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Rutherford Roger Jr.
Please stick to editing and revising your original profile. Posting a new topic is unnecessary.

V4 Mafia; Sign-ups
My bad, Decoy. I play on a place where making the sign up thread is pretty much first-come, first-served.

It wasn't about getting 'first', I just like seeing things going as promptly as possible, especially after a long lasting game.

Luca Johanssen

Survivor Mafia: Fallout Thread
I hate hate hate hate the lyncher role. Given another day (were it not for the lightning rod stuff, I would've done it on Day 3), I was going to just come out, throw down a vote, and ambiguously hint that I knew something, and take it from there. Let's be honest, few people are going to attempt to lynch Toben off of anything less than concrete evidence, but without knowing the role layout, I wasn't going try an explicit fakeclaim.

Couple of things I picked up from a gameplay balancing perspective. As a fairly experienced mod, I'd like to comment on them.

- The two night lightning rod really didn't serve any other purpose other than to draw the game out, in my opinion. There may have been some thematic appropriateness to it, but overall it struck me as a needless delay (especially when you consider how long the game took).

- The inventor role PM implies they were told what the inventions do. That's a little odd. Generally the inventor has to cross their fingers and hope. An inventor who knows what their inventions are is a jack of all trades with flavour.

- Flavour cop is a really strange role for a townie. It's almost exclusively a mafia role.

- Refreshing to see a game with a lot of townies for once, though. Always good to remember that not everyone needs an ability.

- Not being able to speak until day 5 is harsh, like, really harsh. That's a LONG time in a mafia game.

Personal bugbear time. If you're going to sign up for a game, please be active. I know you might like to participate, but if you're only posting once a day phase, you're actually detracting from everyone else's enjoyment of the game. It isn't fun to spend half a day phase kicking your heels because most of the game has decided to go AWOL and stop playing. Mafia IS only a game, but it's also a time-limited commitment, and its flow suffers badly when people aren't showing up. Basically... if you've put your name in to play, then play. Contributing to mafia is less difficult than writing posts and takes less time. I've lost count of how many times we've panic lynched or no-lynched because people aren't showing up. Playing on SOTF is already a slight culture shock to me, since the style is so drastically different to the other place I play, and whilst differing activity levels are to be expected, some people need to contribute more or start reconsidering whether or not to play.

Okay, rant over. Sorry for the venting, but I feel this has needed saying for a while.

The Mafia Waiting List
List updated.

V4 Mafia; Sign-ups
The last game's finished, so it's time to run sign-ups for the next one.

Theme is V4, mod is decoy. Get your ins, well, in. I'm sure decoy will tell us what the minimums and maximums are.

Oh, and /in ;)

As of posting, we've not only hit but blasted through the 80,000 post mark, and it took us less than nine months to get here from 70,000. As is my habit when we hit another board milestone - thanks for everyone contributing to SOTF and helping to keep it so active. ^^

I think that if this is to work as there actually being a 'core' group, then, no offence, the 'orbiting' group can't be involved in absolutely everything they do, especially if it's a memories thread.

Mitadake High/Pryce High
We had a little difficulty hosting so a few of us have been playing on pubs.

In any case. I was going to be amnesiac. And then the brown girl said something.

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Mafia league table/points system?
FFF. I fail. Again.

Okay enough. I WILL have a prototype ready. I am abnormally productive at the moment and I intend to exploit that in every way I can.

Waiting List Poll
This poll will stay open for approximately a week, at which point we'll take the decision and if necessary, re-order the mod list.

Waiting List Discussion
Poll's up.

Waiting List Poll
Hey guys, figured it was time I finally brought up the points raised in the discussion topic and made them into an official poll.

If you need clarifications, don't hesitate to ask. The multiple 'Others' are to allow for multiple different ideas to be incorporated, such that if there's a last minute surge of inspiration, we know who is voting for what.

Other point of clarification - I consider 'new mods' to also include mods who haven't run a game recently (for example over a year) *cough* becauseIwannamodsoon *cough* since I feel that largely keeps to the spirit of allowing people an opportunity to mod if they haven't had the chance.

Also, if the number of available mods dries up for any reason, the restrictions can potentially be waived in order to keep the mafia community on here going.

The Self-Proclaimed Straddler of Reality and Fantasy.
No berating at all, please.

Wides, my advice is that whilst zanyness is a possibility (I know somebody at university who is so freakishly hyper I'm not sure how she functions sometimes), space cadets are not really going to fly at critique level. Not everyone is perfectly average and normal (and really, what is normal, anyway?), but having a character going around wearing things like plastic tiaras and living in their own little world is going to be on a fast-track to a denial.

And if you're already thinking it'll be tricky ahead of time? Try and drop that. Go for something more regular. You're much more likely to get approved and generally speaking have a better time writing.

Summer Simms

Summer Simms
I hate to come back to the exact same point, but once again on:

"While generally well-liked or tolerated, there are obviously people whom dislike her; which doesn't sit well with her. To Summer, one person hating her or even disliking her is enough to end the world. Subsequently, she will pursue said person at the cost of ignoring those whom do legitimately and genuinely like her. Stubborn as a bull, Summer doesn't typically take 'no' for an answer, believing that no matter what she can change people's opinions of her and typically won't give up talking to someone until they like her. "

I understand the persistence, that makes perfect sense - but what is Summer's response to people who are just as stubborn as her and refuse to budge? As it stands, it almost reads like that Summer manages to eradicate any trace of anybody not liking her, and can win absolutely everyone over. Basically, how does she respond when despite all her efforts, she fails? Some people just plain do not get along, and no amount of cajoling or attention is going to make those people get along - and in actual fact, that person persistently trying to become liked is probably just going to make them more annoying.

In summary: I don't think it's plausible Summer could successfully talk every last person who might dislike her into liking her, there are too many different personalities at Aurora for that. Since it's so important to her she be liked, how does she respond when it doesn't work?

Mitadake High/Pryce High

Dom and Slam discovered this the other day.


It's an updated version of MH, with some pretty interesting new game modes and overall what seems like improved and better balanced play, if I'm any judge of that kind've thing. Anybody interested in getting our little community going again?

Summer Simms
Temporarily denied.

Just a minor thing - can you elaborate upon Summer's interest in Yoga in her biography? It appears in the Hobbies and Interests as well as the Appearance, but not in the actual meat of the profile.

The only other point I'd like to see a little more on is this part:

" To Summer, one person hating her or even disliking her is enough to end the world. Subsequently, she will pursue said person at the cost of ignoring those whom do legitimately and genuinely like her. "

- How does Summer react when somebody who doesn't like her continues to rebuff her in spite of all her efforts? I can't imagine she'd be able to win absolutely EVERYONE over. Basically if it's such a huge deal she be liked, I'd like to know what happens when she fails.

-This is completely optional, but might be a nice detail-. How did Paul's brother know Karina? Like I said it's not an essential detail by any means but it made me wonder whilst I was reading. Feel free to add or omit as you feel fit. :)

Luca Johanssen
Hiya Darren, Luca is temporarily denied, pending some minor adjustments.

First thing, you need to capitalise 'Government conspiracy theories' in the Hobbies and Interests sessions.

Secondly, in places the phrasing of the appearance section is very awkward and stilted, particularly the first paragraph:

Luca stands at a height of 5'11", and with a weight of 154lb, he's on the skinny end of the spectrum. He has very little fat reserves yet there is some muscle mass on his body, around his arms and legs mostly. His skin is quite pale from where he spends little time outside in the open, not to mention he doesn't tan or freckle very easily.

For one thing, calling Luca skinny and then subsequently mentioning he has muscle mass is a little contradictory, and whilst I understand your meaning, you should elaborate on the specifics of Luca's build a little more, such that it doesn't come across as "He's slim but he isn't".

The part apart his paleness is also quite awkward, you'd probably be better off rewording it to something like "As Luca doesn't spend much time outside, his skin is quite pale, especially since he doesn't tan or freckle very easily."

Can you explain further what a 'vibe of intelligence' is?

Luca has just the one piercing that's in his left ear lobe; a silver stud embedded with an emerald.

Again, this is a little awkward, I would rephase it to something like "Luca has a single piercing, a silver stud embedded with an emerald in his left ear lobe". 'Just the one piercing' makes it sounds like he's expected to have others.


Otherwise, I have just a couple of things I'd like clearing up.

There's no problem with Luca being an inquisitive child, but I'd like to know the extent to which he 'read up' on various subjects he was unsure about. That's fairly unusual for a kid - generally they won't do their own research at that kind of age unless it's on pretty basic topics and most likely with parental assistance.

This follows onto my next point; I find it very unlikely that Luca would start reading about medicine and anatomy at the age of nine. It's fine if the surgery sparked an interest for Luca, but the aspect would be far better off if kept to something that Luca became engaged in when he was older than that. Even if a preteen became interesting in medicine, the material is just far too complicated for a child of that age.

He was also puzzled by the government's lack of involvement in any rescue attempt whatsoever, especially during that of V4.

- this could do with a little clarification. Do you mean Luca was puzzled that the government didn't get involved, even when the V4 escape attempt happened?

Luca also developed an interest in baseball, having played with his father in his youth, and he occasionally plays the sport in his spare time to this day. Nowadays though, he much prefers to watch it on television - his favorite professional team are the Seattle Mariners.

This seems out of place. If it's a interest that developed in Luca's youth, why is it only being elaborated on at a stage in the profile where Luca is already growing up? I'd move it to an earlier spot in the profile, so it flows better.

Luca had never felt any kind of attraction to girls as he grew up. Quite the opposite, Luca felt more comfortable in the company of other guys. As far as Luca was concerned though, he thought it was pretty normal at the time and thought that once his hormones kicked in, he'd start being attracted to the opposite sex. When Luca hit puberty, his hormones did indeed kick in. Much to his surprise, however, he found himself being drawn ever closer to members of the same sex. Initially he thought it was just a phase that would pass, but when the feelings never went away, it eventually struck Luca that he was actually gay.

It's a little... clinical for a pre-pubescent child to be assessing his attractions and hormones in this way. I sure as heck didn't know what I was attracted to when I was that kind of age - I barely know now and I'm almost out the other side of being a teenager. Even if Luca was able to acknowledge feeling attraction at such a young age, which is doubtful in itself, his judgement on it most definitely wouldn't be "Oh that'll change when my hormones kicked in". This needs a fair bit of reworking. It's okay for there to be conflict and indeed for him to assume that it's something that he'll grow out of, but pre-teen is a little young for Luca to be looking at his sexuality in that kind of way.

I would also like a little more detail about how Luca's parents responded to his coming out. Why was his father ultimately accepting if he had such huge misgivings? Was there any particular reason his mother was understanding? This is quite a big deal, and it seems like it was a little glossed over.

Having finished the biography, I'm not quite sure why Luca has much in the way of muscle mass at all when it's apparent that he doesn't do any kind of athletic activity beyond occasional games of baseball (similarly, athleticism as an advantage appears out of place for somebody who does so little). I would suggest either making Luca just a bit of a beanpole altogether, or have him play baseball more regularly. If his knowledge of medicine extends to having treatment knowledge, then this needs to be expanded on more than it already is - right now all I know is that he was interested in medicine when he was nine. Did that continue? To what extent? Does he still want to be a doctor?

Let me know when you've made the changes!

Los Hunger Games
Just a quick interjection - whilst I don't want to shoot down any creative ideas because I enjoy seeing things like this pop up on SOTF, I would be careful about launching something this from a SOTF platform.

* If it's large (and 24 characters is quite a lot to juggle), the Other Roleplaying board is likely going to have difficulty holding the RP. This board isn't really designed for large scale projects.

* SOTF only has a certain amount of members, time and interest to go around. Though a few people have thrown their hats in, please bear in mind there's a significant amount of writing going on already, which might make it difficult to get much commitment.

* This is just a word of warning to consider - other RPs using the SOTF memberbase have historically fared quite poorly, even if the initial interest was there. If you're running something make sure you'll be able to keep it active and well organised.

Thanks guys! Have fun with whatever you decide to do with this.