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A Wild Beard Appears; A Pathfinder Experience
omfg cute mal

Serenity Prayer
Enzo held up both hands. He knew when he-

Actually he didn't tend to know when he was beaten. Just sometimes you had to pick your battles, and he didn't think this was one he was going to—or even was capable of—win.

Vinny crouched—ha—down.

"Okay. I get it. I get what you're saying, I do."

Wouldn't agree, couldn't agree.

"But if I walk back out those doors without you, I want you to promise me you won't do anything stupid, okay?" he straightened, looked Nate in the eyes. "Okay, Nate?"

A Wild Beard Appears; A Pathfinder Experience
Also I think we're overlooking this classic Tortoise moment.

Vortigern: Hold on.
Your name...
wasn't actually Wyrd?

Seth: Mine isn't Seth.
Seth sarcastically does a 'mind blooowwwwn'

Bouncer looks at Wyrd. 'you douche' kinda isn't extremely pissed though.

Vortigern: It's not???

Iris: Mine isn't Iris. But that's really not the issue here.

Seth: No. It is not.

Wyrd knuckles their forehead.

Vortigern sits down, more than a little stunned.

Bouncer: Aw man.

Iron Maiden: I think we're losing sight here.

Bouncer: I kinda actually liked you dude.

Vortigern idly takes a Funyun from Essenceholder

Tortoise: Mine isn't Jack.

A Wild Beard Appears; A Pathfinder Experience
Well maybe if you guys would stop being psychos this wouldn't have happened.

A Wild Beard Appears; A Pathfinder Experience

Serenity Prayer
Enzo could tell when encouragement was falling flat, mostly cause they weren't stupid and Nate was hardly making it difficult. Shit, he couldn't blame the guy, could he? If Vinny started thinking too long about Kimiko or what happened with Cameron, the fact that others were dead, others that he knew were killers, then it started getting really shitty, really quickly. Didn't matter if he liked them or not, they were still people. Fuck, Tessa, paranoid as she'd been, had wound up dying that same day that he left her. Days ago, now.

But what else was there? Let that make him give up and that was just it. Nothing left.

And that wasn't Vinny's style. He'd never just given up because something was hard—and this was hard.

"Crouchy, it's because you're worrying about it that it won't. They made a choice; a forced choice, but they still chose," Enzo rubbed the back of his head. "And I wanna say that they're still the same people. He's not, you know, not Alvaro. Or Nancy or whoever, but they picked."

He sighed, shook his head rapidly, trying to clear it. "Look do you want to go for a walk or something? Keeping busy will help."

He didn't know that, but it was fine to say it.

Serenity Prayer
"As long as we can make it."

Enzo didn't blame Nate for being down. Depressed you could call it, even. No, truly this was fucked. If ever there was a time to be upset and to lose hope, it was now.

But you had to hold onto something. You had to. There had to be something they could do here. Even if it was just hope. Even if it was just wait. If there was a million to one chance, then there was still that one in a million that some miracle would happen.

It had before. Twice. It could again. It could again.

Vinny shook his head once, and then again. He couldn't let Nate just say that. You laid down and accepted it and then you were dead. That wasn't any of them here, that's what Enzo wanted to believe.

"Nobody's like you, Crouchy. Nobody's like any of us.

"Look, people are out there, right? They haven't just forgotten we exist. If there's even the tiniest chance they find us, then you gotta keep going for as long as possible."

So many people hadn't made it already. So many were dead. What made the rest so special?

"Don't give up, Nate. This can't last forever."

Serenity Prayer
Nate talked, and Enzo listened. He'd asked; that was the least that he could do.

He'd had a pretty shitty time of it. Maybe that was redundant. Everyone's time was shitty. Though, didn't mean that anyone else's shittiness didn't count or anything. Kind of like the whole 'starving kids in Africa' thing. Like, yeah that was certainly happening, and people were getting shot and killed in America or dying in wars and so on. Didn't mean it didn't fucking suck that they were probably all gonna die too.

Nate wrapped up. Enzo opined his views on the matter. "That's shitty. I'm sorry, man."

Enzo shook his head for a second. "And never apologise for talking, Crouchy. Never ever. I asked, you spoke, yeah?"

Vinny was kind of glad that Nate hadn't fired the same question back at him. He didn't know if he was up for talking about Cameron dying. Well, no, he knew that he wasn't.

"And as for what you're doing. Iunno. Staying alive is a good start."

More than a lot of people were doing. More than Cameron had done.