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((Make Your Own Kind of Music -> Bounce))

It had been a while since Bounce had got herself to move that quickly. It was tiring, exhausting, even. She was far from fit, after all. Bounce didn't even know why she was still carrying around the can of gasoline. She'd come so close to using it a day or so earlier, and why? Because somebody had acted vaguely threatening towards them? She didn't have the stamina or the strength to lug it around, yet she persisted.

And when the infirmary building loomed in front of her and Alice, it meant that she more or less collapsed straight onto her face. There was a huge clattering sound as everything in Bounce's bag fell on top of her back and she gasped for breath. The wind was knocked out of her, the weight pressing down on her like some kind of anvil.

For a few moments, Bounce just lay there in the grass, face down, wheezing. Putting her hands out to the side, trying to lever herself up, Bounce made a couple of inches off the ground, then slumped back to the floor.

"S...sorry," she murmured to Alice, somewhere behind and beside her. "...Can't... I need..."


She fainted.

V4 BKA/BDA Voting: April 2011
Bump for 'You don't have long left for this'

Leaving this for posterity in case they turn up again. -_-

Zeus is now known as User4389
[02:15] <Rattlesnake> lol
[02:16] <Rattlesnake> Oh my nose!
[02:16] <Lily> Erm. Random person? Why are you in here?
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[02:17] <Dom> they're in a bunch of other rooms on the network
[02:17] <Lily> I saw and checked.
[02:17] <Lily> They're still random though.
[02:18] <Dom> was just saying, kinda proof they're not meant to be in here XD
[02:18] <Lily> User4389, who are you? I don't mean to be rude, but this is kind've a members-only chatroom.
[02:18] -->| Seel (Mibbit@sixlabrats-B0000E09.phlapa.fios.verizon.net) has joined #sotf
[02:18] <Lily> Hi Jeff.
[02:18] <Ruggahissy> Hi Ciel
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[02:18] <Seel> Suuuuuuuuuuup
[02:19] <Seel> Viccccckyyyyy
[02:19] <Ruggahissy> Cieeeeeel
[02:19] <User4389> o sorry lily i leave now
[02:20] <User4389> i guess we must hate foreigners or something and outsiders this reminds me of nazi germany
[02:20] <--| User4389 has left #sotf
[02:20] <Dom> fuck you.
[02:20] =-= Mode #sotf +b *!*@sixlabrats-24E1C852.hsd1.fl.comcast.net by Lily
[02:20] <Ruggahissy> Can't hear you, Domino
[02:20] =-= Mode #sotf +b Zeus!*@* by Lily

V4 BKA/BDA Voting: April 2011
Just as an interjection towards a slight trend I've been starting to see lately. There's no need to criticise the other deaths/kills in the poll whilst making your choices. Pick the ones you liked best, without the commentary on the rest of the pool of competition.

Feral Intelligence
All of a sudden, Kris was feeling invincible. So invincible that it hurt.

It didn't matter what this island was throwing at her. Each and every obstacle and attack, she was overcoming. It could do everything but kill her. Take her morals, take her beliefs, take Etain from her... but when it came to finishing her off, landing that final blow, it was almost like she had divine protection. Reiko couldn't do it, gun and all. Ilario had failed to kill her. Even R.J... he'd all but dropped dead as he made to attack.

This girl... she was nothing special. Look at her. Was there even any blood on her hands? Trying to kill Kris with that... hell she couldn't even tell what it was. It almost felt insulting that somebody like her thought that they could be the one to kill her. It was extraordinary, this sudden high that Kris felt, and after a couple of seconds staring Eiko down, she figured it out. Patched it together in her disturbed, fraying psyche.

It was that dark corner of her mind that had told her to pull the trigger when Reika appeared, told her not to abandon the gun, told her that dealing with Amber required a bullet, that the group at the beach would come after her. It was that little piece of her that was too frightened not to try and survive, too cowardly to take a moral stand. And it rejoiced because... now she had a true weapon. The treasure grenade launcher. It exulted, because this was true protection. It could instill fear, intimidate, threaten, perhaps, if necessary, kill...

Eiko broke down in front of her. Something like a smile played across Kris's face, more of a smirk than anything showing true humour. This wasn't a threat. This was pathetic. She hesitated.

Kill her... ? Murderer... attacked. Look at her... crying. Etain... Can't... no...

Kris jerked her head brusquely to the side.

"Leave. Go," she repeated herself in German, then Swedish.

She backed off a step, fiddled with the grenade launcher, figuring out that she needed to snap it open to load it. Kris crouched, still glaring at Eiko, then slotted a grenade into the weapon. She regarded the other half dozen in the box, then looked around. Her bag was gone. Had... someone stolen it? Wait... off in the distance, in the middle of the street.

Huh. Somebody had tossed it over there. Whatever, she'd just go get it.

Kris looked at RJ's body, stripped off his pack, tossed the grenades inside, took off up the street.

She'd collect her own bag along the way.

As she walked, she cradled the M79 like a newborn.


((Kris continued in The Ballad of Ackbar))

A Project
Very impressive, nice work.

Make Your Own Kind of Music
Bounce felt mute, helpless and paralysed all at once. Everything she tried to say turned to ash in her mouth. She wanted to give out some advice, some warning, even console Alice a little, try and break the news. But it just... all seemed pointless, hopeless. She felt lost.

The familiar faces came and went, the rock was thrown, caused a panic, a brief thought that was still actually on the dos and don'ts tutting and shaking its head. All the while, Bounce just stood there, taking deep breaths, trying not to just completely and utterly lose it.

She felt on the verge of tears.

Then suddenly, somebody was charging at them. Alice - injured Alice - took the responsibility directly out of Bounce's hands and after a moment of gratitude, she felt a crash of guilt. Had she really just done that? Let her hurt partner take the brunt of an attack from a girl wielding a... lantern? Wow, she was hard up, even more than Bounce, still carrying this DAMN gasoline. No! Stop thinking about the damn game and-

The girl went flying past as Alice pushed her, tumbling down and out of sight. Bounce stared at her companion, grabbed her by the hand, finally out of her reverie.

"Run!" she barked.

((Bounce --> Confessional))

Quincy Jones
You are ineligble to adopt through the system, having already been given Tiffany previously.

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like
Why the fuck was she even still with this guy?

Okay so Rosa had done what had been necessary not to get killed, and then what? She'd stood there paralysed whilst Jimmy had murdered JJ right in front of her and Clair. Cold blooded, no reason for it. What the fuck kind've lunatic was she following around? It was like watching a train wreck in slow motion. And she was onboard the train.


She didn't ... hell, Rosa hated him. Ever since that night... what he'd done to her. Screwed her, then laughed in her face, told her that they were through. Then, when she hadn't taken it like a good little cheerleader slut, he'd punched her in the face, blacked her eye, cut her, almost given her a concussion. And then after that, acted like she was invisible. Rosa had heard from one or two of the footballers that J.J apparently 'regretted it', but she'd never really given a fuck. 'Sorry' didn't really cut it, not after what had happened. But now... now he was dead, and it made Rosa wonder. Was he sincere? Had he really meant it? Because... he said sorry. His dying breaths, and he wanted to apologise to her. He didn't have to, there was no reason for him to want to make her feel better, it was just...

Had he meant it?


Ever so subtly, ignoring the confrontation, Rosa began looking for avenues of escape.

Feral Intelligence
There was no time, there wasn't enough time.

He moved in on her, R.J raised the sword, bearing down to attack and... dropped.

Kris froze.


The sword dipped, not towards her, simply to the ground. Not threatening. A look of sheer incredulity came onto Kris's face. What had just happened didn't add up, it didn't make the slightest bit of sense. It was absurd, ridiculous. R.J had fallen to the ground with barely a whimper.

Stare. Smile. He smiles.

Bloodshot eyes widened.

Look ou-

R.J sprung up, somehow launched himself all the way up from the ground. Kris's breath caught in her throat for that heart-stopping instant.

Collar. No. No...nono

He fell away. She breathed again.

Smile. Gloriiooous. A treasur-

A broad, relaxed grin on her face, Kris started to turn back to the box... only to see somebody rushing towards her.

What is... sharp, blades.. doesn't...

There was a brief instant of panic, and then all of a sudden... it seemed like she had all the time in the world. Kris raised the treasure and casually blocked the bizarre weapon being swung at her. Kris jolted with the impact and a clang echoed through the area, but she caught the blow nonetheless.

"Ah-ah... two on one's not fair..." Kris's voice was low, hushed. Just a little sing-song.

More than a little deranged.

April Mid-Month Rolls
Number 2 was what I was referring to.

April Mid-Month Rolls
Grim Wolf
Apr 18 2011, 12:13 AM
...Are you telling me if I'd waited one week I could have just swapped Mirabelle for Raidon and kept going?

...Come to think of it, can I retroactively do that? Assuming the answer's no, swapping David for Raidon. PM me ideas--I may not go with any of them, but my original plan for David hinges on his collar being removed, so...
That can't be done.

It's up, perhaps try a different client?

The Seventh Announcement
Rosa's not dying on time. Frankly my reasons are not fantastic, but I've found it very hard to focus on posting recently, no matter who it's with. So...yeah, I'd like an extension, much as it reflects badly on my position.

Mitadake High/Pryce High
btw guys, if you have contact details and we know what hours you'll be online, then it's probable we can get these going fairly regularly, provided we have hosts. Not enough people tends to be the main reason we won't play, but not everyone is in chat all the time.

Message to the site: A thank you
First and foremost, this is not a site matter, this isn't an official post or anything, this is just a personal message concerning a personal matter. It's from me as a person, not as a staffer.

Forgive any cheesiness in this, I assure you it's all 100% true.

As you may or may not know (and if you don't know, sorry, but this isn't really directed at you), I have been going through some very heavy personal problems over the past few months, extending from mid January and more or less steadily getting worse. Again, if this post is directed at you, then you'll know what I'm talking about.

Suffice to say, yesterday, I was in a horrible, horrible place mentally. I was very depressed and basically in a complete and utter funk. I like to call it 'mega emo depression'. It was not pretty, in any case and it was probably the lowest ebb I've been at since all of this started.

In any case, I was moping around youtube, and this came up.

A song!

If you've played the game, the context will make sense, if you haven't, just look at the title.

I burst out crying the second it came on and didn't for another five minutes, and it was a cry I really needed. Basically... it just reminded me that I'm not going through this by myself. I've got so many wonderful people helping me out and trying to steer and support me along the way, there's so many friends here that are by my side in a heartbeat.

So this is to everyone over the course of the problems I've been having that has given me an encouraging word or has spared the time to chat with me, or has put up with me moping, raising my spirits only to see me go right back into the dumps again the next day. Even if you've just said a nice thing or called me by the name I picked or just told me you'd be there if I needed you.

Thank you, I love each and every one of you so much.


Mitadake High/Pryce High
THE most peaceful round ever.

Here's my bit of it, starring Youmu Liebert, the Japanese rancher!

Spoiler: click to toggle

Mitadake High/Pryce High
Having said that, I don't think Dom is the only person we have who can host, so don't give it up just yet, folks.

Mitadake High/Pryce High
*resurrects again*

We're thinking of playing a game or two at some point today. Anybody amongst our non-chatters game?

May the Lord Accept This Sacrifice at Our Hands
He might've knelt there for an eternity, looking down at her face, still with that last little smile on it. Imraan knew he should do something for her, but could hardly bear to contemplate it. Putting ...putting Jessie in the ground? He couldn't bear to do that.

He was there for a long time, longer than he could really count of remember. Until... at long last.


Peter Siu had done this. Killed the only person he cared about that wasn't either dead or already or flinging themself off at the deep end. Forgive? Forget? Imraan felt a familiar rage bubble to the surface, an anger that he had kept confined and all but forgotten about for years now.

This wouldn't stand.

Imraan stroked Jessie's hand a few more times, then stood, stony-faced.

This wouldn't stand.

"Peter..." he whispered. "You won't get away with this."

((Imraan continued in You Always Get What's Coming))