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Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Vote Cou-

Oh wait, nobody's done anything yet.

Deadline on the 2nd. 7 to lynch.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Having spent the night utilising her superior VIM to bust through obstacles with all the subtlety of a freight train on steroids, Geno finds herself picking through the wreckage of an office, searching for clues. Unfortunately, she is so focused on this task that she does not spy a group of Surly Thugs entering the room behind her until they have each produced a deadly RING OF KEYS!

At the last instant, Geno turns and the Thugs open fire!

Posted Image

Geno is able to complete a successful AUTO-PARRY!

It is a mortal wound!

Ace Dick has been slain.

Geno, Ace Dick - Town Cop

01. Zetta
02. Vole
03. Kami
04. Rocky
05. Moth
06. Drop
07. Rattle
08. Ban
10. Mimi
11. Slam
12. Sunny
15. Grim Wolf

12 alive = 7 to lynch.

You have until the 2nd at 20:00 GMT to reach a decision.

Pointless topic revival go.

How do you pick where your character goes?
I blindfold myself and throw darts at a chart with locations on it.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Need one or two more.

Deadline tomorrow at 20:00 GMT, you know the drill.

Come As You Are
((No sweat, I'm not always on the ball either.))

"I'm quite alright - although I must say that keeping an eye on Kristina was a little wearing. She's been quite the bundle of nerves this evening."

"Papa!" Kris cried out, slightly embarrassed that her father would say such a thing so casually, but not exactly surprised by it. Erik had a wry sense of humour and that sort of remark, especially to a date, was frankly par for the course for him.

Erik tipped his daughter a wink and looked back to Etain. "Yes... I believe it would at that. I'm not sure whether I should thank or curse my brother for introducing her to that board of hers..."

As her date and her father spoke, Kris stood to one side, slightly awkwardly as it happened. She was anxious to get going, anxious to see a little nod of approval from her father. Kris was really hoping that Etain would get a pass. Jeez, she'd probably been building him up as some kind of superman - that wasn't fair to him, now her father would be expecting way too much... Erik tried to stand by her, but it wasn't always the easiest thing for him to do. Kris' lack of interest in academic fields was a hard pill for him to swallow and more than once he'd expressed disapproval at her direction in life.

She just hoped that this would be one 'direction' that her father took kindly to...

Please Papa... just... like him, okay?

Whilst Kris was agonising, Erik was continuing the conversation. "So, have you got plans for the evening? Should I expect Kristina home in the small hours, or will you be keeping hold of her for a couple of days?"

The Dance Must go on!
Rosa smiled warmly as Felicia answered the question, noticeably stumbling a little bit over her words. Although the grin was quite genuine, it really concealed a slight smirk - something that Rosa knew wouldn't be the best idea to be flashing about. So... Rosa wasn't the only one who remembered that very first day of senior year and the two or three isolated ... repeats (although none quite as blatent) of the same sort of behaviour.

Well well... looks as if Felicia might not need as much reeling in as I thought... Easy now Rosa, don't want to piss ol' Jonesy off. Well, not yet at least.

The signs were definitely there. The nervousness, the fact that Felicia was concentrating a lot more on her than on her own date. Hell, Rosa herself was getting some butterflies - this crush (well, if that's how Felicia felt too) cut both ways. The other girl had really grown on Rosa over time. Okay so maybe she wasn't drop dead gorgeous, could stand to lose a little weight, but she was funny in a goofy way, and she most certainly had some attractive curves to her figure. Sure, not a knock out, but there was something about Felicia Carmichael that attracted Rosa greatly...

"Thanks," Rosa said upon her appearance being complimented. "You're looking good too," On her date... Rosa had to hide a smile. "Oh me? I'm not with anybody - not right now at least."

Hint #1 can consider itself dropped.

Rosa gave another smile when Felicia spoke again. "I'm sure there's more to come from tonight for you guys. Never know what'll happen at prom, eh?"

Hint #2...

"It's been decent. I can see it picking up quite soon, though," one last smile. This one, more sly.

Annnd '3. Enough for now, step back and see how she reacts...

Introduction Thread
May 27 2010, 10:09 AM
Greetings! Welcome and be joyous. And don't worry; the only biter here is Mimi, and she does it out of love.
I shank for kicks though.

Watch out for that one.

One exam down, two to go.

Will get back in gear a little bit more with my postaging.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread


Town: Form a menacing mob.

It seems that with that, it's on! Solomir ain't going down without a fight, and sets about himself with gusto. However, eventually the numbers game tells, giving the town a chance to execute their ability:

Level 28 Lynchtech - Let 'em swing!





Dead - Solomir: Mobster Kingpin, Mafia Godfather

Night 3 begins, ending when it ends.

Introduction Thread
Ahahaha. Another one.

Do I get some kind of commission for this?

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Vote Count:

Solomir (6): Vole, Kami, slam, Geno, Mimi, ban
Slam (2): Solomir, Zetta
Kami (1): Rattle
Mimi (1): Wolf

8 to lynch.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Having indulged in a mild amount of stripping, Zehk steps out of the Sleazy Brothel into the Sky out onto Whore Island, the ends of his moustache smolduring slightly from excessive twiddling. However, as he checks behind him to ensure that all have seen he has emerged from a LEGITIMATE ESTABLISHMENT, a shadowy figure approaches, carrying a MEGATON KEY, which is swung at him with great VIM!

The BRASS KNUCKLES impact forcefully against the face of the Dapper Swain, putting him out for the count. Stowing the MEGATON KEY in a pocket, Mobster Kingpin grins sinisterly. Time to get to work.

Zehk, Dapper Swain, Townie

01. ZettaMagnetic
02. KillerVole
03. Kami
04. Rocky
05. Moth
06. Dropbear
07. Rattle
08. Ban
09. Geno
10. Mimi
11. Slam
12. Friedchickenisha
13. Grim Wolf
14. Solomir

Senaria as Loathesome Beast, Mafia Hitman
Zehk as Dapper Swain, Townie

14 alive = 8 to lynch.


Bounce wasn't really paying attention to either of the others seated at the table, nor their conversation. So far as she was concerned, they were just an unnecessary distraction. All Bounce wanted to do was sit down, eat her lunch and take off as soon as possible. She didn't much care for making small talk, even amongst people she knew well, so when it was just a couple of guys she vaguely recognised from her year? Yeah, there were definitely better things to do.

The sooner I'm able to get this finished, the sooner I will be free to go to the library. I should be able to steal a little time on the internet before lunch is over...

As such, Bounce only really caught a fraction of what the more stocky kid said when he addressed her. She heard 'SotF' and that happened to grab her attention, but only after it took a couple of seconds to process actually hearing it in the first place. She heard the last part, about supporting something with money? But yeah, she hadn't really heard him...

Bounce paused with her fork halfway to her mouth, hesitating. She didn't really want to be drawn, but the mention had piqued her curiousity. Wasn't it worth at least following up on, just to see if this was a fellow fan?

"Excuse me?" she said carefully, trying not to sound hostile or defensive.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Still shy one last action.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread

Town: Agress suspicious individual.

Level 17 lynchtech - Raucous Mob!



- Dead - Senaria: Loathesome Beast, Mafia Hitman

Night 2 begins until the 21st, normal time.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Solomir in for Korazon on account of his busy schoolings/away status.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Vote Count:

Senaria (8): Vole, Rattle, Slam, Sunny, Moth, ban, Geno, Zehk
Vole (1): Senaria
Sunny (1): Wolf

Not Voting: 6

9 to lynch.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Vote Count:

Senaria (6): Vole, Rattle, Slam, Sunny, Moth, ban
Vole (1): Senaria
Sunny (1): Wolf

Anti-Homophobia Day
Spread the love, guys.