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Well, that was fun, even if everyone must have been bored of hearing Nic and I rambling about video games by the end, xD.

- Guys, there's messing around in the chat in good fun, and then there's crossing the line. I've picked up some stuff from looking through the chatlogs of last night/earlier today that is completely inappropriate. I think the people involved know who they are, and I'm not going to take this any further - but don't let it happen again.

It's not funny, seriously.

Ay yo.

Voice chat tomorrow at 8:00 GMT on skype.

My name on Skype is irritation_delux - so you'll be needing to add me if you want in. Don't worry if you're not going to be about when it starts (I'm aware that's mid-afternoon in the US), as you can join in later. If there aren't many people on, I might shift the start time around a bit, but yeah.

We haven't done this for a while, 'bout time we set up another.

V4: Ethnicity
Thread's not all that useful and keeps on getting dredged back up again, locking.

I had a facebook account, I just realised it was even more of a pointless time wasting exercise than well, RPing on the internet ;)

Ew facebook.

I'm being left unsupervised!? YES.

Leonie Thompson


If you're even slightly serious about being a part of this site, then I suggest you take a look at some approved profiles. The emailing stuff can't fly, the layout is plain wrong and the tone is unsuitable. If you did read the guides, you clearly weren't paying much attention.

Feel free to try again, but don't waste our time.

princces cerberus Matsumoto

v4 Prom, and Other News
*obligatory evil laugh*

SOTF on TV Tropes
Epic bump.

I happen to be on a spree of adding things right now, as I tend to do every now and then. This is sort of an update of my often-repeated 'if you see an example of a trope in SOTF and are a troper, add it kthnx'

Alternatively you can just tell me and I'll probably put it on there myself.

I get a lot of people aren't that into tropes or don't like them too much, but it's really the only place that SOTF has a lot of exposure on, and I say with conviction we'd be a lot smaller without the people who came from over there.

I'd also prefer if you do add things to add them to the example pages (eg, the page for the trope) and not the main SOTF page, as that gets hella cramped.

Disney Mafia Game Thread

A confused Gaston found himself alone tonight, as his partner in crime Clayton was apparently otherwise indisposed.

Gaston sulked as he wandered around, still dwelling on what had happened the previous night. He hadn't meant to kill that woman, he'd been all set to woo her with his dazzling display of skills, and then she'd just gone and had to get in the way of his sword, hadn't she?

Not really looking where he was going, [color=orange[/color]Gaston[/color] didn't see a tiny figure doing a little investigative work on the pavement. However, the villain didn't have to see to do some damage, albeit unintetionally. Moodily kicking out, Gaston caught Buzz Lightyear one hell of a blow, indicating that in this case...

He was just a toy.


Anderson - Buzz Lightyear. Forensic Investigator

Day 6 begins with no definitive deadline until I get a rollcall. Everyone still alive give me a holla.

Grim Wolf

14 alive = 8 to lynch.

PS if I haven't sent back results of night actions there's a reason.

Introduction Thread
Hey folks.

Don't mind the crazies, they escaped from their boxes and we're having a hell of a time getting them back in.

Disney Mafia Game Thread
In fairness the main reason it's stalled is because of me (oops).

I'll be making the write up shortly and then we'll see what the interest is like.

i drawd gud pikturs
I don't think I ever said your artwork was cute.

So, uh.

It's cute. Nice job. ^^

Danya's home country
Much as Wheeler has said, it's an idea better left untouched. I understand you probably think it's a pretty cool concept, but with the amount of information revealed and planned to be revealed, it's just not workable.

Danya's home country
Feb 8 2010, 10:19 PM
I'm only asking on the chance that one of my future character submissions would have been born there shortly before fleeing the country during Danya's rise to power.
Nixing the idea.

Danya's nationality is a storyline aspect and won't be revealed for this kind of thing. Also, like Toben said, he's not a dictator or anything, so 'rise to power' is a bit much.

Ricky's brain pukes!
I love it.

he just looks so HAPPY. AWWWWWWWWWW.


Don't Tell And We Won't Ask
"Bla blah blah, lecture, blah, blah blah couldn't care less, blah," Rosa replied, probably somewhat too loudly, although the sound wasn't likely to carry far enough and well enough to wake anybody up. The Fiametta household was large, and Junior tended to sleep quite soundly, something that Rosa (and Frankie, she was sure) had had cause to be grateful for on more than one occasion.

"Look, Ily... sometimes you just... just have to..." Rosa trailed off, whatever her brain had come up with having disipated halfway out of her mouth, and instead, she just grinned, before sitting down on her bed and looking at her brother.

"Anyway... you ought to worry less. I'm a big girl, Ily, and I can take care of myself."

That was argueable, but there wasn't exactly time to debate the point, because Rosa just flopped straight backwards on her bed. After a second or two, it was pretty clear she'd gone to sleep.

A typical non-school night in the Fiametta household, really.

Ameena Rodriguez
Good job. Approved.