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Cast in the Name of God
What a partnership that had been.

'Ally problems!'

'Can we trust you?'

'I am very trustworthy!'

'Good cause we don't like shooting people!'

'Hey look a people!'


That wasn't funny.

Coleen had appeared out from behind the couch, and for a couple seconds, there was something genuinely scary on her face. Enzo didn't know whether it was anger or adrenaline-soaked fear, just that they'd never seen Coleen with an expression like that. They hadn't really known her as long as the other members of the band, but she was good people and Enzo considered her a friend. Plus, y'know, with everything that was going on Vinny still had that vested interest-

They were trying to distract themselves from the fact that Coleen was standing there with a gun, an assault rifle, which had been up to a couple seconds ago pointed directly at them. She stopped, but that wasn't super reassuring.

Honestly, not-very-frickedy-much was likely to reassure Enzo right now. Blair had given Enzo assurances. Blair was the one who'd told them that her and Alba weren't violent, and look how the hell that had turned out.

Fricking shooting someone and then ditching them.

Shooting... someone.


The realisation hit round about the same time the final person in the room—Olivia, her name was—started freaking out about it. Rainy was still there, still shot, and still bleeding.

They hadn't spoken since shouting at Blair. Cat had their tongue. Cat, or gunshy. One of the two. Enzo sort of just nodded at Olivia, glancing back to Coleen.

"Uh, yeah. What she said. They took off."

Enzo stepped inside the room, 'cause they were assuming that they were off Coleen's hook for the time being. They hoped so. That would be a stupid way to get shot.

Once again, though, they were in a spot where they had no idea what to do. Their experience of medical treatment consisted of trying to hold on to the gaping wound in the stomach of their best friend.

That was a cheery thought. Good job optimism.

Vinny peeled on over to Georgie Lee, crouched down alongsides. Blood. Whoohoo. They were definitely not into this. Especially not Rainy. Turned out, seeing your best friend shot and bleeding out didn't make it any easier when it was someone else.

"Hey, Rainy. Gonna take care of you, all right? Do what we can and... stuff."

Cast in the Name of God
Enzo would have liked to hope that Blair firing her gun when they grabbed her wrist was an accident. Just, y'know, shock and surprise contributing to squeezing the trigger. That was plausible, right?

'Cept it was bad enough that she'd fired in the first place. And at somebody, to boot, so fixing on whether the second shot was an accident was sort of like closing the stable door after you set the horse on fire.

Speaking of bolting, Blair did just that moments later. Enzo swore because it made them feel a little bit better, and also delayed the rising, crushing panic in their chest the tiniest amount.

Coleen was freaking out. Blair just shot someone and then ran. Georgia Lee was bleeding and hurt. Too much was happening at once. Had grabbing Blair been the right thing? Was it the right thing but too late? They'd only been travelling with her a short while but she hadn't looked set to go trigger happy then!

Vinny took a step after Blair, faltered. They wanted an explanation in the worst way, and hell, to make sure that Blair wasn't gonna go off shooting anyone else. But Coleen was right here, and right now. Rainy was here too. Enzo owed Cameron—Brady and BB and Vanessa—to calm things down with Coleen, make sure she was okay. Plus, they liked Rainy. Hadn't crossed paths too many times, sure, but it'd been an unexpected little gem of interaction every time.

Plus, honestly, someone was hurt and needed help. Whether Enzo liked them or not shouldn't have had any bearing on it.

Alba chased after Blair, told Enzo to stay put, and that settled it, pretty much.

They stood still, held both hands up, palms flat and fingers outstretched.

Coleen was counting.

Cast in the Name of God
Okay. Wow. How in the earthly (and unearthly) fuck had this gone from 'speak of the devil there's Coleen!' to 'I-do-not-trust-you-for-hitherto-unexplained-but-stupid-reasons' to some kind of a freaking stan-

Blair fired her gun, and if things hadn't been going to hell in a handbasket already, they were now sledding down satan's own skislope. This was not how teaming up with these two was supposed to go. It was supposed to be a group with an understanding, and hell, Enzo was the one going out of their way to extend trust, because it wasn't them who had killed people already. They were giving Blair and Alba the benefit of the doubt.

Blair wasn't supposed to take that benefit, snap it over her knee, then use it to stab someone.

Georgia went down, a scream went with her, and Enzo's estimation of this whole sorry shitshow went tumbling after.

"The fuck, Rocky!?"

Okay, enough shouting, enough just letting words try and handle it. If people weren't going to listen, then that was clearly a frigging problem. Georgia was hurt. Bad. And why? Because Blair couldn't freaking keep her itchy finger off the trigger?

Vincenzo went for Blair's gun hand, snapping out for her wrist, because screw being diplomatic, you did not get to keep your gun privileges if you shot someone in front of them.

Cast in the Name of God
((Enzo continued from Cucurrucucú paloma))

Oh, good. Back where Enzo had had their number one rated murder talkshow with Kimiko. Hopefully she wasn't still there. That would have been straight up awkward, and maybe lethal? Kind of lethal. Kimiko hadn't killed Enzo, but then she'd killed since meeting Enzo, so...

Logic was hard. Murder logic was really hard, especially when it came to a mute girl you'd still somehow managed to hold a conversation with.

Alba and Blair weren't the most talkative pair. Enzo had tried to strike up a couple lines of conversation, but there was, well, there was kind of a dearth of topics to talk about.

'Hey, working on that killing spree?'

'How about that time you both murdered someone?'

'So, how's your sex life?'

Neither seemed like they were in the mood for any such shenanigans. Still, nice to have people around?

Sort of. In a lot of ways it just made Enzo miss Cameron even more.

"Hope you didn't bust my chair," Enzo remarked lightly in response to Alba, trailing along after Blair.

The brevity didn't last long. Up opened the door, up went the corners of Enzo's mouth.


Blair raised her gun. Enzo felt cold, and then warm, and then cold again.

"What the dick are you doing!?"

Yes! Exactly, other-person-oh-hey-it-was-Rainy.

Cucurrucucú paloma
What was kind of depressing was when you figured that it was pretty much okay to trust some people, on account that you'd hung out with someone who'd killed more than them.

Alba and Blair were—they were Alba and Blair. Enzo knew both of them. Enzo knew basically everyone who they'd encountered or whose name they'd heard on those god-fucking-dang announcements. Same as Enzo had known both Rene and Kaitlyn, the two girls who these two had killed.

And like, Vinny wanted to keep front and centre what they'd been telling Nate earlier, which is that whatever happened, they were all still them. And they all were. Just, y'know, killers on top of that.

But regardless, Kimiko's acts hadn't stopped Enzo before, so they weren't going to allow it to stop them here.

So. Yeah.

A big 'ol fuck you to logic and to paranoia, on top of that. If nothing else, it would be nice to spend a little time with some people. Steve's company was wonderful and all, but there was only so long that Enzo could talk to somebody who couldn't speak back.


What Enzo knew that they were dodging was the actual endgame here. Decide they could trust Blair and Alba, sure, fine. Blair had a gun. So did Alba. Vinny was kind of weirdly desensitized to that, cause wasn't really gonna make much difference one way or the other if the two really were psychos.

That was besides the point.

But find Brendan, Bryony—do what they could to find Coleen, or Vanessa again, and... then what?

And then what?

Enzo trailed after them.

Keeping their spirits up, that they could do, but without an actual plan...


((Enzo continued Cast in the Name of God))

Welcome To New V6 Staff
MK Kilmarnock
Apr 20 2017, 06:18 PM
It's pretty hard to be banned on this site, which makes it all the more impressive some people manage it. And we're not fuckin' pay-for like SA.
Hahahahahaha yes who my fellow volunteers would ever accept money for their services and/or incentives.

Cucurrucucú paloma
((Vinny continued from Hi, Steve))

So there had been noise coming from over this way earlier on, but then it had stopped. It had actually sounded like music, even, though Enzo had been too preoccupied to concentrate on it. They'd had priorities, like doing that there sunbathing, and talking to Steve, and...

No, not really talking to a person with a name they'd made up. Enzo had been talking to back home. Sincerely, they hoped that the message hadn't gone direct to Bee, even less so to Brady. Too much was happening out here that would just be so impossibly painful to watch. Better for everyone concerned if they didn't. Even though Enzo was in this situation and they both weren't, Vinny couldn't help feeling sorry for them. Not that they wanted them both here, just that...

That feeling of watching Cams die, and not being able to do a single thing about it. Wouldn't that just be a million times worse if you were sitting there safe at home? Coleen and Vanessa were here too, and Enzo had struggled more than once with the decision to leave Vanessa, but dammit they'd been pissed and she'd been blaming them for what Alessio did, and Enzo didn't have time for shit like that.

Maybe they should've sucked it up, though. That was their boyfriend and best friend's bandmate, and Cams—her friendship didn't just belong to Enzo. Vanessa had been close to her too.

Man, keep thinking like this and they were gonna drive themselves nuts. Couldn't get caught up in the details. They'd reacted. They'd been justified. End of story.

Enough of the thoughts, though. People were up there in the tower; Enzo could see them moving around. And sure, maybe it was just reckless to act like there wasn't any danger in approaching people that they couldn't identify, cause maybe they were dangerous...

Buuut thing was, Enzo was nothing if not stubborn as a mule. and if they weren't cautious because they didn't want to be cautious, then nobody was making them. Keep believing long and hard enough and maybe it'd even come good.



They cupped their hands to their mouth.

"Hey! Dorks! It's Enzo! Can I come up there?"

Hi, Steve
((Enzo continued from Serenity Prayer))

You knew things were fucked up when you lost one of your best friends over two days ago and didn't even start processing it until you stumbled across their dead body.

Irene's corpse was on the ground in the garage back there, and even though Vinny had listened and heard about it happening, it hadn't been there, it hadn't been in front of them.

In some tiny way, Enzo could kid themselves that if they weren't there, then it hadn't happened. See no evil.

Instead, they'd found Irene laying on the floor like some kind of discarded... thing. Enzo couldn't handle seeing her like that, had exited stage right, and headed back out into the vehicle depot itself. Today, they'd learned of a different kind of horrible to someone dying right in front of you. Someone dying when they weren't there. Without the slightest chance of doing anything about it. Another form of impotence, another form of uselessness.

Cams dead. Irene dead. Nate so despairing that Enzo didn't know if he wasn't just gonna end it for himself. Was anything they were doing making a difference? Kimiko had killed since they last met; Nancy, who herself was a murderer too. Talk about this situation and forcing people's hands however much you wanted, it was still, it was...

How could it even be considered to be right for killing someone who'd killed too? Eye for an eye—more like taking the eye of another victim because the true perpetrator was out of reach.

On reflection, Enzo's track record could be better.

Now, Enzo was sprawled out on the hood of a dilapidated car. The framework was rusty, but had warmed a little in the sun. Without a breeze, it was still maybe a shade on the cool side, but with no clouds, it was a nice day.

Heh. Nice day. No.

Good weather didn't fix all this, even if they could pretend like lying down and closing their eyes in the sun made this normal, made this just a day back home in Arizona.

"I'm sorry, Tux," they murmured quietly under their breath. "I'm just... sorry."

They were and it was true. It didn't make them feel any better.

Ten minutes, half an hour, an hour later, they straightened up, whipping themselves into a seated position. Enzo's eyes fixed on something beyond the here and now, and this place.

Then they refocused, looked around. It didn't take long to locate a camera, silently observing their every move. They'd placed it up on top of another car—a big four wheel drive—probably to get a more elevated view. It looked so strange sitting up on the roof of a car, like some kind of alien parasite, leeching off the technology.

Hopping up onto the hood, another quick jump took them up to where the camera was sitting. Enzo eyed it, then carefully moved it backward on the vehicle, turning it so that the lense faced them, and giving them some extra space.

Then, they promptly sat down, crosslegged.

Enzo took a deep breath, held it, let it out.

"My fellow Americans..." they paused, grinned, shook their head.

"Hi. My name is Vincenzo. You can call me Enzo.

I know someone somewhere back home watches this. You probably have to, for national security or some shit or something like that. Sucks, dude. I wouldn't want your job. I mean, you wouldn't want my job either, but it's pretty shit either way, right?

Anyway, guy-who-I-don't-know-and-will-never-meet-but-is-watching. I'm gonna call you Steve, just for the sake of having a name handy. Steve, I know this sucks but... yeah.

Steve I need a favour. There's someone I need you to talk to. Her name is Bee Gunnerson, my Buzz, my Hind. She's one of my best friends.

And Buzz, you had better not be watching this. You don't need to. If you have been then turn it off. I'm serious. You don't need to see this.

Anyway, Steve, back to the point. Bee knows that she's my bro, I love her to hell and back. But Bee I'm gonna say it again for the record, and that I'm... I'm sorry I couldn't look after Cameron for you. I tried, it wasn't good enough. Just, I, um, I want you to know that you'll always be my best friend, no matter what, okay? Keep going.

But there's someone else we both know, and I'd ask you to speak to him direct, Steve, but I dunno if it'd go down so well. There are, well, complications? Family stuff, don't worry about it. But Bee? Just... just let ice cream husband that I care about him a whole bunch, and to keep going too, and to... not give up, and to not be afraid to be upset.

And I um, I never resented that you wouldn't talk about me or bring me up at home. Cause I know how things were, and that they were hard. And I know I made fun sometimes or got annoyed but for real, I did understand and I do understand. I know you weren't ashamed or anything.

Just, um, keep on going, Ice Cream Husband. Don't give up. I won't either. Pinky swear."

Enzo exhaled. Long, shuddering. Their eyes glistened, but the smile remained intact.

"You don't give up either, okay Steve? Thanks for helping me out.

Everyone else, this is Enzo signing off. Tune in next week, same bat time, same bat channel."

Flashing peace signs with both hands, Enzo rose in one smooth motion, and then jumped down to the ground, landing firmly on both feet. As they began to head off, they turned back to the camera atop the car and waved cheerfully back.

In spite of everything, they felt just a little lighter.

((Enzo continued here))

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
holy heck jerry

A Wild Beard Appears; A Pathfinder Experience

Serenity Prayer
Nate couldn't even muster words to respond.

Well, wasn't that some shit.

This wasn't what Vinny had expected. He'd thought that maybe things were looking up, not this would be some... flat-falling... melancholy...


Fact was, Nate didn't want to hear him any more, and Enzo had to accept that. Even in the lack of the reassurance, even in the lack of the guarantee that he wouldn't...


Vincenzo stood still for several minutes after Nate left, staring at the floor, then straightened, shook his head.

Nothing keeping him here now, right?

((Enzo continued in Hi, Steve))