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Problem Sleuth Mafia: Sign ups

*plays 'eye of the tiger'*

Come As You Are
Kris positively beamed at Etain for the first few moments after opening the door, she was that pleased to see him. Of course, she hadn't expected him to stand her up or anything, but Kris was just glad that the waiting was over. Etain didn't look too comfortable in his suit, but Kris didn't really care. So far as prom dates went, she couldn't have asked for a better match-up. They were good friends, and they shared a huge... well, Kris hesitated to refer to her passion as a hobby, so settled with 'interest'. Kris had never really considered Etain in a romantic sort of way, but hell, nobody ever said you needed to be crazy about your prom date.

Even if it's not really my scene... it's worth it for a special night, right?

Her smile returned full force, with a hint of a blush, when Etain complimented her appearance. That wasn't something Kris got a lot, and she wasn't very good at handling it.

"I'm happy you asked, Etain," she replied to his last statement. "Um, would you like to come in or get rolling? I think maybe my papa wants to meet you..."

Election debate
Being good at a live televised debate /=/ being a good politician, and the same for bad.

That's my opinion on all this.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Sign ups
Again, minimum of three more players required.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Sign ups
4 more needed at minimum, folks.


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Problem Sleuth Mafia: Sign ups
Apr 26 2010, 03:58 AM
Clu, are you some sort of top-secret roleplaying robot?

Anyways, I just read the ENTIRE THING while letting my English project take one for the team. I am totally ready for some dominance-asserting snoutpunching. I'll be pretty busy for the next couple weeks, though, with AP tests and whatnot. And my English project. Count me in depending on the timescale.


*shifty eyes*

come back after a 3 day break, go to check the active topics, scan the first couple, double-take, Problem Sleuth? FARC YES


Don't believe you've collected enough pang nectar to fill those impetus combs for the suckle recepticle to execute that comb rave yet.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Sign ups
First come, first served, by the way.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Sign ups
Yes holy shit I'm running another mafia game! INCREDIBUBBLE!

I'm limiting sign ups this time around because part of the reason the last one failed was because it was just too damn big/long (also I wound up modding something else simultaneously, but enough about that)

This game shalt be based upon Problem Sleuth of MS Paint Adventures, a 1,700 strip webcomic which was completely bizarre yet also rather amusing.

You'll probably need thematic knowledge to get the injokes but I'm not going to make it so incomprehensible that you can't understand the game without reading the comic.

Minimum of 16 players, maximum of 22. Let's get it on.

My usual disclaimer goes here: If you sign up, you pledge to be active and to take part, if you do neither of these things, I will be pissed at you. Simple, no?

01. Dom
02. Toben
03. Kami
04. Rocky
05. Moth
06. Mitch
07. Rattle
08. Ban
09. Geno
10. Mimi
11. Slam
12. Dee
13. Stef
14. Senaria
15. Grim Wolf
16. Dodd

Come As You Are
This was the first time since ... well, ever that Kris had put actual effort into her appearance and ensuring that she was looking good. Ordinarily, she hated dolling herself up, it took more time than it was worth, and it was rather pointless to say the least; appearances gave you nothing in skateboarding. But tonight... it was prom. That made it all different, and for once in her life, Kris actually wanted to make it 100% certain that she was at her best.

Of course, Kris being Kris, this still didn't take her all that long, and she was ready and bouncing off the walls ten minutes before Etain had said he'd be there. Kris had left her hair well alone, simply because she didn't think there was enough of it to style (it barely brushed her ears). She had, however, gone out and bought a dress, with significant help from her mother. Amilie was good at that sort of thing. Kris... was not. Suffice to say, the dress was a pale blue colour, midcalf length and to Kris' mind, way too cumbersome. Kris had opted out of heels, as she knew that Etain was around her height, instead wearing some slipper type affairs. It was probably a good look, but Kris already longed for her torn jeans and Birdhouse shirt.

Yeah, try that on at prom and you'll get kicked straight out. It's only one night, you can deal.

"Stop fidgeting," Kris glanced up from her place on the sofa and gave her father a sheepish grin. Erik Hartmann continued on. "He'll get here when he gets here, and he isn't due yet." Erik spoke in Swedish. It was an odd convention in the household, but conversations could take place in three different languages; Swedish, English, and German (though generally only one at any given time, as switching mid-speech would just be silly). Every member of the family spoke all three languages to varying degrees of ability, and it made communication interesting, to say the least.

"Sorry, it's jus-" there was the sound of the doorbell ringing and Kris sprung up like a jack in the box, causing her dad to laugh and shake his head. Dashing over to the front door, she practically yanked it off its hinges.


Battle Royale - Reloaded
I believe that zeta are encountering server problems (Mini is on a different one entirely to this board). It'll probably be back up again faily soon.

Battle Royale - Reloaded
The scene in the novel is almost identical.

Battle Royale - Reloaded
They get even less in the book than they do in the manga. At least Ry and Hiroshi have lines (even if it's like, two each) in the latter.

Battle Royale - Reloaded
Ask and thou SHALT receive!


Small Update
Hey sexual favours are down 200% since I got promoted!

...*shifty eyes*

Mitadake High/Pryce High
Everyone's hot for red.

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Battle Royale - Reloaded
Guys this starts tomorrow, so if you want to play and haven't signed up yet, get in fast.

Ryan Wellesley
Since this thing has apparently been wiped by the writer, I'm going to consider it abandoned. Thanks ever so much for wasting our staff's time.

Gamertags and Screennames?
Wow, I had my PSN wrong all that time, how embarrassing.

Introduction Thread
Dang. They're breeding.