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Newbie help
Alright, thanks for helping me out there, it should point me in the right direction for V3 later...

V3 Character shorts...
Might as well get a move on...

Bobby Jacks: African-american who is an excellent boxer and calm at all times, but also very wary of people.

Tyson Neills: Skinny little black guy who spent about half his life in England, thinks he's witty and funny. He isn't.

Sean O'Cann: Irish born baseball ace, though incredibly shy.

Maybe more, maybe I'll change them, you never know.

Newbie help
Well since this thread is here, and I think I qualify as the newest newbie...

I've got an issue with the "death" system. So here's how I understand it:

At the beginning of each months, characters are randomly rolled up. These can be changed using "swap" cards or "hero" cards.
First question: Does everybody automatically get these?

Then, if a character is on the "doomed" list, somebody can PM them and ask to be the one to kill their character, if they agree, they can then work on the death together.

What happens then? It appears that there is a post or two to determine how the character dies but I'm just not sure.

Have I got that right? I'd appreciate it if somebody could help clear that up for me.