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Fuck the Game
((Ric Chee continued from:If there's no one beside you...))

Ric was slow to catch up with the others, and by the time he arrived, it looked as if Evan and Neil had already encountered some others and coversation had ensued. Ric didn't want to interrupt anything, and as nobody seemed to be attacking each other, he was content to stand by and keep quiet.

In God's House
I might end up fighting somebody I've known for years... scratch that, I might end up having to kill somebody I know... Murder is bad enough, but when the person who's dead is a friend of yours, or even just an acquaintence... This is some seriously heavy shit...

Adam had spoken about people that they knew being in the game, and rather bluntly how encountering your own crazy class-mates would mess you up. Sean could imagine, without any difficulty how that would play out. Still... he couldn't exactly claim to be an authority on being shot at or life or death situations. It was true Sean used to have a fairly extreme lifestyle in his younger days, but that had been back when he was a kid, and children can be the very boldest of people. The last time Sean had done something remotely dangerous was several years back, and the rather unpleasant consequences meant he had no wish to encounter a similar situation again. However, the way things were panning out... he probably didn't have much choice in the matter.

Sean glanced at his boyfriend and smiled softly when Andy said that he was a support. He was glad he could do something to help his boyfriend, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant that might be. Sean didn't try to be comforting or concilatory - he just said what he was thinking. Sean didn't often lie, and felt uncomfortable with the general idea of deceiving other people with words. As somebody who said what he thought or what he believed in, Sean couldn't abide a mistruth. Words were for telling people how you felt or your opinions, not for trickery.

"Even if we have to move out right away," Sean began, preparing to respond to both Andy and Adam. "I guess it wouldn't do any harm to see if we could make a few weapons of our own. They probably wouldn't be very good in comparison to the real stuff, but even some sort of defence is better than nothing. But I agree with Adam, we have to get moving as soon as possible, the faster we go, the sooner we can find Izzy. I can deal without sleep for a while, I don't think I woke up straight away anyhow, I probably got knocked out again by this beauty," Sean raised a hand to the bandage on his forehaed, grimacing slightly as the wound reminded him of its presence. "But hey, I know voice of experience and all Adam... but we shouldn't push ourselves too hard. I know you don't want to stop going when you friends might be in danger, but there's no point exhausting yourself and burning your body out. Especially when somebody might pop out to try and kill you at any moment,"

Sean turned away from the conversation at that and looked at the broken window thoughtfully. Some of the glass had fallen on the inside, and several shards looked particularly sharp. Sean got to his feet, gently disentangling his hand from Andy's, and walked up the steps over there (judisciously avoiding looking at the photos scattered on the ground). Sean suqatted next to the window and looked down at the ground - several pices appeared a suitable length and shape. Carefully, so as to avoid cutting himself, he picked up one coloured fragment and waved it at the others.

"If we could find something to tie this to, it could make some sort of knife. Use a bandage maybe, get... I dunno, a piece of wood or something, and it's a weapon. Better than nothing I suppose..." Who was Sean kidding? A knife made out of glass, a bandage and a piece of wood, how would that provide protection with any degree of efficiency? Sean repeated silently to himself, inside his head. Better than nothing. Would I rather face down a killer with a makeshift weapon which, at least could injure, or would I rather go up against them with nothing but bullets with no gun to go with them, or my bare hands? It has to make some kind of difference...

In God's House
Sean sat silently as all of the others spoke, both because he didn;t want to unterrupt Adam or Andy, and because Matthew's outburst stunned him totally. He had been taking pictures of Andy? For FOUR FUCKING YEARS!? Sean didn't know whether he was outraged or merely amazed by what the guy had said. On the one hand he was angered - both because Matthew had been taking pictures of guys in their school - which was downright perverted, not to mention incredibly creepy, and because most of them had been of Andy. It was a fault, for sure, but Sean was protective of his boyfriend - he was the first person he'd ever been in an even vaguely romantic relationship with.
On the flipside he was amazed because... well, it wasn't every day you found out one of your classmates was some kind of weird stalker. Then again, it wasn't every day that you found yourself on some tropic island with the ultimatum kill or be killed looming over you...

Sean didn't even try to stop Matthew leaving - there were a number of things he knew he could have said to him - to comfort or to chastise, maybe even sympathy or forgiveness. That would have been the friendly thing to do. A minor flaw in taking that line of conversation though would be that anything Sean said would be utterly insincere and would probably have led up to a rant. The fact was, Sean wasn't the kind of person who could swallow his personal feelings and be nice to somebody, especially when it was this kind of someone.

Just go. He willed Matt silently, eyes narrowing. Get the hell out of here and don't ever come near me again... I feel sorry for you, but I'm pissed as well. Unless you want to be yelled at so hard your eardrums implode... keep clear. Sean thought all of this as Matt retreated from the building in near hysterics. Once he was gone, and Sean was sure he wouldn't come back, he turned back to listen to Adam as he spoke to them.

Sean listened, and although his mind and his heart rebelled against some of the things Adam said, he knew that he was speaking with the voice of experience. In this situation, it was more than invaluable - it was incredibly rare. Sitting there in front of him now was one of only two people in the world who really knew what going through what they were just starting to experience was like. It was a sobering thought. Sean was willling to concede on some points that Adam knew more about what he was saying than the baseballer possibly could, but there were a few things he needed to speak up on.

Shifting where he was seated into a more upright position and distractedly running his hand through his hair (it was messy already, before long it would be more like a tangled bush than hair). He took a deep breath, shaking off another pang of pain in his head, and then spoke up.

"I might not have experience any of what this whole thing is about yet, but there are still a few things I know. Hey, I could be totally wrong, I'm not a mind reader, I can't tell what people are thinking, if they're playing or not, if they're sincere or hiding something... I don't know about group mechanics either, and I guess I have to defer to your experience in this instance Adam. All the same though, you've got to understand that I'd much rather be with Andy 'till the finish, no matter what that might constitute, than be wandering around on my own and find out that the guy that I care about the most out of... hell anybody is dead. Like I said, I can't look into people's thoughts, maybe I'm putting an unfair strain on Andy if he doesn't think like I do. That's just my perspective..."

Sean paused for a moment, staring down at the floor shyly, before tipping his head back up to address Adam again, speaking quietly, but with underlying passion. This was what he believed, why hide it by pretending to be desensitised?

"I understand what you're saying about the pyschopath... I get the analogy, but in this case, there's something else to consider. As opposed to some nameless guy come bursting in to wipe your family out and leave you... this is different, and scarier, I should imagine. Rather than a faceless killer, it's somebody you know, have met around school. I can't see how I won't know anybody here - Southridge isn't that big a place. It's hardly a negative then. If I'm on my own and hear somebody I know has been killed - I'm going to know who killed them. And unlike you Adam, in Version one, it isn't just going to be a name, I can attach a face to it. It would be just as bad if they'd been killed in front of me... As for being a large target? Well, the way I see it, all I've got is ammunition for a gun and no gun to go along with it. If somebody comes across me on my own them I'm pretty much toast anyway - being a larger target won't make too much difference,"

Sean trailed off, aware that he was starting to venture into uncharted territory. Right now, inside, Adam was probably wondering who the fuck he thought he was - thinking he knew about the game when he'd spent scarcely a day in it and hadn't met anybody except friendly faces (or non-hostile ones, which was about the same). Sean glance at his shoes again, then dragged his gaze up - well, it was his opinion, he could say it if he wanted to...

"As for the rest of it, most of it anyway, well I can't really say anything about that, how could I? I haven't gone through what you've gone through Adam. I won't try to insult that kind of experience by making out I know anything about it. This... is something that nobody should have to go through. Ever. Let alone twice. Fuck, call yourself what you want, but you're a good guy Adam. I realise I've probably got no call saying that - I don't know you after all, so I'm sorry if that's offensive, but truthfully, I think you acted in the best way you possibly could when you're trapped in something like this...,"

If what he had said earlier was uncharted territory, Sean, by now, must have fallen off the edge of the map entirely. He hesitated, unsure if he was about to cause some sort of explosion (he'd caught plenty of Adam's rants in the earlier version) but decided that he had to plow on, otherwise he might as mell not have spoken in the first place.

"To be fair with the both of you, I don't actually know Izzy. I've seen her around quite a bit, but she isn't somebody I tend to talk to, exzcept in passing. Fact is, you two both want to find her, and no way in hell am I leaving Andy after having the luck to find him so early on - so if we're all working together, it might be better. On the other hand: weapons? Adam you've got nothing, basically, and Andy isn't better. I have the result of the sick kind of humour I saw from Danya whenever I watched either of the other versions. I guess there's room for improvisation but makeshift weapons aren't going to cut it against the real deal."

Sean stopped, sighed, then resolved to finish with no more breaks.

"Who else do I trust? The name you will find there is Tyson Neills. We've had some rough breaks in the past, and we aren't too friendly at the moment, but I've known that guy for ten years plus. If there anybody asides from Andy I can trust, it's most certainly him. You say again that you in a group makes it a bigger target, but, to be honest, I don't factor that in as a problem. To the people playing, everybody is going to be a target. If some lunatic comes after us because of you, so be it. I can't ditch somebody with the same goal as me just because I think it might cause problems with my own safety. If you'll have me Adam, I'll come with you - if that is some of my views aren't suited to your take on a good partner or team player,"

Finally, Sean came to a halt, and this time, didn't drop his gaze, just kept looking at Adam. Maybe there would be some backlash, maybe not, at least the V1 winner now knew exactly Sean's views on pretty much everything relevant. Good or bad remained to be seen. Sean sincerely hoped he hadn't touched a nerve or inadvertently caused offence...

From Serenity To Shame
Come on in little guy... the big one is gone...

Bobby almost jumped when a light shone into the room beneath him, but managed to restrain himself - trying to prevent himself causing any noise whatsoever. If he did, his cover might have been blown, if the guy outside hadn't already figured out his trick that was...

Bobby could see the flashlight now, and it shone into the lookout, illuminating it in the darkness. He frowned, strange though, that it had stopped moving... you would have thought that a person who would use their flashlight would at least sweep with it. It wasn't a quick look either, the light was quite level, and had been so for the last few seconds.

Hm... you trying to play a trick of your own there? Can't see you properly in the shadow behind that light... Okay, from this angle you won't see me, at least with the beam. It isn't pitch black yet after all, so maybe you'll spot me up here in the shadows...

Bobby thought about what to do for a few moments further, then carefully picked up his golf club from its place and half twisted before stretching up the stairs, knocking it on each step as he did so, and proceeding to stretch as much as he could to reach the furthest possible spot. Putting Bobby's size into consideration and the extra distance afforded by the club, this was quite some way.

Bobby shifted back again, taknig care not to hit the stairs as he moved back down and replaced the club on the step that he had been keeping it. Once again he trained his gun on the entraceway and the window, hoping that the as-of-yet unseen person outside would be encouraged to further curiosity. Bobby grinned as he settled down again. He had plenty of time to wait, as long, in fact, as it took for the one who was outside to decide it might be worth exposing more of their body. Element of surprise or not, Bobby wasn't confident of hitting the figure, amd he had a slight suspicion that he might be on the wrong end of a cunning ploy...

If there's no one beside you...
Ric hesitated for a moment or two - did he really want to venture out of this relative haven? He dismissed the though almost instantly - he was in this now, he couldn't just walk away from Evan and Neil. Ric followed along after them.

((Ric Chee continued in:Fuck the Game))

(My word... I need to recharge some rp batteries...)

From Serenity To Shame
There was no response from outside, and that worried Bobby. The unknown visitor must have figured out that something was amiss, and had probably made himself scarce already. However, it also meant that he had to sacrifice more attention than he was really willing to, and if the hooded figure inside, that would be potentially dangerous, since he could easily be attacked from behind. Although, once again, it was difficult to sneak attack somebody with a hand grenade. On the other hand, what if the hooded figure was not the grenadier?

Bobby hesitated, there was one thing that he could do to enable him to keep an eye on both entrances at the same time, but it meant that if there was anybody upstairs, he could easily be attacked from behind. Then again... Bobby refused to believe that anybody could possibly creep up on (or rather, down on) him from a staircase - especially a wooden one. A slight creak would do it...

That made up his mind, Bobby turned away from the door and moved up onto the stairs. He seated himself so that he was still in the room enough to see the doors, but he wouldn't be immediately apparent to anybody coming inside. Wary of any listeners, Bobby also thumped on the stairs a few more times with his feet, to give off the impression to a listener that he was still moving and (hopefully) that he had gone right up to the top of the tower. Carefully positioned, Bobby laid down his golf club gently, and brought the carbine into a more comfortable position, from which he could aim easily if need be.

I've got no choice. Play to win. Play to survive.

Something I gotta say..
Thanks Megs, I'll try take all your advice onboard.

Something I gotta say..
Um... to who? This was general how could I direct it to anybody in particular when BK/BD is guest voting?

Something I gotta say..
Maybe so, still felt like I had to say it though. Makes no difference.

Something I gotta say..
Okay, looking over the BK and BD awards it's pretty clear what the opinions of most people are - several of the deaths thusfar have been to get a kill-count/a better weapon and all that jazz, and I know I appear to be really guilty of that, so I wanted to clarify something.

Obviously when a character who is most definitely my flagship kills one of the others in their first thread and takes their gun it's going to look like it - what else will it look like?

Thing is though, I was gonna off Tyson from the beginning, and it's for the same reason his death scene wasn't good: I didn't care about him, and couldn't rp as him. It's a bad thing to say as the handler I know, considering I made him in the first place, and maybe I shoulda just thrown his rights up for grabs. But hey, I didn't, though that might've been the best option.

As for wanting a kill count... okay, guilty, I did, fact remains though, I would've done it whether Tyson had a gun or a stuffed toy.

... Alright, that was random, just needed to get it off my chest. You can lay into me verbally now if you want.

In God's House
Sean wasn't quite sure what the problem was at first, but evidently his arrival had triggered off something in Kallie Majors. He hadn't really paid much attention to what was going on - he was, after all, too focused on the fact that Andy was there to concentrate on anything else. However, the general gist of it seemed to be that there were more people in the little chapel now than Kallie was comfortable with. It also transpired that she had a few problems with Matt, Andy, and Adam too.

Sean couldn't see that. Okay, maybe Matt was a little annoying at times with that camera of his poking in everywhere for the school magazine, but he didn't seem all that bad a guy. Of course, judging by what Kallie said to Matt, Sean gathered that there was more to that animosity than met the eye, so he couldn't make a definite call.

The slight to Andy, it went without saying, caused Sean to bristle a little. It didn't tend to incline him to friendlyness when somebody insulted (however minorly) his boyfriend. Kallie had a point, Sean could concede, albeit grudgingly, that Andy was a bit loose with his tongue at times (and you could take that any way you wanted to) but it wasn't too big a flaw. Besides, he knew when to keep a secret, Sean was sure.

As for Adam... Sean didn't know what to make of him. He felt sorry that the guy was in the program for a second time - nobody, he believed, deserved to experience this kind of ordeal twice. But he didn't know Adam - well, apart from what Andy told him from time to time. From that, Sean could conclude that he couldn't be all bad. Still... how could you trust, whole-heartedly, somebody who had killed numerous times before? Sean wanted to be able to trust Adam, but he couldn't - not entirely at least.

Sean tugged his earring, as he tended to when deep in thought, face serious, but proceeded to smile again when Andy started to speak, and returned the pressure in the hand they were holding slightly, just to acknowledge him. He sat there awhile, content with just loving, gentle thoughts, eyes closed and smiling again. His eyes snapped open, however, when he heard Andy describing Matt (as Kallie had done) as a stalker. Evidently, there was more to Wittany than met the eye...

Despite his unease, Sean was calmed, as he always was, when Andy leant across and kissed him. He didn't reply when Andy spoke to him, just leant over and buried his head in between his shoulder and neck, his free hand coming around to hug his boyfriend tightly. Sean felt the need to add something, though, when Andy spoke to Kallie.

"Don't leave on my account Kallie. I didn't come here for a leader, I came here to find Andy, and it was just lucky I did. Please... it's getting dark, I wouldn't want you to get hurt out there just because you thought everybody wanted protection or whatever, and you can't give it. Trust or no trust, I'm sure it's a lot safer in here than it will be out there..."

Matt spoke again, and Sean looked across at him, but didn't pass any comment. He still wasn't sure to make of what Kallie and Andy had said about the photographer, but it had definitely unsettled him. Sean glanced at the doorway and back to Adam again.

"Sorry Adam," he said sheepishly. "I didn't mean to barge past you like that... I was so excited when I saw Andy that I wasn't paying attention..."

Random LazPoll #8
I think that's vaguely represented by 'Fag'

If there's no one beside you...
Ric smiled a little upon seeing Evan pulverise one of Danya's security cameras. Even if they weren't going to make it out of here alive, they still would have done something, and Ric had a feeling that the guy running the show wasn't going to be too pleased about the costs such damage would incur. However, that thought made Ric's mood darken. Was that what he was reduced to? A financial anomaly? He had to set his sights higher than wrecking a few cameras. He couldn't resign himself to just being killed...

Ric took the stick that was offered. Really, it was only a very slight bit better than his bag of leaves. Sure, you could bruise somebody if you dealt them a hefty whack, but it was just as likely to break than deal any significant damage. Still, it was better - as Neil had said, slightly better than nothing. Ric thought for a moment as both of his companions asked about places to go.

"Well..." he ventured. "We can't set our sights on somewhere too far away, it's getting a little dark - and I wouldn't want to be out there at night... who knows..." Ric trailed off, yet to make a concrete decision on a destination to suggest.

From Serenity To Shame
Bobby was in the midst of taking stock of the situation and considering his next action when he heard a voice, very close by. His first assumption was that it had to be the mysterious hooded figure, but common sense dictated otherwise - somebody who threw a grenade at you wasn't going to go for the subtle approach. Beside which, the voice was coming from outside, and Bobby refused to believe somebody could have gone from the top of the tower, out and around the other side to get behind him in the time it had taken for him to enter. You'd have to be very fast indeed, and it would be difficult not to make noise, noise which Bobby most certainly would have heard.

Bobby didn't recognise the voice... so it couldn't be any of the others he had seen so far - nor had they witnessed the entire fracas earlier, otherwise they wouldn't be asking if any people were inside... Bobby grinned - the kid would have no way of knowing that he was playing the game. Once he was off his guard, at his ease...

The boxer raised the gun silently and mimed shooting, before chuckling softly. He turned towards the doorway where the voice had come from (or thereabouts) and responded to the call he had made.

"Yes, there's somebody in here. Looks like there was quite an explosion in here. Collar maybe? There is a guy in pieces on the floor..." Bobby said this loudly enough to make sure the person outside would hear, but no more than that (unlike the shout which the other had spoken at, rather foolishly). Bobby slipped the golf club out of its position in his pack and began twirling it in one hand absentmindedly, his carbine still frimly in the other. Now, to wait, and see if the little fish would take the bait...

If there's no one beside you...
Who do I know? My only friend is Vicente. God... I hope he's not here. Unlikely I guess, I haven't seen him around in a while. Maybe he transfered. Who else? O'Cann - like I can trust a guy who tried to beat my head in with a baseball bat, and Carvalho, who tried to do similarly with his fists. Jeez Ric, who really are a loner...

Ric kept quiet, neither offering any false conversation nor attempting to take hold of the pencil again. He looked down at his feet glumly as he sat there. Annoyingly, that little pestering voice from before (which had somehow convinced him not to play, he was a little surprised about that) was pretty much right. Ric had messed up half of his life by brooding and wallowing - well... maybe that wasn't fair, he had been brain damaged...

Ric chuckled softly to himself: maybe he still was. Maybe this was some weird, sick fanatasy he had dreamed up whilst lying in a hospital bed somewhere. Ric so badly wanted that to be true. If he could just wake up, and discover none of this had ever really happened...

Face it Ric. It ain't gonna happen. You fucked up your life by being too competitive and too prideful. This is just the icing on the cake. If you hadn't refused to admit you weren't as good as O'Cann, you'd have graduated by now, and would probably be watching this show in horror. Heh... fucking SOTF...

In God's House
((Start: B42, Sean O'Cann))

Sean 'Lucky' O'Cann, his nickname now somewhat ironic, was astonished to see a church as he emerged from the surrounding jungle. The building - a holy one at that, seemed entirely out of place. Not only because of the nature of the island itself, but the mere fact that there was a so-called house of God on the island chosen for SOTF V3.

Sean waited cautiously for a few moments, but there didn't appear to be any kind of confrontation going on inside the building - well, not one with guns at least, which was more important. If there was a hand-to-hand fight of some description going on Sean was confident that he would be able to get the hell out of there - there weren't many who could outrun him, he was sure.

He paused for a little while longer though, vague misgivings tugging at him, then pulled himself up out of his crouch - and immediately had to sit back down again as the world seemed to spin away from him. Instinctively, Sean's hand went to the bandage across his head. It was wet. He grimaced at a sharp pang of pain shot through his skull.

Upon waking up, Sean had been assailed by a massive pain in his head - most certainly not a headache. Putting up his hand, Sean had discovered a rather deep wound to his temple and a section of his forehead - quite badly bruised. He could only assume he hit something when being dumped on the island.

Sean had bandaged himself with the aid of his first aid kit, but he was still getting these dizzy spells. Blows to the head, he knew, could cause some serious trouble - Sean could probably have been killed, had he landed differently.

He took a deep breath and let it out slowly, before gradually pushing his way up from the ground and back to his feet. Another jolt of pain went through him, but Sean gritted his teeth and managed to stay upright this time. He had to keep going, somewhere out there, his boyfriend, Andy, was in just a bad situation as he himself was. He couldn't... couldn't... die without seeing him at least once, he knew that for sure.

Sean couldn't really see how he was going to last too long. He was thrilled upon discovering a large amount of ammunition inside his daypack, but after sifting through it, he found that, conversely to what he had thought, there wasn't a gun hidden underneath it all. It was just another great big joke on the part of the game's organisers, most likely that sick bastard Danya...

As he moved closer, Sean spotted that there was somebody in the doorway of the church, somewhat sillouetted there. Dread made its presence known, but Sean pushed it down and kept on going forward. Soon Sean was hardly any distance away, and he recognised Adam Dodd almost instantly.

Dodd's in this? Jesus, talk about your rotten luck...

Sean hesitantly walked up alongside Adam, not sure exactly what to say, before realising it probably wasn't a very good idea to sneak up on somebody in this kind of situation. In the end though, he didn't say anything at all, because he caught a glimpse of the interior of the church past Adam. And lo and behold, inside of the church, seated at a pew it seemed, Sean saw a blond head, and he knew exactly who it was.

"Andy!" he cried with joy. Sidestepping past Adam Sean dashed into the church and practically leapt into the pew that his boyfriend was already seated in, then sat there, just looking at Andy's face. It might have been an impossible situation, but at least they were together...

From Serenity To Shame
Fuck! Missed!

Bobby knew that he should have spent longer aiming, but he knew that it was very likely the hooded figure would have spotted him if he had just stood there, and simply jumped away from the edge of the lookout, taking cover from any shots Bobby could fire.

Just as they had now.

Bobby cursed slightly. It had been an awkward situation, at best. Either the mysterious grenadier had already been inside the lookout tower from the start (unlikely, considering that the grenade had been thrown into the tower from outside) or they had entered just as Bobby was leaving out the opposite side. Putting that into the equation, the boxer knew he was lucky not to have been ambushed from behind. Then, of course, Bobby had spotted the figure again, this time as they moved upstairs.

It would have been ideal to have simply taken out the student (whoever they were) from the start, but Bobby couldn't help that now - he'd missed and blown his best shot (literally) at scoring another kill. From what he had seen, there wasn't that many places to hide inside of the tower (although of course, he hadn't seen the top floor). That meant it was unlikely he could be ambushed - how was it possible to sneak attack somebody with a grenade? On the other hand... the hooded figure might not have been the person with the grenades at all, simply another student in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Shit... too complicated.

Bobby realised he hadn't put another round into the chamber, and dragged the bolt back again. Remembering the manual (and the two shots the gun had already fired) Bobby knew that he had thirteen shots left before he had to replace the magazine. That was nice, but in truth, the carbine didn't really outclass anything except for pistols - there most certainly had to be better weapons out there.

Bobby cursed as he thought about his hesitation. The hooded figure had now had plenty of time to make themselves scarce whilst he was deliberating. He couldn't afford to do that. Equally though, he couldn't let a potential kill get away without some sort of a fight.

The boxer stepped back (making sure to take his finger off the trigger of his carbine so as to not fire it accidentally) took a run up, then dived headlong through the entrance to the lookout, rolling (rather unpleasantly) through some bits of the fat kid, before coming to a stop in the centre of the room. There didn't appear to be anybody inside, which really just made his diving roll look rather silly. Bobby grinned sheepishly. At least nobody had been there to see it. Though of course, if there had been, Bobby would have been obliged to kill them...

((Simon Wood, B33, continued from How the Stars Have Fallen...))

Simon was breathing hard by the time he caught up with the others. Although he was fit, Simon wasn't used to such prolonged activity over such a large time period. Added to that the difficulty of running properly with one arm sealed inside a cast (although he was accostomed to the extra weight by now) and the fact the last time he had slept was after being knocked out from gas... simply put, Simon was almost exhausted.

The runner couldn't say he wasn't glad when he saw that Terrie and Brad had stopped up ahead. Despite his credentials in this sort of area, he had only just started catching up with them, after all, both had had quite the headstart on him.

Simon grinned as he approached the strange tree, deliberately hollowed out it seemed. Then chuckled under his breath as he recalled Brad's words earlier. Not the fearless leader? Whether he knew it or not, the former prisoner was taking the lead every step of the way, and Simon had to say, he was glad it wasn't him in charge. Of course, basically they were just following Brad, but he was making the decisions. Asides from that, he had taken a sword wound to save Terrie's life. If that didn't give him some kind of grounds for nomination, Simon didn't know what would.

Arriving next to them, and showing something of a disregard for the possibility there might have been a conversation already going on, Simon spoke.

"I don't think we can keep going," said Simon, sucking wind. "It's getting dark, and there's no point going wandering around the jungle - it would be pitch black. Besides... I could really do with a rest. I don't know about you guys, but several hours of activity with hardly any breaks kinda wears me out," that might have been a slight exaggeration, but even as he said it Simon realised his stomach was grumbling at him, probably had been for quite some time. Had he even eaten anything yet?

How the Stars Have Fallen...
When the other two headed off, Simon toyed briefly with the idea of joining up with Will and Christian. He felt that he owed Adam. On the other hand, killing Gabriel and trying to return a favour weren't exactly the same thing. Whilst he commended their resolve, he wasn't sure of their methods. Plus, Simon had been around Terrie and Brad for a lot longer than he had known the two newcomers. He just... couldn't them, and that really hurt him.

"I don't think that killing Gabriel will resolve anything," Simon said to the pair that remained, glancing anxiously after Terrie as he did. "But if you're going to try, then be careful - he might be more trouble than you'd expect. Still. Good luck," Looking over his shoulder again, he saw that the other members of his group were almost out of sight in the distance. Simon couldn't afford to fall behind, nor speak any longer. "Later guys," the runner said to Will and Christian, then turned around and took off after his friends.

Despite the fact he knew he would rather stay with the group that was already established, Simon couldn't shake off a nagging feeling that the so-called hunters were just following along after their deaths. Gabriel was off his rocker, and Simon doubted that Will and Christian would be able to deal with him, even with the advantage of numbers.

Still. Looking on the bright side, Gabriel could already be dead... Simon froze, astonished that he had just thought something like.

Of all the inhuman... terrible... Nobody deserves to die, not even freaks like Gabriel. There has to be another way, otherwise you're sinking to his level.

Troubled, Simon continued chasing along after Brad and Terrie.

((Simon continued in Lost))

If there's no one beside you...
Ric smiled sadly as he read what Neil had written down, nodding ocassionaly and adding somewhat inane comments which sounded vaguely music based. At least, he hoped that they sounded like that. Otherwise it would have been somewhat embarassing. Once again Ric took up the pencil.

Fuck. I'll do it. He's probably amazed I haven't thrown a fit already - I'm on pills to stop me from going nuts as is. Ric shrugged slightly. I can probably act being crazy best out of any of us. Maybe we shouldn't do that right away though. If we managed to find a couple of people with good weapons we might be in a better position to carry this out. On the other hand... us 'Three Musketeers' don't have any way of protecting ourselves. Tickle-me Elmo is not going to stop a bullet. Or anything, for that matter.

In Ric's mind, going out on the island wasn't really an option, and that created a problem. How could they enlist others into their group if they couldn't travel around the place? They would simply have to hope somebody stumbled on them, and that if they did, their intentions were good... This was quite some task. Deep down inside, Ric was almost certain that they couldn't succeed.