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Dan Liu
Hey, Courtney, just one more thing I'd like to see here.


Basically there still needs to be some more detail about Dan's views on women. The current justification is for... want of a better phrase, slightly wishy-washy. I get that Dan's mom is somewhat demure, but if these views are very strong - and every indication is that they are. I need a bit more of a hook than that. Even if it's just expansion on the thing with his mom. Basically there needs to be a bit more meat, before I buy it properly.

On a linked note his fear of rejection could do with some smoothing out;

"He started dating as a sophomore, but hasn’t done it too much due to being afraid of rejection. This is mainly due to having relationships that will last awhile, the shortest being two and a half months, and then he'll avoid dating for long periods due to hating breakups"

- again, this is basically saying 'he's afraid of rejection because he has relationships that last a while, and hates break-ups' - these things don't really tie together very well. I can get Dan hating break ups, and I can get him fearing rejection, but they don't actually work as explanations for each other, in spite of being related. I'd prefer if they were separated from one another and individually elaborated on.

Blood Bowl
Fisher had an awesome game against Slam too. :P

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Blood Bowl
I have created the 'SOTF League'

Search for and try to join it with a new team. The password is RoyaleV5

Blood Bowl
This is actually enough for a small league. Neat!

Blood Bowl
So I know we have a few players of this game around and about the place, any more?

The cliff notes version is that it's American Football crossed with Warhammer Fantasy - a turn based game where you try and out manoeuvre (and outfight) another team to score points. There are a ton of different races out there and they all have their own strengths and weaknesses - some are better suited to steamrolling other teams, some are suited to a running game, others are great passers... there's plenty of strategy to it, and it's actually available relatively cheaply on Steam (£14.99 for the 'Legendary edition' and £19.99 for the 'Chaos Edition' - the difference is that one has three new teams - you don't need Chaos edition to play other people with it).

So yeah, anyone play it? Anyone interested in playing it? I'm more than happy to walk people through the game and if we have enough folks we could even set up an online league. :3

The Mafia Waiting List
I think it might be beneficial to have a bit of a hiatus on new games, let people regain their enthusiasm instead of playing for the sake of playing. After such an inactive showing (not blaming Ricky... if you sign up you should play the game) I think it might be best if we leave off for a bit for the sake of fairness on the moderators, that's how I feel, anyway.