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Character Portrait Project
Jacob already has a picture.

Where East Meets West
Face aflame, Rosa emerged from underneath the table, having yanked her skirt right back down again. It seemed that dresscode did have its practicalities after all... If possible, Rosa flushed even more when Eiko asked her the question. Well, what was she supposed to say? She had been flirting with Eiko - but not to the point where she wanted flash her panties at her for crying out loud!

Rosa would have shot Felicia a glare for her comment, but Eiko would have caught that since the other were sitting alongside one another. Rosa forced herself to school her expression and do nothing. It might have been meant in light heart, but Rosa took it as a jab. Very funny Felicia. The Italian wasn't that great a liar, so she wanted to avoid outright denying Eiko's question, but it would be a horrible thing to admit straight up, wouldn't it? Who flashed their underwear to flirt?

"Why would I, uh... do... that to flirt with somebody? I guess you don't know me that well, and I am pretty direct. But not that direct!"

Hopefully, that would reassure Eiko, but the blush wasn't going anywhere, and Felicia's laughing fit earlier hadn't exactly helped matters. Rosa supposed the Japanese girl would learn about her reputation soon enough though...

Maybe I should come clean. That was an accident, but the rest...?

Tone in profiles
Replying to profiles

Bottom line: Don't do it unless you're staff, or the person who submitted the application in the first place. This doesn't happen too often, but it does crop up now and then. If you have an issue with the staff critiques or the profile itself, PM the member in question.

Webcomic Drafting Game
Round 6 Drafting Order
1. banthesun
2. KillerVole
3. ZeM
4. Yossarian
5. R-S-Lee

Round theme: ...Who? Your pick must be a character that has appeared in NO MORE than fifteen strips.

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Brian Cohen
Yoss, there's an awesome feature of boards like this known as 'Private Messaging' - maybe you should give it a try.

Webcomic Drafting Game
May 29 2009, 04:50 AM
I'm going to take the lazy option, and pick Lord Manpower the Temporary, who dies in the second strip.

You know he comes back as a zombie/uncroaked, right?

Character Portrait Project
This is... ambitious, to say the least. There are a whole lot of characters and a whole lot of people to keep happy. Not to be discouraging, but I'm not sure if this is entirely practical.

All the same... art away, the best of luck to all of you.

A few questions
1. First off, I wouldn't get too wrapped up in the whole 'Getting kills' business, because there's a lot more to the game than that. Generally, if you want to kill somebody (preferably a rolled) character, yeah, you contact the handler. However, consider the situation, such as if you're in a thread with the character in question already. That makes it much, much easier.

Generally speaking, people will come to you with death ideas if you get rolled, however, if you have an idea yourself, don't hesitate to contact somebody and put it out there.

2. An announcement will be made to signify the start of applications/the game itself, whereupon profiles will be able to be submitted. However, the staff team do reserve the right to deny profiles even though they were approved based on pregame due to various issues that can crop up, or based off RPing standard of the handler in the pregame.

Anyway, hope that clears things up a little. Ask away if you still aren't sure.

Naked Ambition
Wait... this isn't the elevators... rgh! I wish I could read those freaking signs properly.

Brock Mason was not a happy bunny, not by any means. What should have been a simple excursion out was turning into a minature nightmare. It was all because the stupid stairs were closed off. Being cleaned, or something stupid like that, too wet to walk on or whatever... so Brock, who had never been an 'elevator' kind of guy, had been forced to try and find them. So maybe he should have know the layout of the place better, but he didn't, and so had to basically just wander around and hope. No use trying to read directions... it was all gibberish to him.

So Brock found himself, instead of heading upstairs, where he actually wanted to go, at the near deserted ice skating rink. He was about to turn around and leave in wordless frustration when he realised that the solde person out there skating was somebody he actually knew. Hilary... something or other, from school, one of the Brits. She wasn't somebody Brock liked, but then again, nor was she somebody he disliked.

At least she wasn't one of those damn know-it-alls...

Brock wandered over to the edge of the rink and leaned on the wall, looking over it and at Hilary, and giving her a half-hearted wave. Maybe she knew where the elevators were...

BR: remake and related discussion
Ha... Condemned was a decent film, but not great. Too many 'explosive anklet' deaths, and the favourtisim (in character) shown to Vinny Jones' character kinda ruined the end.

Anyway, I'm sure writing a screenplay is harder than it sounds, lol.

Where East Meets West
Wow, that was pretty heavy stuff. Eiko's workload sounded like it was approaching the level of Rosa's brother Ilario in volume. Still, Rosa doubted that Eiko had the same kind of pressure on her that Ilario enjoyed, since he'd almost been set on a pedastal above his two sisters. Maybe Rosa could persuade her brother to setup a meeting or two through their shared lessons...

All the same, Rosa did have a couple of the same classes as Eiko. Although she wasn't exactly sure where she wanted to go after leaving school, Rosa had taken up subjects she felt would help her be successful if she ever inherited part of her father's business... then again, knowing Ilario Fiametta Junior, most of it would probably wind up in his namesake's lap...

"Sounds like we'll be seeing each other now and then Eiko. I'm down for a few business courses too. Still, don't think I've got it quite as tough as you."

Rosa smiled when Felicia spoke up, it was becoming clear that Eiko really was all business. But then, looking at how she was dressed, was that really particularly surprising? You could tell a lot from how somebody dressed - a judgement Rosa knew was frequently used on herself. Still looking and listening to Felicia, Rosa reached for her fork but fumbled it, dropping it underneath the table.

"Ah fu- uh, damn! Be just a sec."

Rosa ducked under the table, going onto hands and knees to retrieve the utensil. It wasn't exactly a hard task, but when she turned around to scramble back to her place, Rosa felt a telltale slipping around her thighs. Without looking, Rosa knew her skirt had ridden right up, and given how short it was... underwear ahoy...

Um, uh... fuck.

BR: remake and related discussion
It depends on whether or not they put some effort into actual characterisation... 42 people was far too many to handle properly in the original film, and it boiled down to all of five of the characters actually getting development.

So long as there are less characters (like, max 20, in my opinion), and yeah, a decent director, I think it could fly.

Looking for 'Company'
Right... a compliment. Grow a clue Teo.

Rosa rolled her eyes and went back to her drink for a while. She'd probably come across as a bit big headed there, but she didn't care a great deal. Rosa had had to deal with a bad reputation for a very long time, and she didn't see how 'egotistical' was much worse than 'slut'. Once Robert started speaking to her she didn't looked around.


The night had been going okay up until that little 'assumption' from Teo. Now, though, Rosa was just irritated, drunk as she was. Usually, Rosa just got daft when she was drunk, but that wasn't to say she always took her alcohol so well. On occasion, it mixed with her already fiery temper to produce something of an explosion. That wasn't on the cards quite yet though... Teo's remark hadn't irked her that much.

"Fuck it, come on then Teo, doubles."

Rosa slid off her barstool and grabbed her drink, she swayed slightly, but corrected herself before anything could happen. She'd have to watch herself though, she did have to get home after all...

"So which of you sexy things do I get to team up with then?" Rosa teased. In truth, none of Teo, Natasha, and Robert were bad looking, but she hadn't really meant the remark in that sense.

But how would they know that with you, huh?

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Webcomic Drafting Game
Round 5 Drafting Order
1. Yossarian
2. ZeM
3. banthesun
4. R-S-Lee
5. KillerVole
6. banthesun
7. Yossarian
8. R-S-Lee
9. KillerVole
10. ZeM:

Round Theme: The Erf round. Your pick must be from fantasy webcomic Erfworld. You have 48 hours to make your pick. The round will end once everybody has made both of their picks.

Yossarian has a one day grace period to read some of the comic (essentially, he has three days to make his pick). Obviously the 'can't draft from the same comic' rule is not in effect for this round.

WDG - Rosters, Trade, and Discussion
Yes, that's fine.

Webcomic Drafting Game
Hm... sorry, but I think that'll have to be repicked. Bibble isn't really evil, it's just a running gag that Jim thinks he is, ironically because of his beard. So yeah, even though I see where you're coming from, and Bibble does have the evil goatee, he's not really a bad guy.

Mia Kuiper
Okay, good to go, Approved.

WDG - Rosters, Trade, and Discussion