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...Isn't on yet.

You can change your underwear now. We're continuing (to an extent), beyond 200. Knock yourselves out.

SOTF Related Comix
Tch. I can get something up here as soon as I figure out how I can upload an image to something that will both maintain the size and let me put speech bubbles in.

Introduction Thread
Oh great, they let that one out of the box too.

Introduction Thread

We need to keep Mimi out of the introduction thread better.

Also, hello Vinny. Welcome to the site.

Offering Free Artz
Mar 30 2010, 12:17 PM
I'm actually surprised you guys asked for a picture to be done. After I posted this up I went to bed needing sleep but when I got back there was quiet a bit of requests for character drawn.... guess I have to get on it....
Artists are a hot commodity here, people like their pictures.

We don't tend to kidnap them though, we swear.

Introduction Thread
Okay, enough madness from everyone, back on topic, here.

Offering Free Artz
*Psst psst*

People posting after five requests... read the first post.

*shifty eyes*

May help. xP

Jessie Anderson
Starts here.

They're all linked after that. Jessie should also be showing up in prom, which I'll probably be doing myself unless somebody who wants to write her prefers otherwise.

Jessie Anderson
I'd definitely be down for letting you adopt her, Aaron. I know you don't fodder.

Introduction Thread
Our gay count balances out our dude count.

Jessie Anderson
Oh look, a profile.

The deal here is simple: given the four characters I have submitted, Jessie is evidently not going to get onto the island if handled by me. Thing is, there are a couple of potential stories that have developed through pregame that I think it would be quite a shame to waste completely. (Namely, the DK + Imraan love triangle thingy)

Soo... if you don't yet have four characters and are interested in having another one, consider Jessie available for adoption. Post here or PM me if you're interested.

Introduction Thread
Oh don't worry, we don't do that kind of thing here... often, ish.

*hides knife*

How The System Works
The process of adoption works as follows:

* The character will be named in this area as eligible.
* Handlers submit 'bids' for the character for up to a week afterwards. (Post indicating their interest)
* If there are no 'bids', the character is killed off in an inactive death.
* If there is one bid, the character goes to that handler.
* If there are multiple bids, the handler which gets the character is determined by the priority list. (more on this later)
* Exception: The staff team reserve the right to ask every person who submits a 'bid' to go through a 'screening', whereupon they must PM a member of staff a sample post with the character they are adopting.

There are a number of conditions a character must meet to be available for adoption, these are the following:

* The character has not been posted with for two weeks.
* The handler of said character has not posted in 'away' or otherwise indicated they are going to be unable to post.
* The character in question has not been significantly involved in the game (i.e. has only had one thread, didn't debut, had limited to no interaction)
* The character has not been previously adopted.
* It is not late on in the game (i.e. beyond the first couple of days)

The Priority list. Those making 'bids' for a character will be ranked in a hierarchy determined by this list.

1. Returning members who did not submit any characters for the current version and would like to participate.
2. Newbies who didn't get a chance to take part - but have at least been around for a bit, for example on the non-RPing boards or chatzy, who pass a screening test.
3. Handlers who were in the game, but all of their characters are dead.
4. Newbies who didn't get a chance to take part but are brand spanking new and pass a screening test.
5. Handlers who are currently in the game, with one character.
6. * " " with two characters.
7. * " " with three characters.
8. Previously inactivity warned handlers, with no characters.

Note that having ALWAYS had three characters is considered higher priority than somebody who previously had four and has subsequently had one die.

There are certain circumstances under which handlers will be ineligible for adopting, these are as follows:

* If they have had a character go inactive in the current version.
* If they have ever had a character be put up for adoption.
* If they have adopted a character in the version already.
* If they have adopted a character in the past and treated them badly (using them as fodder, not attempting to play them properly, etc).

* If a handler wishes to pass a character to their friend, this will be allowed in any circumstances other than if it would take the beneficiary over their personal character limit. They will NOT be prevented for this type of adoption if they have adopted previously. However, if they have adopted through this method, they are NOT allowed to then proceed to adopt another character through the system.
* If a pregame character is 'donated' before the beginning of the actual game, this neither disqualifies the giver from adopting, or prevents the recipient using the system, as it has taken place before the game was in progress.
* Similarly, 'donations' of characters do not disqualify the givers from adopting through the system, as this indicates that they are responsible enough to ensure their characters are not merely going inactive.
* If a handler has previously been inactivity warned in a version, but had only that singular lapse and now has no characters remaining, they will be considered eligible to submit bids, albeit at lowest priority.

V4 Characters
Give and take. You need to critique first otherwise you will get none in return.

Advanced heads up: On my hols from the 3rd of April to the 12th. Unlikely I will be on the internets during that period.

Sky's the Limit
Kris was still wondering what Etain had to say about prom when Tabi abruptly announced that she was leaving. That kind of sucked, but these kind of things happened. Not a lot Kris could do about it.

"Don't worry about it, Tabi. It's no sweat," Kris tipped her friend a wink. "We'll catch you later."

As Tabi took off, Kris looked back to Etain, who seemed a little bit... preoccupied. Was he worried about prom or something? He appeared slightly too evasive, bothered for it to just be curiousity. In any case, Kris hoped that he wasn't going to ask her about advice on dating or anything like that. Kris knew that she didn't make a very good model for a typical girl, and wasn't exactly qualified to give feedback on what would and wouldn't be a good way to approach somebody.

Kris blinked when Etain finally spoke up again. Had he just said what she thought he'd said? Had he really... really asked her to prom!?

Her brain pretty much went into overload. Prom hadn't been something Kris had been thinking about, but the fact that somebody - and Etain at that, had actually asked her to come to it!.. Kris wasn't sure if her friend had some kind of designs on her, or just didn't want to go to Prom dateless, but dammit she didn't care.

The response to the question came in the form of a flying hug, Kris wrapping her arms tightly around Etain's neck.

"Yesyesyes! I'd love to!" she pulled away slightly, gave Etain a grin and flushed slightly. "Uh, if I haven't freaked you out that is."

This thing confuses me ;-;

Kale Richardson
This is going to smack of douchebaggery, but as a staff team, we've made a decision on Kale: He'll be allowed to go into the game, however, due to the writing of Kale, there's a caveat on that, and it's quite a big one.

The thing is, the whole element of parkour was not handled particularly well, in our collective opinion, and so the request is this: retcon/remove that aspect of Kale from the profile, then we'll talk about getting him approved.

I know it's a big ask, but as I said, the staff team is pretty much together on this one.

Just Hanging Out
((Sorry for the wait, was a little unsure how to get the ball rolling))

Another shiver ran through Rosa as Fran stroked the back of her head, surprisingly affectionately at that. Unexpectedly, her friend didn't make any move to attempt to deepen the kiss, for which Rosa felt a vague sense of appreciation. Much as kissing a friend in this kind of way was weird, leaping straight to making out would have made it... cheap.

Ali broke off, and then began to speak again. Looking into her (girl?)friend's face, Rosa was conflicted. On the one hand, the 'or' was sounding to her like an extremely attractive option. Who needed the romances in the movies when all the entertainment and intimacy you could ask for could be found in the arms of another person? That was Rosa's philosophy on most of her relationships, anyway...

On the other hand... if making out cheapened things, what would a quickfire fling do? This wasn't just some chump Rosa had ran into in the bar, this was one of her friends. She couldn't think that deciding to sleep together so casually could do much for their relationship.

And that made up her mind. Making things intimate was an awkward enough friendship upgrade as it was, Rosa didn't want to lose what they had by being impatient or preoccupied with the sex.

"Movie. Definitely a movie," she blushed, realising how blunt that sounded. "Not that I wouldn't ... you know. I just need to think this over a little, first."

Charlie Beckwith
Temporarily Denied.

Please only submit one character at a time, as per this announcement.