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V4 Character Relationships
Rosa Fiametta: One of the triplets, fiery, but with some serious personal problems. The most major of these is that she was managed to get it into her head that Love/Affection = Sex.

Looking for: Exes, male or female, although I'm thinking more smooth talkers or people who are genuinely warm. She isn't THAT naive.

Current relationships:
J.J Sturn, ex. She hates him long time.
Drew O'Reilly: 'nother ex. It's a dislike, but not a huge one.
Justin Corrigan: They know each other through Frankie.

Jessie Anderson: A nice, nice girl who has a lot of faith in the goodness of others and hence will take a hell of a blow on the island when the deaths start rolling in. (Crusader archetype yo). Asides from this though, she's just generally nice, tries to do the best for everyone and such. Also, religious.

Looking for: Many friends, possibly enemies of those who find somebody who is permamently nice annoying.

Current Relationships:
Sapphire McLeod, friend. Jessie is just plain nice to everybody, even the shy ones.

Winston Parry: Pacifist rich dude, hurrah. Something of a loner (shy) and slightly pathetic.

Looking for: Bullies please! Need somebody/ies to kick the poor guy's ass on a regular or semi-regular basis. Possibly a friend or two.

Current Relationships:
Kaitlin Anderheim: She has a sort of 'crush from afar' on him.
Monty Pondsworth: Enemy, a bullier.
Finn Catherwood: Friend, he digs pacifism yo.
Maria Graham: Bandmate.
Warren Brown: Bandmate.

Yelizaveta 'Bounce' Volkova: Loner/nerd and a SOTF fan. Very sarcastic and blunt and hence not too socially adept. Her nickname is an ironic one, as her personality is anything but bouncy.

Looking for: If anything, enemies from here.

Current Relationships:
Alex Cann: An enemy, they're both SOTF fans and as both are rather unfriendly, disagreements were inevitable.
Eric Cooper: Enemy, in a mutual dislike sense. Takes Bounce's bluntness a little too personally.
Ileane Heldin: Friend, they get on well enough, seenas they have somewhat similar interests and personalities that conincide to some degree.
Charles Beckwith: Internet buddah.
Alice Blake: Bounce likes quiet people.
Montgomery Pondsworth: That S.O.B bitchslapped her.

PM/IM/Email/Chatzy me if you want to discuss anything.

v4 Concepts Relapse
Clu can has more conceptualization?

Winston Parry

This is essentially the full, ascended version of my original 'nice rich guy' concept that, if you care to look, is in the very first post of this thread.

I've taken the 'nice' part and turned it up a notch or three. Winston is a total pacifist and finds the idea of hurting another person horrifying. (I'm not quite sure what might have brought this view along, need to think about it some more). Other than that though, Winston tends to just try to be a nice guy. Some people see him as a bit of a sap/rather pathetic because he won't stand up for himself, and being a little awkward socially, he can be rather lonely.

On island... well, I see the general idea of a complete pacifist as an interesting one and I intend to see it through properly.

Yelizaveta 'Bounce' Volkova

To the SOTF fangirl idea what Winston is to the rich guy concept.

There's not a whole lot extra there than the original idea to be honest. A SOTF fan (although not quite the rabid fangirl that I had originally envisaged), Bounce spends most of her time on the internet, especially on SOTF based sites. As such, she doesn't have much of a social life and tends to be very hard to get along with, since she is very sarcastic and blunt. The nickname 'Bounce' that she goes by in place of her hated first name, is an ironic one.

And yeah. IU chat reference much?

Have fun tearing these two apart.

February Mid-Month Rolls
Dacey's toast.

*tips his hat and walks out*

Wild International
Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam!

Dacey's finger tightened on the trigger of the desert eagle as she jerked back, struck from behind twice - in the small of her back and just underneath her right shoulder. After discharging, the pistol flew out of her tenuous grasp, clattering to the ground some distance from Dacey.

But she didn't pay any attention to that - didn't even realise that she had just fired straight at Dante, albeit accidentally. Dacey crumpled, going from upright to staring up at the sky in a single toppling motion.

"Ugh! W-what...?" her lips were wet, had she drooled or something? She brought a hand up to her mouth, it came away covered in blood.


What the hell had happened? Somebody had shot her in the back, that could mean Steve, that ... Ryan guy, or...

"Eris..." Dacey whispered. "I fucking... knew it,"

...This is it... I'm done. I'm... fucking dying.

"Steve," she called weakly. "Kill that bitch..."

I wonder if this is how-



Wild International
((I'm not feeling too well but I need to get something up...))

Dacey definitely hadn't being paying enough attention to her surroundings. First, she had tripped over somebody, and now that another person had come over to help... well, she found herself in even more trouble.

With her eyes on Steve and distracted momentarily, Dacey could do nothing but cry out in alarm as she felt a weight suddenly lifted from one hip. There was only one thing that it could have been: Dante had set his eyes on her guns and decided he liked what he saw. So much so that he had figured he might as well take one for himself it seemed.

Stupid, stupid, stupid! Wait, no time to think! Just act!

Everything was happening so quickly that all Dacey had time to do was pull out the other pistol - the much more powerful desert eagle, and get a firm two-handed grip on it. She began to wheel, but undoubtedly Dante would have made his next move before she could bring the gun to bear...

Introduction Thread
Feb 24 2009, 12:12 PM
Oh god... WHAT HAVE I DONE!?!?!?!


Hey, name's Mitchel, online name is CorruptDropbear or Dropbear for short. I come from a land down under (read Australia). Yet ANOTHER TVTropes victim. ;)

I'm currently speedreading parts of series 3, and may or may not have a character for series 4. (currently the only idea I have is a venturer scout that does fencing and likes to chat to himself... -_- )

Oh, and I'm a absolute n00b at this. Feel free to tell me what I'm doing wrong. (everything, right? :lol: )

...I think I've used too many smiles in this post.

Oh don't mind my ex-sginature, it was tongue in cheek.

Welcome chelcome.

February Mid-Month Rolls
Dacey will (hopefully) be dying here, although I kinda need SOTF_Help (and whoever can use it) to get Dante all confrontational-like for the death to work, heh.

v4 Concepts Relapse
I'll just say a couple of things: A batch of tropes does not a character make.

A significant proportion of SOTFers aren't tropers and as such will have NO idea what you're talking about.

Seriously though man, you need to put some more thought into this. I know those are essentially base concepts but they need some more meat on them before they become workable characters. Otherwise you've just got a bunch of flat stereotypes.

The Condemned
It was Jonny. It was.

But that's because the BR movie was ass. ASS I TELL YOU.

Happy Bday to Myself :D
Happy belated birthday hope uh, the rest of the party goes well.

V4 Theme Music
Bear in mind I'm ... well, shite with theme music/music in general.

Winston Parry: Dream Catch Me - Newton Faulkner

Jessie Anderson: Rebirthing - Skillet. Video irrelevant.

That's it for now. Toldya I suck.

The Condemned
Yeah, he needs to stick to his guns. Which aren't many, but they are admittedly very good guns :P

New SN
This is just a heads up if you have my AIM/would like my AIM/want to start speaking to me.

It's changed, since something went retarded today and for some reason I can't sign in with irritationdelux

Anyway, it's now Bounceclu - so if you want it/have it already but wanna keep speaking to me - there you are.

The Condemned
You don't know who Vinnie Jones is?

... Leave right now. <_<

Handlers nominate the characters of others for the 'post' and a bit into the pregame is what we did last time and hence why Theseus suggested we start it 'a bit' into v4 pregame.

Obviously it wouldn't work from the start, heh.

Before v3 there was nominations then a vote. Worked well enough.

*shrugs* I'm just saying.

Wild International
Apparently nobody even wanted to give Dacey the time of day, so she remained hanging around awkwardly in the area around the cottage and on the fringes of the conversation. Up until Eris spoke to her that was.

Eris... Dacey wasn't sure about her at all. In fact, she was almost certain that the other girl was bad news. Ryan's plan... well, it seemed good and all, but would it work? They were talking about dealing with Danya, a guy who could kill them at the flick of a switch. It was callous and it was ammoral, but this close to the end of the game? Dacey was wondering about taking her chances with trying to survive the game the good old fashioned way rather than risking her neck with a far-fetched plan.

How can I even be thinking that? What the hell would Rick say? It's about the 'bad guys' not about winning. If I decide to shoot everyone in sight it makes me no better than the people we were trying to take out!

But... all the same. I'm not going to stick with this if Eris is here. I don't care what she says, there will be an ulterior motive.

"Know what you guys? Good luck and all. Sounds like it could work. But I had a piece of advice for you," Dacey gestured at Eris. "That girl? Bad news. Take this at face value if you want, I don't really care. She tried to shoot me in the back of the head a little while back and no matter what act she's pulling now, I'm willing to bet she'll try the same thing on you guys somewhere down the line. Sure, it's my word against hers, but like I said: if you don't take my advice, it's on your own heads. I'm just trying to do the right thing,"

Dacey, having said her piece, turned and began walking away. Well, tried. She didn't get too far before practically tripping over one Dante Cooper. Dacey spilled to the ground facefirst, quickly rolling over and one hand going almost reflexively to the butt of her Type 77.

"What the heck are you doing sneaking around anyway?" she hissed at him.

v4 Concepts Relapse
Feb 19 2009, 08:03 PM
just as a note: this is a concept thread, not a "post the entire damn bio" thread. @_@; this is all starting to get to be a real pain in the ass to sift through

Quoted for truth.

And before anyone says anything, I'm going to draw a line of petulance here: This is my thread, that means I'm the one calling the shots on what to do in it ;)

Oh and by the way: if you haven't been doing so, read the thread. Yes, all of it. Really helps names/conceptswise to stop you floating an idea that's already been established.

I'm leaving SotF.
Don't let the claymore mines get you on the way back in!

Er... I mean... see you soon?

I love my flag, haha.

Basically, you have running permission to use me whenever you fancy. No, not in *that* way. Pervs.