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Rock n' Roll Star
Alright, let's do it!

Winston waited until the introduction had finished then began singing the first verse of 'Flaming Mastodon'. It wasn't his favourite song of theirs, but it was good enough for a warm up he supposed. Anyway, blowing off steam was blowing off steam right?

He knew the lyrics off by heart and belted them out at full volume (although he'd turned the microphone down so that he wasn't deafening anybody). At one point, where a solo kicked in, Winston looked around and smiled to himself as he saw his bandmates in full flow. Nothing could beat the feeling of a performance, even if it was just the four of them in the garage, playing with no one else to watch.

This is good - but 'Enemy Crab' will be better. I love that song.

v2 Promos
And the second set was EVEN BETTER!

*collapses, twitching, from awesome overdose*

v2 Promos
This. Is. Fucking. AWESOME.

V3's Winner Will Be...
*resists the urge to scare chord*

I have to say, I'm pleasantly surprised by the standings on this poll, I was expecting different, in all honesty.

Shopping for SOTF
The comment from Regina reached Bounce's ears, causing her to roll her eyes in exasperation. Noise she could understand, being simply obnoxious with the making of it, she could not. Maybe she just had a lower tolerance for stupidity than most people did... Cisco, though odd, at least wasn't overly irritating. Bounce could be at least cordial with him.

"Yes, I always encounter difficulty in finding appropriate clothes. As I am sure you are aware, I am a little smaller than most," Bounce wasn't particularly bothered about her height, although she was aware that she was small. She didn't really see anything to perturb her. Bounce was short, and? Was that likely to have any bearing on anything she wanted to do when she was older? As Cisco went on, Bounce decided to keep conversation to a minimum. She still, after all, had something to be getting on with.

"Indeed," honestly, who cared about the size of another girl's breasts? So Regina had a large chest - it didn't mean anything. Still... she supposed that breast size was something that a lot of people put quite a bit a stock in.

When Cisco held up the article of clothing, Bounce stared in disbelief for a few seconds, not quite sure if her eyes were deceiving her. At length, the suggestion of a smile quirked at the corners of her mouth. There were many, many things she could have said at that point, but she chose to keep quiet. She was fairly sure it was a joke. She hoped it was a joke.

"This? That quote is from Bryan Calvert. You know from the second version?" Bounce worded her question carefully, not wanting to spoil the ending for Cisco if he hadn't seen the series. Sure, most people would have seen version two by now, but you never knew - sometimes you intended to watch a series forever but hadn't quite got around to it. Bounce hated spoilers.

V3's Winner Will Be...
And on forums like this, we call that kind of thing spam, and it is generally frowned upon.


Back on topic, I have a couple of second choices I wouldn't mind too much, those being Steve and Eddie respectively. *nods sagely*

V3's Winner Will Be...
...Um, yeah. The point of that post was what exactly?

On the nature of SoTF
I would imagine that by now you have to be either very naive or fairly ignorant/insular to still believe it's only a TV show (although that's not going to stop a lot of people enjoying it anyway). I would say that the government is probably operating on a policy of avoiding comment on it, although you can imagine an opposistion leader running riot with this, haha.

On the nature of SoTF
1. So far as I am aware, ACT is not an acronym. I'm not 100% certain of that, but I'm fairly sure that the capitalisation is just emphasis. Perhaps because it looks good together? 'SOTF ACT'

2. This is something that I've considered a fair bit, being that I have a character who is supposed to be an SOTF fangirl. I'll give a quick run-down of what SOTF media I believe exists. Once again, don't take this as absolute fact - I'm not the final word on things by any means.

* There is definitely at least one 'official' chat room, since Danya has canonically visited these on several occasions.

* Similarly, there's an official fansite, referenced in a couple of announcements, as well as sites for individual characters (also mentioned in announcements).

* There may be a number of other RP/fansites, as these have been mentioned by characters, either in-character or in-profile.

* There is merchandise, specifically t-shirts, as shown by 'Shopping for SOTF'

* There are DVD versions of each season available, although these could be 'highlight' reel type affairs, focused on individual characters, or even the entire, unabridged footage.

* There probably isn't a liscenced game, because it would get all manner of crap from the censors/the general public. It would be like making a video game of Columbine. It's possible there might be an MMO or Flash internet game of it though.

* Trading cards are a possibility, although the reference might have been to one of my hare-brained schemes.

3. I've assumed that there is at least one live feed, showing various characters at once. I also think that there is a delayed 'highlight reel' (as I said earlier) kind of thing, which just puts the best bits in together to make for better viewing. However, a possibility is that the broadcast is delayed until a sufficient amount has happened in game for it to be worthwhile showing.

I agree with James though, I doubt it's a total hack of every station, although that I believe has been suggested once or twice. I doubt it would be possible.

Anyway, hope that helped. Don't assume that's correct, as I can always be corrected be an admin, hahaha. Still, that's what I think is logical.

V3's Winner Will Be...
Lulu. I find her well written and engaging, moreso than most all of the other people remaining. Everyone has their turn-offs, I just find hers the least affecting.

You Abbreviate Survival of the Fittest As...
Mostly SOTF, but I do use SotF now and then.

Kathy Goldman
Temporarily Denied. The appearance is good, but the biograhpy section is somewhat lacking.

You're suffering from a lack of detail in the body of the profile, which is one of the most important parts. You bring up points here and there which seem interesting, but then don't really expand upon them, for example, Kathy became something of a loner because of her parents jobs. That's fine, but you don't really explain it enough, it's not quite as simple as just suddenly becoming distanced from the world. I would imagine it was a more gradual progress, especially with the break down in relations at home.

The last paragraph of the biography seems a little tacked on, and doesn't seem to encompass as much as it should. Kathy likes reading, sure, but what attracts her to it? Why does she read so quickly? Is it something to do with the fact she is socially estranged? Similarly, the photographic memory/ability to learn new skills aren't elaborated on, like, at all, and they seem there solely to add filler to the advantages. They warrant more explanation - maybe Kathy can learn things easily because she doesn't spend time with other people?

Also, it seems a little odd that such a withdrawn person would be going out and getting drunk all of the time, especially as (and I'm not American, so this could be wrong) the age for legal drinking in America is 21. It is a little strange that someone Kathy's age could have access to alcohol that often and that easily.

Another thing is home life, we get that Kathy isn't close to her parents, but what are the consequences of this? Are they simply apathetic? Can they not figure out what they should do with Kathy? Do they try and rein in her wayward behaviour?

I suggest you take a look at the Character Development Questionnaire to give yourself a hand writing this. I'd also advise you to look at Ricky Fortino, written by D/N, who has a good biography section.

Anyway, give it another shot and don't quit. Kathy will be approved once you've made these improvements.

Henry Briggs
Okay, I don't think you've really grasped what Adam meant about the biography. The main issue right now is that you're telling where you to show. What I mean by this is that you've got all of the basics down, but none of them have been explained to any real extent. It's not enough just to say 'He has a job and earns X amount' - you need to talk about it more. As in, does Henry like his job? How'd he get it? Has anything particularly interesting happened to him whilst he was working there? That's just an example, you'll need to do the same for most of the other points of his biography.

The other thing is that there is a lot of reference to this friend of Henry's - Sam. It's okay to give a passing reference to another character, but remember whose biography this is. It's not about Sam, it's about Henry. For example, check out Frankie Fiametta. This is a character who is one of triplets, but neither of her siblings get much of a mention. Remember to keep the focus on the right character.

If you're having problems fleshing out the biography, I'd advise you to check out the Character Development Questionnaire, as it is a really handy aid to writing a profile.

Montgomery Pondsworth
'Kay. Looks as if everything is now in order: APPROVED.

Sorry for my activity being a little erratic the last couple of days, I had various things come up that needed sorting. I should be getting back to normal soon.

Shopping for SOTF
Bounce picked out a shirt in the correct size for her, and half turned to start towards the check out. Then she stopped, sighed, and turned back to the shelf. She somehow doubted that her mother would be satisfied with a single article of clothing. Mrs. Volkova had been fairly clear on what she wanted Bounce to purchase. Bounce wasn't going to get away with just the one shirt.

Why did it have to be today? Or more accurately, why did it have to be when that ludicrous Regina girl was already here? Ugh. At least she has decided to inflict herself on that other fellow instead.

Reluctantly, Bounce considered buying one of the generic Survival of The Fittest logo shirts. They weren't anything fantastically interesting, but at least they didn't have characters that Bounce particularly hated on them. She had just picked one up when a greeting startled her. Bounce wheeled to look at who it was. Someone she recognised, at least, Cisco. Bounce knew that he was a member of the school's anime club, much like her friend Ileane. Beyond that, not much else.

"...'Trendiness' has nothing to do with what I buy. I purchase Survival of The Fittest merchandise because I enjoy the show, not because it is in... fashion."

Kevin Harding
Looks as though everything Arch brought up has been addressed. APPROVED.

SotF: Giant Robot Edition!
The site

Registrations are open, for those folks that are interested.

Rock n' Roll Star
The 'password' routine was something that might have fooled Winston in the past, but by now, he just wasn't buying it. Winston just gave Zack a playful smile as he made the joke and stepped inside the house. Maria was in full flow, something that wasn't exactly hard to determine. The noise of the drumming coming from the garage was enormous. Winston often wondered how many complaints Zack had to deal with from his neighbours. Blank Nation sure made a lot of noise. Then again, at least they didn't practice in the early hours of the morning - then people would really be on their cases.

Winston headed into the garage, and was immediately greeted by a completely off the wall statement from Maria. Still, he knew her well enough that he could adjust to that kind of thing, as well as her slightly odd behaviour in general.

"Um... awesome," adjusted or not, there wasn't really a decent response to what Maria had said.

He walked over to the sound system and fiddled with it a bit, trying to get the settings right for the microphone he tended to use. Winston sung without sometimes, but not usually with the Nation. Their music was pretty damn loud, and he couldn't project quite that much. Winston hummed a tune to himself as he messed about with the equipment. As Maria had said, it was almost a full-house, hopefully they could get started soon.

I'll be bouncing off the wallls if I don't get to vent. This is how I let it all go. Better singing than getting into a fight at least.

Patrick Sternhill
This character has been abandoned by the handler.