the very basics of mathematics before she began elementary school. When Alex finally did join school, her learning accelerated even more.

Though Alex was remarkably smart for her age, her social skills had become stunted. As an only child Alex was already accustomed to getting what she wanted, but her father’s reluctance to leave Alex in the hands of day-care and out of his control meant that her interactions with other children had been limited at best. As a result of the mixture of her inability to get along with the other children and her boredom with the curriculum, Alex’s first year at school was fraught with misbehaviour.

Whilst Alex’s social issues continued, so did her boredom with the syllabus. It was towards the end of her second year of schooling that Mike would start pushing for Alex to skip a grade. The school was hesitant however, given Alex’s social issues in her current grade, and refused the request at first. Leanne was quietly relieved about this, wanting Alex to adjust to a better social life rather than prioritising Mike’s desire for her to achieve academically. However, due to Mike’s somewhat overwhelming personality, Leanne kept her opinion to herself.

Throughout elementary school, Alex would continue to perform excellently in her classes whilst her attitude towards her peers declined. She knew that she was smarter than most of them and wasn’t afraid to let it be known, harshly dismissing their ideas or suggestions for what to do, as she considered her own inherently superior. Eventually the other kids retaliated to her verbal putdowns, and Alex became increasingly isolated at school.

At home, things weren’t much better. Though her relationship with her mother remained close, her father was being worked harder by his job, coming home more than one night too exhausted to spend much time with Alex or Leanne. What time they did spend together, however, was filled with praise for her academic achievements and reassurance for all matters social. Though Alex was upset with her inability to get along with most of her peers, her father reassured her that eventually she’d meet people she got along with.

Without any close friends to spend time with, Alex took to video games as a way to pass the time. Her parents bought her a Nintendo 64 for her seventh birthday, and since then she has kept up with the latest consoles and game releases. For her early years, she maintained a preference for platformers and puzzle games, as they were the games her parents were usually willing to supply. As she grew older, she would shift more to competitive strategy games where she could pit herself against human opponents. Whilst the victories were to be savoured, every defeat was infuriating. Never the less, it proved enjoyable enough to become a regular hobby of hers.

Approaching her final year of elementary school, Mike once again pushed for Alex to be skipped straight into middle school. Though the school was still reluctant, given Alex’s poor social skills and the significant age difference, Mike countered with the notion that she wasn’t going to get any better socially in her current environment, and that a new one would let her make new friends. Though the school still resisted, Mike became much more forceful in his push this time around, and eventually it was allowed for Alex to move ahead a grade. Alex herself was all for the idea, excited at the prospect of meeting a new group of people who might have lived up to her standards, whilst Leanne had quietly resigned herself to going along with Mike’s suggestions.

As a reward for her early admission into middle school, Alex was given her first laptop. Though initially a means for playing computer games, her father eventually connected it to the internet, a feature she quickly embraced. She joined several forums, and though her young age kept her from truly integrating into many of them, the ability to reach more intelligent users and an access to novel attitudes served her well in her otherwise lonely social life.

However, whilst her communication over the internet was much better than her interpersonal skills, Alex still possessed a condescending attitude and little patience for what she considered stupid. This resulted in more than a few arguments on various forums she had joined, leading to some bans of both the temporary and permanent variety. As a result, she often took to making fake accounts for the forums and trolling them in revenge, at least until the IPs were recognised and banned too.

In middle school, despite Mike only using the idea as an excuse to get her early admission, Alex’s social life did make an actual improvement. Whilst there were still plenty of students she couldn’t stand, and being younger and smaller than the other students proved problematic from time to time, Alex had her first encounter with someone she found tolerable: her first friend, Richard “Richy” Denham.

Richy was a small kid too, though he was of the same age as the rest of the class, and was of comparable intelligence to Alex. The two shared most of their interests, and became best friends fast. The two also bonded over putting down the stupid kids in their class, an attitude that did little to endear them to the other students. Both were seen as antisocial freaks, but they supported each other throughout it all.

As middle school progressed, Alex began to spend less time at home and more time hanging out with Richy around the city. This often left Leanne home alone, and whilst she was happy that her daughter had finally found a friend, she began to grow bored with her own life. To make matters worse, the passion in her relationship with Mike had long since vanished, and the two were growing more distant from each other by the day. This resulted in a lot of tension in the household when all three members were present, and Alex had little difficulty picking up on this fact.

It all came to a climax in light of the 2007 financial crisis. As work became unbearable in the face of most of his clients’ companies collapsing, Mike took the tension of his job’s precarious position out at home. Minor grievances turned into full on arguments quickly and swiftly. Leanne tried to avoid the issue, apologising for things that were hardly her fault, whilst Alex watched her father tirade at her mother.

The stress of it all began to impact her performance at school. For the first time in her life, she cut classes so that she could pour herself into the internet, taking out her own frustrations on unsuspecting websites with more of her trolling. The teacher’s took swift notice of this, and as a result of their actions, Mike’s anger moved from Leanne to Alex as well. With his own career hanging in the balance, he was outraged at the idea that his daughter would throw her future away too.

Whilst Alex’s attitude in school had never been particularly endearing, it became obvious to the staff that Alex was suffering, especially when Richy confessed to the problems that Alex had shared with him. Alex would never learn of Richy’s involvement in the matter, however, as she had sworn him to secrecy rather than risk her household’s state getting out to the rest of her class.

Eventually, social services were called in. Rather than suffer what he considered to be the humiliation of rehabilitation for his family’s sake, Mike chose to leave the family after one last argument, citing that if they were so ungrateful for all his work then they could get by without it. It would prove to be the last time Alex would see her father, by her own choice.

Whilst Mike paid his child support, it wasn’t enough to pay the lease on the flat. As Leanne was unable to find work, given the financial climate, the two were limited on options. As Leanne had endured a similarly painful separation from her own family, going to them for help was not an option. As a result, the two had to move into whatever accommodation they could find, which would end up being located in Rainier Valley. Though it was a longer distance to school every day, Alex refused to change schools and lose touch with Richy.

Though the adjustment was painful, Alex also refused any counselling offered by the school, for fear that anyone else would find out. Whilst she still considered herself superior to most of her classmates, she was still very proud at heart, and so she endured the difficult period of her life by herself, not even letting Richy discuss the topic with her. Whilst she still tried to remain close friends with him, she kept her personal life as her own.

Leanne, however, did not fare as well. Suffering a bout of depression after all the events, her relationship with her daughter strained. Alex, already having suffered the loss of one parent, didn’t attempt to push her mother to reconnect; rather she chose to cut herself off from her mother almost completely, only interacting with her at face value. Despite this, her performance in school slowly returned to its original excellent standing, and apart from Mike’s departure, life in the King household returned to a shell of normality.

High school proved to be another opportunity for Alex to step up. In spite of being a year younger than her class mates, she was blessed with an early development and was able to blend in with the crowd without much difficulty. Unlike her entrance to middle school, where she revealed the news without much hesitation, Alex chose not to mention her younger age to the freshmen of Aurora High, even when it became known through other graduates of her middle school. Though there were still plenty of people she thought herself better than, Alex once again met new people who satisfied her high standards, and her social circle expanded yet again.

At the same time, so did Richy’s. Whilst the two had remained friends, Alex’s refusal to confide in Richy had subtly, but noticeably, distanced the two. Eventually his social circle grew separate from Alex’s, and the friendship of the two weakened. This would culminate in Richy’s family moving away from Seattle towards the end of their sophomore year, to Alex’s horror.

Though she had made new friends, Alex felt awful once again. She once again dived into tormenting strangers on the internet as a way to express her pain, but she was, for once, more upset than angry. She began to suspect that she had made him feel emotionally shut out after reviewing their old chat logs, and blamed herself for the entire friendship decaying. Through her grief she began to distance herself from her new friends, too.

Over the summer preceding her junior year, Alex reconnected with her mother. Having finally found secretary work again, Leanne could afford to take the two on outings within the city. Since both were without many close friends at that time, they began to support each other’s loneliness, and repaired their bond over that summer. Despite still feeling the pain of losing Richy, Alex often regards that summer fondly.

Her father, however, would continue to remain out of her life. Though there was a brief period a few months after his departure where he attempted to regain contact with Alex, she refused to acknowledge him after he had hurt both her and her mother, and eventually the attempts to contact her vanished entirely. The only proof that he still acknowledges her is the regular child support cheque, a fact that Alex happily dismisses as a legal requirement and nothing more.

It was during the summer with her mother that Alex would discover her favourite intellectual pursuit: computer science. I.T. classes at school had done little to grab her attention, but a visit to the Pacific Science Centre started off her interest. After exploring a computer technology exhibit, the interest in the inner workings of her laptop began to expand and researching the topic became a regular hobby of hers. She developed a particular affiliation for programming, due to its role in her video games as well as appreciating its influence as the back door to computers.

During junior year, her younger age finally caught up with her. As her classmates began driving and getting part time jobs, Alex found herself feeling her age and left behind for the first time. To fit in with the friends she did have, she would begin exposing herself to illicit substances, notably marijuana. Although she felt stupid for taking it, the realisation that she had begun to fear being a social outcast again convinced her to maintain the habit. Having lost her closest friend in Richy and only having an amicable friendship with her current friends, she did what she could to hang on to those relationships. Though her mother picked up on the signs of her daughter’s new narcotic problem, she was hesitant to bring herself into conflict with her daughter, lest she disconnect from her again, and so said nothing.

It was early on in her marijuana use that the topic of politics came up. In spite of faking her high at the time, the points that one of her compatriots made about the benefits of anarchism in jest stuck with her. The idea of a society without government lingered in her head, and Alex began to pursue online articles about the topic. Eventually she decided that she disagreed with the idea, refusing the believe that the general population were remotely capable of managing their own lives, but the interest in political agendas was born, and Alex began to study different points of view on how society could be run. However, appreciating the benefits and conflicts of most sides, Alex never managed to settle on any single political perspective. Rather, she chose instead to discuss the topic in online settings, arguing with those who point out their own political agendas.

Though she can come off as unnecessarily argumentative in such posts, in truth Alex is merely trying to engage in a discussion in most situations. Unfortunately, her posts more often than not contain a sarcastic tone that discourage further rebuttal, and her propensity to lose her temper when people fail to understand her points more often than not leads to her being mistaken for a troll when she isn’t trying to be one. As usual, she retaliates against these sites with actual trolling.

In her senior year, Alex would gain her first part time job as a Burger King employee. Whilst Alex loathes the job to this day, she also embraces the need for income: whilst her and her mother moved to a larger apartment in the Valley following her mother gaining a job, Alex still had little cash for herself. Due to the stress of the job and the great strains enduring the perceived humiliation caused her, Alex adopted another bad habit and began chain smoking.

Too young to buy cigarettes herself, Alex convinced her older friends to pick them up for her, and when they weren’t around she convinced the shop keeper to look the other way with a larger payment when IDs were requested. Though her success rate was imperfect, she managed to get her hands on enough cigarettes to keep up with smoking. Her mother, once again, chose not to make waves by calling attention to her daughter’s behaviour.

At school, Alex continues to display her academic brilliance with her solid grade point average. Though her skill in technical subjects such as mathematics and science far outweighs her knowledge of subjects like history and literature, she retains a sharp enough memory to achieve well all around. Creative subjects tend to be her folly, if for a lack of interest more than anything, but she gives them little weight in her school performance. She has decided to study computer science at college to further indulge her interest and to have access to what she considers a prosperous career. However, she has yet to decide what she would do with her degree, and believes she will find out in college.

Physically, Alex is as bad as she has always been. Having never had much interest in physical education, nor was she invited to many playground games in school, Alex never experienced much exercise beyond walking. With her current smoking problem, her endurance has taken yet another sharp hit, and so her physical state in general is quite poor.

Now almost at the end of high school, Alex’s social situation has settled into an imperfect but stable situation. Though she is still quick to lash out at harshly anyone she disagrees with and maintains her superior status to anyone who doesn’t live up to her intellectual standards, she has settled into a social circle of sorts with other stoners. Though she does consider herself above most of them, she is afraid to distance herself from them, lest she find herself losing friends again.

The fact that she will have to enter an entirely new social circle at college terrifies Alex, exacerbating her smoking and internet trolling habits. As a result, she has finally relented and begun seeing a school counsellor, a secret she guards with her life. She has acknowledged the fact that she has had to lower her standards to fit in with the rest of the school, a fact that bothers her endlessly, but so far has yet to relent to the idea that lowering her standards isn’t a bad thing. From her point of view, she considers it a betrayal of her own ideals just to fit in with people she considers beneath her, even if those people are her closest friends.

Advantages: Alex is incredibly intelligent, possessing sharp reasoning, pervasive logic and an enduring memory. Despite her hostile attitude, Alex is also surprisingly empathic, an attitude that may allow her to pick up on hostile vibes. In addition, she has a lot of experience with enduring mental and emotional turmoil, which will benefit her endurance on the island.
Disadvantages: Alex is bitter, harsh, cynical, and generally unpleasant to deal with if you can’t live up to her expectations. Even then, she has little in the way of diplomacy and cares even less for compromise. She is also dependent on her tobacco intake, a fact which will no doubt cause her attitude to decay even further if she can’t maintain her smoking habit. Physically, she has little to no capability.

Designated Number: Female student No. 066


Designated Weapon: Kitchen Knife
Conclusion: You can ride the right attitude a long way. G066 is a pretty thorough bitch. I like her. - Matt Richards - You would


G065 - Konipaski, Katarina "K.K."[/DECEASED]

Name: Katarina "K.K." Konipaski
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Running, Politics, Video Games

Appearance: Katarina is on the thin side of average, standing 5'7" and weighing 125 lbs. Furthering the compactness of her form is a general lack of fat, leaving most of her weight to compact, toned muscle. She possesses a classical runner's build, with strong legs and core, but a flat chest and little upper body strength. A light smattering of freckles dots her skin, which tends towards burning rather than tanning and is relatively pale despite the time she spends outside. Even her face has a sharp look to it, with a pointed nose and thin eyebrows and strong chin below. Her eyes are a dull brownish-green and her auburn hair is long and generally kept loose. Though she takes pains to hide them, she has a few minor tics that periodically flash across her face.

Katarina typically dresses in a fairly conservative yet fashionable manner. When she's not wearing running shoes she's likely to be seen sporting some sort of heel, but avoids flaunting her body or showing too much skin. On the day of the abduction, she was wearing a short green tunic top with dark skinny jeans and brown leather boots.

Biography: Katarina was born in Seattle to Jordan and Christina Konipaski, highschool sweethearts from across the strait. Her early life, if not lavish, was at least comfortable, with a spread of extended family in and around the Puget Sound area to offer support, company, and, as Jordan finished his schooling, a well-paid position in the administrative end of a logging company. This allowed Christina to stay home and concentrate on raising Katarina, as well as her two younger brothers, Jayce and Jayden, as they arrived in turn.

While Katarina quickly proved herself to be notably fussy, it was all taken in stride as she was otherwise normal in every respect. As she grew, however, fussy turned to obstinate and her behavior at home and school began to deteriorate. She became insistent on performing tasks or arranging things in certain ways, or might alternatively turn her entire focus to counting or categorizing some insignificant detail, and became extremely agitated when not allowed to manage the world to her pleasing. These symptoms grew in severity until shortly after entering the second grade, when she had become enough of an obstacle to her own learning that a school counselor recommended a formal evaluation. Following a battery of tests, her psychologist diagnosed a severe case of obsessive-compulsive disorder and outlined a course of treatment. Improvement came slowly, but gradually she improved through medication and counseling, dropping the more obstructive behaviors and finding relief from the stress and embarrassment that came along with them, but never fully eradicating the minor compulsions. She retains a small assortment of physical tics, as well as various eccentricities involving counting, categorizing, or enforcing symmetry. While this behavior is generally harmless and mostly unobtrusive, she remains deeply self-conscious of it.

Around the time of Katarina's diagnosis, her father, raised on the original Atari system himself, put his Christmas bonus towards the gift of a Playstation to the whole family. Though Katarina was less immediately enamored than her brothers, she enjoyed spending time with both siblings and parents, supporting, watching, and competing against each other. Once Katarina reached the proper age, her mother gladly exercised the freedom of a free babysitter, frequently leaving her in charge of watching over her younger siblings, and Katarina rather than begrudging her duty began to look forward to the time she could spend in what her parents decided was a perfect activity for keeping the children occupied and out of trouble.

As she grew and moved on into middle school, Katarina proved herself to be opinionated and argumentative to a level even beyond that of a normal teenager. While not exceptionally academically gifted, typically taking advanced classes but hovering around the low end of the honor roll, she sought to use her obdurate nature to distinguish herself and draw attention away from her own idiosyncrasies. She threw herself headlong into discussions of rhetoric and politics, and in pushing herself discovered a very real interest in all things political. Through the influence of her parents, experience through her medical treatment of the power of individual change, and a bit of her innate contrarianism amongst her typically liberal peers, Katarina quickly developed into a passionate conservative and began seeking out TV and internet media to test or reaffirm her viewpoints.

At the same time she was coming into her own intellectually, Katarina also began shaping her physical development by joining her school's cross country team. It was a largely social opportunity, but the activity turned out to be a perfect fit for her - she possessed the right combination of build and mental focus to do well in her races, and the physical activity had a mitigating effect on the symptoms of her OCD. She began taking it quite seriously, devoting her free time to training, staying in form during the off-season, and carefully regulating her diet.

In her freshman year of highschool, Katarina was presented with an opportunity to satisfy her political side even further through the Youth Legislature program at the local YMCA. She took to the simulated congress with gusto, eagerly writing, researching, and proponing her bills and anticipating each meeting as the highlight of her week. Her participation has increased her confidence and grown her skills as an orator, providing an environment where she could both practice public speaking skills amongst friends and test her arguments against a larger, more diverse audience at the state level. Despite the personal growth she owes to her participation, she has never sought office within the program, being content instead to stick with the familiar faces and high-level discourse on the state Senate floor.

In general, life in highschool has been good for Katarina, both at school and at home. Her academic performance and reasonable attitude leave her parents with little to complain about, and she enjoys a personal, informal and sometimes almost sibling-like relationship with them due to the relatively small gap in age. A tendency to overlook the flaws in others in consideration of her own has earned her a wide circle of acquaintances, and shared interests in politics or running have forged a few strong friendships. She a respectable if not outstanding GPA, slacking somewhat in math but making up for it in participation-heavy classes like English and history.

Katarina's hobbies have also continued to stay relevant into highschool. Though she still enjoys gaming as a social activity and a chance to get together with her father and brothers, she's also more than happy to sit down by herself with controller in hand in what free time she has. While she's up for the occasional challenge, she's mostly casual in her tastes, leaving the competition for the other areas in her life and playing simply to relax. She has also continued running competitively, performing well enough to expect to be able to continue to do so as she goes off to college and beyond.

Advantages: Katarina is generally athletic and has excellent endurance in particular. She's also a generally forgiving person and experienced in considering the viewpoints of others and arguing her own, giving her a strong diplomatic backing.
Disadvantages: Though she has good endurance, Katarina has a very slight build and possess little strength, especially in her upper body. She is used to a very particular diet and sleep regimen, making her health a concern if she's going for the long haul. Her obsessive-compulsive tendencies have potential to distract her, breaking her guard against unsavory situations or disrupting her focus when she needs it most.

Designated Number: Female student No. 065


Designated Weapon: Scythe
Conclusion: Shame G065 drew something that needs a bit of strength to use - I was liking her chances. Now I just gotta let out a sighth - Josh Baines (Someone has added the final two letters in pen)


B062 - Wilde, Garrett[/DECEASED]

Name: Garrett Wilde
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Stoicism, Board Games, People Watching, Hiking, Meditating

Appearance: Garrett possesses a below average 5'7” height and unusual gray eyes. He maintains close-cropped black hair and a trimmed goatee, as well as a tanned complexion that suggests long hours spent outdoors. He is of medium build at 152 pounds, with a physique that is fit but not well-toned, placing him at above average physical condition but without extraordinary muscle-mass. His clothing is simple and serviceable on most occasions, defaulting to well-worn jeans and colorful but otherwise unremarkable t-shirts for his day-to-day wear. He exhibits an interest in men's formal wear, however, that expresses itself in a pair of black leather driving gloves inherited from his late grandfather. His face bears a hooked nose and slim lips that are generally upturned into a slight smile.

Biography: Garrett was born to Linda and Matthew Wilde in Seattle, Washington. His father was an international affairs correspondent, which led to him often being away on business during Garrett's youth. He was raised by his mother, a preschool teacher, and his paternal grandfather, a retired professor of philosophy. The relationship between his parents was strained, but his grandfather Alexander acted as a mediator between the two parties due to the fact that he introduced them and felt responsible for balancing their lifestyles. Given that both his parents were committed professionals and his grandfather was often distracted trying to sort out their personal issues, Garrett spent much of his early life alone. He found that he would generally have to exaggerate his emotions to get their attention, though this was passed off as youthful willfulness for much of his childhood rather than a negative consequence of his unfulfilled desires for attention. His mother began ignoring his outbursts so as to avoid reinforcing his behavior. In response, Garrett became even more erratic, much to the concern of Alexander, but Linda refused to cave first. She felt that ultimately the behavior would curb itself once he learned that this was not an appropriate way to gain attention.

This came to a head one afternoon shortly after Garrett turned eight. He was climbing trees in a nearby park that his mother took him to when she and Alexander needed a break from his antics, and from each other. He had been climbing with another young boy, but quickly grew tired of his company. He was already angry due to the fact that his mother and grandfather had been increasingly distant lately, and his father had once again failed to return home for his birthday, but he had been attempting to hide his emotions as well as he could to avoid another lecture. The other boy's refusal to leave triggered an uncharacteristically violent episode in him, however, and they began to scream at each other. During the resulting tantrum, the other boy's branch broke from his constant shaking, and he fell out of the tree. While he survived the fall, it was later confirmed that he was now paralyzed from the neck down.

The event was ruled to be an accident by everyone involved. Records indicate that the parents attempted to sue the city, though nothing came of it and Garrett was never considered a factor in the proceedings outside of possibly appearing as a witness. He did not touch the boy, or come near him during their argument, and there was nothing to suggest that the act had been intentional. His family never heard anything after the incident, though he was forced to go and visit the boy occasionally during his hospital stay. The experience changed him profoundly. He began to associate his emotional outbursts with all the negative things in his life: His father's continued distance, the increasing lack of attention from his mother and grandfather, and now another child's mobility. He withdrew from everyone around him, afraid to express his feelings in the slightest manner. His mother was of little help during this time, as she took the incident as a mark of personal failure. This prompted Alexander to act decisively for the first time on Garrett's behalf, extending his role as a mediator and counselor between Garrett and his mother, a role that was previously off-limits. The aftermath of the accident opened up Garrett's mother to new lines of reasoning, and broke down the barriers that had dominated her relationship with Matthew for so long. Matthew returned home shortly after learning what happened, his guilt from his pronounced absence overcoming his professional instincts. Together, they began slowly rebuilding their respective relationships, and drawing Garrett out of his shell.

Change came gradually for the Wilde family. Most notably, Matthew retired from active correspondence and field journalism in favor of writing novels and memoirs based on his experiences. This allowed him to spend a large amount of his time at home with Alexander and Garrett in an effort to make up for his long absence. It was decided that Garrett should be temporarily withdrawn from school until he was more emotionally stable, and so Alexander took over the task of his education with healthy advice from Linda. On the other side, Matthew began bonding with the his estranged son over their leisure time. Garrett was reluctant to accept him at first, but over time he grew to accept his father's presence. They would spend many mornings hiking in Green Lake Park, enjoying the calm shore view and the serenity of the quiet trail. To help expand Garrett's empathy and interest in other people, they began to play a game where they would guess why their fellow walkers along the trail were out so early, a game that expanded into long, elaborate fictional profiles based on chance encounters with complete strangers. They both knew that none of their observations were even vaguely likely to be true, but it was an exercise that played upon Matthew's skills as a writer and Garrett's burgeoning curiosity towards other human beings.

While Matthew taught Garrett about other people, Alexander spent time teaching him about himself. While his lesson plans included the minimum required focus on subjects of general knowledge ranging from math to English grammar, he spent more and more time on philosophy as Garrett grew older. While there was little he could teach an 8 year old about the life's broader questions, Garrett began to show a strong interest in many philosophical fields by the age of 12. Though Garrett had re-entered public education and thus left Alexander's tutelage shortly after he turned 12, Alexander continued to encourage this interest whenever possible, and on his 14th birthday presented him with a copy of Marcus Aurelius's Meditations. This was the beginning of Garrett's passion for Stoicism, defined by its firm belief that the expression of negative emotion is the root of all social and personal problems. The distinction that Alexander repeatedly stressed in their discussion of Stoicism was that feeling negative emotions was wholly natural, but allowing them to over-ride reason with passion results in negative consequences. This concept appealed to Garrett, and it became a recurring theme in his other schoolwork. This central premise, combined with an emphasis on logic and evidence prominent in Stoic literature, drove Garrett to become a better student than ever. While some found his philosophy to be strange, others were at the very least appreciative of his positive outlook and non-confrontational nature. As he entered High School he was regarded as a generally bright young man with high grades and a disarmingly care-free nature. He quickly excelled in the fields of English and social science, with no small help from his father, and is well-known among the faculty of Aurora High School for his well-honed critical insight in his papers. Despite his clear ability to pick apart ideas, however, Garrett has declined several invitations to join the school debate club, on the grounds that he finds the emphasis on disagreement to be distracting. Instead, he connects with his peers through is love of board games, an activity he spent many long hours honing with Alexander during their lessons and discussions. While he will play any table-top game presented, he has developed a particular fondness for strategic games ranging from Chess to complex military strategy games such as Warhammer 40k. This hobby accents his natural intelligence and resourceful analysis well, and makes him at the very least tactically competent.

All together, Garrett has come far in the last ten years. He is a stable, well-adjusted student without significant tension in his home life. Records indicate that his grandfather died two years ago, but Garrett continues to cite him as the greatest influence on his life. For his 16th birthday, Alexander gave him a pair of black leather driving gloves to preemptively celebrate his new driver's license. Garrett is rarely seen without them, treating them as a symbol of the control and freedom they built together over the years. After Alexander's death, Matthew stepped back into his place as Garrett's primary role model and confidante, a relationship which seems at least superficially solid. They spend weekends together discussing current affairs, editing Matthew's latest project, and shopping for unusual formal wear. While he is not quick to make very close friends, he has wide number of positive acquaintances, and has grown to value his various support networks in both friends and family, though he often spends time alone to reflect. He is fond of meditating, sometimes for hours, at many locations across the city, though he seems to favor Alkie Beach the most. This appears to be a habit he inherited from Alexander, and may be another way he seeks to hold his connection to his departed mentor.

Advantages: Garrett is calm, logical, and intelligent. He is not likely to take any drastic actions and his philosophy makes him difficult to shake. He bonds well with strangers and has grown to excel at putting the needs of others before his own. He learns quickly and can adapt to unfamiliar situations well if he is given a moment to think. He is in good physical condition from his frequent hikes with his father, as well as his dedicated routine.
Disadvantages: Garrett has little regard for his own safety. If left alone he will defend himself and survive as necessary, but he is more likely to attempt to negotiate with someone than attack them, even if he has established hostile intent. If he can maintain his training, he will most likely never kill another individual to save his own life, though he may be able to act to save someone else. Likewise, he is predisposed to putting himself in danger if he believe it will assist someone else, even if he has no particular attachment to that person. While he isn't necessarily trusting of other people, he is quick to support what he perceives as good intent and could be easily tricked into assisting someone claiming to be passive.

Designated Number: Male student No. 062


Designated Weapon: YoYo
Conclusion: Seemed solid enough up until the whole pacifism deal - hesitate and you're gonna die, simple as that. And... little regard for his own safety? I guess YOLO with that YoYo - Matt Richards


B059 - Zimmer, David[/DECEASED]

Name: David Zimmer
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Swim Team, Soccer Team, Gardening

Appearance: David's height is 5'7'' and he weighs 155 lbs. His physique can be described as naturally muscular, being slightly top-heavy. He is moderately toned, but it wouldn't be visible when he wears something loose. His skin is slightly tanned and his eyes are gray-blue. David's face is shaped like an oval, featuring thin lips, a big nose with narrow nostrils, small eyes and thin, strongly-arched eyebrows. It is surrounded by curly blond hair, which reaches to his neck on the sides and to his upper back on the backside.

David doesn't care a lot about his clothing, but he usually wears t-shirts and denim pants in the warmer months, with an additional pullover in the colder ones. At the day of abduction, he wore a white t-shirt, whose motif resembles the Puma logo, although the puma is substituted with a kitten, and the caption reads kitten. Additionally, he wore blue skinny denim pants, light-brown leather shoes, gray socks, and black retroshorts.

His inner left palm has a thumb-sized brown scar, which he acquired at the age of two when he touched a hot cooking plate.

Biography: David was born as the only child of Maria Zimmer (born Breyer), an unemployed mother who stayed at home to raise her child, and Nicolas Zimmer, the owner of a local bakery, on the 29th of April 1994 in Seattle. He was raised in the suburbs of Seattle and never moved, as the uncle of Nicolas, Pierce Zimmer, a former senator and wealthy bank manager, owned the house. Pierce got the house for a cheap price at an auction, just for the purpose of putting his relatives in there after Nicolas asked. Pierce was willing to use his wealth and only demanded that the Zimmers would look after Pierce in case that he would be unable to live on his own. While the Zimmers were far from poor, they wanted to use the money that would have otherwise been spent on rent for an apartment or an self-built home.

At the age of 8, Pierce Zimmer advised David to get more athletic by swimming regularly. The reason for that advise was that Pierce deemed that physical fitness is a very important factor in life, and should be something that people care about from a young age on. Since Pierce was a very avid swimmer himself, he suggested this sport to be a fitting activity. David took up the advice and began to swim regularly in different locations in and around Seattle. His parents both approved his new found hobby and supported him with every possibility they had, as they saw how much joy David experienced. He continues to be a passionate swimmer.

In 2004, Pierce Zimmer died, and Nicolas inherited the house. David, who has bonded with Pierce, was rather shocked by the death, and mourned for a few weeks. Eventually he managed to overcome his grief, mostly due to the emotional support his nuclear family gave, and also still having a healthy mind with healthy emotional stability.

On his tenth birthday, Nicolas Zimmer gave David a soccer ball, thinking it might be fascinating for David. When entering middle school, he joined the soccer club of his middle school since he thought that the game is interesting. He still keeps a medium interest in soccer, since the game encourages team-play. He plays as a defender, and his skills are average compared to other soccer players. David also joined the swimming club of said school.

In the next spring, Maria Zimmer began to create a garden in her yard. This caught David's interest as he was fascinated by the way plants grow and he began tending the garden with her, which was appreciated by Maria. Over the years, he learned much about this activity and became very good in nourishing a garden, and while he only is working in his mother's yard, he received a corner which he is allowed to design in any way he wants. His corner consists of a significant amounts of hawthorn bushes.

When he began to attend Aurora High School, he joined the swimming club and the soccer club. He is one of the top swimmer, but in as a soccer player, he is fairly average. His grades are either lower than average or higher than average. PE is his favorite subject and his enthusiasm usually earns him a A+. On the other side is English. It is his least favorite subject since he usually doesn't get any better than a C-. His father doesn't mind the English marks, but his mother regularly lectures David to learn. The continued failure hasn't resulted in any bigger consequences than that.

The most prominent traits David got from his parents are his friendliness and great optimism. Other defining character traits are his tidiness, his light ambition and his pacifistic nature. David is a very caring and protective individual, which earns him many friends across all age groups. He received most of these traits from his great uncle, who often told him about the importance of harmony and friendship.

His circle of friends is rather big. A lot of younger children admire him for his protective attitude and some teenager in his age group are fond of his open mind. David can be rather obsessive with his behavior, insisting that people become friends with him, mostly people who are shy. He believes that he helps them to break out of a shell this way, and since these shy people tend not to tell him that he is bothersome, David doesn't realize that he is not always helpful. While he has a lot of contacts, he doesn't have many people who are very close to him.

David has a clear view of what is proper and what is improper behavior. People who behave improperly, mostly what can be called bullies and generally antisocial people, are still treated with respect by David, but it is easily noticeable that David is treating them colder. Nonetheless, he is forgiving person and is happy when people who did mistakes apologize, or show in any other way wish for redemption. If that happens, David warms up to them.

Despite the wishes of his mother, who wants David to get a job with a great income, David only wants to live a simple life. He doesn't know yet what he exactly wants, although he plays with the thought of a job that allows him to work with people who need help, such as a job as a nurse. Nicolas gently urges David to take over his bakery someday, yet he accepts the wishes of his son. He tried to employ David once, but David declined, arguing that it is more important to focus on school. Nicolas accepted that, but still offers David the chance to change his mind.

He wants to have a girlfriend, yet his big nose makes him feel insecure in romantic matters. David usually doesn't like to talk about this topic. This resulted in some unrequited crushes in middle and high school. Often, if these crushed would demand anything from David, he would do them that favor.

Advantages: David's biggest advantage will be his athletic body. His experience with swimming might help him crossing obstacles on the island, such as rivers, that are too difficult for other students. His friendly attitude might help him in finding allies.
Disadvantages: As a forgiving person, known players could gain his trust, and thus have a better chance to catch David off-guard. Additionally, he will probably help people even if it draws him into dangerous situations.

Designated Number: Male student No. 059


Designated Weapon: Fencing Sabre (Sharp)
Conclusion: Classic bodyguard case we got here. I'll set up the betting pool for how quick he gets stabbed in the back. Sorry bro, can't trust people in this game. - Josh Baines