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No Time Left
No more killing from anyone.

Letting EVERYONE all go out at once, in a great big 'fuck you' to everything that the game and the people running it stood for.

Yeah, that sounded like something that Michelle would come up with in a place like this, all right.

Kammy was quiet, looked down at her girlfriend's body for several long moments. She knew instinctively that Michelle would have wanted her to join in with this, would have fought her corner against members of her own group who doubted Kam, knew that forgiveness for killing would have been forthcoming right away... tears maybe, but embraces, soft words...

And she also knew that she would have let Michelle talk her into going along with it, for better or worse.

But Virgil?

Not Virgil.

"If we're all going to die... there's someone who needs to go ahead of me," Kammy looked back up to Virgil. "There's nothing left for me to take a stand on any more. If Michelle were- if it wasn't for..." her voice cracked and she shook her head. "I'm not a good enough person to live and let live, here."

V5 Sixth Announcement
I think I know what I'm doing with regards to ideas and such, buuuuuut.

Well, I'd really like to keep going. It would be pretty great to finish the arc I'd like to do with Kammy, so a save would be awesome. Otherwise it is what it is.

No Time Left
The finger didn't lift, but it did stop for a moment. Paused. Poised.

Kammy's arm dropped to her side like a marionette string had been cut.

She looked back at Virgil. There might have been the hint of a raised eyebrow. Gwen hadn't said anything about a plan, or some kind of ideal that Michelle had been sticking to. She'd just said that Michelle was keeping the group going - along those lines, anyway.

Kam had to stop a second and rack her brains over what kind of plan Michelle could have had. She was smart, but Kammy never thought of her as a scientist, not someone who could disarm the mechanics of a collar, for instance.

Another paused and then something that was half a shrug.

"I'm listening."

The Killing Moon
There was a dull thud and Cho jolted, feeling like she'd been punched.

Her eyes refocused. Joachim was there, Joachim was awake, he'd...

Flickering down. An inch and a half of blade was sticking out of her chest, right side of the ribcage. That wasn't right though, that was-

She straightened and it shifted. Oh jesus fuck the rest of it was in her, in her lung.

Cho looked to Joachim, tried to say something that died before it even made it to her mouth. She couldn't get the breath to talk.

He'd been awake. How could he have been awake, how could he have-


Paris had told Joachim. It was a set up.

And she'd fallen for it. The smiles and the reassurances and the-


Cho staggered away, or tried to, willed her legs to work. They were weak, unresponsive. She could hardly feel where she'd been stabbed, which could not in any way be a good thing.

She was crown prince dead.

Sunny tried anyway, and little by little those staggering steps became a loping run as she bolted into the darkness, choking on something that tasted like rust.

Cho wasn't sure how far she got before all the life went out of her legs and she crashed to a stop, falling to her side.

She looked down again. Her shirt was saturated red, stained dark. She coughed and wished she hadn't. There was blood on her lips.

A trembling finger sketched it out on the bare concrete, daubing the message in her own lifeblood.


A moment's consideration, blackness creeping at the edges of her vision.

Cho collapsed onto her message and closed her eyes.


No Time Left
Virgil explained. Kammy didn't want him to, even though she'd asked. This shouldn't all just have ... reasons for it, shouldn't be able to just say 'and this is why the woman you love just died!'. It made sense and she hated it for making sense and hated Virgil for telling her and hated Gwen for running away, and hated Eliza for being there and hated herself for not thinking to stop her and hated Michelle for being dead. She swallowed and then tears were streaming again, hot and silent down her cheeks.

"I don't want to know," Kam said softly, meaning it. Why would she want to hear about what Michelle had done? All that mattered was that Kammy hadn't got there in time. If she'd just stayed, if she'd just rested... Michelle would've come right to her. They must've gone almost straight past each other without meeting.

"I fucked up. I fucked it all up."

Kam snatched at her gun, swivelled, for a second she was pointing it at Virgil, but her hand wasn't steady, and it wavered away from him in a second, motion non deiberate.

"It's over."

She reversed the gun, pointed at her head, closed her eyes and squeezed the grip tight.

Her finger slid onto the trigger.

The Killing Moon
Cho shifted again and then let her hands drop to her sides. He had a point. She wasn't sure if it sat one hundred percent well with her to screw someone else over in the name of going that little bit further, but... if they were going to split she didn't want Joachim tailing them either. Not an easy choice, really.

She rubbed her nose a second, before slowly nodding.

Here went nothing.

Sunny stole over to Joachim's sleeping form, taking careful steps, setting each foot down slowly after the other to muffle the sounds. There was his bag right there, leaning down, hand brushing over it...

No Time Left
Kammy wasn't sure how long she knelt there. Time lost its meaning in a place like this, in a situation like this. Tears might have spilled. Maybe not. She might have screamed again. Maybe not.

There was a faint rustling sound from behind her. Kammy straightened up slightly. Then words, then...

Virgil. She knew Virgil, a little - they'd chatted before a few times, knew enough to have heard about his parents, which Kam had thought was awesome. That kind of thing just seemed so... pointless now, in the face of all of it. Hard to be focused on activism and civil rights and even her family when Michelle was laying there cold just a couple of feet away.

Kam looked down at the bloodstained bandages again. Virgil had tried to help... must've been part of the group Gwen had alluded to earlier. Why wasn't he there? Or Gwen? Why the hell had Michelle been alone to get gunned the fuck down by a fucking- why hadn't someone...

There was a long pause.

She didn't know whether to thank him for trying, scream at him for failing, break down again or do something in between all three. Kam's gaze travelled a couple feet to the right, to rest on her gun. She didn't know when she'd dropped it, but it had clattered onto the ground, into the pool of blood.

"Why was she by herself?" Kam said, hoarse, weak. "How could you just... let someone stroll up and gun her down?"

Not diplomatic, not entirely accusatory either, but the words were there and unspoken. You let her die.

The Killing Moon
Cho responded with a little smile and didn't comment further. Company was good, much better than sitting out alone with her thoughts as they wandered along strange paths. Especially Paris. Disquiet about their new travelling arrangements put to the side, he was one of the main reasons that she'd kept it together this long.

There were a few quiet moments, but then Paris spoke up again, serious mode. Instinct told her that this was going to be, one way or another, about what had had her so unsettled earlier.

Turned out that with hunches like hers, Cho should be all set for a day at the races.

Sunny listened quietly, not saying anything, letting Paris finish - more importantly letting herself process all of it. That the slight weird-acting-ness had an explanation was good, the explanation himself was less so. Shit. Joachim had been setting her off a little already and here was the kicker.

Yeah. In this case, best off getting out and getting out fast.

So they could just pack up quietly and-

- apparently not.

Cho hesitated, a slight colour coming to her cheeks as Paris drew away, skin tingling where he'd kissed her.

"I..." she swallowed. "Okay. I agree, I don't trust him either. I'm on board with this but... do we really need to rob him? We'd practically be killing him ourselves."