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It gleamed.

Pull, don't let go. Rip. Tear

A ruined hunk of metal, what once had been the cell tower.

Thought you could ambush... show, show, SHOW HER.

Clinking of metal underfoot. Wrecked shrapnel.

Dead. Gone. Dead. GONE.

The metal reflected in Kris's crazed eyes. A jagged strut of the destroyed tower protuded at a diagonal angle, facing skyward, a good four feet long, terminating in a wicked spike. The knee to the head gave Kris as much of an opening as she needed, the ferociousness of her attack taking Janet off guard long enough for Kris to stun her. A horrible parody of a smile was on Kris's face as she wrenched Janet around, bringing her to her front. Letting go with one hand, a crunching elbow to the back of the head followed, and then.

There. She's there.
Hurt us.
Vicious smile.
Promise... not to lose...
I won't.
I get it... you just want to go home
No... not home. Can't...
I-it's not your fault, Kris
Yes it is.
But I don't care.

Kill her.

Kris let go, sighted Janet's position, directly in front of that jagged spike... and drove her shoulder into Janet's chest.

And again.

And again.




February Mid-Month Rolls
Extensions granted.

They left. Good.

Kris stared after them for a good few seconds, her chest heaving as she tried to get herself back under control. So close... she'd come so close to just... breaking. Kris could still feel the rage bubbling as she knelt over Etain's body. Vicious. Wild. It wasn't directed anger, not really, even though Ray had triggered her off. It wasn't even at Ilario specifically, in spite of what he'd done. It was just... there. Consuming her.

Where the hell had it come from?

"Etain..." it was a whine, plaintive. The tears wouldn't come anymore. Kris was drained dry. She squeezed her eyes shut and trembled, fists clenched, not wanting to look at Etain any longer. The blood... it was congealing, darkening, a festering hole in Etain's neck. He was pale, graveyard pale, apart from where the blood stained him dark. Even with her eyes closed, it was burned onto the inside of her lids.

Can't... won't...

Glimmer in the sunshine. Metal. See it? Too late? Rattling gunfire.

Etain. Etain. Etain.

Ah'm a firm fan ah the flyin' hug. Jus' ta let ya know."

Why'd it ...


Sorry... papa.





Kris's head snapped back, around. A glare transfixed the red-headed girl who had been creeping up behind her. Kris's eyes saw the rag, wet, saw the look on her face which said that she'd been caught.

And ...



a bit


Up. Spring. Turn. Glare.
Charge, feet pounding. Fear. Smile.
Lunge. Fists flying, blow after blow.
Don't worry guys
Knee to the stomach, grasp the hair.
Kris won't hurt us
Again. Face. Crunching, burst of blood.
won't hurt us
Still holding on, eyes wild. Stare.
Twisted metal. Ruined structure. Sharp.

Make Your Own Kind of Music
((Stay Frosty --> Bounce))

Travelling with Alice was a lot less wearing on Bounce's mind than travelling with Victoria.

That shouldn't really have made sense. Alice was injured, Vic had been in full health. Then again, Alice had actually stood up to the confrontation back in the town square, when they'd met that guy at the beach... Vic had made her take the lead. ... Bounce still resented that, a little. She wasn't the tall confident, good looking one... Bounce was the one that looked like she spent all of her time in front of a computer scr- oh wait.

Maybe it was because Alice was her friend, and Vic was just Alice's girlfriend.

Her paranoia had paid off, apparently, Victoria had gone running at the first sign of trouble.

Bounce felt a little vindicated by that. Slightly bad for Alice, of course, but mostly satisified that her gut instinct had been correct.

So... that just made the little Russian wonder if she was making a big mistake by going against said instincts and trusting that Aaron actually had half a clue and a decent idea. Hm. Well, it was either that or stumble around blindly until one or both of them were killed, and neither Bounce nor Alice was armed. One of the rare occasions where there would be strength in numbers. A lot of people to put her trust in... but Aaron seemed to have had them together, at least to an extent. It was secondary reliance, once again... but this wasn't a strategy that was going to work.

Wandering around never ended well.

Bounce was studying her friend's tired, determined face when the announcements kicked on, had opened her mouth to pose a question when...


Casual, off hand. But... it was Vic. She'd been killed in between now and running off from them earlier. Shit. Alice's girlfriend... Just because Bounce didn't want to travel with her didn't mean she wanted her dead.

Alice brushed it off. Crap, that just made it worse. It was an outright denial of the truth. ...She knew, she must've heard. To turn around and say so brazenly the complete opposite of what was on the announcement.... Goddammit Vic. Why the hell had she had to run off and get herself killed!? That just ruined all of this. Finally with somebody she could actually trust, and what was going to happen? Bounce was going to have to ground her in reality and tell her that her girlfriend HAD in fact just died.

Wow... Yelizaveta. That's sensitive, right? Somebody's dead and all you can think about is the effect on your game? Not the emotional impact on the fact that it's the damn closest person to your best friend that died? Cold... just cold.

Sensible, maybe.

Bounce was still trying to figure out how to 'break' the 'news' when Alice turned to ask her for advice. Startled, it took Bounce a moment to process the question.

"Ah... best to keep our distance for now, I think. Allow them to make the first move. We don't want to provoke anyone."

Enter the Death Squad
Cecily fell back onto her butt with a little scream at the shotgun blast buzzed past her, tugging at her sleeve (or at least, she'd swear as much) along the way. Wide eyed, she stared at her comrades, a stare which quickly gave way to quiet anger as Richards and Baines started snickering, then outright laughing at her. If looks could kill... well, Cecily's glare would've left the pair as little more than smouldering ashes on the rough road. Rolling his eyes, Greynolds walked over, giving Domino a nod of acknowledgement before turning to the rest.

"Nice work. That's economy of effort for you, huh? Hopefully that gave out the right message. As in, don't fuck around with us," Greynolds shrugged. "Either way, we need to get moving, there's a lot of wasted cameras around here, and a couple of blind spots I'd really rather we were without in the Ranger Station. Oh..." Greynolds smiled a little. "Then we've got a pest to deal with. Keep an eye on that GPS, Domino. If Santa has some little helpers, then we're going to blow the fuckers' collars."

He looked around at the rest of the team.

"We clear? That just there is exactly how we treat everyone. They get in our way, we mow them down. Domino, Shamino, take point. Cecily, stick with me. Richards, Baines, rearguard positions. We're heading into a DZ so there shouldn't be too much trouble, but that kid might be the rule, not the exception. Even when we're safe, we're not safe. I'm not having anybody get killed by some punk kids, alright? ...Move out."

((Death Squad continued in Repairs))

Podcast Thread
Nice going. ^^. It could get a little stilted in some places, but for the number of people that were in there, it seemed to go very well. Nice, informal and relaxed atmosphere overall.

...Though maybe next time you shouldn't start in the wake of Bieber and with giggling. xD.

SOTF Alignment
Theoretically speaking, since I know it's not decided yet, but I figured I'd leave some quotes to mull over.


Voice. Jump. Spin. Squeeze. Bang. Dead.

"You can't be near me. You CAN'T BE NEAR ME! DO YOU UNDERSTAND!?"

"I m-m-murrrdered two people. Y-you'll be next."

“Didn’t… didn’t know it was… didn’t mean to… the skull.”

Take your pick?

Private Threads
Or 'PM First' or 'Ask First' or any variant thereof.

We're starting to get too many of them. There are a LOT of threads springing up that seem to be a little bit too exclusive, and whilst I understand people want scenes to happen... it's very restrictive to any people that are wandering around. Respect the tact of other people on the board to know when they shouldn't run in and interfere in what you've got going. Equally, there shouldn't be this weird expectation people are starting to develop of HAVING to ask before joining a thread. If it's not labelled private, why should people have to ask permission? There's too many characters around for this sort of thing, in honesty, and I'm most certainly not singling out anyone in particular - I myself have done it a couple of times.

Fact is, I know there are groups forming and plans of action - why not allow other people to get involved? Shake it up a little, make it more interesting. Again, I'm not telling anyone off, I'm just giving a friendly word of advice to make fewer 'cool kid clubs' unless it's very very ESSENTIAL that something goes down in private. It's starting to become the exception rather than the norm and frankly that's not cool.



Doesn't Matter, I had sex
Oh mother of shit.

Jimmy. Jimmy was getting in JJ's face, pointing that shotgun at him. In ordinary circumstances this would hardly have been an issue. The guy she'd just fucked raging away at her ex and threatening to put him away? Hell yeah. But... these weren't normal circumstances, because for one very BIG thing, such arguments didn't usually didn't take place with one of the parties waving a goddamn shotgun around, did they?

Rosa stepped back from them both. One step, two steps, breath coming rapidly, starting to panic a little. JJ, Jimmy. One guy who had beaten the shit out of her, one guy who was probably a bad word removed from blowing her to kingdom come.

JJ... that night... romantic, sensual, erotic. Everything you could ask for on... well no, that wasn't true. It had been a lot about the sex, and it hadn't been perfect, but all those things he'd said... JJ had always known how to make her feel special, wanted. Loved. How much of that had been bullshit? Look at that girl with him now. Rosa didn't feel jealous or aggressive towards her. Claire, that was her name. All those times that people had said JJ had turned over a new leaf, contrasted with that cut he'd dealt across her eyes, the swelling and the bruises that had lingered for weeks, turning heads everywhere she went around school. That fight he'd gotten into with Ilario, poor kid actually growing a spine for once and getting his ass kicked for it. Was JJ... worth it? Was JJ deserving of this?

He'd beaten her up. The worst anybody had ever hurt her in her life both physically and emotionally. Rosa had no physical scars from that night, but ... of her feelings? On her mind? ... plenty of those.

He'd wanted to back off even before Jimmy turned up. That look of ... well, what was it? Regret? An apology? Since when had Rosa taken any of those? Yet... since when had she been okay with people being held up at gunpoint just because she didn't like them? Just because she was Italian didn't make her some kind of damn mobster.

Jimmy... yesterday. Probably the biggest virgin she'd ever slept with. Of all the things he'd wanted to get up to... fucking filthy minded. Yet, for all that... Rosa knew him from around school. The kid didn't do himself any favours, but of all the people at Bayview, who had been kicked and beaten down more times than Jimmy Brennan? Maybe he brought it on himself, maybe others were just a little too willing to take advantage of the opportunity. And yesterday... apart from his talking up of his own prowess he'd... he'd been almost ludicrously grateful, like he couldn't believe his luck. Like... he was amazed to even... be worth somebody like her. ...Rosa's looks, or her as a person? Yeah, don't fucking kid yourself, girl.

He was protecting her. Getting in JJ's face, wielding that shotgun, backing him off, getting the guy who'd beaten her down the fuck away. Coming in and defending Rosa... 'Leave her alone'. The deal might've been made on the spur of the moment, in the interests of self-preservation, but... wasn't he helping her anyway?

He was holding her captive. ...Let's be 100% honest, would Rosa have ever given the SLIGHTEST consideration to sleeping with Jimmy if he hadn't been toting a shotgun? Hell no, Rosa would've taken her chances if Jimmy had walked in on her wielding anything other than a gun. She was just doing what she had to, and in that case... Jimmy might not have known it, but that shotgun was the only reason he'd got laid, and the only reason Rosa hadn't just up and ran the second he'd shown up, and now...

Now he could be about to kill somebody, not in her defence, but because of his psychotic little ego.

Rosa's eyes snapped between Jimmy and JJ, Jimmy and JJ.


May the Lord Accept This Sacrifice at Our Hands
Jessie smiled warmly, stepping further into the little parish. Although it was quickly becoming clear that Liz Polanski wasn't going to come popping out of the woodwork, running off right away would've felt more than a little rude and more than a little inconsiderate. Jessie knew this guy after all. She wouldn't exactly call Peter a bosom buddy, but those times they'd run into each other had been friendly enough, and he was one of a host of people that Jessie genuinely wished she could get to know a little better. Unfortunately, there wasn't really time for that... but for a greeting, at the very least? They could take enough time out of their schedule for that. Who knew, maybe she'd even be able to convince Peter to come along with them.

...Although she hadn't, in fact, remembered that Peter had been on the announcements. Okay, there was a spanner in the works right there. Jessie faltered, halfway between Peter up on the altar and the entrance to the parish, surrounded by splintered pews. But... for all that, he wasn't coming after either of them, right? Jeez, all he was really doing was drinking. He didn't even seem all that worried about Imraan's shotgun, and well, if somebody was concerned about playing the game, they'd definitely be getting worked up over a weapon like that, wouldn't they? No, Jessie reassured herself, Peter wasn't a threat to them. She couldn't think in that way, she just couldn't... weigh people up in terms of what kind of... benefit they'd be to her. Each and every person here was a classmate, even the worst of them. On the announcements, Jessie could put a face to every last name, the dead and the killers. They had identities, hopes, dreams... even the Maxwells and the Reikos and the Raidons, they were real people... saying otherwise was ludicrous.

"Sorry, we haven't - I mean, well I haven't seen Will. Imraan might have," Jessie gave Peter an apologetic smile. "I know who you mean but I haven't really ran into a whole lot of people," she wished she could help, she really did... she could empathise with the difficulties Peter referred to. Just look at how difficult it had been to find Imraan, just look at.... how she couldn't find DK in time...

...That wasn't something she could allow to happen again.

Jessie completed her walk, now standing right next to the drinking boy. "I'll pass, but thanks. Look..." Jessie sighed. "I'm sorry to come in and out like this, but we're on a pretty tight schedule right about now. I'm sure you've heard those extra announcements. The way I see it... Liz Polanski has found some way of breaking this game, and if she's found a way, then there have got to be others, right? Anyway... my intention is to stop anybody collecting on that bounty, because right now, she's the only person who seems to have a shot at getting more than one person off this island alive. I know it's dangerous, so I'm not going to ask you to come along, but... well, strength in numbers. I understand if you want to keep your eye on Will, but that's what I think is the right thing to do. Hopefully God has steered me in the right direction."

She smiled at Peter, turned, gave a slight wave to Imraan, the smile widening a little, lighting up bright blue eyes.

We have to hurry.

SOTF Alignment
Little Boy
Feb 19 2011, 11:57 AM
Ray = Lawful Good
Dutchy = Neutral Good
Mizore = Chaotic Good

Logan Reynolds (+ DAISUKE TO POSE AS A TEAM W/SHIT GETTING REAL) = Lawful Neutral
R.J = True Neutral
Kris Hartmann/Milo = Chaotic Neutral

Aaron Hughes = Lawful Evil
Maxwell Lombardi = Chaotic Evil
Clio Gabriella = Neutral Evil

Update of the chart and characters that've been suggested. Would appreciate people picking the better examples out of the ones suggested above ^^
Just personal opinion, ya'll understand.

But of course not saying about CN as that's my own character. I'll let other people give their recommendations in that case.

And as of a couple hours ago, Season 1 registrations are open.

Food Supplies
In honesty as a member and as I am now (e.g. as staff) I have always filed the food under the list of things that I don't really worry about unless it be hugely a problem - as in, a stolen bag or the like. This isn't an 'official ruling' or anything like that, it's just saying that my take as an RPer is that there are much more important things to worry about than whether food would run out. I don't believe I've even described my characters eating once.

i.e. ...I think this is one of those things that can really be swept under the carpet of not making this an uber RPG with ultra-realism. How long till we start factoring in dice rolls to see if somebody could have realistically evaded an attack or shot somebody else? I know that is an extreme... but really, I honestly don't see this as something that needs to be addressed without going too complex.

I know that as admin this is certainly not something I've got an eye to doing or telling somebody else to take care of.

Ray's mouth was moving, he was trying to talk to her, but no sound was reaching her ears. It was like somebody had stuck a gigantic radio onto an indeterminate station. Kris, all of a sudden, couldn't hear anything but white noise, scratchy, fuzzy... somehow sinister. Whatever, it wasn't like she really cared what the guy had to say anyway, not after his sorry excuse for a suggestion. Bury Etain? Bury him? Put him in the ground like some bag of meat? No. Ray had forfeited his right to speak to her already. Besides Kris was ...occupied. Neither of them had the right to intrude on her time with Etain.

What are...?

Dead. Shot... Ilario.

Time with... he's dead!

Not a denial.


My fault.

Kris looked away from the pair, uncaring, back to Etain. The silence, or something approaching silence, was good. The roar of nothingness in her ears might've been strange, but at the very least she didn't have to hear any more sacrilege from Ray. If he'd said one more thing, just one more thing about Etain and...

"Sho-- we ju... ---..., do an -bout face? - -ean, ...ce she wants -- ....-- alone with… --th her Squishy -.er th--.?”

Kris gritted her teeth one last time, her trembles growing violently uncontrollable. Both hands clenched, hard, and then she slammed onto the rough ground, not caring that she grazed them, jarring the knuckles. The force was such that there was an audible pair of thuds. Had Kris had a weapon in her hand at that moment, she would've unquestionably gone lunging for Annaliese and Ray. As it was, she only narrowly suppressed the urge to start swinging, instead, simply screaming:


It didn't make sense, it was merely an outburst of her towering font of rage. Building and building for some time, it now overflowed, frustration and sorrow pouring out in equal measure.

Kris looked nothing short of deranged.

February Mid-Month Rolls
1. Andrew Mitchell (Tythanin)
2. Maxwell Lombardi (Fiori) - Janet Claymont (Slamexo, Hero Card used)
3. Annaliese Hanson (BetaKnight) - Aislyn McCreery (BetaKnight, Swap Card used)
4. Ilario Fiametta (faceinabook) - Liz Polanski (storyspoiler, Hero Card used)
5. Gloria Benson (Moth)
6. Kevin Harding (E.T Requiem)
7. Reiko Ishida (Rocky) - Mia Kuiper (Geno, Hero Card used)
8. Garry Villette (Renard) - Courtney Bradley (Dom, Hero Card used)

Three days (18th) to play cards, ten days (25th) to get deaths done.

May the Lord Accept This Sacrifice at Our Hands
((Jessie Anderson continued from Shaker

Sorry for the GMing, DN hope it's okay, if not I'll edit. Again, I'll fill in a little more tomorrow))

Just as Imraan's assent had been silent, so too had Jessie's thanks. There were times that words weren't necessary, and that had been one of them. As Imraan had caught up to her with his huge stride, Jessie had merely looked around and smiled. Her eyes lit up, like they always did ...and that had been enough.

In front of her rose a building. Her map identified it as the parish. A place of worship on this nightmarish island... it seemed almost obscene. Unnatural. Nevertheless... if they were going to find who they were searching for, a thorough sweep was necessary. Liz wasn't about to pop out of hiding and declare that she was there, not with that bounty on her head. On the way across the island from the key, crossing from west to east, this was where Jessie had missed. For some reason, looping back around had struck her as sensible. Given it had led her to Imraan... Jessie was glad of her gut instinct.

Stopping, Jessie looked up at her friend. "Let's be quick about this. If there's anyone else in there, well... let's just see how it goes. Hopefully they'll want to help us out."

Taking a deep breath, Jessie marched up to the entrance to the building and pushed open the doors, quickly stepping inside... and stopping short immediately. The place was a wreck, a horrible wreck. Past announcements came back to her. Alicia Murazek, Brent Shanahan, one of DK's old teammates, a guy she'd known personally through their shared sport. They'd both died here. She shivered, looking at the destruction, but even as she did, something caught Jessie's eye. Somebody crouched by the alter. She didn't have such a good view but...

They shifted, a face flashed into view, and with it, a name to Jessie's mind.

"Peter? Peter Siu? It's me! It's Jessie!""

((Not that great, just moving along I'll fill in some more tomorrow))

And ultimately, that was what they turned out doing.


It was a good day. Well as good, in any case, as any day on the island could really be. Jessie knew that it was self-indulgent, a little selfish, even, but... they could both be dead tomorrow. As much as Jessie didn't want to consider that or even think about the fact that Imraan could die (not that there wasn't a dose of worry for herself mixed in)... It was a possibility that was all too evident. Too real.

It had already taken DK from her... Jessie wasn't going to waste the opportunity.

What did they talk about? Everything. Nothing. Anything that wasn't here, that wasn't their situation. Back home. Stories, anecdotes, even though they'd both told one another everything there was to know about each other a long time ago. But it didn't matter, not a bit. It was escapism, to an extent... and that didn't matter either.

Just that they got a day.


At length, Jessie sighed and looked down to the floor. The sun was setting, the sight a welcome distraction from reality... but one that had to be cast aside.

"Imraan... we need to go. I... I want to find Liz Polanski. Protect her, in any way I can. I know we had that announcement about staying away from her, and I know that they... blew some collars. But... that just tells me that they're scared of what she's done. If there's a loophole, there must be others. Other people must be able to find a way around the system. But me? No... I'm no scientist, I can't do anything like that. So... that's why important to me that the people who can't protect the people who can. Right now, Liz is that person. I know looking for one person in this entire island is a big ask, but... we found each other, right? I'm not... actually you know what? I am. I am asking you to come with me. I don't want to get separated, I ... don't think we'd ever find each other again. So I'm asking, Imraan, I'm asking you for your help. If you... if you can't, or have somebody else to look for, or other priorities then... well, I'll trust your judgement. But... this is what I'm doing, Imraan. Come along? Please?"

Jessie picked herself up, shouldered her bag.

"Don't even say anything... just... follow or don't."

Determined, she set off.

"I don't want to say goodbye."

((Jessie concluded in May the Lord Accept This Sacrifice at Our Hands))

SOTF: The Music Video
Hahaha. Nice vid. Good going.

Enter the Death Squad
"Hey. Richards."

"Baines, shut the fuck up."

"...Bet you I can toss a grenade right on top of her."

"Baines, we're not here to blow them up."

"But they don't know that."

"What kind of insane fucking logic is-"

"Children. Pipe down... or am I going to have to come back there with my friend mister 9mm?"




The short haired soldier glowered at his blonde counterpart, who merely gave him a lazy smile in response. Richards and Baines. Baines and Richards. With one always seemed to come the other, and with the pair of them, little more than animosity. In this instance... their banter was going to get them in trouble. It was rare that the two of them were out in the field, and Greynolds wasn't exactly a forgiving leader.

"Oh... one other thing people," Greynolds again. "Cecily's important. We don't want her pretty little head getting hurt. Wait no, let me rephrase that. She's important if you don't want to be getting Lourvey droning instructions at you. Let's make sure she doesn't die horribly, shall we?"

Naturally, Cecily bristled at this. Greynolds wasn't paying much attention though, instead giving a nod to the pilot of the chopper, who quickly got the vehicle airborne again. The terrorists' leader looked back to where Shamino and Domino were standing, tried to pinpoint where this girl could be.

"Listen, kid," he called out. "You're most likely fucked whatever you do. If I were you, I wouldn't be trying to hasten said fuckery by screwing with the guys with the big guns, alright? Get. The fuck. Out."

Feb 11 2011, 12:01 PM
SLR has been about ten times as reliable as anything we've tried so far, unless someone found a magical fairy solution while I was gone

besides, STATS STATS STATS :wub:
I don't know, I think, at least recently, it's been comparably worse than Chatzy. Their downtimes were longer, but they didn't happen nearly as often.