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Sting Like A Stingray
The jog down to the gym was a decent warmup in its own right, but stretching first never hurt. Besides, Toby liked her routines; without carefully planning out every minute of her day, she never got anything done. Too many responsibilities, too little time management. She did like to hang around with Trav, just not for the sake of hanging out.

Toby kind of envied those that had the luxury of killing time with just socialising. She couldn't imagine just switching off like that, not when she always had so much she needed to do. Studying, the kids... well, actually that compromised most of it. Point was that she was on the go most of the time, and her free time was much too precious to not be doing anything with it.

She cast a glance over to the ring as she dropped into doing a series of lunges. Nice and limber from running. The absolute last thing that Noodle needed was to pull a muscle when she cycled and ran most everywhere. That was actually the main reason that Toby hadn't done what Trav had encouraged her to do and fight in proper MMA bouts. She hadn't even psyched herself up enough to do any amateur fights, and those were ostensibly much safer. Just... what would happen if she got hurt? They were relying on her at home, and even though she did love doing this-


Well she couldn't do a worse job of it than Jerry 'open with a headkick' Fury.

Sting Like A Stingray


While Toby had done her best to tune out the... 'debate' that had erupted between Fury and Travis a little while back, it had been just about impossible to ignore, much to her consternation. As a matter of fact, she'd wound up taking off in frustration after the third time Jerry had rocked up to her friend with what was apparently a cross between questions and bragging. Toby loved Trav and all, but it was way too distracting to study with Jerry getting in the way, and this coming from the person who had become extremely efficient at negotiating disruptions in her routine. That Jerry managed to be worse than three preteens said nothing flattering for how annoying he could be.

Okay she didn't hate the guy or anything. It was just that she'd yet to have an encounter with him where he hadn't been incredibly irritating, and Toby really didn't have the patience for people like that. She had limited patience for people at the best of times.

Regardless of all the rest of it though, this was hard-earned weekend time where Toby actually had the luxury of her hobbies. Just for a couple of hours, and she was on call in case her mom needed her, but she'd busted her ass way too damn hard to let a little Jerry Fury stop her from coming to the gym. Hanging out with Trav was of course a plus, even if he was a doofus. She supposed that she'd have to keep an eye on him in case things got heated in the ring, though really, it was just sparring, so it shouldn't be too big a deal. Emphasis on shouldn't. Toby had rolled with Trav a few times when there hadn't been any better partners, and he'd never got carried away; although maybe that had something to do with the fact that he had the better part of a foot and something like 40 lbs on her. Jerry had fought in proper bouts too, so Noodle assumed he knew how to keep a lid on it.

Changing wasn't much of an issue. Unzip her tracksuit top bam done. Already wearing shorts, already wearing a tanktop and sports bra. She'd reek to high heaven after the run home, but hell, that was her cooldown. She'd shower once she got home. When Toby had first started out, the routine had utterly killed her, although the rush of the workout had been awesome. By contrast, she was now a practised hand at it. Of coming home sore and sweating. Yep.

Trav was getting geared up as Toby emerged, strapping on her gloves. She wasn't intending on doing much work on the bags, but no harm being prepared if the mood took her. She moved into her warmup routine, casting glances over at Travis and company as she did so. No harm watching; she might pick up something useful to critique Trav on. Would make this sparring match actually worthwhile, instead of, well... Jerry.

Namira can draw or something

Namira can draw or something
whoa I haven't updated for a while.

Merae Mahariel in my comic style

Pathfinder character, Gwendolyn

I was screwing around and drew a skeleman and then added eyebrows on impulse and... well, this


I drew a team rocket girl for a thing

A vicious cowbear

Camille got burninated

I wanna be king of the pirates!
Dag nabbit- dag nab- THIS IS YOUR FAULT YOU BASTARD.

I wanna be king of the pirates!
Opened Rusty's last words back up, cried again.

I wanna be king of the pirates!
I cried, we fought a boss, and then I cried again.