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The Killing Moon
((Cho continued from the same place as those fellas ^ ))

It shouldn't have been such a big deal to her, but Cho's thoughts kept circulating around Zoe leaving them. Paris had just stated that she the other girl probably only needed some space and would make her way back sooner or later and that was apparently the end of it. Joachim seemed to accept that explanation readily enough; and shouldn't he know? He was the one that had been with Zoe before, and if he wasn't bothered...

Rationality said that anyway. Sunny's gut though, that was twitching, and she was pretty sure that it wasn't entirely due to the crap food they'd been living off. Ever since they'd expanded from two, something had shifted in the dynamic. It wasn't obvious, but several days with one person made her sensitive to changes in behaviour. Though Cho couldn't put a finger on exactly where, Paris had been acting... differently over the past few hours. He definitely didn't interact with Joachim in the same way he had done Cho. They talked without her. Talked without Joachim, too, now and then. Not without Paris though. Always flitting back and forth between the two of them like... thinking about it gave her a headache. They'd stuck together and kept each other alive this long, right? That was worth more than some dumb ill-feeling.

The atmosphere here was no more pleasant than that in the school - nightfall cast the area into darkness, barely illuminated by the flickering, makeshift fire. Lighting a flame in a barrel... it was like some kind of post-apocalyptic scenario, out in the wastes around a detonated nuclear plant, watching for the mutated creatures that would be coming out of the shadows to try and eat them or worse-

Movement. Cho started out of her thoughts, realising guiltily that she'd just been staring into space without really trying to look into the darkness for anything suspicious. Her stomach lurched with fear a moment before she realised it was Paris.

She shifted slightly, shrugging.

"If you're awake I guess... but you should really try and get some sleep..."

No Time Left
((Kammy continued from Cantata Mortis))

It was hard to walk. Tiredness. Physical, yes, and a simultaneous mental fatigue. Kammy knew where she needed to go, and wanted nothing less than to actually go there. Yet she kept trudging forward, one foot in front of the other, because she had to see, she had to confirm it. Kam believed what Gwen had said, and it didn't make any difference.

Had to see.

Kam wasn't sure if she was relieved or unsettled by Gwen not coming along. Part of her felt like company would be good. The rest was bubbling with something between rage and hate, a poisonous mix all centred around the fact that Gwen had been there and done nothing to stop it. She could've done... Kammy didn't know. Anything. Anything to prevent what had happened. There had to have been some way to save...

Kammy could've saved Michelle. She could've done it. She could've stayed instead of cutting and running from the reality of what she'd done. She could've called out Eliza on being shifty, she could've been that bit less idealistic and filled with 'people are mostly good' and 'it's who can I not trust, not who can I trust' and seen that there was a killer lying behind the guardedness and... and fuck. It was ripping her to pieces.

The hospital was quiet, as Kammy stepped through the doors and moved through bit by bit. She tried not to look at Alex and Carlon at first, before stopping when she was almost past them, turning, and staring. Four seconds, five seconds. Then moving on.

She knew it was the place before she even stepped into the room, upon ascending the stairs to the second floor. Kam could smell the blood, but it was more than that, there was... something hanging in the air. Normally she wouldn't go into spirits and the supernatural and Michelle certainly would've flicked her on the nose for saying it, but there was ... an aura.

It wasn't a pleasant one.

Kammy reached out and took the door handle. She held it for a long time, breathing long and slow, then willed herself forward to open it.


She was there. Laying what would almost seem serenely, if it wasn't for the mass of blood-soaked bandages, the crimson pool that had seeped out across the floor. Michelle, there in the flesh. Dead.

Dreamlike Kam stepped forward, the sound of the footfalls echoing bizarrely around her, giving way to gentle splashes, shoes sticking slightly as she moved. Still drying. Closer now, so that Kammy could see the expression on her face, turned to the side - so calm... why was Michelle so calm?

Kammy half crouched, half crumpled down, a trembling hand reaching out to touch her girlfriend's face, cradle her cheek like she'd done so many times in the past. Michelle's skin was cold as ice.

Why couldn't Kam have been the hero? Kicked down the door when things were bleakest, blown Eliza away and given a pithy one-liner? Or hell, not even the all action hero, just got there on time and saved the girl? Or stormed in and leapt in front of the gun, taken the bullet? It wasn't- it should've been her. Kammy fucked up and killed two people and got to live, Michelle didn't do a damn thing except be all the wonderful quirky things that were Michelle and was dead.

It wasn't right.

"I should've been there for you," she whispered.

Rio Bravo
Zoe really wasn't much for conversation, even though Cho got the sense that the other girl was trying, instead of just tolerating. Made things fall a little awkwardly, unfortunately, despite the relief of actually having someone else there that wasn't the same person she'd been seeing since the very beginning of all this.

And then in amongst it all, after things had fell quiet, and Cho busied herself with looking through what passed for supplies, Zoe... wasn't there any more. Paris and Joachim came back and Sunny was empty handed for the location of their fourth member. Where had she slipped off to? Urgh.

Cho didn't claim to be a psychologist. She didn't know the motives. Simply she nodded along, called out once or twice, and then the now-trio were off on their way.

She wasn't sure she liked this.

((Cho continued elsewhere))

V5 Fifth Announcement
Well I'm prolly not going to swap here so like... I'd appreciate a save, it would be cool. Otherwise I've probably got the ideas I need.

Cantata Mortis
Kammy, in the midst of everything, somehow got her feet underneath her and rose. For a few moments unsteady, eyes blurred with tears, she regained and kept her balance. She had to look like a mess. She felt like a mess. This was all fucked. There was a sense of disconnection from her surroundings, like she was floating a little above her actual body, surrealy out of herself. When Kam moved, it was almost as if the instruction was on a delay between brain and motion.

There was a spasmodic shrug. Kammy couldn't meet Gwen's eyes. Too busy ripping herself apart piece by piece. Eliza, Kam had seen Eliza, they'd crossed paths right at the start, if she'd just thought... if she'd acted then... then Michelle would be alive and Eliza wouldn't be running around freely with blood on her hands.


"Don't need you to show me there, but if you want to come with, then come with," Kammy said dully, still not looking at the other girl as she rounded off.

"...Whatever," Kam muttered as she turned and began walking roughly where she'd come from. Hospital that way. Michelle that way. Too late.

((Kammy continued No Time Left))

Cantata Mortis
Kammy struck the ground one more time and felt the skin over her knuckle split. She drew back her hand again and then paused when her eye caught sight of the blood trickling down her finger. Tearing herself apart inside and out. A violent shudder ran through her entire body as she began to heave with great gasping sobs.

Gwen was speaking again, and now some of it was getting through to her. Eyes filled with tears and anger flashed up. So many - too many emotions were running through Kammy simultaneously. She wanted to scream again. She wanted to keep crying. She wanted to punch Gwen in the face for her mindless fucking comments. Cause gee why you gotta be so upset Kammy? You're not the only person who cares about the girl you're in love with. So selfish.

Instead of doing any of those things, Kammy rocked back and sat. Sobs wouldn't stop coming, wracking her whole body. Her throat burned as bad as the time she'd strained her voice trying to sing on stage.

"I need to see," she said quietly, somewhere in the midst of all that.

Cantata Mortis
Gwen's words didn't even reach Kam's ears over her own throat-tearing screams. This couldn't be real, this couldn't actually be happening. Kam was supposed to find Michelle, supposed to look after her, defend her until someone - the government, the SEALs, the motherfucking Seahawks showed up to save the day. Then they were supposed to go home and graduate and go to college and get together and tell her parents to fuck off if they didn't like it, and, and they, they were...

Arms were around her, Kam's head snapped up so fast she nearly headbutted Gwen, lashing out with her arms and shoving violently.


Tears were streaming down her face, didn't even remember starting crying. Her throat hurt, her head hurt and her gut felt like she'd been eviscerated. This wasn't in the script. Kam wanted a rewrite. Gwen had to be wrong, there had to be - she'd left before anything had... she didn't know for sure, couldn't know for sure because she'd left and hadn't seen, so there was...

there was a chance...

Kam crumpled to her knees, hands catching her from falling on her face. A fist slammed in the ground once, twice.

"I don't fucking..."

Rio Bravo
Cho was surprised to feel some of the tension ebbing away, now that it seemed they were safe from these other two. Relatively so. Safe was very, very relative right now. Still, after several days with barely a snatch of another human being who wasn't Paris or someone Cho had shot, it was a relief just to see - there was that word again - relatively friendly faces. Back on the first day Sunny had been willing to split off from the others just because she didn't know them that well. Company felt more valuable than familiarity.

Felt like the basis for a skit. Two last men on earth, both complete douchebags, both desperate for the presence of someone else. Black humour, but it was a reach for Sunny to find any alternate material. Gabby would ha-

She felt a lump in her throat. Christ. Cho kept forgetting, or at least compartmentalising it. Gabriella had been dead for what felt like forever, yet unreal at the same time. She'd never seen it happen, never got a chance to... god-fucking-dammit.

Paris was speaking up, talking about scouting the area. Cho was in two minds about that suggestion. On the one hand, the idea of sleeping indoors after multiple nights in a row out in the cold, sometimes damp woods was certainly appealing, on the other, this was a large building. How secure was it, really? Even if they could sweep the whole place, there was no guarantee that nobody else would waltz right in. Still... maybe just for a few hours, or the night.

Seeing Paris just take charge like that was impressive. Just being assertive and there you had a course of action. One that happened to stick Cho out of any - or at least, most, danger. Gallant, but who'd had to save who, again?

Sunny paused, chided herself for that thought as Paris came over and hugged her. He'd kept her propped up after they'd first ran into each other, and kept her going after she'd killed Katy. If it wasn't for him, she might have fallen apart. Paris didn't owe her anything, and Cho would need to be pretty scummy to demand a favour for murdering someone on his behalf.

That didn't stop her brow from raising briefly though. "Sure. I'll practice my damsel in distress routine. You be careful."

And then Paris was tugging Joachim away and they were out of sight. Cho rubbed her chin, looking vaguely back to the nearby open cupboard. Supplies seemed both a generous and optimistic description for what they were likely to find here.

Zoe spoke, and Cho glanced to her, almost as much out of surprise as anything else. "Oh. You know. Our eyes met from opposite sides of a deserted room, smiles were exchanged and orchestral cues galore played. Ours is a star-crossed tale of finding love in strange places and the true meaning of friendship."

Cho shrugged. "Or, y'know, he found me being a hobo and sleeping under a bench. I prefer the other version."

Cantata Mortis
Gwen had a look on her face. Kammy couldn't read it.

Clicked. She'd seen Michelle, that had to be a reaction to the name.

Kam still couldn't read it.

She exhaled slowly.

Gwen spoke, she had seen her, they'd been together, just like Bianca. The rush of excitement didn't come this time. Something was wrong.

Was she in with a bad group?

Had Michelle killed someone, too?

Had Gwen got separated from her, and she was missing?

-Wait, the hospital? They'd been to the hospital, right where Kam had been earlier? How hadn't they crossed paths? Dammit.

And... Eliza had shown up. Eliza who Kam had run into early on. That maybe qualified as bad company, but it wasn't like-

Eliza started shooting.

She shot-

Eliza had...

Michelle was-

Kammy's head dropped.

She screamed.

And screamed.

Cantata Mortis
The figure turned and immediately flinched. Kam had to stop herself from mirroring the action. That hurt, even though Kam recognised that yes it was Gwen and yes she didn't look like she was armed. Because Gwen saw Kammy as a threat, no... more than a threat, a menace. Someone that was intimidating, potentially violent. She'd been on the announcements, and there was no context for that. Anyone else just knew Kammy as somebody who had murdered two other people. They didn't know why she'd done what she'd done, didn't ...

It was making her own excuses. She'd panicked and shot her way out of the situation. Maybe she could've run, or...

Kam kept the gun lowered and out at her side, making it clear she wasn't pointing it at anyone.

Kammy sighed. "I know what you've heard. It's complicated. I didn't... Alex came after me and I just... defended myself. That's not really an excuse for what happened but... yeah. It was shitty and it's fucked up," Kam rubbed her head with the back of her arm. "I'm not going around trying to take people out, if that's what you're worried about. I'm just trying to stay safe until I can find Michelle.

Have you... seen her by any chance?"

What Could Have Been

Same thing happened to me in S3. That's why I wound up in Silver V at the end of the season.

Cantata Mortis
((Kammy continued from Mass Destruction))

Still trucking on. The events of the aviary had been a stark reminder of how quickly things could take a turn for the worse, and Kammy was pushing herself hard to cover as much ground as she could. The fatigue was mounting, she kept having to pinch herself or bite her lip to keep her attention from wandering, eyes roving back and forth back and forth... any sign of danger, any sign of a familiar face. Mentally, Kammy was taxed almost as much as she was physically; maintaining those levels of concentration wasn't easy, and less so when worries kept striking her from left field. Some relevant, some random to the point of absurdity. Kam supposed there was no accounting for stress in a death trap.

Buildings loomed ahead of her. Kam tilted her head to the side for a moment, then checked her map, which was never too far from her hands. Necessary, if she was to avoid retracing her steps too often. Given the heading she'd been on, this was... the school? The layout was demoralisingly large. Searching was going to take more than a while. She'd skipped over most of the hospital purely because of what had happened in the lobby - so much noise nobody could've missed it.

Killing people to save time didn't seem viable, oddly enough.

Well... Kam had to start somewhere. Smallest building first? She moved towards the middle of the grounds, drawing close just in time to see someone in front of her open a door and then call out. A moment in Kammy's head... dyed hair, little fluffy, that voice...

"Gwen? It's Gwen, right?"

Finally I have made it to Silver III.

Which was where I placed in season 3 with the same record that netted me Bronze II this time around.

Basically what I'm saying is that Riot makes me cry. ;_;

Matchmaking is really weird. I am matched with people who are silver/gold now but were previously gold and plat. Every one of my games is at least 1/3 gold. Which is... neat I guess but kinda blows when a previously-plat draven ruins your team.

V3 Read-A-Thon
Whoever was spamming the IRC room - you are incredibly unfunny and annoying.

Mass Destruction
Kammy stood there frozen for a moment, staring down at Bianca, slumped down, still upright on her knees, but the blood... that was a lot of blood. Kam's head was throbbing, the retort of the gun setting the pain right back to square one. She bit down on her lip, trying to sharpen her concentration. Bianca was hurt bad, the bullet hole almost dead centre of her chest. Kam couldn't afford to let the pain distract her. There had to be ... had to be something that she could do.

Her bag swung from her shoulder and she started rummaging through it, come on, she'd just used the medical supplies earlier, they can't have shifted around that much- Kammy stilled as Bianca spoke up, quiet, faint, the accusation unspoken, but clear enough. If you hadn't come here, this wouldn't have happened. If you'd called Theo out, he wouldn't have had the chance to try grab the gun.

Bianca slipped back and Kam was moving, catching her head before it could smack against the floor. Lowering the other girl now, eyes roving desperately up and down. She just- fuck! This was out of Kammy's league, this needed a professional, not someone who had maybe listened to their girlfriend talk about first aid a couple of times.

"Bianca- Bianca! Keep your eyes open, you need to keep your eyes open. Don't go to sleep, you can't let yourself sleep. I know it's hard, but if you do-"

Bianca's eyes were staring unseeing, she herself unhearing. Kammy fell quiet as the other girl slipped away, bit by bit, and finally, she stopped breathing.

Kammy crouched there for a long while, Bianca's blood covering her hands - she didn't even remember when she'd tried to pressure the wound, didn't remember much of any of the last few minutes.

She... had to move.

((Kammy continued in Cantata Mortis))

Rio Bravo
The reply came, and it wasn't in the form of a hail of bullets. That was at least something. One demand and one hail. Someone stepped out of the shadows and Cho's eyes narrowed. She'd never been a fan of Joachim, even by her standards, and with that he'd been on the announcements... She wanted to tug Paris away, but he was already walking over to the other boy and greeting him like an old friend. The protest died on her lips. No voicing those misgivings now. Perhaps there was an explanation for it? She supposed she'd hope that anybody else she ran into would give her a chance to elaborate on what had led to her being announced a killer.

Sunny squinted past the pair, trying to figure out who it was that was behind them... a faintly familiar voice for definite, just one that she couldn't place without seeing a face. Uncertainly, she shifted from foot to foot. The apprehension still clung tightly to her, hairs on the back of her neck standing on end. Something felt off and Cho couldn't place what it was.

Dammit. She felt like an extra in a horror movie. Shadows and silhouettes and 'I've got a bad feeling about this'. How long until the monster came around the corner and popped someone's head off?

The owner of the voice moved out of the gloom. Zoe. That was her name, Zoe. Artist right? Yeah, that struck a chord. Not a friend though sadly, always seemed all shy and wall-flowery... or well, no, maybe not quite like that. Awkward. Which was a shame cause most of the time Cho could do awkward. She was awkward.

"No trouble here," Sunny spoke up at length. "Not unless you feel threatened by a dashing rogue such as myself," the irony was heavy in her tone, almost a little overstated. Some swashbuckler.

Things going right you say?

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